[Top 10] League of Legends Best Early Game Junglers

League of Legends Best Early Game Junglers
Best role in the whole game hands down!

So you wish to know which junglers best dominate the early game. Since in low ELO early game means everything and if a team loses the early game the opponent wishes to instantly FF and then search for another match.

Well, look no further than this article. Here you'll find the best of the best early game junglers in my opinion. Those champions can easily win the early game but if the game goes into the late game well they start to fall off a bit. Not to mention most of these champions will be easy to play and learn but some of them will be hard.

So don’t let yourself get depression once you lose against these specific champions instead try to farm and outscale in the later stages of the game. 

10. Rammus

"Ok" - sigma male sign

Let’s start this list off with a psychopath. Why he’s a psychopath you might ask? Well because he will kill your whole family tree line and at the end when you ask him why? He will just respond with “Ok” and have that nasty turtle smile on his face.

I already mentioned this guy before and when it comes to early game this guy is the king of it. He’s really good into an AD team comp. He’s that one bully from high school that would take your hand and hit you with it then ask you “Why are you hitting yourself?” That’s how he rolls literally and metaphorically.

Yes, he has an ability where he turns into Sanic himself and chases you down like the little piggie you are for him. Not to mention this guy will tank every single hit with his shield reducing all incoming damage while slowly creeping up on to you. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Doesn’t lose a lot of HP while clearing camps
  • Clear speed is medium 
  • Can easily gank lanes which is important in the early game
  • Rolls around at the speed of sound (can’t continue the Sonic song cuz copyright :< sadge)

See Rammus Early Game Jungling: 

9. Fiddlesticks

Le stick bug meme

Oh here comes that boi to fiddle diddle you in unwanted places. This creature is the damn stick bug meme all over again I mean look at him. Has the face only a true mother could love. Nah nvm, not even a mother could love that. But we are not talking here about the love we are talking about how useful the champion is in the early game.

When to comes to Fiddlesticks he attacks with crows and his long noodle arms. He also has an AoE suck ability where he can suck off everyone who’s around him at the same time. Would be pretty good in a brothel ngl. He’d make the most money there out of everyone with his sucking skills. He also has an AoE fear ability if he attacks from a place where nobody can see him and a point and click fear ability. This guy has more fears in his kit than you do fingers on your hands. He can single-handedly change the whole course of a team fight. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Easiest clear of your whole life. No need for effort or skill 
  • Clear speed is fast 
  • AoE fear ability if used correctly can shift the tide of battle 
  • Made out of sticks

See Fiddlesticks Early Game Jungling:

8. Sejuani

Best rider in all of Freljord!

Damn, I wish my gf would ride me like Sejuani rides her boar. I mean come on look at that who wouldn’t want that am I, right boys and girls? Well anyway, let’s get into some details about Sejuani. She comes from the region of ice and snow called Frejlord. She’s some kind of ice queen or something I’m not sure I really get her lore but anyways since she’s from the coldest region on the planet she can freeze you in multiple ways.

Not to mention with her ultimate ability she chucks a damn iceberg at your face and if it hits you you’re CC’d and everyone around you gets an AoE slow. She also has a dash ability where that big boar thing rushes in one direction. Can go through some thin walls but if the wall is thicc she can’t squeeze through. 

What makes her great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Frost armor so all targets that attack her have reduced attack speed. 
  • Ice lady will turn you into ice 
  • Has a dash ability which makes her clear speed a bit faster if you use it the right way
  • AoE CC ultimate ability

See Sejuani Early Game Jungling:

7. Vi 

If you hit a wall punch it hard!

This girl is the definition of “if violence doesn’t solve the problem then you need to use more violence” Also Vi is short for violence a little fun fact about her. Now, this girl uses her hands to solve any problems she has. Anything that’s in front of her she will punch it until it can’t stand properly anymore.

Something to mention about Vi is that she has a crazy sister called Jinx. Which she beats up regularly when she’s against her. It’s all about that sibling love. Her Q has a charge up and when it’s fully charged out she dashes in the direction you’re aiming. Her W stacks on the target she’s hitting at 3 stacks it deals additional damage, her E is an AoE blast force that deals damage and her R is a point and click knock up ability. 

What makes her great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Fast clear speed thanks to her E ability which uses some kind of force magic to deal AoE damage
  • Long ranged dash can easily gank lanes
  • Point and click ultimate ability which can be used to chase people down and give them a beating

See Vi Early Game Jungling:

6. Jax

He has only 3 fingers on each hand. What is this creature?

Now we have Jax the creature that uses a magic lamp to beat up people. Listen this guy has 3 fingers on each hand I have no damn idea what he is not to mention that he has 6 damn eyes. This guy might be a top laner but he’s also a really great early game jungler.

