[Top 10] LoL Most Hated Champions (2022 Edition)

League of Legends Most Hated Champions 2022 Edition!
I wish these champions didn't exist at all!

When it comes to this game there are a lot of things players hate especially when it comes to champions. This list will consist of champions that players hate the most and that they hate seeing either on their team or on the enemy team during their match. If you were to ask me which champion I hate the most I’d put every single champion on this list.

I don’t like anyone or anything from this game but I am addicted so I play it every day. As for the champions, if you like playing them it’s up to you but just know that you’re a hated member of the League of Legends community and nobody likes you. 

10. Seraphine

"I sing to help them find themselves. The stage just makes it easier!"

The first champion we have on this list isn’t primarily broken but she’s certainly hated and her name is Seraphine “The Starry-Eyed Songstress”. When Seraphine was created the only thing that Riot had in mind was money. She’s a cash cow for Riot Games.

When Seraphine was released she also got a K/DA skin called “K/DA All Out Seraphine” which is an ultimate skin Riot only makes once in a blue moon. As you might have guessed it wasn’t well received and that’s why she’s on this list.

Not to mention that her lore involves Skarner’s family and she uses his family as her microphone and the podium she stands on. Riot Games certainly wasn’t on their A-game when they were making this character. 

What makes Seraphine Most Hated:

  • She was only created for money and nothing else. 
  • Her lore wasn’t fleshed out properly and it seemed like it was created only in 1 hour. 
  • Some of her abilities were annoying at first but Riot Games nerfed her after they earned a lot of money from her. 

9. Aphelios

"So many weapons Aphelios, the deadliest of them is your faith."

Next up we have Aphelios “The Weapon Of The Faithful”. Oh, man Aphelios is one special egg. Aphelios has one of the most complicated ability descriptions I’ve ever read. Not only is it complicated but it is also really damn huge. Even today you have some players reading his abilities and don’t know what he even does.

To put it simply each weapon is different and does different things and his ultimate ability depends on the weapon he’s holding. But that’s not the reason why he was hated, the reason for that is because he was broken. He was broken to the point where he didn’t even need to have items to get a Penta kill. All you had to do was get the shotgun weapon and use your ultimate ability. By doing that you have secured yourself a nice place for victory.

But even today Aphelios is broken but he’s played less because nobody can understand him. So if you want to give it a shot go right ahead, you’ll get a Ph.D. in physics and math if you manage to understand him.  

What makes Aphelios Most Hated:

  • Way too many weapons to use and really complicated to get into. 
  • Could one-shot a whole team without items if he had the correct weapon. 
  • Point and click CC from one of his weapons. 
  • Reading his ability description would traumatize you. 

8. Vladimir

"Sucking is my passion"

Here we have Vladimir “The Crimson Reaper” or the blood-sucking vampire. When it comes to playing against Vladimir it’s relatively simple. When he uses his E you hide behind minions but the irritating part comes when he starts sucking off minions or champions to heal himself. You see Vladimir has the ability to heal himself by sucking off other people around him and also if you ever think that you’re going to hit your ability on Vladimir think again because he will cover and hide in a pool of blood like the little hoe he is.

Depending on your champion it might be practically impossible to kill Vladimir by yourself. But don’t worry the hatred doesn’t stop there. Once you’re in the late game period Vladimir will use his ultimate ability on your whole team and heal himself to full HP in seconds and then he will scurry away with his W. 

What makes Vladimir Most Hated:

  • Can dodge abilities and become untargetable with the press of a button. 
  • Any damage that you deal on Vladimir he will heal back by sucking other people off. 
  • His ultimate ability can demolish your whole team and heal Vladimir practically from the brink of death. 

7. Akshan

"Budget Ezio Auditore Da Firenze"

Ah yes, the newest champion that was added to League of Legends is on this list, what a surprise Riot Games. This is Akshan “The Rouge Sentinel”. He’s on this list because he’s mobile and he can revive his whole team from the dead. If this guy is ahead try not to get a quadra kill because he will bring them back from the dead and you’ll have to deal with it again.

He can also stay permanently invisible if he’s near a wall and he dresses up like a character from Assassin’s Creed. To top it all off he has 3 different passives in his kit so good luck trying to learn what each and everyone does. 

What makes Akshan Most Hated:

  • Has 3 passive abilities in his kit for no apparent reason. 
  • Can bring his fallen comrades back into the game. 
  • Has the ability to stay permanently invisible near a wall. 
  • Can launch himself across the whole map with his E “Hookshot”. 

6. Mordekaiser

"The world tried to forget my existence time to remind them why the feared me"

You don’t see Mordekaiser “The Iron Revenant” a lot in your games but when you do you better be prepared to lose the match and get your poop pushed in. Listen gamers when this guy ults you and sends you to Brazil be sure to just let it happen. There’s nothing much that you can do to escape his grasp. He is an AP Tank which in short means he deals a lot of damage while taking only a tiny bit of damage in return.

