[Top 10] LOL Most Toxic Champions That Are Great

LOL Most Toxic Champions That Are Great
All it takes is one bad day and anyone can be toxic.

Let’s start this off with a question. What is a toxic champion? Toxic champions are created to annoy people, to instill rage in us to hate them. Some champions are toxic because of their abilities while others are because of the people who play them.

Of course, not everyone is like that but most people are. Why was it a good idea to create such champions? I will never know and Riot Games has never told us that. Over the years there have been toxic champions that have been reworked so they aren’t that hated anymore but for others, it’s a different story. Now that you know what a toxic champion is, let's get into this list. 

10. Udyr

“Man vs Wild.”

For our first toxic champion, we have Udyr the spirit walker. The main reason why this guy can be annoying is the simple fact that he’s unkillable most of the time. If you’re in a 1v1 situation against him you simply don’t win. You tuck your tail between your legs and you run away. Udyr can transform into 4 different animals which gives him different abilities.

His Q is a tiger that allows him to attack faster and deal damage over time, his W turns him into a turtle which gives him a shield and a ton of armor, and his E turns him into a bear giving him a lot of movement speed and he’s able to stun people with an auto-attack. When it comes to his R he turns into a phoenix that deals AP damage but nobody uses that.

Now once Udyr starts combining his Q, W, and E that’s when he becomes annoying to deal with. If he’s about to die he can simply use W to shield himself and regenerate HP. If someone is catching up to him he can stun the enemy and run away because of the movement speed. You can’t win against this guy in a 1v1 it’s impossible. 

What’s Great About Udyr:

  • Udyr can turn into 4 different animals that give him different abilities. 
  • Impossible to lose a 1v1 with this champion. 
  • If Udyr is about to die he can turn into a turtle and shield himself from incoming damage.
  • Udyr has a point-and-click stun ability thanks to his E. 

9. Malzahar

“As it was foreseen.”

Next up is Malzahar the prophet of the void. People who love playing mid will agree with me on this one. It is so annoying playing against Malzahar. He can push waves well because of his minions and the fact he can also spread aids with his E.

He can summon his minions with W. But let’s not forget the main fact that Malzahar can also silence you and hold you in place with his ultimate ability while he slowly sucks out your life force and his minions break your ankles.

Try getting out of that one alive. A small hint you can’t. The only reasonable thing that you can do is run to help out your jungler or roam. Laning against Malzahar will annoy you to the point you’ll want to rage and quit your match. So instead of doing that just roam. 

What’s Great About Malzahar:

  • Malzahar can silence a whole team with his Q. 
  • He can summon his minions with W and spread a void disease with E.
  • Great at pushing lanes. 
  • Hard to counter. 

8. Lucian

“Something you ain’t telling me, cowboy?”

Next up is Lucian the purifier. Oh boy, where do I start with this guy? As an ADC main I simply hate playing against this champion. It is no fun at all. Not to mention that most people who play Lucian think that they’re skilled at the game.

What a joke. You see the reason Lucian is a toxic champion is because of his passive ability. His passive allows him to shoot two times in 1 second each time he uses one of his abilities. Plus he can dash with his E and he can potentially spam that ability as long as he keeps attacking. Each auto-attack that Lucian does his E goes 1 second faster off cooldown.

That’s fun ain’t it? But if you thought that you’ll just hide between minions, oh that won’t work because Lucian can use his ultimate ability and shoot every single minion dead. There is no winning against this guy, it's simply impossible. Plus if Lucian has a good support on his team then it’s even worse to play against him. 

What’s Great About Lucian:

  • Ultimate lane bully, the enemy will wish you never existed. 
  • Lucian can attack two times in a row if he uses one of his abilities. 
  • He can dash away from danger while also shooting at the enemy. 
  • His ultimate ability is great for clearing out waves. 

7. Twitch

“I smell cheese.”

It hurts me to place one of my favorite champions on this list but I have to do it. Twitch is a toxic champion not because he deals with poison but because he can go invisible and you can’t do anything about it.

Unless you buy a pink ward but are you going to spend 75 gold just for 1 champion? Of course, you won’t. But the most toxic trait of Twitch is that he can build full AP and by doing that he can exterminate you by simply throwing his W and using E a few seconds later. Plus you can’t run away if you’re standing his W because the ability scales with AP.

The more AP you have the higher the slow. But if you thought that you can simply play a tanky champion and you’ll be alright oh you’re wrong there as well buddy. Twitch deals true damage if he builds full AP. You can’t win against him, it's impossible. The only thing you can do is sacrifice your support in the hopes that you can kill him. 

What’s Great About Twitch:

  • He can go invisible with his Q. 
  • Scales incredibly well with AP. 
  • Deals true damage with his passive ability. 
  • Gains extra attack damage and range when using his ultimate ability. 

6. Akali

“Rules were made to be broken.”

The reason that Akali the rogue ninja is hated is that she’s hard to gank. Ask yourself right now if you play jungle how many times did you kill Akali when you ganked her? Your answer is probably zero or once. It’s impossible to kill her.

She has a million dashes in her kit and she can go invisible thanks to her smokescreen. No matter how much she pushes her lane she is unkillable and people who play Akali know that and abuse that. It’s a cheese tactic that most people hate playing against. But to top it all off the best part about Akali is that she can be played on top as well.

