[Top 15] LoL Best ADC Players In The World

LoL Best ADC Players
Get ready to learn about how insane League pro players are.

League is a team game where everyone has a role. If one fails, the rest are affected. In this game,  one of the most threatening roles  would be the botlane carry, also known as the AD carry (ADC). They are the ones that can reach long distances while dealing significant and consistent amounts of damage. 

The downside of this role, however, is that everyone in the enemy team would aim for you. ADCs have low means of escape compared to other champions, making them very easy to kill. As an ADC, it is your job to try to attack the enemy as far as possible, while  sidestepping every attack they throw. 

Here are the top 15 best ADC players in the world that showcase how powerful this role can be.


1. Ruler - LPL

He is a player who has been compared to an AI due to how flawless he plays. Park Jae-hyuk, also known as “Ruler”, is JDG’s botlane carry. JDG is a popular team in China and they are usually the winning contenders of major League tournaments. They usually never land a spot below 3rd place. 

At the age of 24, Ruler already has a lot of achievements under his belt. He started his career back in 2016 when he was still part of Samsung Galaxy in Korea. However, once this team disbanded he transferred to GenG. GenG was his home for almost three years until he recently moved to JDG. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Ezreal (58%)
  • Varus (61%)
  • Xayah (69%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: Worlds 2017 ($1,723,721.63)
  • 1st Place: MSI 2023 ($50,000)
  • 1st Place: LPL Spring 2023 ($290,745)

One of the things that makes Ruler and his team standout is how well they play during teamfights. Most of the time, ADCs deal the most damage in pro play as long as the other members keep them alive. Enemies of Ruler see him as unkillable due to how dedicated his team is protecting him. Add to the fact on how well he spaces and dodges the enemy’s attacks. 

In his match against BLG this 2023, the enemy team tried to go on him but died as a punishment due to an amazing outplay. Even as a vulnerable ADC, Ruler doesn’t stay at the back. In another major LPL tournament, he dives in fearlessly even if it’s a 2v4. Here is a compilation clip of his best plays to see more of his skill.

A lot of popular ADC players look up to him, one of them being GenG’s Peyz. Despite being called an Ai, Ruler is actually very caring. He said inspirational words to Peyz, and he also got emotional when he had to end his last stream as a GenG player.

Ruler’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/RulereluR 


2. Gumayusi - LCK

Lee Min-hyeong, more known as “Gumayusi'', is never afraid to go in and fight in order for the team to win. He is one of the newer players in this list as he made an unexpected debut in League pro-play back in the 2020 Regional finals. He is T1’s botlane carry in Korea.  

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Aphelios (68%)
  • Xayah (74%)
  • Jinx (73%)

Despite only having 3 years of pro-play experience, Gumayusi has managed to win multiple major tournaments, some of them are listed down below.

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: LCK 2022 Spring ($163,660)
  • 1st Place: LCK 2020 Spring ($93,798) 
  • 2nd Place: World’s 2022 ($333,750) 

If you’re interested in his playstyle and skills, here is a compilation of his outplays.

Gumayusi is also known for playing non-meta champs in order to adapt against his enemy team. There were times when he picked Samira and Nilah, while his most unconventional pick was Chogath with Senna (played by Keria) as a support. 

It was said in an interview that Gumayusi looks up to Uzi, one of the players in this list. Other than being an ADC player, Gumayusi cherishes his fans and is a true-born entertainer. When he hit 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he went skydiving as he promised this to his fans. Additionally, in this clip Gumayusi reenacted a popular anime reference which made the casters and the audience laugh. 

Gumayusi’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/T1Gumayusi


3. Deft - LCK

Kim Hyuk-kyu, more known as Deft, is the recent botlane carry who won Worlds 2022. At the age of 26, Deft has joined 8 different teams during his career. Many called his journey the “Cinderella Story”.

