[Top 15] LOL Best Junglers That Are Powerful

[Top 15] LOL Best Junglers That Are Powerful
Why must I do all the work?

Let us now discuss the role that has changed the most for the preseason and the upcoming season. Riot Games decided to take all of the fun out of the jungle role and simplify it so that even little Timmy, who had just installed the game, could play it. Of course, there is still a skill ceiling, but it isn't as high as it once was. This makes me sad because I enjoyed playing the most difficult role in League of Legends. When it comes to the new jungle changes, you can't double clear camps anymore, almost every champion in the game can now be a jungler thanks to the new items that add pets to the game, invading is now more difficult, and the little scuttle crab no longer has a shield. 

The power shifted between the champions as a result of these changes. Many champions who used to be overpowered in the role have fallen, while others who were weak are now strong because you can no longer double-clear camps. I'll mention those champions and list the best jungle champions you can play right now in the game. I'll also give you some tips on how to play the champion and how to shine while playing a specific champion. Keep in mind that the power shift between champions has largely to do with new items being added and rebalancing some of the old items. With that knowledge let's get started!

15. Hecarim

“Behold, the might of the horse.”

To begin, we have Hecarim, who is half horse and half man. Hecarim used to be a terror on the Summoners Rift before the pre-season changes. If the champion had a slight advantage in gold and items, he could 1v9 the entire match. When it came to his jungle clears, he could easily do double camp clears and was one of the fastest champions to clear the jungle. Unfortunately, this has changed significantly due to the new rule that you can no longer double-clear camps. But Hecarim is still a formidable horse who refuses to relinquish the power bestowed upon him.

This is because he can still easily gank lanes and run over anyone as if he was a truck. That's due to his E "Devastating Charge"; the faster the champion moves, the stronger he is. Furthermore, if you use a pet that increases movement speed, this guy cannot be caught off guard. Because his Q "Rampage" ability gains attack damage every time it is used and a champion is hit, he can still easily be the center of attention in team fights. The cooldown is also reduced with each use of the ability, up to four times.

There's also the W "Spirit Of Dread," which heals Hecarim for the damage he dealt with the ability. Magic damage is dealt in an AoE radius around him by this ability. If the champion finds himself in an unfavorable situation, he can always easily escape using the R "Onslaught Of Shadows," which fear enemies on impact. This ability can also be used to engage in team battles or to dive opponents under objectives like turrets. Hecarim can still be the unstoppable force he was just a few weeks ago if you build him correctly for the current match.

What Makes Hecarim A Strong Jungler:

  • The W "Spirit Of Dread" heals him for a percentage of the damage he inflicts on jungle camps or champions. It's excellent for clearing the jungle and staying alive in team battles.
  • The R "Onslaught Of Shadows" is ideal for team combat or hunting down enemies hiding behind turrets.
  • Hecarim's E "Devastating Charge" deals more damage as his movement speed increases.
  • Hecarim deals more damage per charge with the Q "Rampage." It is possible to charge the ability up to four times.

See Hecarim In Action (Video By Challenger LoL Replays & VODS):

14. Sejuani

“I only need my boar to conquer the world!”

Sejuani, the next up-and-coming Freljord queen, has a hot father named Udyr. We'll get to him later, but for now, we have to focus on her. Sejuani is a formidable opponent in the jungle right now. She is not only a tank jungler, but she can also stun and crowd-control opponents in team fights or while they are fleeing. When ganking a lane with the champion, the stuns help you catch them and prevent them from fleeing with a flash or a dash. The only way to stun targets is to use frost stacks by auto-attacks or W "Winter's Wrath."

Once the target has three stacks of frost on them, simply press E "Permafrost" to stun them. They will be frozen, and you can beat them up until they unfreeze. Sejuani has a Q called "Arctic Assault" that she can use to charge at enemies and help you with ganks. If an enemy is hit, the charge is halted. This can be a useful ability for climbing walls or closing the gap between you and your enemies.

The biggest crowd control ability is her ultimate R “Glacial Prison” where Sejuani chucks her weapon bola that stuns the first target hit on impact and freezes them while in a huge AoE radius other enemies are slowed due to the cold. Don’t be scared to go into team fights head-first because you’re a tank. You also have your passive ability “Fury Of The North” that gives Sejuani ice armor and makes her even tankier. My advice I can give you is to protect those squishy targets on your team and stun the enemy so that they can deal the damage and win the match. 

