[Top 10] LOL Strongest Early Game Champions That Scale Well Into Late Game

[Top 10] LOL Strongest Early Game Champions That Scale Well Into Late Game
Ez carry boys!

Any champion in this game can scale but not all scale well. Some champions might even fall off no matter how much they try to be good and scale into the late game. When it comes to League of Legends if a team wins the early or mid-game they can still lose the match. That’s the great part about MOBA games.

The comeback is the best part about them. Especially if you have an open nexus. It can also be really hard to pull this off if you’re not playing a champion that scales well into the late game so why not increase your chances of making a comeback by playing some of the champions that are listed in this article. 

10. Master Yi

“Patience is a virtue.”

Let’s start this list with the terror of low ELO players and that’s Master Yi. Why is he the terror of low ELO games? Well, they don’t know how to counter him and they think that Master Yi is the greatest champion ever created. But in reality, he’s not. Master Yi is a farming jungler that needs items to scale to do well.

But even in the early and mid-game Master Yi is a great champion. Especially when he can use his Q ability to become untargetable and the fact that he can heal himself with W whenever he’s low HP. Farming with Master Yi is easy, the only hard part about it is getting invaded. But you have wards to counter that and you won’t get yourself in those situations, right? 

Why Master Yi Is Great For Early and Late Game: 

  • During the early game, he’s a powerhouse at farming and getting gold. 
  • At any point, if Master Yi is low HP he can heal himself up with W. 
  • Deals true damage with his E ability which is great during the early and late game. 
  • During the late game, you can pretty much spam your Q ability because of your insane attack speed. 

9. Olaf


Two junglers in a row, what a surprise. Olaf, like Master Yi, is a complete powerhouse during the early and late game. But Olaf is slightly better simply because he can ignore all CC abilities during his ultimate ability. You know how Master Yi gets easily countered because of CC. Well, Olaf just ignores it.

Plus thanks to his abilities Olaf can heal a lot by simply auto-attacking people. During the early game, Olaf can constantly keep farming without ever needing to go back to his base. Unless you need to buy items. You have everything in his kit that you need to stay alive. You have life-steal, AoE ability, and ability that deals true damage as well. This guy has it all and the best part is that it can only get better. 

Why Olaf Is Great For Early and Late Game: 

  • During the early game, Olaf can heal himself by attacking minions or champions. 
  • Even if he gets invaded Olaf wins the 1v1 90% of the time. 
  • Deals true damage with his E. 
  • His ultimate ability ignores any crowd control abilities which is good during the early and late game. 

8. Talon

“I was born in the shadows.”

Three junglers in a row, what is this? Let’s keep the train going people. Well technically he can also be played in the mid-lane but he’s mainly played in the jungle nowadays. Talon is great at ganking and eliminating the squishies in the enemy team.

With Talon you don’t need to farm since most of your gold will be coming from killing people. The reason why ganking is so easy with Talon is that his E allows him to jump over any obstacle. He’s great at that during the early game, especially if the enemy team is pushing a lane.

When it comes to the late game Talon can make people bleed which deals damage to the amount of HP the enemy has. He can also become invisible thanks to his ultimate ability and kill the enemy backline champion. That’s what you’ll want to be doing during the whole match. That’s your job as a Talon player. 

Why Talon Is Great For Early and Late Game:

  • During the early game, Talon can gank lanes easily thanks to his E. 
  • While in the late game Talon can make enemies bleed and that deals damage to the amount of HP they have. 
  • He’s great at eliminating the backline in team fights. 

7. Tristana

“Nothing a little gunpowder won’t fix!”

And sadly we have to break our streak of jungle champions so here we have Tristana. When it comes to Tristana she’s one of those mobile ADC champions. During the early game, Tristana is great at bullying the enemy team and great at pushing waves, and demolishing turrets. All that Tristana needs to be a successful ADC to carry the match is items.

And the way she gets items is by scaling of course. While in the late game there might be the problem of assassins but Tristana can simply push them away with her R or jump away with her W. Tristana also packs a punch thanks to her E ability which deals massive damage and can also be used on turrets to destroy them in a split second. 

Why Tristana Is Great For Early And Late Game:

  • In the early game, Tristana can be a huge bully during the laning phase which can result in you being a higher level than the enemy. 
  • In the late game, Tristana can jump away into battle or jump away from danger. 
  • If an assassin gets too close Tristana can push them away with her R. 

6.  Lucian

“The night comes.”

Who is a bigger bully than Tristana? Well, it's Lucian of course. During the early game, Lucian can deal a huge amount of damage thanks to his passive ability. His passive allows him to auto-attack two times in a row each time he casts an ability.

He has 3 abilities in his kit to use. You do the math. This is especially powerful in the late game after Lucian gets a few items that lower his cooldowns. He can also dash in any direction with his E and his Q is great at poking people who are trying to take cover behind minions. There is no winning when this guy is around. 

Why Lucian Is Great For Early And Late Game:

  • During the early game, Lucian can easily poke the enemy team with his Q. 
  • He can dodge incoming skill shots with his E. 
  • His passive becomes deadly in the late game after acquiring a few items that lower his ability to cooldowns. 

