[Top 10] LOL Most AP Builds That Wreck Hard!

LOL Most AP Builds That Wreck Hard!
AP has no counter.

Sup chooms today we’ll be taking a look into some AP off-meta builds that wreck hard. These builds wreck on the summoner's rift and you’ll rack up some kills while rocking these builds. That’s my guarantee. Of course, you’ll also need to know how to play the certain champion rocking that builds but don’t worry about that.

Most of the champions that I’ll be listing are easy to play and get into. Nothing too hard. But the best part about these builds is that they don’t require a lot of gold. You can get most of these items in 20-25 minutes or even earlier if you snowball in the early game. Enough of this chit chat let’s get into the builds!

10. AP Volibear

“Storms are coming!”

AP Volibear Link (video by Daveyx3Gameplay):

For our first AP build that wrecks hard is AP Volibear. Now it might confuse you a bit because Volibear is a top-lane tank champion but he secretly scales with AP quite nicely. His E ability scales the best with AP along with his passive ability.

His passive release lighting strikes from his hands while auto-attacking. Both of those abilities scale with AP so naturally if you go an AP build with Volibear you’ll be an unstoppable pushing machine. You’ll be able to push waves in a matter of seconds and if anyone decides to mess with you, you can simply smite them with your E.

Dealing a ton of AP damage. If you cast E onto yourself you’ll give yourself a shield that slowly goes away. This is great in situations where you’re being chased or need a tad bit more survivability in the lane. You can also dive people under towers since your ultimate ability disables them for a few seconds. 

What AP Volibear Excels In:

  • Split pushing. 
  • Clearing out waves quickly. 
  • Dealing a lot of damage thanks to your E ability. 
  • Disabling enemy towers for a few seconds. 

Full build details:


9. AP Wukong

“King of the monkeys.”

AP Wukong Link (video by HappyChimeNoises):

Our next build is for a monkey king named Wukong. The build name is AP Wukong. As you might have guessed. This build recently popped up and it’s doing wonders on the rift. Funnily enough, the person that created this build managed to reach a very high rank.

Will you be able to reach your desired rank by playing AP Wukong? Maybe? Who knows? Since season 12 Wukong had his AD scaling removed on some abilities but Riot Games left the AP scaling untouched. So we got AP Wukong ladies and gentlemen. In the early game, you’ll want to build a tad bit of AD damage so you can survive and get yourself some money.

But later you’ll take that money and buy yourself AP items to start showing your dominance on the rift. Your E has an insane amount of AP scaling and you’ll be able to spam your Q because the cooldown will be lower. 

What AP Wukong Excels In:

  • Dueling people in a 1v1 situation. 
  • Insane AP scaling on his E ability, which results in you doing a ton of magic damage.
  • Your cooldowns will be lower so you’ll be able to spam your Q ability. 
  • AP Wukong is great in team fights during the late game thanks to his R ability. 

Full build details:


8. AP Ashe

“The whole world on one arrow.”

AP Ashe Link (video by TC Zwag):

Here we have the queen of Freljord herself Ashe but not a normal Ashe an AP Ashe. When this girl starts chucking W’s at your face you know you’re in for a fun time. I’m serious, don't ever mess with an AP Ashe player. They’re annoying to deal with and the best part out of it all is that AP Ashe can be played as a support or as an ADC.

It’s up to the player to decide what they wanna play. Your best bet would be to build a Luden's Echo and a Nashor's Tooth. That’s all you need to start dominating on the rift. Plus Ashe isn’t hard to play, she's really easy to get into and master. Not to mention that Ashe has a global ultimate ability that scales with AP and it can also CC people.

The hitbox is broken for that ability so don’t go crazy if you think that the ability should have missed you. The main point of AP Ashe is to spam your W during the laning phase and later in the match to use your ultimate ability to deal damage to people and CC the most important target. 

