[Top 10] Reasons Why LoL Is Toxic (Yet Fun)

[Top 10] Reasons Why LoL Is Toxic (Yet Fun)
I swear that this amount of toxicity is poisonous to a normal human.

We’ve all been there and done it. Everyone has been toxic in League of Legends at least once. Maybe it’s because you were down some levels and were being dominated by the enemy laner or maybe someone tilted you from the enemy team or your team. Things like those happen all the time.

Some people might resort to rage quitting while others might just farm until they are better than the enemy team and they’re able to solo carry the whole match. I wonder in which category you belong to, dear reader. Even though most people might say that they hate League of Legends while playing, deep in their hearts, it’s their favorite game to date. Now shall we go on with the list? 

10. Ego

“Ego is the number one cause of deaths in League of Legends.” 

You surely heard before that having a big ego will kill you and it’s true. You’re better off with having a small ego since you’ll do much better. Never underestimate your opponent no matter what. Even I get a big ego from time to time and most of those times I end up losing a match. My ego gets lowered since I lost the previous match and I end up winning the next one.

That cycle keeps on repeating until I turn the game off for the day. But hey that’s the fun part of League of Legends. Yeah, you might get angry that someone else is doing better than you but isn’t that part of life. There will always be someone better than you and that person will shatter your ego which will result in you doing much better later. At least that’s how I see it. 

9. Champions

“People won’t like you for playing these.”

Be careful which champions you decide to main and play. If you decide to play Teemo or Vayne on top you will be exiled from the match. Even by your team, you will be shamed especially if you don’t do well in the game. But hey that’s the fun part of it. Some of the other champions you will be shamed for playing and have a bad reputation for are Zed, Yasuo, Yone, Master Yi, Tryndamere, and so on.

Most of these champions have a bad reputation because of the people who play. Those people will leave the match, be toxic, troll, or even run it down for whatever reason they decide. Or some champions just might be annoying to deal with in-game.

I mean if you’re playing against a Katarina of course you’ll be mad at Riot Games and it’s expected to be toxic about it. Especially if the enemy champion can deal so much true damage that you disappear from the face of the earth. But hey that’s League and we deal with it.

8. Bad plays

“We’ve all seen this screen haven’t we?”

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all have tried to do a cool play and we ended up dying and losing the match and that’s just the most tilting thing in the world. Because you could have won that match but you threw it all out when you decided to go 1v5 for whatever reason. But when it does work you feel like you’re on top of the world.

But hey let’s not make this all about us only. Most of the toxicity can also come from when your team is doing something dumb. At that point, they’re just asking for you to be toxic. But hey it’s all in good fun if you’re playing with your homies right? Wrong, because your homies will try to tilt you even more and make you lose your sweet sweet MMR. 

7. Good plays (enemy team)

“It’s no fun when the enemy team is good :(“

What’s more tilting than you or your team doing bad plays? When the enemy team is doing good plays. Playing against good people is tilting enough but playing against a whole team of good people is even more tilting. Especially when they are doing good plays after good plays.

And when the enemy team is doing so well the only thing that you and your team can do is be toxic in all chat. Thank god Riot Games didn’t remove all chat just yet since that’s the most fun part about League.

But even if you do decide to be toxic in all chat you aren’t doing yourself a favor. By doing that you will just motivate them to do even better or target you only which will result in you being even more tilted. But hey that’s League of Legends for ya. We love it!

6. Ranked matches 

“It's all about those sweet digital numbers.”

You were just wondering when we would get to this point, didn’t you? Of course, whenever a game has a ranking system and ranked matches it’s going to tilt you. I’m the same. No matter what game it is. If I am playing ranked I’ll get tilted no matter what. The best part is when I realize at the end that I got angry at digital numbers that increase my rank.

But no matter how big the number gets at the end of the day it’s still a game. In real life, it probably doesn’t mean anything to most of us unless you’re a pro player or someone who is making content for League of Legends. If anything the only thing we gain from having a higher rank is a bigger ego and you already know what I said about having a big ego. 

5. Tryharding in casual matches

“Why you do dis?”

Like seriously why do people do this? You don’t gain anything by being a tryhard in a casual match. Most people like myself want to relax and have fun playing a casual match. To take a break from trying so hard in ranked but we get met by people who try hard in casual matches. It just ruins the experience and fun for most people, me included.

But I guess that’s how it is. Even though most of us might hate it, we still play it and have fun in our way. I suggest that you also do that but only if you want to. If not it’s okay we accept you for who you are. But don’t blame anyone else if you get flamed and reported for trying so damn hard in a casual match where you don’t gain anything from either winning or losing. 

4. Greed

“Money money money”

You know what also tilts me a lot and that’s being greedy. In real life, I am not a greedy person at all but in League, for some reason, I just want more and more money. Well, that’s because the more money you have the stronger you are. But what tilts me the most is when I’m already 0-5 behind trying to mind my own business and the whole team ganks me because I was being greedy for an extra 100 gold.

Sometimes I understand that I make mistakes, we are all human after all but when my jungler also decides to be greedy and farm the whole jungle for the whole match without sharing a single camp now that’s being extra greedy. That just makes me extra mad. Like why you gotta do that man? Leave something for the rest of us. We are starving out here. You don’t need to farm your whole jungle for 40 minutes straight. 

3. Being behind

“It’s impossible to catch up.”

Now you see being behind it can mean either being behind in levels or gold. When you’re behind in both now that’s a real sticky situation that you don’t want to be a part of. Some of the reasons that you can be behind in levels or gold are because you either died way too many times or because you haven’t been focusing on yourself a lot.

That’s okay if you’re a support. If you are a support main and you are behind in levels and gold that’s fine just support your team. If you are playing any other role, being behind isn’t a good thing. Because you will suffer throughout the match and that could result in you losing it. While being behind you should focus on yourself and make sure that you don’t get tilted by it.

Which is gonna be hard trust me I know from personal experience. Try to keep sane and try to catch up if you can’t be a human meat shield for your team. That’s the best thing you can do in that situation.

2. Ganks

“Why would you gank my lane right now?”

There are two types of ganks. The good ones and the bad ones. The bad ones are the most common ones you’ll be getting during your laning phase. Because let’s be real in lower ranks everyone doesn’t know how to gank.

They either gank you when the enemy laner is unkillable or when you have a huge wave and you want to farm it for yourself. Instead, your jungler comes and taxes you for existing. That’s toxic enough but what’s more toxic than that is having the enemy jungler constantly gank you and kill you. Unlike your jungler who can’t even full clear with his champion. Welcome to League of Legends. I hope you like your stay!

1. Addiction 

“I can quit whenever I want!”

The main reason why everyone is toxic in League of Legends is that they are addicted. Addiction is a hell of a thing. Most people say they can quit but they always come back to League one way or another. I used to be addicted to this game but thankfully I have been released from the shackles of hell and I am free now.

That is what I would say if I stopped playing League of Legends. How does addiction result in toxicity? Well, since most of us have been playing for a long time we expect ourselves to do good but instead, something goes wrong and that results in a major toxicity spike. But no matter how toxic anyone or what they say they will always love this game no matter what. 

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