[Top 5] LoL Best Champions By Lane! (2022 Edition)

LoL Best Champions By Lane!
Everything is different yet it's all the same.

Let me start this article off by saying that League of Legends has 157 champions in total as of patch 11.24. So it’s normal if you feel overwhelmed by the number of champions that there are to play. Today we will be ranking the champions by their respective lanes and I hope I will be able to help you pick out and choose some champions to play.

Each lane will have 5 different champions listed and I’ll try my best to list the best things that they’re good at. Let’s not waste any more time and get on with the rankings! 

5. Bot lane - Support Role

This role might be the most relaxing one to play but it’s the hardest one to climb the elo ladder with. If you don’t have a partner to play with you or if you’re not a high rank I do not recommend that you main this role otherwise you’ll bring depression and sadness upon yourself.

When it comes to playing the role your main point is keeping your ADC alive as long as possible and making sure that he gets spoon-fed by you after the laning phase is over you’ll have to support the whole team and try to keep the ones who can carry the game alive. Well, that’s a short description of the role. Let's get into some of the champions who are good at doing those certain things.

Alistar “The Minotaur” - At a first glance Alistar might just seem like an angry cow which he is, don't get me wrong but boy oh boy can he tank a lot of damage once he reaches level 6. The reason for him being tanky is his ultimate “Unbreakable Will”.

Once he activates that he can tank so much damage under a turret you might even think he’s on the enemy team and not on yours. He also has a healing ability from his passive and a CC ability. Alistar also can push people away from the ADC if they get too close. He’s perfect at doing what he was created and that’s surviving until the ADC does his job. Also, nobody can milk him. That's what he says “You can’t milk those!”.

Thresh “The Chain Warden” - Another great support at taking damage head-on without flinching while also being able to hook people closer to him. That might not seem impressive just yet until you predict someone’s flash and then they end up dying.

Thresh can also use his lantern to save people from imminent death and can lock up people inside of a cage. Thresh also has quite the reach with his auto-attacks making it perfect for poking the enemy during the laning phase. 

Soraka “The Starchild” -  The Soraka Banana is a great support at keeping people alive by sacrificing her health for the benefit of her team. She’s a bit of a masochist but it’s alright as long as she does her job. Not only that but she’s able to heal her whole team with her ultimate ability at any point on the map they might be. Because the ability is global after all.

Of course, if you do miss click this ability you might get flamed but ehh it comes with the package of playing this great game. Soraka can also silence the enemy team and possibly root them with the same ability if they do find themselves stepping on it by the end of the duration. 

Lulu “The Fae Sorceress” - Lulu is probably one of my favorites to have by my side in any match-up. Not only can she give you a huge shield but also can enlarge you by 5x times than your normal size giving you extra HP.

Lulu also can give you extra attack speed and movement speed while also slowing and CC’ing the enemy team. A good Lulu will charge into battle and follow her ADC without being scared of dying. 

Leona “The Radiant Dawn” -  Oh, Leona is probably the best support in the game right now. It does take a bit of skill to play her but once you do learn her every game will be like a breeze if you have a partner to play with.

She’s tankier than Alistar and Thresh combined and she can keep the enemy CC’d and stuck in one place until they die and perish of old age. You shouldn’t worry about leaving Leona behind to die. Spoiler alert a good Leona player will never die no matter what even if they’re in a 1v2 situation. 

4. Bot Lane - ADC Role

The same rules apply here as it is for the support role. Playing this role will certainly prove challenging especially if your support is a random player who doesn’t understand the concept of playing safe and farming.

When it comes to carrying a match it is certainly possible with certain champions. Those champions are those who can 1v9 the match or who don’t need support during the laning phase. Of course, all of this takes a lot of skill but if you’re a good ADC player you shouldn’t have an issue playing 1v2 in certain situations. Let’s look at some of the champions who can do that.

Kai’sa ``Daughter Of The Void”  - Kai’sa might be wearing a full-blown latex suit but that doesn’t stop her from eliminating the enemy team and blasting them into oblivion. If Kai’sa gets ahead and starts snowballing the match you know you’re in for a ride to earn +15 LP in your pocket.

