LoL Best Pyke Skins Revealed (All Pyke Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Hello seeker. Here I'm giving you an easy way to decide which Pyke skin to buy. Take a look!


6. Sand Wraith:

This is the  splash art in Legends of Runeterra. Pretty cool.

Skin spotlight: 

This skin reminds me of Malzahar. The outfit is similar in a way. Although it's his oldest skin, it could be better. The splash art hypes you up a lot but the model in-game doesn't look that badass. Sound effects are quite amazing, it gives an immersive feeling of real sand. The R sound effect reminds me of the movie The Mummy. If you like the concept it's a great skin and it has some cool chromas. But not worth that price since there are better skins than this one.

How to get Sand Wraith Pyke: it's available in the client's store for 1350 RP.


5. Sentinel Pyke:

Wonderful design don't you think?

Skin spotlight:

This one was released in the year 2021. The model looks decent. A very satisfying experience with this one. The only issue is that it feels kinda slow and flat compared to regular Pyke and the rest of the skins. But if you prefer a simple skin without excessive visual effects, this one is for you.

How to get Sentinel Pyke: you can purchase it in the client's store for 1350 RP.


4. Blood Moon:

Look at this badass man!

Skin spotlight: 

This is my personal favorite. It offers a very pleasant game experience. It's the perfect equilibrium between simple but stunning. The gory details are so catchy. Blood dripping is just fine as hell. It keeps the perfect essence of Pyke. Of all Blood Moon skins, this is at least the 2nd best. I would totally recommend it!

How to get Blood Moon Pyke: it's available in the client's store for 1350 RP.



A perfect illustration of a perfect skin.

Skin spotlight: 

As a legendary skin, this is the only one that changes all emotes. I love the snake emote, it makes it worth it. I started playing Pyke because of this skin. The R visual and sound effect is spectacular. It can be a little too much though. Sometimes it's exhausting to deal with so many visual effects and colors. And that's why is not number one. 

How to get Project Pyke: luckily available in the client's store for 1820 RP.


2. PsyOps:

Look at the glitch effect. Killer!

Skin spotlight: 

When this skin first came out I thought it was going to be my forever favorite. The W sound from the enemy's perspective is absolutely insane. It brings terror to the rift. I love the blue color palette they chose to design it. The chromas are terrific. I only have a problem with the sound effects that are a bit sharp. It's annoying for my ears sometimes. 

How to get PsyOps Pyke: it's available in the client's store for 1350 RP.


1. Ashen Knight:

Here we get a closer look to his death list.

Skin spotlight: 

Pyke with... wings? Yes. And it's perfect. The last skin released and probably the most comfortable one.

This skin is the perfect balance among all Pyke skins. Might be not so terrifying as PsyOps or so stunning as Project but it feels smooth in-game. I chose this one all the time because it isn't overstimulating. The sound and visual effects are very well designed. The ultimate effect is surprising. Is like listening to a dramatic opera scene. 

We can't complain about Pyke skins, they're all good and clean. So this is just a matter of personal taste.

How to get Ashen Pyke: It can be found in the Mythic Store. It costs 125 Mythic Essence. You'll have to wait for it to come out again.

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