What Makes Sejuani A Strong Jungler:

  • Sejuani is a tank that excels at taking damage in the early game, so don't be afraid to defend your team.
  • Her passive ability "Fury Of The North" grants her extra armor.
  • With the ultimate ability R "Glacial Prison," Sejuani can stun and slow the entire enemy team.
  • The champion can use her Q "Arctic Assault" to go over walls and close the distance when chasing enemies.

See Sejuani In Action (Video By Challenger Replays):

13. Volibear

“Follow me and we will bring down the sky on them!”

The big bad bear is the Freljord nation's main antagonist. Before his rework, he resembled the Coca-Cola bear in commercials, if anyone remembers those during the holiday season. But he now resembles a bear who has witnessed and won a thousand fights. He is also a God in the Freljord religion, and as long as someone believes in him, he will exist, but his power is dwindling as he becomes one of the region's lost and forgotten Gods. When it comes to his gameplay, he can be found in the top lane or, more recently, as a jungler, thanks to the new jungle changes. He's excellent in the jungle.

That's because of his passive ability "The Relentless Storm," which deals bonus magic damage to all entities around him. To achieve this effect, simply auto-attack. Yes, it's that simple. He's also great at ganking opponents who have over-extended on a lane. How unfortunate for them. He can easily gank with his Q "Thundering Smash," where he runs at the target and slams them on the head once close enough. Giving them brain damage I'd recommend using this ability as soon as you see a chance to get a free kill and using the ability as a chance to move around the map faster.

But if Volibear starts running out of HP he can take a chunk out of minions or champions to heal himself with the W “Frenzied Maul”. But before the ability can heal you have to cast it once on a target and the second cast will heal Volibear. During hectic team fights, Volibear can shield himself or deal AoE damage or both preferably with the E “Sky Splitter”. And lastly, for his ultimate ability “Stormbringer”, he turns off the lights on turrets that get hit by it and he gets larger and gains extra HP. This ability is just fantastic for ganking targets under a tower or jumping into team fights first. 

What Makes Volibear A Strong Jungler: 

  • Volibear's passive ability "The Relentless Storm" or the E "Sky Splitter" allow him to quickly clear jungle camps.
  • The E "Sky Splitter" also protects Volibear while dealing AoE damage to anyone who is hit by it.
  • Volibear's ultimate ability "Stormbringer" allows him to successfully kill targets hidden behind turrets and can be used as a great engagement tool in team fights as he gains extra HP.

See Volibear In Action (Video By Challenger Replays):

12. Skarner

“I might be alone in the universe.”

Oh, how playersenjoys using his ultimate ability to kidnap people. And that's all there is to him. If you're playing this champion, you should enter a team fight by flashing into it or running behind the opposing team. Kidnapping the opposing ADC or mid-laner with the ultimate ability and killing them to successfully remove them from the fight. You can also play as a tank, standing on the front lines to protect your team and what is most important to you. Skarner is not to be trifled with because of the AoE damage from his Q "Crystal Slash" and his ganking potential is quite strong due to the slow from his E "Fracture." The ability breaks a few bones in the opponent's legs and causes them to move slowly.

If the champion has already reached level six, he can use the ultimate ability R "Impale" to kidnap the target hit by it. It's especially amusing if your buddy is the one being kidnapped. That is also my recommendation to you when ganking a lane. If you can't get close enough to the target to hit them with the E "Fracture," Skarner can use the W "Crystalline Exoskeleton" to increase his movement speed and armor. It's a great ability for catching those hit by the E "Fracture" or escaping danger when caught by the R "Impale." Overall, Skarner is an excellent jungler for those who enjoy annihilating those who deal the most damage or for those who prefer to be on the front lines protecting their team. Skarner is capable of taking a lot of damage while also quickly clearing waves or jungle camps.

What Makes Skarner A Strong Jungler: 

  • Because of the R " Impale," Skarner excels at removing squishy opponents from the backline.
  • When ganking a lane, Skarner can use E "Fracture" to slow opponents and W "Crystalline Exoskeleton" to catch up to them.
  • With the Q "Crystal Slash," the champion can quickly clear out jungle camps.
  • The W "Crystalline Exoskeleton" also provides Skarner with a shield, allowing him to protect his team on the front lines.

See Skarner In Action (Video by domisumReplay: Skarner):

11. Nocturne

“Embrace the darkness!”

