[Top 15] LOL Best Top Laners That Wreck Hard!

best top laners

Toplane has seen big changes in season 12 when it comes to tank item changes and fighter item adjustments. Also, the direct nerf to top lane Tp, meaning top lane decreases in the non-existent pressure they exerted on the map already.  

Did the TP nerf affect the top lane much? 

No, top has shifted into a more carry lane as laners wake up to this reality, more people are going ignite now aiming for more solo-kills. There hasn’t been a more important time to know of the best top laners to carry with in season 12 patch 12.5b to overtake and put the game into your own hands.


15. Ornn

The hard tank Ornn made it on this list. But why? Isn’t he a typical tank? No, he is the hardest scaling tank in the game, making him the best option to utilize the items. But not only that, he has insane teamfight potential with his ultimate Call of the Forge God. What pushes him over the edge and puts him on the list of the best top laners in Season 12 is the support he provides his team with his passive Living Forge. In the late game, he is able to craft the team items, buffing major items heavily, having even more impact on the game. Just locking in Ornn is enough to add immense value to your team, guaranteed with that passive.  

 What makes Ornn a Great Top Laner:

  • Hardest scaling tank.
  • Easy to pick up.
  • Provides immense value with passive and teamfighting.


See Champ Ornn: 

ornn gameplay


14. Jax

Jax is a bruiser style champion with  the scariest level 16+ TopLaner because of the DPS he gains from items. It doesn't help that the lethal tempo is really good at the moment and needs to be nerfed for melee champions.The attack speed gained allows him to stack his passive super quick and get multiple empowered autos off (W ability). Jax can shut down anyone, even the beefiest tanks in the game because once he gets a few items he slices through them like butter. Making him a great response pick to all the heavy tanks picked lately. In mid to late game he’s strongest because he’s able to proc his abilities and passive more often, creating an oppressive style champion. 

What makes Jax a Great Top Laner:

  • Amazing duelist.
  • Can't fight literally anyone in the late game.
  • Great split pusher.
  • Easy to pickup.

 See Jax in action:   

jax gameplay


13. Aatrox

“I must destroy even hope…” Aatrox is the destroyer of everything, being a solid staple pick in the toplane. He has seen many changes but his current state has seen a massive spike in popularity due to the Darkin Blade buffs. Aatrox is consistent and strong just like the old days. He can play every matchup and blindpick easily. What is there to picking him? – but wait there’s more… He shines in teamfights because this is where his abilities allow him to do really well. Catching a clump of enemies with his Q and an endless amount of healings with all his abilities paired with his devastating ultimate World Ender.

What makes Aatrox a Great Top Laner:

  • Manaless – can spam abilities.
  • 4 types of CC on 1 ability allowing fro great teamfights, paid with World Ender…
  • Great sustain
  • Can blindpick – good into most matchups

 See Aatrox in action:  

aatrox gameplay


12. Garen

Garen is a leader, treading forward and carrying his team to victory. He has a simple kit, yet due to the state of the game is in a fantastic state at the moment with his myhtics helping him got ontop of people easier and the tank items aiding him in living longer while adding onto his AD at the same time. Garen has the highest pick rate and win rate for someone that is so simple to play. Enemies that allow him to close the gap are in for a rough time – with his Q and E cutting down enemies like butter. Mortal reminder can apply the stats are invaluable with move speed making it easier to chase down priority targets. Killing bruisers with ease and good against the hardcore enchanters healing meta.

What makes Garen a Great Top Laner:

  • Easy to pick up.
  • Great response-pick.
  • Most powerful execution in the game – Demacian Justice. 

See Garen in action:  

garen gameplay


11. Darius

Darius, another brute making it to this list. Who doesn't know Darius strength as he’s remained as the strongest ever since he was released. This is due to the nature of his kit, being a bully all game long with one of the most oppressive laning phases and great teamfighting potential. The juggernaut seems to be enjoying these item changes. Providing such raw damage. Want to shut him down? Just don’t send the jungler there because he will simply get a double kill due to his Conqueror and passive bleed – he is one of the best 1 v 2 champion out there. In the right hands this champion will get you to the highest ranks.

What makes Darius a Great Top Laner: 

  • Strong early game.
  • Massive lane bully.
  • Great in team fights.