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Ezreal (57%)
  • Varus (61%)
  • Xayah (64%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: 2022 Worlds Championship ($489,500)
  • 1st Place: LCK Summer 2018 ($88,686)
  • 1st Place: LPL Summer 2016 ($225,630)

When you look at his records, unlike Ruler or Gumayusi, Deft doesn’t have a lot of titles. He usually never even lands 2nd place despite his long career that started way back in 2013. Even in 2022, his team (DRX) had a hard time qualifying for worlds and no one really looked at them as the “favored” team. 

This changed during the quarter finals of Worlds when DRX was against EDG. To give more context, in a documentary about his team, Deft mentioned that Worlds always happen around his birthday. Unfortunately for him, he rarely feels excited due to the fact that he has a “curse” where he has never once qualified for Worlds semifinals.

Miraculously this changed in Worlds 2022. It was the semifinals and, the game was best of 5. During the second match, Deft was one hit away from victory. However, in the most tragic way the inhibitors suddenly spawned, and resulted in a loss. Most players would’ve given up, and think game 3 is over before it even started. This isn’t the same for Deft. He has been in this position countless times in his career. And so by the third game, DRX won until they made it into the finals. 

The same thing happened in the next match where T1 had the lead, but Deft kept his cool and never gave up. Eventually, they were the winners of Worlds 2022. As a prize for winning Deft’s Caitlyn skin was recently released, and its recall animation represents his “Cinderella story”. The skin also includes his signature animal, the alpaca. 

Here is a compilation clip of his best plays.

Deft’s Twitter: N/A 


4. Jackeylove - LPL

 Yu Wen-Bo, more known as “Jackeylove”, is often called a “psycho” due to his extremely aggressive playstyle. He is Top Esports’ AD carry and has been playing since 2016. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Varus (70%)
  • Kaisa (70%)
  • Xayah (65%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: LPL Summer 2020 ($290,267)
  • 1st Place: Mid-Season Cup 2020 ($240,000)
  • 1st Place: 2018 World Championship  ($2,418,750) 

LoL Esports has featured Jackeylove on their main Youtube channel multiple times. Most of it is when he’s diving headfirst into enemy territory. One sample is in this clip where he slides to the enemy as Zeri. 

He has received more than 18 awards including “Best Player”, “1st All-Pro Team”, and “Rookie of the Year”. As mentioned in the achievements, this player also won first place in two international tournaments. You can see his consistency as an ADC player throughout the years. If you wanna see his best plays, here is a compilation clip.

A fun fact about Jackeylove was how he kept getting quadra kills but never a penta back in the 2018 Worlds Championship. This finally changed by 2019, and has earned three pentakills since. 

Jackeylove’s Twitter: N/A


5. Gala - LPL

Chen Wei, more known as LNG’s “Gala”, is a 22-year old botlane carry in the LPL. He has been named as “MVP” on an international stage (MSI 2021).

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Kaisa (66%)
  • Xayah (67%)
  • Aphelios (63%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: MSl 2022 ($75,000)
  • 1st Place: LPL Spring 2022 ($302,087)
  • 1st Place: MSI 2021 ($75,000)

Despite the photo above, Gala rarely shows emotions. It is why fans and esports outlets alike cherish photos that capture his smile. This was best showcased when he hit a pentakill in a major tournament. Usually ADCs would scream “PENTA” and be excited afterwards. However, Gala is different as he didn’t show any hints of emotion. 

Even though he doesn’t look excited towards kills, he has scored over seven pentas in the time of his career. In a way, he is a deadly silent killer in the LPL. Five of his pentas have been on his Kai’sa, making her one of his best champions. 

One of the moments that showcase his skill is his pentakill on Jinx within 17 minutes into the game. You can see how well he spaces to dodge any incoming attacks as well as his pinpoint accuracy to score the first kill. 

Here are more outplays he has done throughout his career.

On a more lighthearted note there were cases when people have spotted Gala having fun in tournaments. In a recent match between WBG and TES in the LPL, Gala was spotted in the crowd alongside other famous Chinese players (Knight, Yagao, Xun and Elk). The quick and fun event influenced Gala and the others to copy the emotes in League making it a playful and cute moment for the fans. 