Unlike other ADCs Kai’sa likes to charge into battle with her ultimate ability getting right up close to the opponent’s face so that she can smell them. In return for doing that Kai’sa gains an extra shield that keeps her from dying. Her Q and E are devastating abilities that obliterate even the strongest champions if used correctly and strategically. Don’t go throwing out your abilities at random now. 

Caitlyn “The Sheriff Of Piltover” - As it is no surprise to see Caitlyn on this list as she was the star of the show “Arcane”. Caitlyn got a few buffs after the show premiered and her win rate skyrocketed to the moon. Caitlyn has the largest auto-attack range out of any ADC on this list and in the late game, Caitlyn can be seen one-shotting her opponents with a single auto-attack AKA a headshot which is her passive.

She can also target opponents from a safe distance with her sniper rifle and get a kill if nobody takes the bullet for them that is. Caitlyn also has a dash in her kit which can be used to slow enemies or dodge skill-shot abilities. 

Twitch “The Plague Rat” - Twitch might be a rat that likes doing crack but boy oh boy can he carry a game. You see Twitch has an ability that turns him invisible. That ability if used correctly can scare the enemies so hard that they die from fear alone. But if they do not die from fear you can just space glide on them. At first glance,

Twitch might seem like a boring champion to play but I highly advise you that you give our dear rat a chance at least before letting him go. Some of his other abilities are such as his W where he throws his piss and slows enemies, his E being an execute, and his R where his auto-attacks become missiles that enemies can dodge if they walk fast enough. Space glide yourself to victory, my dear crack addicts!

Samira “The Desert Rose” - As I stated in my previous article Samira is the best ADC for getting yourself out of low ELO. Not only does she spin around like a fidget spinner with her ultimate ability but she can also move while doing it. She’s the most mobile ADC that ever existed and Riot sees no problems with that which is fine in my book. As it is tradition Samira doesn’t have an issue with dying because she doesn’t do that.

That is for beta scrubs. Samira likes to heal herself to full HP each time she’s near death. It’s really simple to do. You buy two items one being “Immortal Shieldbow” and the other one “Bloodthirster” and you get yourself an unkillable ADC. During the laning phase make sure that you use your Q as much as possible, it doesn’t take a lot of mana and it has a low cooldown. Pretty nice against melee supports or ADC’s who have a low attack range.

Vayne “The Night Hunter” - Vayne shreds through tanks and their puny armor. She does not care who you are or who she’s fighting with as long as she gets to shoot her huge crossbow that’s on her back. The reason she melts through armor is because of her passive from her W which deals true damage every third auto-attack.

Combine this with a lot of attack speed and you got yourself a deadly ADC who can easily 1v9 the whole game. She also has a dodge ability in her kit which is her Q, use it as much as you can during the laning phase as it helps dodge certain abilities and potentially avoid your death. The only downside to Vayne is that she’s rather squishy and she depends on her team to keep her alive. If her team can’t do that Vayne will die in a split second to an assassin. 

3. Top lane

Ah yes, the role where all the lonely people have a meeting together. It would be nice if the junglers didn’t get involved with the meetings. This lane has one purpose only and that’s pushing their lane towards the end goal of sweet sweet victory.

One might even forget that their top laner exists. If that objective is not possible the next main role for the top lane is to be at the front of the battle and keep your team alive by absorbing every bit of damage onto yourself. Please do not pick an ADC or a mage as a top laner; it will only hinder your team’s performance during the late game.

It is one of the main reasons why you lose a match if it gets to that point. You don’t have a tank to absorb the damage while someone else does the damage. Let’s see which top laners are good at doing that. 

Fiora “The Grand Duelist” - Fiora is probably the best duelist in the whole game as she can 1v1 anyone as soon as she’s level 3. If you’re a good Fiora you can do that even when you’re just level 1 or 2. When it comes to playing Fiora your main point is to hit your Q on the enemy on their vital point. Hitting their vital point deals extra damage and gives you a small boost of movement speed.