So good luck playing against her as a melee champion. You’ll get abused to the point you’ll uninstall League. The sole reason for that is whenever Akali hits her Q or E on a target her next auto-attack deals a tremendous amount of damage. Nobody loves playing against Akali but everyone loves playing Akali. 

What’s Great About Akali:

  • Akali is ungankable and you should use that to your advantage. 
  • Each time you use Q or E on an enemy champion your next auto-attack is empowered. 
  • Akali can go invisible with her W and she can’t be detected by pink wards. 

5. Yone

“I am not here to save their souls.”

For our next big toxic champion, we have Yone. I mean are you even surprised to see him on this list. Because I’m not, that's for sure. The only reason why Yone is at number 5 is that he can be countered by CC.

Any kind of CC will work against him. But what doesn’t work against Yone is grievous wounds. Even though he can heal a lot you can’t stop that. That’s engraved in his kit. Plus add a lot of knock-ups into the equation and you get a toxic champion.

That’s what Yone does. He knocks you up until you can’t move anymore and he heals any damage that you dealt to him. Plus he can leave his own body with E and deal damage to you over time. You must take Yone seriously if you are laning against him. If you don’t he will win the lane and you’ll lose. 

What’s Great About Yone:

  • Yone can heal any damage dealt to him. 
  • Scales with attack speed and life-steal items. 
  • He’s able to knock up a whole team into the air. 
  • Great for team play. 

4. Tryndamere

“My right arm is way stronger than my left arm.”

Here we have the barbarian king Tryndamere. Nobody loves playing against this guy especially if they are a melee champion. Which most top lane champions are. When it comes to Tryndamere he can build rage with his Q by attacking champions or minions.

The higher the rage meter the more damage he’ll deal and the higher the crit chance as well. With W he can slow people who have their back turned to Tryndamere and he can spin around with his E. But the most toxic trait of this champion is the ultimate ability that makes him invincible while he’s using it.

During that period Tryndamere is unkillable and he can dive under your tower, kill you and run away like nothing ever happened. You can’t win against that and it’s something that every single Tryndamere player will try to do to you. If you think that CC works against him it doesn’t, that just prolongs the inevitable which is your death. 

What’s Great About Tryndamere:

  • He’s an unstoppable killing machine. 
  • At level 6 Tryndamere can dive people under the tower and successfully get out alive. 
  • His rage meter fills up quickly. 
  • Great at team fights and 1v1 situations. 

3. Zed

“The shadows are my friends.”

Now we are in the final stretch. For our number 3 spot, we have Zed the master assassin. This guy is the doom of anyone who loves playing squishy champions, me included. Even with the new durability patch, Zed is still a massive troublemaker for us squishy lovers.

The reason for that is that he can summon shadows that do the work for him. When Zed uses his W and R you essentially have to deal with 3 different champions. Because that’s how Zed works and operates.

The only way to deal with Zed is by either buying a Zhonya’s or a Stopwatch. But even that is a temporary solution because you can’t use those items constantly. They have a cooldown or one-time use. So if you are someone who’s playing against Zed you’ll be in for a fun ride. 

What’s Great About Zed:

  • Zed is an assassin that specializes in killing squishy champions. 
  • He can teleport from shadow to shadow. 
  • Has a low cooldown for his abilities. 
  • Great at roaming and ganking lanes. 

2. Teemo

“You’d be surprised at how quick fur ignites.”

For the number two spot, we have Teemo the swift scout. This guy is the most hated champion on the top lane for two reasons. He’s a ranged champion and he deals poison damage that can blind people.

The worst thing that can happen to a human being is to play against a Teemo. Most of the players that play Teemo are either high or chill but the most toxic thing about them is the champion they are playing. Teemo is also an AP champion that does not care about magic resistance.

The enemy can build as much magic resistance as they want but that will not stop Teemo in his quest for blood. At level 6 Teemo can place invisible mushrooms that explode once someone steps on them. A good Teemo player will infiltrate the enemy jungle and place his mushrooms there so he can get a kill across the map. 

What’s Great About Teemo:

  • Teemo can blind people with his Q. 
  • At level 6 Teemo can place mushrooms that explode on impact. 
  • Scales insanely well with AP and ignores magic resistance on enemies. 

1. Yasuo

“Go with the wind, my child.”

For the number one spot, we have Yasuo the unforgiven. This is the most toxic champion in the game in both aspects. Even the players who play this champion are the most toxic people you’ll ever meet in League of Legends and that isn’t a good look.

Yasuo might be fun to play but you’ll be shamed for playing him. Yasuo players are known for leaving matches or running it down if they die one time. When it comes to the champion itself Yasuo has a free shield that he gains by walking, he can launch tornados from his Q and shield himself from all incoming damage with W.

To add to this Yasuo can spam his E ability to dash from minion to minion and if anyone is knocked up into the air Yasuo can use his ultimate ability to finish them off. It’s not fun playing against him and you’re always on the back foot during the laning phase because of his passive shield and his E. 

What’s Great About Yasuo:

  • He can block all incoming damage with his W. 
  • Yasuo can dash from minion to minion with his E without a cooldown. 
  • If an enemy is knocked up into the air Yasuo will finish them off. 
  • Gains a passive shield by walking. 

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