Gala’s Twitter: N/A    


6. Viper - LCK

Twenty-two year old “Viper” (Park Do-hyeon) is a recent botlane player that started around 2018. Despite this, he didn’t allow himself to lose against veterans. This led him to winning a Worlds title that not even older players have under their belt. Eventually, he was awarded Outstanding Rookie (LPL) back in 2021.

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Kaisa (61%)
  • Ezreal (61%)
  • Xayah (68%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • First Place: Worlds 2021 ($489,500)
  • First Place: LPL summer 2021 ($76,675)
  • 3rd Place: LPL Summer 2022 ($72,461)

Viper is the second player (after Imp) to score a pentakill both in his home court (LCK) and at Worlds. One of the times he showcased his godly skills internationally was during a match against IG in 2019. In this clip, he was flanked by an assassin with no vision. Regardless of this, Viper dodged the attack that would’ve potentially killed him, with 0.1 second reaction time. This led him to scoring a pentakill. It is also important to note that it was a 4v5, with his own midlaner not being there.

For other outplays shown by this outstanding player, here is a montage. 

Other than his skills, Viper is also known to pick unusual bot lane characters such as Viktor, and Taliyah back in 2019. The weirdest one, however, was definitely his Teemo where he won twice with it on professional tournaments. 

Viper’s Twitter: N/A


7. Rekkles - LEC

“Rekkles” (Carl Martin Erik Larsson) is a well-known AD carry in the LEC. He’s a veteran who has been playing since 2012, and has won seven major LoL tournaments. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Xayah (75%)
  • Ezreal (57%)
  • Sivir (61%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: EU LCS Summer 2018 ($92,518)
  • 1st Place: EU LCS Spring 2018 ($98,300)
  • 1st Place: EU LCS Summer 2015 ($50,000)

The “King in the North” (according to Rekkles’ Twitter bio) has been MVP six times such as in the LEC Spring 2017, 2018, and 2021. He is Fnatic’s ADC player this 2023. On top of his awards, he also has scored 10 pentakills in major stages. There are many players in the LEC that idolize him such as “Flakked” from Heretics. 

Here is a compilation of his best plays that shows how great he is as an AD carry. 

One of many things Rekkles is known for are his tattoos. He has one that covers his entire back, and it was revealed that it represents Varus. . 

Rekkles’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RekklesLoL


8. Hans sama - LEC

Steven Liv, more known as “Hans Sama”, is known for his Draven skills since his debut back in 2017. LoL Esports has given him awards since 2018 till present day such as 1st All-Pro Team. He is 23 and is G2 Esports’ AD carry. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Varus (64.3%)
  • Jinx (70.6%)
  • Lucian (61.9%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: LEC Summer 2023 ($43,984)
  • 1st Place: LEC Winter 2023 ($42,699)
  • 1st Place: LCS Lock-In 2022 ($150,000)

Being a pro player isn’t easy. There is constant pressure whether that’s coming from their boss or not wanting to disappoint their fans. It is no surprise that Hans Sama expressed his wish to retire early back in 2016-2017 before even joining the international stage. In this clip, a League Caster named Caedrel inspired Hans Sama to keep going as it is still too early for him to give up. He was proven to be right as after a year, Hans Sama qualified for the international stage.

In order to see his skills firsthand, here is a compilation of his best plays. 

Hans sama’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hanssama 


9. Berserker - LCS

Kim Min-cheol, or “Berserker”, was part of T1’s challenger team before being recruited by Cloud 9 and transferring to NA. He is a fairly new ADC player, but still managed to win two major tournaments already. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Zeri (68%)
  • Varus (77%)
  • Xayah (70%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: LCS Spring 2023 ($100,000)
  • 1st Place: LCS Summer 2022 ($100,000)
  • 1st Place: LCK CL Spring 2021 ($26,759)

It is rumored that his name “Berserker” represents his intended playstyle. He isn’t afraid of his fellow NA ADCs. In fact, there was an interview where Berserker expressed how they need to do better. Coming from Korea and T1’s roster, Berserker has talent that could potentially strengthen Cloud 9 as a team. 

