[Top 10] League of Legends Best Bottom Champions!

League of Legends Best Bottom Champions!
Best champions for the bottom lane (the role is stinky still)!

Welcome back to another article of mine. In this article, you’ll learn all about the best champions for the bottom lane. This list will include ADC and support champions. There will be something for everyone to find here. From tanks to carries it’s all here ladies and gentlemen.

I’ll give you the best champions for this lane as this lane is known to be the source of depression for many League of Legends players including myself but none the less we still enjoy playing this lane more than any other in the game. So we are the problem.

But enough of me rambling about how this game brings me pain but I still love it, let’s get into the champions shall, we?

10. Amumu

Sad depressed mummy! Who can't relate to this guy gamers?

Here we have a weird choice. This sad depressed alone looking mummy is a jungler originally but here he is at the bottom lane making himself look like a support. Now how did he get to be a support? I have no clue. I woke up one day and found out that this guy is being played like a support champion overnight. Who started it? I got no clue but whoever did I want to let you know that I despise you!

My opinion about this champion is that he’s surprisingly pretty good as a support. His kit has all the tools needed to be a support. With his Q he fires out a bandage that attaches to an enemy champion, with his W he starts crying in an AoE range and anyone who’s close enough is dealt a small amount of damage per second. His E reduces incoming damage and his R ability allows him to nut in a large range stunning everyone who’s close enough. The nut range is big as the lane so yeah.

After learning about what his abilities do you might now get a clearer picture of why he’s a support champion now. 

What makes him great for Bottom:

  • Huge CC potential allows your ADC to deal enough damage to get some kills 
  • He’s a tanky boi. Meaning he can take a lot of beatings and still run away and survive saving your poor ADC from imminent death
  • Ultimate ability is really good during laning phase and during team fights
  • Huge roaming potential

See Amumu Own Bottom:

9. Pyke

Your name is on his list! Try to hide but in the end, he will find you.

Ah, here we have the undead fish creature called Pyke. Pyke is all about killing people and getting paid. That’s his catch. He was once a sailor but he fell into the sea once and got swallowed up. His captain betrayed him leaving him to be eaten alive. But by some sea voodoo magic, Pyke survived and wants to hunt down everyone who’s on his naughty list. He’s like the evil version of Santa in a way.

Pyke’s abilities are as follows: the Q ability is a hook that pulls people closer to him, the W ability allows him to go underwater making him invisible for a short period of time, his E allows him to dash in a target direction leaving behind his water soul and once he pulls that water soul into him anyone that touches it gets CC’d and last but not least his R ability is an execute. Where he places an X on the ground and anyone who’s in that X and low enough HP gets killed instantly and if your teammate gets an assist they get 300 shekels.

This is the only champion that people are okay with you stealing their kills. 

  • What makes him great for Bottom: 
  • Has a hook ability which allows him to pull opponents closer to him 
  • The CC last’s for quite some time allowing your ADC to get a kill if they have an IQ higher than the average monkey
  • Can go invisible for a short period of time, great for roaming and helping out your mid laner
  • The ultimate ability allows you to steal kills and give your team some sweet shekels. 

See Pyke Own Bottom:

8. Ashe

Queen of Freljord!

Here we have Ashe the frost queen of Freljord. Her main catch is that she slows and fires a lot. She also has a barbarian husband called Tryndamere that wants to smash her but she won’t allow him for some reason. Idk maybe his pp is too small but anyways Ashe is a pretty good archer and a fun champion to play.

She was in the first pool of champions to be released for League of Legends. She’s been out longer than some of the kids who play this game. Ashe goes well with supports who can CC someone or supports who can give her an attack speed buff. Her abilities are simple and effective so let’s get into them.

Her Q allows her to shoot faster after auto-attacking something for four times, her W fires a cone of arrows that slow, her E reveals an area that she wants and her ultimate ability is a big arrow that she fires with a broken hitbox so even if you think you dodged it think again because you didn’t. Also, her ultimate ability is global and the more it travels the longer the stun lasts.  

