[Top 15] LoL Best Settings For Low End PC

League of Legends Settings for Low End PC
The higher the FPS the uglier the game is :).

Are you stuck with a PC from the cold era and you can’t get reasonable enough FPS to enjoy the game? Are you having issues with losing battles because your game is stuttering or your FPS drops below 60 once a team fight starts?

Well, if those are some of your problems worry not because I will help you out as best I can. You see, FPS is one of the few things that matter the most in video games. The higher your FPS the better. You’ll be able to play the game with much better precision and smoothness. Maybe you’ll start even improving more at the game, who knows. Enough about me rambling let’s start this article! 

15. Update Your Windows

As funny as this sounds if your Windows is outdated or you’re using Windows XP consider upgrading to Windows 10 or better yet consider updating your Windows 10 to the latest version. Some of the reasons your game might be stuttering and dropping frames could be because your Windows drivers are outdated.

Sometimes this even happened to me. I used to drop FPS constantly when a team fight would start. This only stopped after I updated the Windows to the latest version and the FPS drops stopped happening. Now I constantly keep an eye out whenever a new update drops. If your Windows doesn’t tell you that there’s an update well you should check the windows menu and have it scan itself for any drivers every once in a while. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Open the “Control Panel” for your PC. 
  • Click on “Update & Security”. 
  • Open a tab called “Windows Update” and click “Install Update Now” or “Scan This PC For Updates”. 
  • Boom your game stutters might be gone and you saved your sanity! 

14. Update Your GPU Drivers

Now when you have finished updating your Windows drivers next up you should update your GPU drivers. They’re equally as important to update as are your Windows updates. Now depending on the GPU you have AMD or Nvidia updating your drivers is simple as learning the alphabet. If you have an Intel GPU well you can update those through their official website just make sure you download the correct version.

Simply updating your GPU drivers will enable you to get extra free FPS for your game and may even improve your performance by a lot. Not only that but you’ll also feel it in-game as well and your low fps and stutters might be gone and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the game on your low-end machine. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Open “GeForce Experience” for Nvidia GPUs or “Radeon Software” for AMD’s GPUs. 
  • Navigate to the home tab. 
  • Download and install the required update. 
  • Bask in the glory of PC gaming and 60FPS. 

13. Enable Low Spec Mode

Now we move on to the client for a bit. You see, by enabling this option will improve your performance while using the client. If you find yourself having low FPS or your client keeps crashing while using it this option will certainly help you. Everyone today has problems with the client and Riot has promised to fix it but so far they haven’t done much about it.

This is especially annoying for me because the client would crash every time I’d finish a match and I’d have to re-open it. It wasn’t annoying at first but when you have to do it every single time it gets a bit on the nerves so Riot added this option and kinda saved my life. It still crashes from time to time but it’s manageable. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Open your client and press the cog button in the top right corner. 
  • Click on the “General” tab.
  • “Enable Low Spec Mode” should be the first thing that you see. 
  • Make sure that it’s enabled and voila performance improved. 

12. Close Client During Game

The next option is right under “Enable Low Spec Mode”. This setting allows for the client to close once you are in your match and playing the game. By doing this it allows your CPU to relax a bit and focus more of its resources on the only thing that matters the most and that’s your game. By doing that you’ll see a difference in your performance and your FPS will go up.

Especially when it’s needed the most during a team fight you won’t see a huge dip or none at all. Even if you have a med to high-end PC I’d still recommend that you turn the client off during a game, because let’s be honest everyone wants to make their lives much better and easier right? 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Open your client and press the cog button on the top right corner. 
  • Click on the “General” tab. 
  • Under “Enable Low Spec Mode” you’ll see “Close Client During Game”. 
  • Make sure that you set it to “Always”. 
  • Done. You made your CPU happier already. 

11.  Enable Hud Animations

For this option make sure that it’s disabled not enabled since we are trying to get as much FPS as possible and not make our game look fancy by any means necessary. Even if you like having these little animations on your screen you’re better off turning them off. You might think to yourself but what will this do for me?