Nocturne is our first assassin. Except for praying on poor people in Demacia and attacking them in their dreams, his lore is unremarkable. They begin with some nightmares and progress into much more than just nightmares. They begin hallucinating and losing sleep until they die. That's also what he does in-game. Nocturne can start ganking lanes effectively once he reaches level six. He can't do much without his ultimate ability R "Paranoia" if an opponent isn't overextending or doing something stupid. As long as he has range, Nocturne can dash toward a target from afar with the ultimate ability.

If you're playing a squishy champion, this is one of the most vexing abilities to deal with. Because Nocturne is an assassin, his main goal is to eliminate every squishy in the game as quickly as possible. Nocturne can quickly clear out jungle camps until level six thanks to the AoE damage from his passive ability "Umbra Blades." These blades are also useful in team fights. Nocturne can walk faster on the shadow path he has laid out for himself with his Q "Duskbringer" if it latches onto an enemy and follows them, allowing Nocturne to catch up easily.

The W "Shroud Of Darkness" prevents an incoming ability or auto-attack. It only does one thing. And the E "Unspeakable Horror" fears the target. This is a point-and-click ability that comes in handy when chasing someone or when Nocturne is being chased. When playing this champion, farming until level six is the best advice. Don't bother with lanes if you can't gank them without getting kills. Farm lanes where your teammate has died so you can reach level six faster and start being useful.

What Makes Nocturne A Strong Jungler:

  • Nocturne is a jungle assassin who specializes in killing soft targets.
  • With his W "Shroud Of Darkness," he can block any ability or auto-attack.
  • The E "Unspeakable Horror" fear ability is useful when you're chasing someone or being chased by someone.
  • The R "Paranoia" is ideal for taking down distant targets. It also turns off the lights for the opposing team, limiting their visibility to one meter in front of them.

See Nocturne In Action (Video By Challenger LoL Replays & VODS):

10. Udyr

“Nothing can break me.”

As I previously stated, this man is Sejuani's father. He's fantastic and provides the game with some hilarious dad jokes. In his lore, he was blessed with spirit animals within him, so he embarked on a journey to learn how to control them. He came back stronger than ever. In the jungle, he can be used as a tank, AD dealer, or AP champion. When it comes to the role, he's quite versatile. Of course, it all depends on who you're playing against. You can't expect to win every match by using the same build.

Let's go over each of his abilities quickly and the abilities can also be awoken to have a greater impact. When it comes to the Q "Wilding Claw," he gains a burst of attack speed and the next two attacks deal bonus damage. When awakened, this ability shoots lightning out of his hands every time he auto-attacks, which can bounce up to six times. The W "Iron Mantle" transforms him into a turtle, granting him health and a shield on the next two auto-attacks. When he awakens, his shield grows larger and he heals more per auto-attack. The "Blazing Stampede" only makes him angrier; he runs faster, and his auto-attack stuns.

When he awakens, he gains increased movement speed and immunity to crowd control. This is the best ability to use when ganking a lane because it provides both stun and increased movement speed. His final stance, "Wingborne Storm," summons a temporal storm that deals magical AoE damage. When this ability is awakened, it is glued to the first person he auto-attacks. Now that you understand what each stance does, you'll want to combine them when fighting. Every situation is unique, and it all depends on how quickly you press the buttons. Because this guy can withstand five people attacking him.

What Makes Udyr A Strong Jungler:

  • Udyr can survive while five people attack him at the same time if his stances are used correctly. 
  • The ability to gank a lane is with the awakened state of his E “Blazing Stamperede” where he can also stun the next target he auto-attacks. 
  • The R “Wingborne Storm” is great for clearing out jungle camps quickly or dealing a ton of damage to a huge number of entities at once. 
  • With his W “Iron Mantle” Udyr can regenerate his HP by auto-attacking which is great for sustaining in the jungle. 

See Udyr In Action (Video By Trick2G):

9. Warwick

“I can smell you.”

We've already had the big bad bear, and now we have the big bad wolf. This wolf has the best sense of smell in the game. If someone has less than a certain amount of HP, he will smell them and run toward them. That's also his W's passive ability "Blood Hunt," which is great for catching opponents with low HP. When activated, however, he will smell anyone within the radius of the ability. When Warwick gets close to an opponent with low HP, he can munch on them with the Q "Jaws Of The Beast." If you hold down the key button, you can use this ability as a small dash. It's also useful for restoring Warwick's health in the jungle or while fighting his enemies. However, his passive ability "Eternal Hunger" regenerates his lost HP based on how much health is lost.