What makes her great for Bottom:

  • Really good with supports that can CC or supports that can give her an attack speed buff
  • Global ultimate ability can potentially help teammates across the earth 
  • E can be used to help your jungler or save yourself from an incoming gank 
  • Hot cold archer what’s not to love 

See Ashe Own Bottom:

7. Yasuo

Dream dragon Yasuo (so kawaiii)

Ah, now we have Yasuo the wind shitter. When it comes to this guy he’s pretty cool as in this splash art for his newest skin. Ngl I want to own this skin right now because it looks so good and I love the color purple. Now, something about Yasuo is that he’s an exile and falsely accused of murdering his master. Which isn’t true the master was murdered by Riven, Yasuo was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yasuo is pretty good in the top lane, mid lane, and bottom lane. The main reason he’s good at the bottom is thanks to his W ability which is a wind wall that blocks all ranked auto attacks and all missile type abilities. Also, he can dash a lot with his E ability and his Q poops out a tornado when you gain two stacks.

With his ultimate ability he instantly dashes to any opponents that are in the air or knocked up, so try to ask your support to play someone who can knock people up. 

What makes him great for Bottom:

  • W blocks all incoming damage and all missile type abilities 
  • Dashes a lot thanks to his E ability
  • Q shoots out infinite tornadoes out of your buttocks
  • Virgin champion

See Yasuo Own Bottom:

6. Blitzkrank 

Here comes dat boi!

Here we have a rusty-looking robot called Blitzkrank. He was made in someone’s basement because they had no life what so ever and so they created this robot that can hook people. He’s a pretty good hooker ngl. Must have gotten that from his mother.

Blitzkrank is a can of worms as a champion. Your most important ability is your Q. Which you hook people with towards you and once they’re next to you, you press E and you give them that Mike Tyson uppercut so they never get up again. His W just overcharges his body in which he starts running fast af for a short period of time, after the supercharge is over you slow down and can barely move something like a fatty kid in high school. Blitzkrank’s ultimate ability allows him to explode electricity around him damaging everyone in an AoE radius. 

What makes him great for Bottom:

  • Easy and simple to play, the  only hard part is hooking people 
  • Has a knock up ability that goes well with Yasuo 
  • He’s a robot so you good luck trying to hit metal with your fists (he’s a tanky boi)
  • Created in someone’s mom’s basement 

See Blitzkrank Own Bottom:

5. Jinx

Joker of League of Legends!

Here we have a crazy girl who got her own damn show that’s coming out soon called Arcane. She’s the main star in it btw along with her sister Vi and some other unimportant characters. Jinx is something like the blue female version of Joker from the Batman series.

Jinx has the best emote in the whole game where she laughs uncontrollably and that laugh lasts infinitely. So if you wish to annoy the opposing team with a simple press of a button you can.

Let’s go over her abilities quickly since they’re pretty easy. Jinx’s Q switches weapons from a minigun to a rocket launcher, the rocket launcher takes mana for each shot you shoot. The W fires a zap in a target direction damaging and slowing the target if they’re hit by the ability. The E places bear traps on the ground that if anyone steps on them they’re locked in place allowing Jinx to pettle them with her minigun or fire a few quick rockets at their face. The ultimate ability is a giant rocket that she pulls out of her pocket firing it at any time she wants. Also, it’s global btw.

That’s it for our dear Jinky. Simple easy, crazy and destructive! 

What makes her great for Bottom:

  • Global ultimate ability meaning you can score kills from your home base home boy
  • The blue female version of the Joker, so if you liked his character you’ll most likely like her
  • She’s a big problem in the late game if she gets ahead
  • Runs around at the speed of sound once she gets a kill 

See Jinx Own Bottom:

4. Samira

The Desert Rose! 

Ah, now we get to the good part. Samira the desert rose oh how I love everything about this champion. She’s just the right amount of insane, egotistical, and funny. When playing Samira you’ll have lots of fun dashing around, swiping your sword against your enemy’s faces, blocking everything with your W, and all in all, having a jolly great time.

When it comes to this champion she’s the female version of Dante pretty much. The main point of Samira is to keep your combo going as high as possible until you get yourself a penta kill.