Well, you see I had a friend who gained an extra 15 FPS just by disabling these little animations. It had a huge impact on his game for something he would rarely notice. Of course, it might not have the same impact on your game since every PC is different from person to person. Nothing is the same in this world at a molecular level but still, it’s worth disabling it. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Open the client and press the cog button in the top right corner or while in-game press the “Escape” key button. 
  • Scroll down to your “Interface” tab 
  • Under “Health and Resource Bars” the option to disable hud animations will be third on the list. 
  • Make sure that it’s unchecked and gain a sweet performance boost. 

10. Show Health Bar Shake

Another little pesky animation that might take away some sweet FPS and lower your performance. Same as the previous one, this setting doesn’t bring you any good except some fancy look on your screen. But even for that disabling, it is even more worth it than looking at it. This setting might give you a small FPS boost or a medium FPS boost.

It all depends on your rig but nonetheless make sure that it’s disabled. Like, let’s be serious seeing your health bar shake does nothing for you except when you’re taking damage which can sometimes get annoying if you’re in the lane and taking damage from some pesky little minions. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • While in-game press the “Escape” key or while in the client menu press the cog button. 
  • Scroll down to your “Interface” tab and look for “Health and Resource Bars”. 
  • When you’re in that menu search for the setting called “Show Health Bar Shake” and make sure that it’s disabled. 
  • Voila, you already improved your performance in-game.

9. Environment Quality

Now we’re onto the big leagues that will have the biggest performance on your game and boost your FPS like no other. I’d recommend that you start a custom match and since you can only change these options while you’re in-game you can’t do it through your client. 

Because you don’t want to be AFK while your teammates are yelling at you to do something useful finally instead of just sitting at spawn. Even if you like having the game look pretty to you please remember that having a higher FPS is always better in multiplayer games. It gives you the biggest advantage over your enemies. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Load into a custom match and press “Escape” while in-game 
  • Navigate to your “Video” tab
  • “Environment Quality” will be on your right side
  • Make sure to set it to the lowest option and enjoy your extra free FPS.

8. Character Quality

Ok, if you don’t wish to turn this option down I’d understand. Nobody would want to waste hundreds of euros on skins and not enjoy it at the best quality. I’d never turn this option down, simply because I like looking at the characters and how detailed they are.

Riot puts their sweat and tears into making a character that the community will like. But if you’re a person who doesn’t care about looking at characters and just wants more FPS. Well, you good sir are a chad and everyone should follow what you preach. Since you care more about having more FPS than looking at some virtual characters. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Make a custom match and once you load in press “Escape”. 
  • Locate your “Video” tab 
  • “Character Quality will be on your left side and make sure to turn it down as low as possible.

7. Effects Quality

Now turning this option down will surely stop your game from stuttering. I can guarantee you that but the problem rises that all effects become like mud on your screen and sometimes you might even lose yourself.

Once you turn it down and when a team fight starts, the way your screen will like is like you took LSD. You might think I’m joking right now but seriously take a look for yourself and see how you handle it. It certainly took a while for my eyes to adjust to the change but now that I look at it, it’s worth it, and not having stutters in my matches makes my life a hell of a lot easier. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Make sure that you’re in a custom match and once loaded press “Escape”. 
  • Click on the “Video” tab. 
  • “Effects Quality” will be on your right side and make sure that you set it to the lowest option possible. 

6. Anti-Aliasing 

Now let’s turn it up a notch and disable Anti-Aliasing. Now you might think that I have gone completely nuts and you might be right honestly. All these years of being an ADC mains gets to your head. Now I should warn you when you do disable this option you might not see straight lines anymore.

Especially when you’re fully zoomed out. Anti-Aliasing makes it so that any crooked lines disappear and make it look nice and crispy. Once this is disabled you might see jaggies across your screen but worry not it’s normal for this to happen. Then again you’ll see if it’s worth disabling or not. Personally, if you have low fps and your rig can’t handle it I’d highly suggest that you disable it and enjoy the game at a nice smooth 60+ FPS.

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Load into the custom match you created and once in press “Escape”. 
  • Locate the “Video” tab 
  • Scroll a tad bit down until you reach a menu called “Advanced”. 
  • In there you’ll locate Anti-Aliasing and make sure that it’s disabled. 