If Warwick is caught between two or three opponents, he can use the E "Primal Howl" to reduce the amount of damage taken. This ability can also be recast a second time to make anyone within an AoE radius fearful. This is the best ability to use when ganking lanes because it reduces the amount of damage taken while also fearing and slowing the enemy. They'll have a more difficult time escaping the champion. If the target continues to flee and finds themselves alive, Warwick can make a huge jump with his ultimate ability "Infinite Duress," which mauls the target in place for a few seconds.

The ability is mostly used to apprehend people who have escaped the clutches of the big bad wolf. When playing Warwick, my advice is to try ganking as many lanes as possible. Even if you lose a lot of HP, you can always regain it thanks to his passive ability "Eternal Hunger." So it's not a big deal, but Warwick's only problem is a lack of mana. He quickly runs out of mana, but you can replenish it by either killing the big frog camp or eating some fruits found in the river.

What Makes Warwick A Strong Jungler:

  • Because of his passive ability "Eternal Hunger," Warwick can quickly regain the HP he has lost.
  • If the Q "Jaws Of The Beast" button is held for a few seconds, Warwick can dash behind an opponent.
  • The E "Primal Howl" reduces the amount of damage Warwick takes and, when recast, fears opponents in an AoE radius.
  • The ultimate ability R "Infinite Duress" is excellent for capturing targets and holding them in place.

See Warwick In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

8. Ekko

“And back we go!”

Next up is the boy who shattered time. But it's amusing that he made the time machine out of scrap metal and a magical rock he discovered in a junkyard. It's quite amazing how intelligent he can be. He also has feelings for Jinx, the insane girl. Ekko is currently one of the jungle's most annoying champions. He deals AP damage, and if he has enough AP, he can even one-shot bruisers or larger opponents. The main reason he's so annoying in the jungle is due to Ekko's ultimate ability "Chronobreak," which rewinds time when he has more HP.

The ability itself is quite broken and can be extremely difficult to deal with, particularly if he is ahead of everyone. It simply means you'll have to kill him twice before he dies. Not only that, but the W "Parallel Convergence" allows him to create a massive shield that stuns anyone who enters the bubble. Ekko can easily farm the jungle quickly in the early stages of the match thanks to the Q "Timewinder" and his passive "Z-Drive Resonance." The passive ability "Z-Drive Resonance" deals extra magical damage to targets that have been attacked three times by auto-attacks or abilities. The Q "Timewinder" deals damage twice in a short period.

The first damage occurs when Ekko shoots it out, and the second occurs when it returns to him. Ekko can quickly clear the jungle by combining the passive "Z-Drive Resonance" with the Q "Timewinder." If you find yourself chasing an opponent, don't worry, Ekko can jump toward them and knock their lights out with his E "Phase Dive." The ability itself is quite powerful and provides Ekko with a lot of range when chasing opponents, but it's primarily used when ganking lanes because it quickly closes the distance between the target and Ekko.

What Makes Ekko A Strong Jungler:

  • Ekko's R "Chronobreak" allows him to rewind time to when he had full HP during a team fight. It simply means that the adversary must kill him twice.
  • Ekko's passive ability "Z-Drive Resonance" and his Q "Timewinder" allow him to quickly farm the jungle camps. In the jungle, I strongly advise combining these two.
  • Ekko can quickly close the distance between his enemies and the target by using the E "Phase Dive."
  • His W "Parallel Convergence" provides Ekko with a massive shield and stuns anyone who enters the bubble.

See Ekko In Action (Video By Challenger LoL Replays & VODS):

7. Kha’Zix

“This is a weird grasshopper.”

The next assassin is an angry grasshopper. This grasshopper adores killing and hunting down people, especially ADC champions. Every assassin discovers that ADCs are nothing more than large cannon minions who allow them to get fed quickly and eliminate any competition. Kha'Zix used to be one of the strongest junglers until they nerfed him. But here we are, and he is slowly making his way back into the game. One of the main reasons is that he was terrible at double-clearing camps, so when that option was removed, this champion became a viable option once again. Every time he levels up his ultimate ability “Void Assault”, his abilities can evolve into something stronger.