What AP Ashe Excels In:

  • Being a lane bully thanks to her W. 
  • She can CC people with her ultimate ability and maybe even take out some targets thanks to the AP scaling. 
  • Spamming your abilities in a team fight thanks to cooldown reduction. 

Full build details:


7. AP Varus

“3 people in 1 body.”

AP Varus Link (video by Zwag Xerath):

Here we have another ADC that can build AP but unlike AP Ashe who deals damage over time, AP Varus is all about bursting people down quickly. The reason he can do that is because of the insane AP scaling on his Q ability. No matter how much HP your enemy has, Varus will take care of them quickly and efficiently.

On AP Varus you’ll want to build as much AP as you can. Most of your items should consist of full quick damage like a Ludens Echo and a Rabadon's Cap. You can also buy a Rift Maker to survive longer but you’d be sacrificing your potential for a quick and easy burst. Your Q is a skill shot ability that might be hard to hit but you have your ultimate to help you with that.

Once you hit your ultimate on a target they will be rooted in place and your ultimate will spread to the next target quickly. And thanks to the AP damage output from your Q you’ll be able to shoot them down as they get rooted. 

What AP Varus Excels In:

  • Bursting down targets quickly. 
  • Your ultimate ability spreads from target to target rooting them in place. 
  • Taking out the most important target on the enemy team. 

Full build details:


6. AP Cho’Gath

“Afraid of the dark?”

AP Cho’Gath Link (video by Zwag Xerath):

Our first void champion on this list is Cho’Gath. More importantly AP Cho’Gath. There will be another void champion on this list so stick around to find out! When it comes to AP Cho’Gath most of his abilities scale with AP but the most important ability is his ultimate.

Why his ultimate you might be asking yourself? Well, you see the more Cho’Gath eats the tankier he gets and that’s pretty terrifying. The enemy will have to deal with a tank that can eat them whole in a split second. The scariest part is that Cho’Gath’s ultimate ability deals true damage so they can’t even protect themselves from it. The only thing they can do is build HP and pray to God that he doesn’t notice you.

Of course, if you can’t catch up to someone you can always silence them with your W and knock them up with your Q. for AP Cho’Gath’s build you’ll need AP items that allow you to survive longer like a Rift Maker and Demonic Embrace and something that boosts your up sky-high something like a Rabbadon’s Cap. 

What AP Cho’Gath Excels In:

  • Taking out single targets with his R. 
  • Pushing lanes. 
  • Taking damage and protecting your team in a team fight because you’re a tank. 

Full build details:


5. AP Katarina

“Keep on running so I can stab you in the back!”

AP Katarina Link (video by KatEvolved):

Ah, one of my favorite mid-lane champions to play. AP Katarina, you can’t go wrong with that. People love building her like a tank but sadly that isn’t fun in my opinion. Sure you can survive longer and get a few kills here and there but the Katarina I remember used to hop into a team fight and get a pentakill because she went full AP.

She’s an assassin after all and that’s what she should do. But luckily you can still build her as an AP even today. For your AP Katarina build you’ll want to get yourself a Nashor's Tooth, Rift Maker, and a Rabbadon’s Cap. After you have those 3 items you can start killing people left right and center. 

What AP Katarina Excels In:

  • Killing people quickly. 
  • Taking out a whole team during a team fight. 
  • Easily getting in and out of battle thanks to your CD reduction.
  • Getting pentakills. 

Full build details:


4. AP Bel’Veth

“My metamorphosis continues!”

AP Bel’Veth Link (video by Pants are Dragon):

Here we have our second and much better void champion and that’s Bel’Veth. Now the champion has just recently been released and she’s amazing. It’s a huge manta ray that flies over people and consumes cities. The reason she has the name Bel’Veth is that she destroyed a Shuriman city named Belveth.

Pretty cool ain’t it? Original you are supposed to build her as an AD champion but where’s the fun in that. Building her as AP now that’s the real fun. Most of her abilities scale with AP but what scales the most is her passive and her ultimate ability.