See Darius in action:  

darius gameplay


10. Shen

Shen’s value increased massively due to the TP changes in patch 12.1 because your ultimate Stand United can make him be in any fight he chooses from the click of the button. The changes I mentioned really affected top lane and the way they play the game. Shen on the other hand is still able to do what all the other top lanes can't anymore – help teammates cross-map without teleport. This also allows shen to be more aggressive in lane and doesn't need to use ultimate as a response tool. Rather he initiates more with these changes. But this isn’t the only thing that makes Shen really good. He is still really good in lane despite having a utility focused ultimate being a great response pick to auto attack champions like Quinn and Tryndamere which is the reason he makes it to the list. 

What makes Shen a Great Top Laner:

  • Global pressure
  • Good pick into melee champions (most top-laners)
  • Many playstyles  

See Shen in action:  

shen gameplay


9. Urgot

“There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him… into… pieces.” – What a wonderful Urgot quote to sum him up. A nightmare of the top-lane, he puts anyone he faces to the test and in the right hands can take over the game. Urgot is a unique champion, being a ranged juggernaut. If you don’t want to play a ranged top like Quinn and suffer the consequences of being a bit squishy then Urgot is your man. Especially since the items are perfect for tankier type champions like Urgot in the current meta, he is probably the better option for more inexperienced players that want to play a ranged top. Urgot’s biggest strength is in the earliest levels from 1-3 but then he mellows down and survives until he gets into teamfights where he performs the best in comparison to the rest of the champions on this list. It’s only natural due to his whole AOE-centric kit, making it easy to pop off in team-fights.

What makes Urgot a Great Top Laner:

  • Good poke
  • Ranged
  • Overall safe laning-phase
  • Great team-fighting

See Urgot in action:  

urgot gameplay


8. Camile


Camile coming in at the number 13 spot. In what world is she not mentioned? She is one of the strongest sheen abusers and because Devine sunderer gives extra AD it makes her even stronger… not that she needed it. The nerfs she receives does nothing as long as she's able to have a Cho Gath ultimate on her basic Q ability. This paired up with the rest of her all-in diving kit creates a recipe for disaster for the enemies that have to face this champion.

What makes Camile a Great Top Laner:

  • Can’t build against True damage - so she can oneshot literally anyone (tank destroyer).
  • Extremely mobile.
  • Strong split pusher.
  • Can find picks easily.


See Camile in action:  

camile gameplay


7. Yorick


Yorick, bringing a shovel into all his fights so he can dig up a grave for his opponents…Yorick sure has resistance to everything in the game. He’s a literal Raid Boss, and is in an incredible state at the moment. All you need to do is abuse the overturned Hullbreaker item and rush it first, being the ideal item for him. Increasing his split-push power even more than it already was, deleting towers as if they don't exist to him. This isn't his only strength because once his mist hits you or if he manages to cage you’ll be dead in the blink of an eye. Just make sure to keep TP with Yorick despite the nerfs because you’ll be in the sidelane longer than most people. One of his weaknesses is his early and that he hasn’t got an escape, so play the early game smart and dont rack up deaths then you’ll be on your way to being a devastating thorn to the enemies all game long.

What makes Yorick a Great Top Laner:

  • Melt towers especially with the Hullbreaker item introduction.
  • Wins most 1 v 1 duels.
  • Can solo Baron nashor.

 See Yorick in action:  

yorick gameplay


6. Trundle

No-one thinks this champions is good anymore, but he’s a hidden OP if you start building Hullbreaker > trinity force > titanic hydra, the game is literally over from the amount of bonus hp which is converted into AD due to titanic hydras passive. In the mid to late game youll be shredding everyone and oneshotting anyone on the map, really broken. Trundle with lethal tempo is the best level 1 champion in the game, so the enemies are either forced to play for other lanes which isn’t really possible in the starting levels especially with the TP changes. Trundle is way too oppresive in the early game and doesen’t fall off, infact he gets stronger… is that balanced? 

What makes Trundle a Great Top Laner:

  • Great split-pusher.
  • Strong early game but he has the best level 1 in the entire game.
  • Good in all stages of the game.