Here is a collection of his best plays to see his potential as an AD carry. One of the comedical moments with Berserker was how C9 talks in different languages during an intense fight. 

Berserker’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/C9Berserker 


10. Peyz- LCK

Peyz (Kim Su-hwan) is the youngest AD carry to win an LCK tournament at the humble age of 17. Compared to the other players on this list, Peyz is hard to rate due to how new he is. He only started this 2022, and already has six pentakills. He already won “Rookie of the Year” in the LCK Summer 2023. What makes him more amazing is if you look at his play style, he doesn’t feel like a rookie at all. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Aphelios (62%)
  • Zeri (68%)
  • Jinx (63%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: LCK spring 2023 ($151,488)
  • 1st Place: LCK Academy August 2021 ($1,726)
  • 1st Place: LCK Academy May 2021($1,773)

Peyz looks up to Crown, Bang, and mostly Ruler. He mentioned that he wanted to do a great job filling Ruler’s role in GenG.

In Peyz’ first year of debuting in the professional stage, he already qualified in international tournaments such as MSI 2023 where he managed to land fourth place. When you look at his matches, you can see how confident he is despite facing veterans such as Ruler, Gumayusi, Viper and more. He never showed how nervous he was. Here is a compilation clip that showcases his skills. 

On a lighter note, Peyz loves to post pictures of his cat and dog on his Twitter. 

Peyz’ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/peyz05 


11. Elk - LPL

Zhao Jiahao, also known as Elk,  doesn’t have the best match history regarding his major tournaments. This changed as soon as he joined BLG in the past few years. From 15th place, he is now consistently landing second in major titles including MSI 2023. Worlds 2023 might be his best time to shine. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Aphelios (54%)
  • Ezreal (53%)
  • Kai’sa (60%)
  • Zeri (63% this year)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 2nd Place: MSI ($37,500)
  • 2nd Place: LPL spring ($145,372)
  • 1st Place: Demacia Cup 2022 ($71,683)

Players like Elk inspire others who want to give their shot in LoL esports even when they don’t have a lot of major titles. He has been named “Rookie of the Split” in the LPL Summer back in 2020 and has 5 pentakills in total.

Elk also has a spirit of a “psycho” as he is not afraid to dive in. In this clip, it shows how Elk knows the exact damage of his champion. He flashes deeper into the enemy tower and finishes the enemy ADC. 

Despite his skills he never got a chance to taste international tournaments before, such as Worlds and MSI. This is because his team would rarely quality and get kicked by other teams in LPL. It’s important to note that Elk has been through five different teams already.

Now in BLG, he has achieved second place and is now on the way to Worlds 2023. He is finally in a team that could match his skills. Perhaps he’ll get the trophy this time. 

Here is a montage that shows Elk’s skills as a player.

Elk’s Twitter: N/A


12. Prince - LEC

Lee Chae-hwan, or LEC’s “Prince” is a famous Korean botlaner that plays for FlyQuest. He has scored three pentakills in major tournaments. Here is a clip to see more of his outplays.

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Ezreal  (67%)
  • Zeri (63%, 75% this year)
  • Jinx (67%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place- CK Summer 2020 ($16, 834)
  • 3rd Place - LCS Spring 2023 ($30,000)
  • 3rd Place- LCk Summer 2022 ($36,906)

One of the sweetest moments of Prince seen on camera was how he met his idol “Doubelift” who is another ADC player. A lot of people know Prince for his skills, and as a result he can be pretty intimidating to talk to. However, this clip shows how sweet he is. Even a pro player can get nervous in front of their idol. 

When an esports caster tried to influence Prince to roast Doubelift, Prince didn’t follow and remained humble. Despite Doublelift losing to him, Prince still idolizes him. 

In his spare time, Prince joins fun activities in Flyquest which are then uploaded in their YouTube. 

