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LoL Jhin Skins
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Which Jhin Skin is the Baddest?

5. SKT T1 Jhin

The Most Majestic Skin

 This is Jhin’s one and only legacy skin. It was released at the end of the Season 6 World Finals. The winning team was SK Telecom T1 and the player who used Jhin was called “Bang.” He used Jhin during the world championship game against the KOO Tigers. For this skin Jhin has wings and they look awesome. He almost a Demacian look with all the white and gold. His gun “Whisper” also has this gold and white motif about it. The recall animation for this skin was created by Bang himself and during the animation, it shows Bang’s signature. The dance that Jhin does with this skin equipped is from a song called “Bang Bang Bang” by Big Bang. The only thing I have an issue with this skin is that it loses the crazy serial killer feel that Jhin has.

What makes this skin neat:

  • It has wings (even though Jhin can’t actually use wings)
  • His gun Whisper looks really cool and they streamlined the design of it
  • Jhin’s solid gold mask is a nice change from his plain white mask from his stock skin
  • You can’t purchase this skin anymore, which is why it is at the bottom of the list

How to get skin SK T1 Jhin Skin: This skin cannot be purchased because it is in the Legacy Vault, at the time of release it could be purchased for 1350 RP

See SK T1 Jhin Skin in action:

The Rarest Skin on the List Doesn't Disappoint

4. High Noon Jhin

Jhin Walks on the Wild Side

 Honestly, out of all the High Noon Skins that Riot has released this one is one of my least favorites. I think they could have done more with Jhin’s particle effects of his moves as well as the moves themselves. The best part of this skin is the work they put into changing his gun Whisper into a revolver. Another  cool thing they did with this skin added a little reference to Vash the Stampede from Trigun. The way they did that was when Jhin recalls a bar appears along with some bottles and cups for him to shoot then he leans on the bar, but if you notice the wanted posters on the front. One of those wanted posters has Jhin’s face on it and it says his bounty is worth six billion double dollars ($$6,000,000,000) and Vash’s bounty was sixty billion double dollars ($$60,000,000,000). As much as I love a good western and western-themed characters I just can’t put this up any higher on the list.

What makes this skin cool:

  • Whisper is now a revolver when Jhin isn’t using his ult and he spins it around similar to Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid
  • He has a cool steampunk feel when Jhin is using this skin
  • He has a bounty in the same currency as Vash the Stampede from Trigun
  • When he hits someone with one of the projectiles from his ult it makes a ricochet noise

How to get this High Noon Jhin: You can get this for 1350 RP

See High Noon Jhin in action:

This Skin is Easily Worth the Price

3. PROJECT: Jhin

Jhin with a Futuristic Twist

If you love cyborgs then this will probably be your favorite skin for Jhin. For this skin, they added an insanely cool recall animation where Jhin’s head opens up and out the back of his neck a little robot comes out and shorts out a little control panel that appears next to him. Then the little robot climbs back into Jhin and he shows back up at the fountain. They were also very generous for this skin when they were adding new particle effects to his move, especially his fourth auto-attack (the one that is a guaranteed crit). This skin reminds me of Zer0, one of the main characters from Borderlands 2, all they would need to do is change the red lights for blue and swap Whisper for a sword and there you’d have Zer0.

What makes this skin great:

  • Clean aesthetics
  • Awesome recall animation 
  • Great new particle effects that have a cool sci-fi feel
  • Whisper looks like a cross between a Desert Eagle and the Assault Rifle from Halo

How to get this skin: This skin can be purchased for 1350 RP

See PROJECT: Jhin in action:

The Cyborg-Like Skin to Use in LoL

2. Blood Moon Jhin

A Highly Detailed Skin Offered

If you’ve ever wanted to play an ADC that also looks like a Japanese mythological demon then this skin is the right one for you. This skin screams Japanese culture. The main reason why this skin is ranked higher than PROJECT: Jhin is because they added these beautiful ink effects to almost all of Jhin’s moves, even his recall animation. It  is a really nice touch. When Jhin uses his ult you hear Japanese instruments play dissonant chords as you line up your shot. Jhin’s deadly flourish is usually a lotus blossom but for this skin, it is three crescent moons back to back to back surrounded by a purple glow and mist. The mask from this skin is supposed to be a reference to the masks used in Japanese Noh theater. When Jhin leaves the mask on one eye is blue and the other is red.

What makes this skin awesome:

  • They made great use of Japanese culture in every part of this skin
  • The ink effects on all of Jhin’s moves and recall animation are gorgeous
  • They added lots of details with the music associated with this skin (even using a koto during his recall animation)

How to get Blood Moon Jhin: This skin can be purchased for 1350 RP

See Blood Moon Jhin in action:

You Won't Regret Purchasing This Skin

1. Dark Cosmic Jhin

THE Top Tier Jhin Skin

Ok, I know I have to have some pretty big reasons for this skin being number one (especially over PROJECT: Jhin and Blood Moon Jhin). To put it simply they made Jhin an even scarier character than he was before. By adding the cosmic elements they created this extremely creepy character that can be a little hard to understand, but that makes it better in my opinion. Jhin has four freaking arms in this skin, how fitting is that? When you mark a champion instead of the lotus blossom you get a very nice glowing circle with a purple star in the center. Then when you stun an enemy champion the Riot team made an awesome looking cosmic circle that appears below them. Then for his ultimate, you hear a creepy choir in the background and the area where you can shoot your ult is outlined by a star constellation and planets appear as well.

What makes this skin amazing:

  • They increased this already creepy character in a great way
  • All the particle effects are the best out of all the other Jhin skins
  • He floats when his movement speed is high enough like in the first minute of the match
  • They took the cosmic theme and put it every place they could
  • Jhin literally becomes a constellation when he recalls back to base and when he dies

How to get Dark Cosmic Jhin: You can purchase Dark Cosmic Jhin for 1820 RP

See Dark Cosmic Jhin in action:

This Skin is at The Top of the List for Good Reason

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