 See Trundle in action:  

  trundle gameplay

5. Quinn

Quinn, the champion that seems to be in 100% of the fights due to her ultimate “Behind enemy lines” giving her insane amounts of move speed – which is fit for a bird.  Quinn is both good in lane and outside of lane, with items that fit well with her scaling into the late game. She has seen some recent love from Riot games getting a decently big buff, resulting in her dominating the top lane as of recently. She’s a great response pick to most of the picks in the top lane. The poke you can do in lane is hair pulling and even outside of lane she affects other lanes more easily compared to others – especially since the enemy can't respond with TP no more. 

What makes Quinn a Great Top Laner:

  • Versatile in build and playstyle.
  • Good response pick to all melee picks.
  • Strong in all stages of the game.

 See Quinn in action:  

  quinn gameplay


4. Kayle

Kayle is a scaling pick and a champion you should pick response to all the tanks you see lately. She’s in a great spot because she takes full advantage of  the lethal tempo changes. More attack speed and range is all that Kayle needs. Not only is she one of the best champions in the late game and is good in the current meta but she also provides utility while being immensely broken. Her ultimate “Divine Judgment” provides a Trandmere-like ultimate that she can cast not only on herself but on her teammates. That isn’t all, while the person she casts this on stays alive for a short duration it also dishes out a ton of damage to anyone near the area – so you could cast it at full health for extra damage.  

What makes Kayle a Great Top Laner:

  • Great AOE damage.
  • One of the best late game in the game.
  • Amazing lifesteal.

 See Kayle in action:  

  kayle gameplay

3. Fiora

Fiora is a top laner that you should pickup if you have fancy feet and want to start collecting ankles in the top lane. She’s the hardest hitting champion due to the items working really well with her.  As you can already tell she’s good in all stages of the game, but she isn’t anything special when it comes to teamfighting. Fiora is the queen of dueling and owns the sidelane in almost all stages of the game – especially the later stages of the game. She split pushes causing immense pressure in the side-lanes. More than one person needs to respond to her. If you make the mistake of dueling her for long periods, she will shock you quickly, turning the tides by countering you with a well-timed W or smashing you with her vital passive. 

What makes Fiora a Great Top Laner:  

  • Insane duelist.
  • Hyper mobile.
  • Strong in all stages of the game.
  • Strong split pusher. 

 See Fiora in action:  

  fiora gameplay

2. Tryndamere


Tryndamere stands strong in this list in Undying Rage. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – tryndamere doesn't need to be reworked and updated with an essay to explain a single ability. Not much has changed in his kit since his release 11 years ago. Tryndamere is one of the oldest champions in the game and has been able to stay consistently at the top with an old kit. All he needs is his tusked sword to swing and bop people in the head, oneshot crit hitting enemies for all their hps, having the best late game in the game currently. Especially since the lethal tempo changes on melee champions are just broken at the moment it cements his position as the best top laners in season 12. Even the newest champions can't keep up with a tryndamere that wreaks havoc in the sidelanes. When ahead he can either dive the enemy carries with his Undying Rage or split push and smash anyone in a 1 v 1. 

What makes Tryndamere a Great Top Laner: 

  • Easy to play and one of the strongest picks.
  • Great split pusher.
  • Good 1 v 9 potential.
  • Manaless (fury system).

 See Tryndamere in action:  

tryndamere gameplay

1. Riven

Riven takes the number 1 spot, standing above all top laners as a champion. She’s good at all stages of the game, not falling off at any time. Riven’s a champion that is picked up by one-tricks to showcase the best skill expression. Only the one-tricks used to do well on her but that isn’t the case anymore. Anyone could pick her up and do an outstanding job with her… which goes to show how busted she is in the current 12.5b patch. Why isn’t she getting nerfed? I'm sick of seeing Riven being abused. High mobility and insane damage making flashy plays in the mid-late game. She’s Incredibly broken due to the changes to bruiser items, attack damage and ability haste. She benefits the most out of all these changes, creating a recipe for disaster. All her stats are buffed essentially and Riot is yet to make any changes to mellow her out. Just look at the stats, she has an absurd 54% in high elo. Riven is meant to be about skill expression, but at the moment anyone can pick her up and do an outstanding job. 

What makes Riven a Great Top Laner:

  • Hyper-mobile.
  • High skill ceiling.
  • Good in all stages of the game.

 See Champ name in action:  

riven gameplay


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