5. Jinx

“My sister is crazy, not me!”

This ADC right here has the highest attack range in the whole game. Her attack range is 700 units and it only gets that long when she’s using her rocket launcher that also deals AoE damage. While using the rocket launcher you will be safe from any distance.

If they try getting close to you, you can use your W to slow them or maybe even use your E to trap them and possibly get a kill if your support cooperates with you. Jinx is especially deadly in the late game once she starts scaling.

Her minigun can shoot fast and when I say fast I mean it. It can melt through anyone like butter and you won’t even remember who you killed because of how fast you did it. Combine this with some deadly items and you’ll be the deadliest person in the whole world. 

Why Jinx Is Great For Early And Late Game:

  • During the early game, Jinx has the highest attack range, which is great for poking and taking pot shots at the enemy. 
  • Once you get to the late game Jinx’s minigun will shred through anyone especially if you have some armor-penetrating items. 
  • You can also use your W to slow people and your E to trap them inside of your trap. 

4. Twitch

“I can’t even taste the air up here.”

By now you know that Twitch is one of my all-time favorite champions to play in League of Legends. Scaling with this guy is easy and he’s pretty good at any part of the match. During the laning phase, you can simply use your Q to go invisible, go behind the enemy and kill them, without even knowing what hit them.

This is even deadlier in the late game as you’ll have items and killing supports and squishies should be your main target. You can also go for the tankier champions if you wish but make sure that you have something to deal with their high HP. The best part about Twitch is that he can also go AP if your team requires it. So don’t be shy experimenting with this little guy. 

Why Twitch Is Great For Early and Late Game:

  • In the early game, Twitch can go invisible and you’ll always have an upper hand on your enemy. 
  • Twitch in the late game is a killing machine and you should use that to your advantage. 
  • In a late-game team fight, Twitch should focus on being behind the enemy lines and killing their backline quickly. 
  • If your team doesn’t have an AP champion you can always play him AP. 

3. Katarina

“Make sure to keep running so I can stab you in the back!”

Sadly we have to end our ADC streak with Katarina the ADC killer. Quite fitting don’t you think? In the early game, Katarina won’t be of much use. Even her full combo won’t kill a target unless you auto-attack them a thousand times. Well, not that much but you get my point. But the great part about Katarina is that she doesn’t use mana so you can spam your abilities in the laning phase.

Make sure to get your enemy low enough HP so you can kill them with your combo. Also roaming is a great option for Katarina. In the late game, Katarina will be able to assassinate anyone who doesn’t have 2000 HP or more. As she’s great at killing people with low HP and great at dealing damage in an AoE area. 

Why Katarina Is Great For Early and Late Game:

  • In the early game, Katarina can use her abilities as much as she likes as she does not require mana. 
  • Make sure to always cast your Q so it hits your enemy, allowing you to get an easy kill later on. 
  • In the late game, Katarina can assassinate anyone with ease if they have less than 2000 HP. 
  • Katarina can deal damage in an AoE radius, she’s pretty good at that. 

2. Yasuo

“Be with the wind.”

Here we have Yasuo, the champion that’s popular amongst kids. When it comes to Yasuo he also doesn’t have a mana pool but what he has is a shield that recharges by walking around. So never stop right-clicking! In the early game, Yasuo always wins a 1v1 situation thanks to his passive shield, and because he can knock people up into the air every third time he uses his Q.

Yasuo scales well with attack speed and crit items so make sure to buy as many as you can. While in the late game Yasuo’s Q will have a cooldown of 1 second and you’ll be able to use his E every 0.5 seconds. It’s easy to underestimate a Yasuo player as you expect them to do bad but instead, they’ll end your whole team’s life quickly. 

Why Yasuo Is Great For Early and Late Game:

  • In the early game, Yasuo will always win a 1v1 situation so try to duel people. 
  • While in the late game Yasuo can use his Q each second. 
  • Buy as many attack speed and crit items as you can. 
  • Yasuo gains a passive shield while walking around, this shield is powerful in the early and late game equally. 
  • His W wind wall can block all missile abilities. 

1. Sylas

“What’s yours is mine!”

For the best scaling champion in the game, we have Sylas. Sylas is great in the early and the late game. Nothing can stop this beast. In the early game Sylas has a dash from his E, poke from his Q and he can heal himself to almost full HP with his W.

The best part about all of this is that Sylas is an AP champion that excels in dealing magic damage and staying alive. He’s like an AP bruiser of sorts. While in the late game Sylas can steal anyone’s ultimate ability and kill them with it. The only tricky part is getting the ultimate ability that you want. You can easily miss click on someone else during a team fight.

And you know how I said that you can almost heal yourself to full HP in the early game, well in the late game you can heal yourself to full HP with a single button press. How cool is that? 

Why Sylas Is Great For Early and Late Game:

  • During the early game period, Sylas can take a beating and heal it all up with his W. 
  • Great poking potential thanks to his Q. 
  • His passive ability allows him to deal AoE on-hit damage each time he uses an ability. 
  • Sylas’s ultimate ability can be a game-change. 
  • In the late game make sure to steal the most powerful ultimate ability. 
  • He can heal himself up to full HP with a single button press. 

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