Fiora also has a parry ability which is her W “Ripost” that can block any ability or any auto-attack that was supposed to hit the target. Fiora also has an empowered auto-attack from her E “Bladework” and her ultimate ability summons four different vital points onto the enemy, once you pop those vital points it summons a huge AoE area that can heal Fiora and her teammates. Fiora excels at 1v1 or 1v2 situations, so try to split push as much as you can and try not to fight constantly in big battles. 

Irelia “The Blade Dancer” - Irelia is one of the best champions to farm in a lane as it’s really simple. You just press her Q “Bladesurge” when a minion is low HP, if the minions die by your Q your cooldown is refreshed and you can do it again. This ability is amazing for farming and you should out farm your opponent every time.

If you do not do that you might as well play a different champion. Irelia also has a CC ability in her kit which is her E “Flawless Duet” and her W “Defiant Dance” where she reduces incoming damage. When playing Irelia you should try to be with your team as much as you can since Irelia does not shy from being the first one to charge into battle and lead the team to victory!

Tryndamere “The Barbarian King” - Tryndamere is one of a kind champion. He can dive under the turret as soon as he hits level 6 and then run away from the crime scene. The main reason he can do that is his high damage output from his auto-attacks and he can’t die once he uses his ultimate ability “Undying Rage”. He also possesses a dash ability in his kit which is his E “Spinning Slash”.

If Tryndamere finds himself at low HP he can consume the rage from his passive to heal himself but he will deal less damage in return. The best way to build Tryndamere is full crit as his E’s cooldown goes down by 1 second each time he hits a critical strike on a champion or minion. 

Sion “The Undead Juggernaut” - Sion is the best inting champion in the game. As with every death, he gets stronger. If your Sion is 0-10 don’t flame him or report him he’s just doing what his champion requires and that’s dying. But on a serious note, Sion is a tank to be reckoned with. If you build him a full tank that is.

This champion will protect his whole team with his huge body and won’t let any skill shots pass him and hit someone with low HP. That’s your job as a tank to please not try to sidestep some skill shots or try to survive. Not to mention that Sion’s ultimate ability “Unstoppable Onslaught” turns him into a race car and he can’t be stopped by any CC or slowing abilities. Please use this to charge into battle first and don’t shy away from dying. The other way to play Sion is full lethality.

This build only works when Sion dies so he can use his passive form to beat people to a pulp in a split second. I highly recommend that you take “Prowler’s Claw” as a mythic item as it gives you a dash, something that Sion lacks.

Tahm Kench “The River King” - Ah yes, the fat fish champion. Tahm is probably the tankiest guy out there in League right now. Everyone else is puny sushi for our dear Tahm Kench. If you build this guy full tank and give him some extra HP in his kit oh boy the enemy team will have a fun time beating you up. They’ll first have to take down your HP bar then they’ll have to deal with the huge shield that Tahm Kench gets from his E “Thick Skin”.

The main way that Tahm Kench auto-attacks is with his tongue. He licks people. If he licks someone three times in a row his Q “Tongue Lash” will CC the target and he can eat someone with his ultimate ability “Devour”. Instead of charging straight into battle, Tahm Kench likes to swim underwater with his W “Abyssal Dive” and come from underneath the opponents.

A good Tahm Kench player will be the center of attention during a team fight and they won’t shy from taking a bit of damage or even dying if it’s necessary to win. 

2. Mid Lane 

The most popular lane to play in the whole game of League of Legends. Everyone wants to play and main champions from this lane. Is it because they like to play those champions or is it because they’re the center of attention? After all, they don’t get enough of it from their parents. Who knows? But on a serious note, you can do a lot of work with this lane.

Either by ganking your side lanes or helping out your jungler whatever comes first for you. Most champions in this lane are really mobile so ganking isn’t an issue, even those who aren’t that agile have some sort of abilities that help them in the long run. I’d highly recommend that you play around with your junglers the most since it will help both you and your team in the long run. Enough about the lane let’s get into some of the champions. 