Once he reaches that point, the ability only grows stronger. However, "Void Assault" not only allows him to evolve his abilities but also makes him invisible. You can activate his passive "Unseen Threat" by casting the ultimate ability and it can be used twice in a row. The passive ability "Unseen Threat" deals damage and slows targets that don't see him. It's a very interesting ability, especially when combined with his Q "Taste Their Fear." This is a damage-only point-and-click ability. With his passive ability "Unseen Threat" he can one-shot a target if it is active. 

If someone is attempting to flee, Kha'Zix can use the W "Void Spike" to slow them down, allowing him to easily kill them. If that's not an option, he can always jump like a grasshopper with E "Leap." When you land on a target, you deal damage to it. There isn't much to say about that ability other than it allows Kha'Zix to leap a long distance. It's excellent for catching people and, in particular, ganking lanes. However, it works best when combined with the ultimate ability "Void Assault." 

What Makes Kha’Zix A Strong Jungler:

  • Kha'Zix inflicts more damage on those who are unaware of his presence or who are isolated.
  • His Q "Taste Their Fear" is a point-and-click ability that deals damage to single units, which can be amplified if Kha'Zix is not visible.
  • He can become invisible twice in a row with his ultimate ability "Void Assault."
  • Kha'Zix can evolve one of his abilities every time he levels up his ultimate ability, "Void Assault."
  • Kha'Zix makes ganking lanes a breeze.

See Kha’Zix In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

6. Master Yi

“I am the master of the wuju.”

Here we have a champion who is a threat to people with low ELO because they don't know how to deal with him. And, thanks to a few item changes and buffs, Master Yi has recently become quite the jungler. Even though he was always a viable jungler, higher ELO players had difficulty playing him. Because his main counter is crowd control. Don't get me wrong, that's still his biggest counter, but this time Master Yi can easily eliminate them before they even have a chance to stun him. This is due to his Q "Alpha Strike," in which he jumps from target to target and deals damage while remaining untargetable. 

If the target is not killed, Master Yi will be in front of the last one standing. He can also attack twice in a row thanks to his passive ability "Double Strike," which he can combine with the E "Wuju Style," which deals true damage. That is completely broken. But, because ganking lanes with Master Yi is difficult, the best thing you can do is farm the jungle until you have enough items to wipe out an entire team of enemies. Of course, you may run out of HP while farming, but you can always recover it by pressing W "Meditate."

Master Yi has the ability to stand in place meditating, recovering lost HP and reducing damage. Because Master Yi is all about fighting and farming, the ultimate R "Highlander" is his most important ability in the kit. While the ability is active, Master Yi is on crack, running at the speed of light while also attacking at the speed of light. This ability depletes quickly, so use it when you're close to the enemy and in range to open a can of whoop-ass. When you kill someone, the ability gains additional time.

What Makes Master Yi A Strong Jungler: 

  • Low ELO players are vulnerable to Master Yi because they don't know how to deal with him.
  • He's a farming jungler who can easily carry the game if you have a few items.
  • When Master Yi employs his Q "Alpha Strike," he becomes untargetable.
  • The W "Meditate" heals Master Yi's lost HP and reduces his damage.
  • He gains bonus movement and attack speed from the ultimate ability R "Highlander." When Master Yi kills someone, the ability gains extra run time.

See Master Yi In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

5. Wukong

“Monkey style.”

Name one MOBA game without a monkey king named Wukong or something along those lines. You can't because everyone loves him for various reasons. Monkeys, on the other hand, are chill. The champion has been on a roll. From the top lane to the mid lane, and now to the jungle. He's been almost everywhere on the Summoners Rift, so here's hoping he'll finally settle down. The champion has a one-of-a-kind passive ability called "Stone Skin," which gains him more armor the more people he attacks.

This passive ability is also activated when farming jungle camps, making it ideal for completely clearing out the jungle. However, ganking is very simple. If not the easiest. When you get close to a lane, sit in a nearby bush and activate W "Warrior Trickster," which causes Wukong to leave a copy of himself sitting in the bush while the real one is invisible and plotting his next move. When you're close to a target, press E “Nimbus Strike” to launch yourself at them, dealing damage. When you're close to a target, all you have to do is beat them up and show them what it's like to deal with the Monkey King.

If normal auto-attacks aren't your thing, try spamming the Q "Crushing Blow." Where Wukong gains extra attack range as well as an empowered auto-attack. It's a fantastic ability, especially because you can spam it and deal massive damage to your opponents. But the best advice I can give you is to use W "Warrior Trickster" to get between your enemies while remaining invisible. I want you to use your ultimate ability R "Cyclone" when you're in the center, where Wukong spins like a madman and knocks everyone up in the air. The ability can be used twice, which is fantastic news for you. Of course, if your team connects with you while making this play, you'll win.