You see the more Bel’Veth attacks people the faster she attacks. That’s perfect for building on-hit AP items on her. Plus her ultimate ability can burst people down so building yourself a Rabbadon’s Cap is a must. 

What AP Bel’Veth Excels In:

  • In 1v1 duels. 
  • Building on AP on-hit items on her is perfect thanks to her passive ability. 
  • Bel’Veth can burst a whole team down with her ultimate ability. 

Full build details:


3. AP Twitch

“I can’t even taste the air up here :<.”

AP Twitch Link (video by RATIRL):

I’ve talked about this crack-addicted rat before and he’s an amazing AP champion. Originally he was a simple ADC but then one morning Riot Games decided to make him scale incredibly well with AP. What’s more terrifying than a rat that stalks you the whole match and one-shots you once you lower down your guard.

That’s AP Twitch for you. He can take a whole team down thanks to his insane AP scaling and his invisibility. He can go invisible with his Q ability by the way. Twitch also deals a huge amount of true damage when going full AP so taking down larger targets isn’t an issue for this little guy. The only issue that you might have is spacing.

If you’re too far away from someone they’ll run away from you but if you’re too close you’ll get easily killed. You’ll have to find that perfect middle ground. For an AP Twitch build you’ll need a Nashor's Tooth as your first item and your second should be Rabbadon’s Cap. With just these two items you are guaranteed to have fun. 

What AP Twitch Excels In:

  • Dealing a huge amount of true damage. 
  • Slowing people down with your W. 
  • Stalking people and attacking them at the right moment. 
  • Taking down people who have a lot of HP such as tanks or bruisers. 

Full build details:


2. AP Vladimir 

“Go ahead, be negative, you'll be my type!”

AP Vladimir Build Link (video by BaLoRi):

Our second to last AP build we have is for Vladimir. He’s a vampire that sucks blood and his blood type is negative. When it comes to playing Vladimir he’s a bit of a weird one. The more AP you build on him the more HP he will have and the same the other way around.

So technically if you build him full AP you’ll also be a tanky guy. Who doesn’t like that? But don’t worry about not surviving a barrage of strikes on yourself as you can simply hide in your pool of blood and escape any incoming danger.

That’s your W ability btw. Also, every single ability of Vladimir’s scales well with AP so you really can’t go wrong here. Unless you build AD on him but that’s a different story. Vladimir loves to team fight and every single ability of his also heals him for a tiny bit of course that tiny bit becomes huge in the late game. 

What AP Vladimir Excels In:

  • Vladimir loves to be in huge team fights.
  • Each ability heals him up. 
  • Every ability scales well with AP. 
  • Excels in huge battles. 

Full build details:


1. AP Veigar with AP Yuumi

“Oh look, a cat riding a midget.”

AP Veigar with Yuumi (video by RATIRL):

AP Veigar with AP Yuumi takes the number one stop. Veigar on his own is a force to be reckoned with mainly because he can stack AP to an infinite amount when you add a full AP Yuumi to that equation you get an unstoppable force.

Yuumi can CC targets that are trying to run away while Veigar can launch his nukes on top of them, killing them in the following result. It’s not fun to go against this combo especially if they are a duo on the bot lane.

When it comes to the build Veigar should go a full AP build and go for the items that allow him to burst targets down quickly such as Luden's Echo and a Rabbadon’s Cap while Yuumi should go for 1 support item and then go full AP with Rabbadon’s and a Mejai’s. Once both champions have their respective items nobody will be able to stop you as you’ll be killing people with 1 ability only. 

What AP Veigar and AP Yuumi Excel In:

  • Yuumi can root multiple targets while Veigar kills them. 
  • During the mid and late-game Veigar will be able to kill people with 1 ability only. 
  • Yuumi can also heal Veigar if he ever gets low enough HP. 
  • Great combo for killing people and racking up a good KD/A

Full build details:


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