But to do that you have to know what her abilities do so let’s get into it. Samira’s Q either shoots a bullet or she swipes with her sword depending on how close you are to the target. Her W is an AoE Yasuo wind wall which works pretty much the same way. With the E she dashes around minions, the E resets upon you getting a kill. The ultimate ability allows her to spin around in a circle while dealing damage and healing herself back up to full health. 

What makes her great for Bottom:

  • AoE wind wall that can protect her or her support 
  • E resets upon getting a kill. Pretty useful once you’re diving under a turret to secure a kill 
  • Q can be used as a nice poking tool during the laning phase 
  • The ultimate ability deals AoE damage while also healing her for a % of her health 
  • Good against champions who depend on using their abilities a lot 

See Samira Own Bottom:

3. Ziggs

Ziggy the explosive yordle!

Here we have Ziggs the terrorist. This little midget did something horrible back in the day so he tried escaping into the Summoners Rift but he ended up doing what he loves the most and that’s exploding towers :) but this time in the game.

Ziggs these days is pretty common on the bottom lane because of his pushing potential and the fact that he’s AP. No sane player is going to buy a magic resist item as their first so that’s why he wins most of the time.

His abilities are probably the easiest to learn since they all revolve around bombs. Ziggs throws out a medium-sized bomb that rolls around with his Q, with the W he plants a bomb on the ground that knocks people in a direction they were looking, the E plants small bombs onto the ground that deal damage to anyone who steps on them and the R ability throws a huge bomb that deals massive AoE damage. That’s all this little terrorist does. Also, he sounds like he’s on a major crack addiction when he’s talking. 

What makes him great for Bottom:

  • Poke, poke, push, push, push, poke and boom you won yourself a lane good job
  • W can be used to either escape someone or get them closer to you 
  • E is good for stopping someone from chasing you 
  • Ultimate ability is pretty good for catching people who unfortunately stayed alive but with a small sliver of health 

See Ziggs Own Bottom:

2. Leona

The sun aspect!

Ah, Leona the sun aspect that’s in love with Diana the moon aspect. What an inspiring love story. But Leona isn’t just about loving someone oh no no no she’s all about that bread. And by bread, I mean winning. The amount of CC that this girl can produce out of her head it’s insane.

Almost every ability of hers can stun-lock you. Leona’s Q makes her next auto attack a CC. She bashes your head in with her shield stunning you for a short period of time. With W she gains resistance to all kinds of damage so good luck trying to beat her up. With her E she fires her sword in a direction and if it hits a target, it locks you in place until Leona is right up in yo face. The ultimate ability calls the whole sun onto you and if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in the center you get stunned.

So yeah that’s the aspect of the fun for you. She’s the queen of CC in this game. Once she gets a hold of you good luck trying to break out. 

What makes her great for Bottom:

  • She’s tanky right from the start of the match, meaning at level two you can try to get an easy first blood for your ADC.
  • Ultimate ability can be used to stun a whole team if used correctly 
  • She has a lot of CC in her kit 
  • Goes well with ADC’s that need their targets to be locked in one place 
  • She protect, she attack but most importantly she got a tanky ass

See Leona Own Bottom:

1. Miss Fortune

The hot red head of League of Legends!

Here we have my favorite champion of them all for the bottom lane Miss Fortune. I love everything about this champion. She’s fun to play, she’s strong and she’s fun to look at while you murder people in cold blood. Not to mention she has one of the best skins in the entire game starting from Arcade Miss Fortune, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (my favorite), Ruined Miss Fortune, and so on. Every single skin of her is amazing and good looking.

But enough about skins let’s get into the abilities. Miss Fortune’s Q fires a cannonball from her pistols that can bounce, the W gives a movement speed and attack speed buff, E is an AoE slow and with the ultimate ability she fires her two pistols dealing damage in a cone shape for a short period of time.

Miss Fortune is really good with a support that can CC and lock people in places not allowing them to move until Miss Fortune is done with them ;). 

What makes her great for Bottom:

  • The fact that she can poke from a long range all because of her Q and E ability
  • Ultimate ability is pretty good for clearing out a wave, stealing a dragon or baron or simply killing people in their home base
  • Each skin that she has looks amazing. Riot did a good job
  • W can be used to catch up to people or give yourself an attack speed buff if you bought kraken slayer. 

See Miss Fortune Own Bottom:

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