Xerath “The Magnus Ascendant '' - Xerath is the poke king of the mid-lane and can do it with every ability in his kit. When it comes to playing Xerath your main point is to poke the enemy laner as I stated and to get as much AP as you can.

The higher the AP the higher the chances of you winning the game. When it comes to roaming or ganking with Xerath it’s relatively simple. You don’t even have to walk to their lane, you can just use your ultimate ability “Rite Of The Arcane” and snipe them from afar. Even if you don’t get the kill a few assists will come in handy along the way.

Xerath also has a CC ability that’s his E “Shocking Orb” that’s useful when assassins or the enemy jungler gets too close for comfort. His Q and W are great abilities for poking from a safe distance during the laning phase.  

Yone “The Unforgotten” - Yone the wind shitter is here. He’s the brother of Yasuo but stronger and better. Unlike Yasuo, Yone can heal himself a lot by simply buying “Vampiric Scepter” and he can 1v1 any opponent at level 1.

With Yone you’ll be spawning winds out of your blades every time that it’s possible to do so. Yone goes really well with any team comp as Yone can knock up his enemies with his Q “Mortal Steel” or with his R “Fate Sealed” ability. He can also swipe his sword across the ground with his W “Spirit Cleave” and gain a shield and deal damage to all targets hit. Roaming with Yone is rather simple as you only have to walk to the lane you’re ganking and press your R ability to get a double kill. 

Qiyana “Empress Of The Elements” - Our thicc Queen Qiyana might not be the queen of the mid lane anymore but boy oh boy she’s the queen of something else let me tell you that. She’s the queen of one-shotting her opponents once she’s level 3.

When it comes to playing Qiyana it’s important to remember your basic combo which is E>AA>Q>AA>W>Q and your enemies are as good as dead. Unlike other assassin’s Qiyana can obliterate whole teams with the combo I mentioned and with her ultimate ability “Supreme Display Of Talent”.

Qiyana is pretty good at roaming and ganking as she can use her E “Audacity” to get close to the targets and punish them with her Q “Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal”. I wouldn’t mind Qiyana using her E “Audacity” on me let me tell you that gamers. 

Katarina “The Sinister Blade” - Kata is the real queen of mid-lane; she even has cosmetic skin to show for it. When it comes to playing Katarina you’ll be dashing and slashing as soon as you hit your desired level 3. Katarina’s abilities reset once she gets a kill and her ultimate ability gets a 15-second cooldown on her ultimate ability.

A good Katarina player won’t stop killing until they have the victory in their hands. They will keep piling up bodies on top of bodies until her enemies all perish and die. Not to mention that Katarina spins like a ballerina with her ultimate ability “Death Lotus” which deals AoE damage to anyone that’s in her range. This ability alone can land you a Penta kill.

Zed “The Master Of Shadows” - Zed is indeed the master of shadows and probably the best assassins for now until Riot Games decides to nerf him. Which I really hope they do. I am tired and sick of players constantly picking him and having to deal with him. Zed can summon shadows with his W “Living Shadow” that mimic what Zed does without having the ability to walk.

Good Zed players will use this ability offensively and defensively. But the most important ability in his kit is his ultimate ability “Death Mark” which can potentially one-shot anyone no matter their HP or armor. This ability is especially deadly when Zed goes down to bot lane to help out his team, which in return scores him at least a double kill. No matter how badly you’re doing on mid, ganking lanes and roaming will always help you out in one way or another.  

1. Jungle Lane

This is the hardest lane to play out of any that exists in the game. Which is the reason why it isn’t played that often. From the beginning of time jungle was the hardest role to master while at the same time being the best lane to play to carry a game and get yourself some sweet sweet LP. This lane probably has the widest array of champions ranging from support, assassins, tanks, mages, and all the way to bruisers.

Any playstyle can be yours as long as you can put up with the dumb things your team will do. That’s also one of the problems I have with this role. While you might be relaxing farming on a lane chilling, your jungler is watching everything unfold in front of his eyes. Which is one of the main reasons every jungle main is a toxic piece of human waste.

