[Top 10] LOL Best True Damage Champions That Are Powerful

LOL Best True Damage Champions That Are Powerful
Hey kid you want some true damage? Quick, pick something before the cops show.

There are 3 different types of damage in League of Legends and those are magic, attack, and true damage. Some might be better than others but true damage is the best. Because true damage ignores all magic and armor resistances.

It cuts right through those resistances to get to the flesh instantly. But not every champion possesses the ability to deal true damage oh no only a special few. And even in those cases, they’re ranked from worst to best.

Some might be good at dealing true damage while others just sprinkle it a bit. It all depends on the champion and their abilities. Today I’ll be listing you the top 10 true damage dealers in the game and which ability deals the true damage. Shall we get into it?

10. Ivern

“The legendary old tree Ivern.”

Let’s start this list off with Ivern the support jungler. Surprised to see him here? I was surprised to even know that he deals true damage. Well, you learn something new every day. At a first look, Ivern is just a normal tree with nothing special about him.

He loves nature and long walks on the beach, he’s also sometimes quirky hehe. But here’s the catch: he doesn't deal true damage on champions but he deals that true damage on jungle camps. Instead of killing a camp Ivern “frees” it from suffering.

The amount of true damage will equal the amount of health the neutral minion has. Because of his passive ability and this insane amount of true damage that can be dealt with in neutral minions earns him the number one spot in jungle clears.

Why Ivern Is Great For True Damage:

  • Because of the true damage, he clears his jungle camp the fastest.
  •  The HP of the neutral minion doesn’t matter; Ivern will “free” it.
  • The greatest jungle/support champion in the game.

9. Kog’Maw

“You kill me I go boom okay?”

Ah, this suicidal maniac is on the list and who would have known he deals true damage with his passive ability. The only way you can deal true damage with Kog’Maw is by dying. When you die you will enter a zombie state where you get a boost of movement speed and after 4 seconds you explode.

The amount of true damage that you deal depends on your level. The higher your level the more true damage you deal. Simple. Kog’Maw is an ADC champion but he’s not the only one who deals in true damage from this role.

2 other ADC champions deal much more true damage than this little suicidal maniac does. But before you die just to make sure that you’re close enough to the enemy to catch up to them. Your passive is a great tool against people who don’t expect the true damage from this little guy. 

Why Kog’Maw Is Great For True Damage:

  • True damage scales with your level. 
  • While in your zombie state Kog’Maw will gain a 40% movement speed boost.
  • After 4 seconds you will explode dealing true damage to people.

8. Gwen

“Snip snip teehee.”

Well, Gwen’s parents didn’t teach her the one most important rule. Do not run with scissors. Because this girl uses them for everything. But soon you’ll realize that those scissors deal a lot of damage. Same as with the past two champions her passive ability deals the true damage.

Well technically the scissors do but it’s her passive that allows it. But to make sure you’ll be able to deal damage the enemy must come right in the middle of those scissors. At first, it will take you some time to get used to it but in a few games, you’ll be snipping people in half with ease.

Don’t worry about being outrun or someone escaping your grasp as you can dash with your E ability and that ability also gives you on-hit damage on your enemies. Have fun cutting people!

Why Gwen Is Great For True Damage:

  • People have to be in the middle of your scissors to receive true damage. 
  • When using your E ability Gwen will dash forward and also gain on-hit damage. 
  • You can also hide from all incoming damage with your W. 

7. Garen


Ah, Garen the one and true Demacia’s defender and a hater of magic. I’ll say it right now he doesn’t deal damage thanks to his passive ability instead it’s with his ultimate. His passive heals him when nobody is attacking him.

But damn is it fun using his ultimate ability on weak people. It feels damn good to just summon a huge sword out of the sky that shakes your screen and you get yourself a damn kill. The best ultimate abilities in this game are the ones that execute and Garen has one.

You can use this ability whenever you see that someone has low HP. Steal the kill from your teammate if you have to but make sure to get the kill. Nobody will understand how satisfying it is to kill with Garen’s ultimate. Oh yeah, he’s also a tank. 

Why Garen Is Great For True Damage:

  • Deals true damage with his ultimate ability. 
  • You’re a tank so play like one. 
  • Your passive ability heals you up when you’re not being attacked. 
  • He hates magic but he summons a huge sword from the sky…

6. Pyke

“Your name isn’t on my list yet!”

What could go wrong by creating a support assassin abomination? Nothing at all right? Oh, dear Riot Games, what were you thinking? Have you looked at the abomination that you have created? If you haven’t looked at it yet you probably should. It’s nothing nice.

This guy will deal more damage than you, your mid-laner, and your jungler combined. He’s an assassin that scales with AD-like crazy and his ultimate deals true damage. But at least the ultimate is an execute ability. Hell yeah boy!

Unlike with Garen’s ultimate ability Pyke also gives out money to people who get an assist and his ultimate ability shows you when someone will die. This ability is so strong that it ignores shields. It will go right through any shield that the enemy has. The only thing that can save them from Pyke’s ultimate is death. 