5. Wait For Vertical Sync

Next up is V-Sync or Vertical Sync. Well, in every game you should have this disabled since most of the time it will drop your FPS heavily if your PC can’t handle it. Especially for low-end PCs, this is their worst nightmare.

This doesn’t do much for you especially in League of Legends if you do not own a 144Hz monitor this won’t do much for you. But if you do have a 144Hz monitor please do yourself a favor and enable V-Sync it will make your game smooth as butter. But if you do not own that kind of monitor please disable V-Sync and enjoy the glory of massive FPS as a true PC gamer you are. 

How To Apply The Setting: 

  • Again make sure that you’re in a custom match and press “Escape” once you’re in a game. 
  • After you have successfully done that locate the “Video” tab. 
  • Scroll down until you see the “Advanced” menu. 
  • “Wait For Vertical Sync” will be under “Anti-Aliasing”.
  • Make sure that it’s disabled so you can live a happy life. 

4. Frame Rate Cap

Now you might think this one is silly but it ain’t gamers. When you set a cap on your frame rate and once a team fight starts you won’t have huge FPS drops. You see if you have your frame rate set as uncapped and your FPS is decently high but once a team fight starts your FPS will drop resulting in you having FPS drops.

But if you set a frame rate cap those FPS drops will not happen. I recommend that you set the FPS at 60 and that you enjoy your time playing the game as not many people can do that. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Again launch the custom match and press the “Escape” key. 
  • Scroll to your “Video” tab and locate the “Advanced” menu
  • The first option that you see will be “Frame Rate Cap” and make sure that you cap it at 60 or 30 whatever you prefer the most. 

3. Windowed Mode

Now we have some settings where you can change your screen from full to borderless. I’d recommend that you play on “Fullscreen” as it gives you the most out of your performance. 99% of the time you will gain a boost in performance and you’ll enjoy your time on the Summoners Rift.

While “Borderless Fullscreen” might seem better on paper but your CPU takes a hit believe it or not. You see when playing “Fullscreen Mode” your whole PC focuses on the game only because that is what only matters to you gamer nothing else, so you better make sure that you have your full focus on the game and climb to your desired rank! Do not give up. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • When you’re inside of a match press “Escape”. 
  • Locate the “Video” tab and right at the top, your desired “Windowed Mode” will be there on the right side. 
  • Make sure that you select “Fullscreen Mode” and apply the settings. 
  • Have fun

2. Shadow Quality

Now I’ll start this off by saying that you need to have this disabled all the time. No matter which multiplayer game that you’re playing you need to have this disabled. While having shadows enabled your performance will take a huge hit and dip. Your performance will leave your PC as my dad left me when I was a kid at the supermarket.

You see these do not give you any advantages when they’re enabled, they just hinder your performance and ruin your playtime in this wonderful game. But don’t be scared if a champion so-called “Vex” still has a shadow; it's a part of her kit. Just don’t worry about it okay? 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Once you’re inside of a match press “Escape” 
  • Find your “Video” tab and once you’re in it scroll down for a tiny bit. 
  • Next, you should see a setting called “Shadow Quality” to make sure that it’s turned off.
  • Happy ending gamer. You live a fulfilling life from now on. 

1. Resolution

We are at our final setting that might improve your performance. You see I think this is the most important one out of them all. This one will impact your performance the most but it comes at a cost of vision. The lower your resolution is the less you see on your screen but the higher the FPS goes. I wouldn’t recommend you do that but if you do want to do it be my guest. You’re a psychopath if you set it to the lowest resolution possible.

If you have a 4K monitor make sure that you set the resolution to at least 1080P as with that you wouldn’t handicap yourself that much… I hope so. Each resolution differs from monitor to monitor, same with your PC. It’s not the same unless you buy it equally then it is.  I highly recommend that you experiment with it until you find something that suits you until then continue experimenting.

The same goes for every option in here that I listed just to make sure that you don’t ruin your performance while doing it and I’d highly advise against installing so-called “Performance mods” as they might have a slight chance of getting you banned. 

How To Apply The Setting:

  • Once you’re in-game press “Escape” and open the “Video” tab
  • Once in the “Video” tab locate “Resolution” it will be the first setting you see. 
  • Try lowering the resolution until you get a performance boost that you are happy with, until then just keep on lowering it one by one!

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