I swear the toxicity coming from a jungler main could be enough to power up a nuclear generator. I could talk about this role all day and not get bored but enough of that let’s get into some of the champions. 

Rammus “The Armordillo” - Rammus is one of the OG champions that came with League of Legends. He was there when you weren’t even born yet. He is a tank champion that specializes in bullying AD champions. He is the nightmare of every AD champion that exists in the game especially for assassins and ADC’s.

Rammus might be able to absorb a lot of damage in a team fight but one thing is for sure and that’s he can’t dish out a lot of damage. Which might be an issue for some players. Rammus is more of a tank-support-type jungle champion. He can also taunt people so they specifically only attack him while shaking the ground beneath him to deal a bit of damage. The main way Rammus deals damage is by letting people attack him, which in return deals that damage onto the enemy.

He’s like the bully who would take your hand and punch you with it while asking you “Why are you punching yourself?”. That’s Rammus, a psychopath bully champion who can only say “Ok” when he gets a Penta kill.

Viego “The Ruined King” - Viego the Ruined Simp is a unique champion that can steal your whole body if he kills you. He can then proceed to use your body to eliminate your whole team with it. He also possesses a full blade of the ruined king in his passive and he can double auto-attack if you have a stack on yourself from his Q “Blade Of The Ruined King” or his W “Spectral Maw”.

As for the gameplay itself, Viego is a pretty standard melee champion. He falls in the category of bruisers as he can’t take a lot of damage but he can dish out a lot of damage. When it comes to playing Viego I’d suggest that you only gank lanes where you’re able to get a kill if you can’t get yourself a kill your best option would be farming. Since you don’t really have a way of closing the gap between yourself and the enemy. 

Elise “The Spider Queen” - Oh mama mia, Elise you are going to make me act up. I am not a fan of Spider-Man but if it’s Elise we’re talking about then I might have a change of mind after all. Elise is a unique jungler as she has her ultimate ability “Spider Form” already leveled up.

So in total Elise has 6 different abilities that you can use and experiment with, if you include her spider and human form that’s 8 abilities in total. All you need to know is that her spider form is for doing damage and one-shotting your targets while the human form is used to CC enemies and lock them in place for your little spiderlings to do the damage and eat the enemy inside out.

Ganking a lane with Elise is rather simple, you first walk into the lane with your human form and launch your Cocoon at the enemy, once they’re locked in you turn into a spider jumping on them and munching on their skin. You do this process a few more times and what do you know you already won the match. 

Lee Sin “The Blind Monk” - Lee Sin aka peanut head because he’s bald is the most mobile and agile champion for the jungle role. The amount of combos and maneuvers you can do with Lee Sin is incredible. He’s always picked during any tournaments in League of Legends.

Lee Sin is the only champion that people are either really good with or really bad with. There is no in-between with this guy. Ganking a lane with Lee Sin is simple as the ABC song. You simply shoot out your Q “Sonic Wave” where you latch onto someone, after pressing it again you launch towards them, break their knee caps with your E “Tempest/Cripple” and then launch them towards your teammates with your ultimate ability “Dragon’s Rage”.

His ultimate ability even though has a badass name is just a simple point-and-click kick. That’s all that it does. It is fun to use and shoot people towards your teammates and then watch them get dissected into pieces. 

Graves “The Outlaw” - Graves aka the grown man who likes to cosplay cowboys in his 40’s. He’s probably in some kind of a mid-life crisis. As for his gameplay, Graves is a bit complicated. When it comes to ganking you have to use your E “Quickdraw” for a small dash but it also reloads your shotgun and gives you extra armor if you dash in the direction of your enemies.

His W “Smoke Screen” throws out a smoke grenade on a location that blinds anything and everyone who dares to even put 1 step inside of it. If the enemy still survives your gank don’t worry you have your ultimate ability “Collateral Damage” which works a bit like an execute if the opponent is low enough HP. The only thing that Graves is missing is his cigar that Riot Games took away a long time ago, and they still don’t want to return it no matter what. We miss you dear buddy oh we miss you. 

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