Why Pyke Is Great For True Damage:

  • His ultimate ability ignores shields. Goes right through them. 
  • Gives out gold to people who get an assist. 
  • An assassin that can only build AD and nothing else. 

5. Cho’Gath 

“I’m so hungry I could eat a planet.”

Another execute ultimate Riot Games you shouldn’t have! Except this one is broken. The more you use his ultimate ability the bigger and tankier he gets. I swear if you keep eating random stuff or champions whenever your ultimate ability is up you can eventually end up with 4k to 5k HP in the late game.

That’s quite insane if you ask me. There was also a time when you could eat a whole champion for some reason. It happened in a major tournament. Not sure how the player got to that point but yeah it was there. He swallowed Taliyah whole with 1 damn button. It was kinda crazy but after the tournament ended Riot Games nerfed it.

Sadly I never got to experience that but hey I can still eat ADCs when they’re 50% HP so that’s something. You also have an ability that deals AoE damage, silence, and knock-up ability. It’s safe to say that your meal won’t be running away from you. 

Why Cho’Gath Is Great For True Damage:

  • Cho’Gath can swallow an ADC that’s 50% HP. 
  • The more he eats the bigger and tankier he gets. 
  • Cho’Gath can also silence people by simply screaming in their face to STFU.

4. Twitch

“Oh boy I sure love crack!”

I’m going to show my kids this picture of Twitch and tell them that this is what happens when you do drugs. That should probably teach them to lay off the devil’s cabbage. Anyways Twitch can be a menace when it comes to true damage.

If he’s going AP that is. Only then does it work properly. As Twitch you’ll want to build full AP and try to get 6 stacks of your passive on an enemy. After you’ve stuck your piss to their clothes, watch them burn up in true damage.

Once you have a full build you’ll be able to deal around 91-120 true damage per second. But that will be easy to stack since your W also scales with AP. The more AP you have the slower they will be in your W. Plus if things start going west you can always go invisible with your Q and hide from your mistake.

Why Twitch Is Great For True Damage:

  • A full AP Twitch can deal 91-120 true damage per second.
  • Your W scales well with AP. 
  • You can go invisible anytime something goes wrong. 
  • Your E will feel like an execute. 

3. Camille

“Spider-woman spider-woman does whatever a spider can!”

I’ve talked about this spider-man wannabe so many times but what can I do when she’s so good. Like seriously she fills out almost all the roles. She’s kind of perfect you might say. In her twisted way. When it comes to Camille her main source of damage is her Q ability. With that ability, she can one-shot almost any squishy and demolish tanks without a problem.

The only issue you might encounter playing this champion is when they dodge your E. Since getting close to them will be a slight problem. Other than that this champion is perfect as I said. Her Q has a bit of wind-up so don’t go rushing in instantly.

Play your cards correctly and everyone shall be feared of you. You can also become untargetable for a few seconds while using your ultimate ability so you can do some cool plays with it. 

Why Camille Is Great For True Damage:

  • A single Q can deal up to 1000 true damage to people. 
  • Cuts through people like butter.
  • Becomes untargetable while casting her ultimate ability. 

2. Vayne

“I just need silver bullets to do my work.”

Playing Vayne feels like a dream honestly. A nice fewer dream. The way that you can slice through anyone if you have enough attack speed never ceases to amaze me. And it’s because of an ability that you don’t even have to cast.

All you have to do is build attack speed and you’re doing god's work. It’s simple to play Vayne and it’s relaxing as well. All you do is a bit of farming, a bit of killing champions and what do you know you’ve already won the game.

You can also dodge abilities with Vayne’s Q, push people away with your E or perhaps even cast your R to turn invisible when you dodge. What do you say about that eh? How about you give good old Vayne a try and see how you like dealing true damage to people. It will feel like you’re shooting from an M60. 

Why Vayne Is Great For True Damage:

  • Her W deals true damage and it’s a passive ability. 
  • The higher the attack speed the more true damage you’ll be able to deal.
  • You can also dodge incoming attacks or abilities with your Q. 
  • Casting your R allows you to turn invisible when you dodge with your Q.

1. Sett

“Anyone want a fight?”

For our number one true damage dealer, we have Sett. This guy will send you to another match if he punches you with his W. It’s a bit of a hard ability to land at first but no worries you’ll get used to it. Sett can be played in the top lane or the support role.

Why would you play him as support? Well, because Riot decided to nerf his jungling side by buffing him on the supporting side. I have no idea how that works but thank you Riot Games. One quick tip is to not hit your W key instantly. Do not pre-ejaculate because then you will not deal any damage whatsoever.

The best way to do this is to take a bit of a beating and once Sett turns super Saiyan go all in. You can also have your teammates help you out during this struggling battle as your W can one-shot anyone that’s squishy and doesn’t have a lot of HP. But even though Sett is fun to play, the best ability in his kit is his ultimate. 

Why Sett Is Great For True Damage:

  • He’s able to one-shot any squishies after taking a bit of a beating. 
  • Also gains a huge shield while casting his W. 
  • Deals the most true damage out of any champion. 
  • King of true damage Vayne is the queen.

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