Prince’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/flyprince0405?lang=en 


The Legends

These are ADC players whose names have become immortal due to the mark they left in the LoL esports despite retiring many years ago. They are worth mentioning because a lot of the players in this list were inspired by their greatness. Additionally, there is no doubt that if they’re still playing consistently until this day they would be the top contenders on this list. 

13. Bang - LCK

Twenty-seven year old Bae Jun-sik or more known as T1’s “Bang” has won two MSI titles and two Worlds titles. Even after his retirement, many still remember his name and call him  the “best ADC”. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Kalista 72%
  • Ezreal 57%
  • Sivir 55%

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: MSI 2017 ($676,000)
  • 1st Place: MSI 2016 ($250,000)
  • 1st Place: Worlds 2016 ($2,028,000)

Other than winning Worlds Championship back to back in 2015 and 2016, Bang has won nine tournaments in total. He has been helping SKT win for five years. With Bang and Faker in the team, SKT back then was seen as undefeated and one of the top teams in LoL esports. To see his skills firsthand, here is a compilation

After his career, Bang posted in his Instagram that he’d go under military service. He also got engaged to Park “zeetwo” Jeesun, who is a host for the LCK.

Bang may have retired, but there are moments where he shows his love for his old team. In this clip, he made a guest appearance in SKT’s lineup and even passed on the torch to the next ADC player that would carry on his legacy.

Bang’s Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Bang 


14. Uzi - LPL

Jian Zi-Hao, more known as Uzi, is a legendary AD carry who came back this 2023. A lot of the players in this list look up to him, such as T1’s Gumayusi. He has been awarded as “Best ADC” in LPL 2017, 2018, and 2019 awards. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Vayne
  • Ezreal (62%)
  • Lucian (64%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • 1st Place: Lpl Summer 2018 ($219,458)
  • 1st Place: MSl 2018 ($527,650)
  • 1st Place: LPL Spring 2018 ($237,168)

Uzi retired around 2019 due to his wrist injury. Before this, his name was known across the globe similar to T1’s “Faker”. He achieved seven pentakills in his time and has been named “Playoffs MVP” thrice. Other than his kills, his CS per minute is considered to be the highest in every season in the LPL since 2015. 

His return this 2023 was a shock to everyone.Many looked forward to seeing him in action once again. This was emotional to some people as they know how much Uzi had sacrificed to be on the stage once again. For one, he already has a son to look after.

This didn’t stop him, and once he got back his skills were as great as ever. Here is a clip that showcases his talent over the years. 

He landed 5th-6th place in the LPL Summer 2023 against players who are more familiar in League’s recent meta than him. It’s also worth considering that the enemy teams have been together longer than he has with his own, making him require more time to have synergy with them. Despite this, he was still a terrifying ADC in the LPL and many look forward to his future games. 

Uzi’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/uziq4q?lang=en     


15. Pray - LCK

Kim Jong-in, more known as LCK’s “Pray”, was a legendary AD carry for KT Rolster before his retirement. He won “MVP” back in the playoffs in 2018. He and his team consistently landed fourth place or higher both in national and international tournaments. 

Best Characters (with winrate)

  • Ezreal  (63%)
  • Ashe (75%)
  • Corki (70%)

Major Tournament Achievements 

  • LCK Spring 2018  ($93,798)
  • LCK Summer 2017 ($88,553)
  • LCK Summer 2016 ($90,200)

One of his unforgettable moments was when he stopped a teleport from SKT. This led his team to win the game which can be seen in this clip. He showed his pinpoint accuracy in landing the Ashe arrow, and his map awareness as a League player. 

It didn’t stop there. Years later, he showed that his skills are still sharp through a teamfight back in 2017. For a casual league player, teamfights can be chaotic. There would be a lot of miscoordination and panic. However in this clip, Pray shows his awareness and great decision-making by killing a low-health enemy and making out alive.

To see more of his great outplays, here is a compilation.

Pray’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/LolPraY 


If you are interested in more League of Legends pro play, here are more articles you can read.

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