What Makes Wukong A Strong Jungler:

  • Ganking lanes with Wukong has never been easier, thanks to the W "Warrior Trickster" where he becomes invisible. 
  • Wukong can use E "Nimbus Strike" to launch himself at his enemies; this ability is especially useful when combined with W "Warrior Trickster."
  • Wukong's Q "Crushing Blow" extends his attack range.
  • His ultimate ability R "Cyclone" is excellent for crowd control and keeping the entire enemy team pinned down while your team does the damage and it can be used two times.
  • He gains more armor from his passive ability "Stone Skin" the more enemies he attacks or jungle camps. 

See Wukong In Action (Video By Challenger Replays):

4. Shyvana

“The might of Demacia will prevail!”

Shyvana, the Summoner's Rift's only half-dragon half-woman champion. She's quite the package, and you'll have a great time playing her. This champion's abilities differ in human and dragon forms. They still act the same, but with added effects. So let me explain how her ultimate ability "Dragon's Descent" works. Once Shyvana can transform into a dragon, she can fly in any direction you choose. If you launch yourself, you can also pull a few targets with you if they are caught. It can also be used to engage in team battles or to flee from dangerous situations. 

Because the dragon form does not last long, make every second count.In terms of her other abilities, Shyvana's Q "Twin Bites" allows her to strike twice at the same target. This ability deals AoE damage in the dragon form. Shyvana's W "Burnout" deals magic damage in an area around her. When you use a basic attack on someone, the duration of the ability is extended. My advice is to make the most of this ability while fighting enemies or farming in the jungle. In the dragon form, the ability size is extended. 

Now we come to my favorite ability from the champion, the E "Flame Breath." Shyvana, in human form, fires a flame at targets, marking them for five seconds. If you attack the marked target, they will take more damage. In the dragon form, this ability explodes on impact, dealing massive damage and causing the earth to burn for a short period. If Shyvana goes full AP, this ability can one-shot targets and is the most enjoyable to use. Of course, you must hit the ability, which requires some skill but will become second nature to you.

What Makes Shyvana A Strong Jungler: 

  • Shyvana's W "Burnout" deals magical AoE damage; auto-attacking anything increases the ability's duration.
  • Her E "Flame Breath" explodes on impact in her dragon form, dealing massive magic damage.
  • When Shyvana transforms from human to dragon form, she launches in the direction of your mouse, and anyone caught in the dash is taken with her.
  • She can be constructed as a full tank or an AP.

See Shyvana In Action (Video By CHALLENGER TV LOL REPLAYS):

3. Elise

“I know the true path.”

The next character is someone who, like Shyvana, has the ability to transform. Instead of becoming a dragon, Elise transforms into a massive spider. Unlike Shyvana, this transformation is available from the start of the game. Elise's ultimate ability, "Spider Form," allows her to switch between human and spider forms. She has different abilities in both forms. The human form is used to catch people and deal damage from a distance, whereas the spider form is used for fighting up close and personal. So, let's go over her skills. Let's begin with the Q "Neurotoxin/Venomous Bite." In human form, this ability deals damage based on the target's HP.

The more HP it has, the more damage it can deal. She lunges at the target in spider form and deals damage based on how low their HP is. The greater the damage, the lower the HP. The W "Volatile Spiderling/Skittering Frenzy" in human form sends out an exploding spiderling. She gains attack speed while in the spider form, as do the spiderlings she spawns. This ability is useful in human form for clearing out camps or waves because it deals a lot of damage. You should use it on large camps or massive waves to get a lot of gold and XP quickly. But with the E, the fun begins with "Cocoon/Repel."

These two abilities are your bread and butter when it comes to ganking. When in human form, the E "Cocoon" will root a target. Which is great when you don't want to be seen and want to engage the enemy. While in spider form, the E "Repel" allows her to ascend into the air and descend onto anything you can click on except wards. If you descend onto a target, her passive ability "Spider Queen" increases your life steal and damage. Her spiderlings receive the buff as well. My advice is to root someone with E "Cocoon," then launch an explosive spiderling from her W "Volatile Spiderling," and engage the target in spider form with E "Repel." You'll increase the kill potential by 100% this way.