Once he starts spinning his lamp with his E ability nobody can hit him since every auto-attack is a miss then. Yes, when Jax spins his lamp in circles he’s able to dodge every single auto-attack. It doesn’t make any sense but it’s a mechanic. His W is an empowered auto-attack that smashes your head in, his Q is a jump and his ultimate ability gives him armor and magic resistance once used. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • He’s able to dodge every single auto-attack from enemies and once he stops spinning the lamp he’s able to CC everyone that’s caught in his E range. 
  • Good at ganking because of the jump from his Q
  • His W is an empowered auto-attack which is good for killing neutrals or champions
  • His R gives him extra magic and armor resistance once used

See Jax Early Game Jungling:

5. Gragas

This guy is a huge vibe!

Ah, now we have Gragas the fat ginger. I love this champion. He’s such a mood. He only wants to drink and lay around all day. Even when you’re playing him in-game his facial expression says that he doesn’t wish to be there. He’s just a fat guy who loves to drink and all of his abilities revolve around drinking and getting drunk.

With his Q he throws a keg at the ground that explodes and slows everyone in an AoE radius. With his W he drinks from the keg and deals extra damage with the next auto-attack. The E is a dash ability and his ultimate he throws his keg again but this time when it hits someone it pushes them away in the direction they were looking.

Gragas reminds me of that one fat family member who’s an alcoholic but he’s really fun around to be with. Yeah, that’s Gragas basically. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Can AoE clear neutral camps and gain levels fast
  • Can dash a short distance with his belly 
  • His ultimate ability can be used to steer opponents away from your team or do a sick cool combo
  • He’s fat 

See Gragas Early Game Jungling:

4. Diana

The moon aspect Diana!

Ah at last we have our moon goddess Diana. She has a long curved sword ;) hehe. Diana isn’t someone to mess with. She will ruin your day by winning the early game with ease and then go off to win the match while you watch your team crumble to pieces.

Diana can deal a lot of AoE damage. By that I mean she can single-handedly wipe out a whole team of scrubs and wipe the floor with their god damn teeth. Now let’s get into it why she does that. Well first off she hates the world because that’s her main personality trait.

Second, off her abilities can demolish worlds. Her Q is curved like her sword, her W spawns balls around her and her E is a dash. Once Diana uses her ultimate ability she pulls targets closer to her and after a short period of time deals AP damage to them. Also every third auto attack she deals extra spicy damage. 

What makes her great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Ability to clear camps with only auto-attacks
  • Can easily gank and dash around 
  • Win in a 1v2 situation if Diana is full HP

See Diana Early Game Jungling:

3. Lee Sin

His head is shaped like a peanut!

Ah, here we have our dear blind monk Lee Sin. This guy is the hardest one to play on this list but he’s also quite close to being the best in the early game but sadly he falls off short.

Something to note about Lee Sin is that he can clear jungle camps without putting up a fight and not only that but his E ability allows him to get some HP back. Lee Sin is mobile and versatile when it comes to playing him. You can build him like a bruiser or full AD damage. Depends on which one you prefer the most or what your dear team needs.

Lee Sin’s Q is a sonic wave that he shoots out in a direction and when you press it again he goes there. With the W you can jump around from ally to ally or from ward to ward. He slams the ground with his E revealing all invisible enemies around him and his R ability allows him to kick opponents. His abilities might seem simple but this blind monk is hard to master and play. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Blind as a bat but still carries the early game on his back
  • He’s mobile has a lot of dashes 
  • Thanks to his healing abilities he can full clear the jungle and be full HP

See Lee Sin Early Game Jungling: 

2. Master Yi

This guy has more eyes than Jax it's scary mommy :< help!

Now we have Master Yi. This guy has more eyes in his head than Jax. You might think that’s a good thing but it’s not. It’s just for aesthetics. Master Yi is simple to learn and play.

Master Yi’s abilities allow him to clear out the jungle camps fast enough to contest scuttle crab in the river once it spawns. His abilities are simple.

His Q makes him untargetabble for a few seconds in which he deals damage to everyone who’s around, W allows him to heal up, E empowers his auto-attack and R makes him run faster. Master Yi is a menace to lower ELO players so most of them have a mental block when they’re playing against a good Master Yi player.

That’s all about Master Yi folks. Simple and easy now get out there and play him. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Pretty good jungle clear
  • Might be a bit harder to gank with him but it’s doable 
  • The main point is to farm as much as you can then carry and push until you win the early game

See Master Yi Early Game Jungling:

1. Warwick

Warwick the wolf of Zaun!

Who’s a good boy? Certainly not this monstrosity that was created in Zaun. He’s not a good puppy nor an obedient one but sure enough a deadly one. Warwick doesn’t let anyone get close to him if they do they’ll be feared thanks to the E ability. Before you ask yes it’s an AoE fear as well.

His other abilities help him chase down targets who are low HP and bleeding from their butt or biting people’s ankles so he can heal himself. When it comes to the king of the early game Warwick takes the spot. He counters basically everyone on this list so that’s why he’s at number one. If Lee Sin or Master Yi get too close well they’ll be feared then bitten and Warwick will just run away into the sunset.

This champion is easy to play and can win the early game just by existing. 

What makes him great in Early Game Jungling:

  • Heals a lot thanks to his Q
  • Clear speed is very fast 
  • Has an AoE fear 
  • Warwick isn’t a good boy :<

See Warwick Early Game Jungling:

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