You might think that he’s easily killed if your jungler ganks your lane but don’t kid yourself. When Mordekaiser hits level 6 he can easily win a 1v3 situation. He’s going to send one of your homies to Brazil and eat his soul making him stronger, then slowly but surely bonk your heads in until you vanish and die. 

What makes Mordekaiser Most Hated:

  • He’s an AP Tank that deals lots of damage while taking only a tiny bit of damage in return. 
  • Has the ability to send someone to Brazil with his ultimate ability, eating his soul which makes him even stronger. 
  • Can regenerate his whole HP bar by consuming his passive shield from his W. 
  • Simply doesn’t die. 

5. Fizz

"He would taste pretty good in sushi"

I want to make some sushi out of this damn fish. This is Fizz “The Tidal Trickster”. As his name suggests he loves to trick people into thinking they can kill him but instead he kills them and massacres them into tiny pieces. You see Fizz has an ability that makes him untargetable while also dashing a long distance.

Fizz will not comply with anything that you say to him and he will go off on his own to cause carnage wherever he goes. And as soon as this little guy hits level 3 he has the potential to kill you if you’re below 90% HP. This guy is a complete nightmare for any melee mid-lane champion. If you do find yourself in that predicament be sure to leave the lane and report the guy who’s playing Fizz to establish your dominance. 

What makes Fizz Most Hated:

  • He can be untargetable anytime he wants so good luck trying to even hit 1 ability on this champion. 
  • When he hits level 3 he can kill you without a problem. 
  • Doesn’t require a high IQ to play or master. 
  • I want to turn him into sushi. 

4. Teemo

"Teemo reporting for duty!"

Here we have the bane of all top lane players and that’s Teemo “The Swift Scout”. This cute little devil will blind you and kill you while smiling to victory. When he does blind you he will also drug you until your unconscious body falls to the floor and you collapse with a seizure. Teemo does not mess around especially when it comes to using drugs.

He also does passive damage over time when he auto-attacks you, probably because he uses needles to stab you with them. But let’s not forget that Teemo is the son of the devil himself so no matter which top laner that you play he will run you over and make you lose the lane in a matter of seconds if you will. 

What makes Teemo Most Hated: 

  • Deals a lot of AP damage because he simply can. 
  • He can blind anyone who gets in his range. 
  • Shoots you with used needles so they do damage over time. 
  • Can place mushrooms all over the map, you’re not safe anywhere you go. 

3. Yuumi

"Fishy fishy fish for my dishy dishy dish!"

Yuumi “The Magical Cat” is a special kind of evil. She will just sit on her teammates, piggyback off them like a parasite and win the match. All she does is sit on someone, heal them, give them extra adaptive force, and ride the person who’s carrying the match. Will a Yuumi player do anything else that’s useful like place wards or maybe deward the bushes?

Nope they won’t, you’re expecting too much of them by asking that. To top it all off Yuumi can use her ultimate ability once in a while to CC your whole team so the enemy can pick you off like ducks because you can’t move a muscle. The only way you can get to Yuumi and kill her is by killing the poor innocent person she’s riding. 

What makes Yuumi Most Hated:

  • Can’t be killed while sitting on a champion. 
  • Has infinite heals, so you can’t even poke the enemy during the laning phase. 
  • Her ultimate ability can CC your whole team while you’re just stuck seeing it all burn down. 
  • She’s a damn parasite. 

2. Yasuo 

"Whispers in the wind speak of a masked swordsman with two swords."

Here we have the best inting champion Yasuo “The Unforgiven”. This champion is hated for his mobility, the way he can solo carry a match, and the most important reason out of them all is because all players that play him suck. It’s pretty damn rare to find a player who does not suck at this champion as most of them do.

Also if this champion does get ahead for some reason, even if the player doesn’t know how to use any of his abilities properly they will still carry the game and win, because for whatever reason this champion is just that broken. He can 1v1 anyone at level 1 except his brother Yone. Yasuo can go either top lane, mid lane, or as an ADC on the bottom lane, so no matter where a Yasuo main is situated he will carry. 

What makes Yasuo Most Hated:

  • Most players that play him suck so bad that most of the time they will int and run it down. 
  • Can 1v1 anyone at level 1 only. 
  • If he gets ahead he can carry the match alone without even using the abilities properly. 
  • Has a huge virgin shield that recharges by walking. 

1. Zed

"Nothing should be forbidden"

Ah yes, Zed “The Master Of Shadows”. It’s no wonder why he’s on this list. Because he can one-shot and kill anyone who gets in his kill range. When you’re playing against him you better make sure to stack up on armor as much as you can but even then he will be able to kill you when he hits level 6. Not only can he kill you without a sweat but he can zoom around the map like he’s the Flash.

Even if you beat him on the mid lane a good Zed player will roam to his bot lane, get a double kill, come back to mid lane, and ruin your whole day and existence. I hate playing against this champion and I hate seeing him on my team. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a Zed player lose a match.

What makes Zed Most Hated:

  • Lots of mobility, can’t catch him no matter what. 
  • Even if you win mid-lane he will gank bot lane and get himself fed. 
  • At level 6 he can one-shot everyone in the game if they don’t have an item called “Stopwatch”. 

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