What Makes Elise A Strong Jungler: 

  • Elise has six abilities at her disposal to fight her enemies, and each one is useful in different situations.
  • The human form is ideal for long-distance combat and poking opponents prior to a fight.
  • The spider form is excellent for fighting enemies and regaining lost HP.
  • In spider form, the E "Repel" makes Elise untargetable when she ascends and increases her damage and life-steal when she descends on a target.

See Elise In Action (Video By IMissedMyQ):

2. Vi

“Everything can be resolved with my fists.” 

If you've ever hit a brick wall and don't know where to turn, how about punching a hole through it? I mean, it can work as long as you have the willpower and the strength to do it. That is the essence of Vi. She's all about using her fists to their full potential. Vi is also great at annihilating tankier junglers or simply annihilating larger targets. Not only that, but when Vi uses an ability, she gains a shield, thanks to her passive ability "Blast Shield."

The Q “Vault Breaker” is a dash." Simply put, If a target is hit by the ability, they gain a stack of denting blows. Which is her W "Denting Blows." It's a passive ability that shreds the opponent's armor, deals bonus damage, and grants her extra attack speed. This ability is great for taking down opponents with a lot of armor. Vi's next auto-attack, with the E "Relentless Force," deals so much damage that it passes through the first opponent hit and damages anyone behind them.

It's a great ability for quickly clearing the jungle or completing objectives like dragons or barons. Finally, for her ultimate ability R "Cease And Desist," Vi locks onto an enemy and runs towards them, immune to all CC, pushing anyone in her path, and finally knocking up the target she originally targeted. This ability is extremely useful because it allows Vi to get behind the enemy team faster and target the squishy ADC or assassin. Vi is a fantastic champion who is both tanky and deals damage.

What Makes Vi A Strong Jungler:

  • Vi's W "Denting Blows" sherds the opponent's armor and deals bonus damage to the target.
  • Her E "Relentless Force" is great for clearing large jungle camps or pushing waves because it deals damage to anyone behind the main target hit.
  • Vi's Q "Vault Breaker" is a large dash that can be charged to increase its range and also applies a stack of her W's "Denting Blows."
  • While using the R "Cease And Desist," Vi becomes immune to stuns and crowd control while also pushing everyone away from her until she reaches the target she's ulting.

See Vi In Action (Video By Challenger LoL Replays & VODS):

1. Evelynn 

“Every smile is a frown waiting to be turned upside down.”

Evelynn is currently the best jungle champion in the entire game. I absolutely adore this champion. She's a lot of fun to play with and mess around with. You can literally pick her into any team composition because she will melt through any tank or bruiser. Buying magic resistance items will not help anyone because she has a ton of AP damage and her W "Allure" can reduce the target's magic resistance. It's also a charm that works similarly to Ahri's, except you have to wait for the charm to charge up before using it. 

The best part is that when Evelynn reaches level six, she becomes invisible thanks to her passive "Demon Shade" ability, which also regenerates Evelynn's HP. So she can go invisible with 5% HP and come out with 95% HP. Isn't she entertaining to play against? You should have a keyboard that can withstand the constant pressing of the Q "Hate Spike" button. You'll be spamming this ability so much that it'll hurt your finger. Because of its long cast range, it's also useful for farming jungle camps or hitting a target with W "Allure" charged up. Evelynn now with E “Whiplash” whips the target and gains movement speed. This ability is fantastic, but it requires you to get close to the enemy in order to use it. It’s also good to get out of a sticky situation quickly due to the movement speed boost. 

Evelynn's ultimate ability R "Last Caress" causes her to become untargetable for a few seconds before throwing herself backward and slashing everyone in front of her. Not only that but this ability can also be used to execute. If a target has less than a certain amount of HP, it will be marked. That mark indicates that they will be killed instantly by the ultimate ability. My advice to you is to gank lanes as much as you can once you reach level six because you'll be invisible, and it's okay to dive opponents under turrets because you'll be able to escape easily thanks to  the backward dash from the R “Last Caress”.

What Makes Evelynn A Strong Jungler: 

  • Evelynn's Q "Hate Spike" that goes through any target makes her great at clearing out camps in the early game.
  • Evelynn with the W "Allure" reduces the enemy's magical resistance.
  • The ultimate ability R "Last Caress" is an execution that will kill anyone with a pink mark on them instantly.
  • Evelynn's passive ability "Demon Shade" allows her to regenerate any amount of lost HP.

See Evelynn In Action (Video By Challenger League):

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