LOL Most Banned Champions [Ranked]

LOL Most Banned Champions
“Hate does not come from the champion, hatred comes from the player himself.”

Hey guys, what's up, Frankenstein here in the area again!

Today I'm going to bring you an amazing article about the most banned champions in ranked games and why.

This is an awesome article because it will tell you why these champions are so banned. And make sure that if they are not banned in picks and bans, any of the teams will pick.

I hope you enjoy it!

So, let's go!


15. Amumu

Ban Amumu S11


About Amumu:

Here in our top 15, Amumu.

Amumu is a fantastic champion, full of traps and tricks.

If you are an Amumu player, you will know how powerful this champion is and how banned he is from being ranked, even more now due to the new buffs he has received.

Amumu is a champion constantly banned and if not, he will give a big headache in the game.

Why do we say that Amumu is the most banned?

  • Because he is a tank champion.
  • Because it gets very powerful throughout the game.
  • Due to his skill kit, he makes all the difference in a group fight.
  • Due to his ultimate, he can change the whole game.


14. Samira

Ban Samira 2021


About Samira:

Arriving here at position 14, Samira.

Samira is a super shooter.

This champion is as if she were a Katarina, but much better.

Samira has a fantastic growth over the game, having an excellent performance in team fights and 1x1.

A well-played Samira can easily lead your entire team to victory.

This champion is constantly banned because he is very unbalanced when compared to other ADCs.

Why do we say that Samira is the most banned?

  • It has an ultimate similar to that of Katarina, but much better.
  • It has an impressive development during the game.
  • She has a very complete skill kit.
  • She is a very unbalanced character.


13. Fizz

Ban Fizz 2021


About Fizz:

Getting here at position 12, Fizz.

Fizz is an extremely strong character.

This character is often banned in the selection of "picks and bans" due to his incredible growth during the game.

Fizz can have a really bad start to the game, however, when the game starts to enter in the first 15 to 20 minutes, the character already starts to have a very high peak of strength

Fizz's mobility and great attack power are what make this character very feared.

Why do we say that Fizz is the most banned?

  • Fizz has a very complete skill set.
  • The equipment that can be made for the character is very synergistic with his skill kit.
  • Fizz can easily blow up any champion with a good combo of skills if he hits his ultimate on the target.


12. Kai´sa

Ban Kai´sa 2021


About Kai´sa:

Here in our top 12, another incredible ADC, Kai'sa.

Kai'sa is an incredibly strong character and full of different abilities.

Kai'sa is constantly banned from ranked games due to his easy power to deal well with any enemy during the routing phase.

Kai'sa can grow exponentially throughout the game and can be unstoppable if he manages to get off to a good start.

Why do we say that Kai´sa is the most banned?

  • This champion can easily reposition himself in a team fight due to his skill kit.
  • Kai´sa is a complete champion since the beginning of the game, having an exceptional staggering during the game.
  • Kai´sa can easily handle any other ADC well during the lane phase.


11. Akali

Ban Akali 2021


About Akali:

Getting to the Top 11, Akali.

Akali is a sensational champion. Akali can be played on both Mid and Top.

Despite receiving constant modifications throughout the updates, whether beneficial or not, this champion always manages to appear in the ranked games.

Akali is very complete and a good Akali player knows all of his peak power and strength during the game.

Akali can easily deal with any champion, even though he may have an initially bad route stage, his growth throughout the game is very remarkable.

Why do we say that Akali is the most banned?

  • You can easily reposition yourself from ambushes.
  • Akali manages to have very high game mobility, due to her skill kit.
  • This champion can easily surprise everyone with his incredibly high damage and skill combo.


10. Master Yi

Ban Master Yi 2021


About Master Yi:

Here at position 10 on our list, Master Yi.

Master Yi enters this list as a real killer.

This character can easily win a game alone.

Master Yi in ranked games from low to medium level is generally free to be picked, however, in ranked games of high level, players who have a good mastering with this champion hope that he will not be banned.

Master Yi is known to everyone as a real "mono finger" since many think that just use your "Q" skill and everything will be resolved.

Master Yi is a champion to be feared in a ranked match, so he enters here as one of the most banned.

Why do we say that Master Yi is the most banned?

  • It presents a double passive attack.
  • Master Yi is a champion that destroys others champions and structures very easily, due to his incredible attack power and attack speed.
  • Master Yi may initially be a bad champion, but during the middle/end of the game, it becomes a real machine to kill players and global goals.


9. Udyr

Ban Udyr 2021


About Udyr:

Arriving here at position 9, Udyr.

I don't know which champion is stronger, Master Yi or Udyr. So I decided to put the two together, in positions 10 and 9.

Udyr presents a sensational skill kit, with several elements and different types of gameplay in a single skill bar.

Udyr manages to be a very strong character that does a lot of damage and at the same time is the super tank.

Udyr's mobility is fantastic, including his great ability to perform ganks, clear jungle, and team fights.

This character is heavily banned in ranked games.

Why do we say that Udyr is the most banned?

  • Extremely high mobility.
  • Because Udyr is a character that clears the jungle very quickly.
  • Because Udyr has a very strong growth during the game.


8. Leona

Ban Leona 2021


About Leona:

Here at position 8, Leona.

Leona is a fantastic character.

Leona can be summed up in "full engage".

This character is extremely powerful and complete, making his allies feel comfortable playing in the knowledge that they are beside her.

Leona is very resistant and a real initiator of moves.

Leona's peak of growth has been since the beginning of the game, managing to reach level 3, she is already able to advance against her opponents without many difficulties, bringing true glory to her team.

Leona is constantly banned in ranked matches, due to her incredible route phase power.

Why do we say that Leona is the most banned?

  • For being a very resistant character and initiator of moves.
  • You can play well with any friendly ADC.
  • Because you can have excellent game development.
  • Because it has a very powerful skill kit.


7. Yasuo

Ban Yasuo 2021


About Yasuo:

Here at position 7, Yasuo.

Yasuo the lord of swords.

Yasuo is an extremely powerful character and difficult to play.

Yasuo assumes position 7 on the list, as he is a champion who easily manages to have exceptional game growth.

A good Yasuo player, he will easily lead his team to victory, as Yasuo's strength is truly extraordinary.

Yasuo is heavily banned both for his great ability to play, and for the fact that if you play too badly, your team will likely lose.

Why do we say that Yasuo is the most banned?

  • For the simple fact that this champion is extremely powerful and very difficult to play 1vs1.
  • Because this champion has a very powerful mechanic.
  • Because this champion can easily have synergy with any other champion during the game.
  • Because this champion has high mobility.


6. Viego

Ban Viego 2021


About Viego:

Here in position 6, Viego the King.

Viego is a character that is very difficult to deal with so he is very banned.

The high-level ranked games are difficult to see Viego, as he is a champion frequently banned.

Viego presents a unique kit of very powerful skills, being able to control the bodies and abilities of its enemies.

Viego is very powerful and presents an excellent development in the game, standing out in front of countless other player's jungles.

Why do we say that Viego is the most banned?

  • Because this character has very powerful gameplay compared to other characters.
  • Because your skill kit is very complete.
  • Due to its speed in accomplishing objectives.
  • Because he is a very powerful character in combat and team fights.


5. Yone

Ban Yone 2021


About Yone:

In the Top 5, Yone.

Yone is very powerful, being a real swordsman.

Yone has a very different gameplay style as he is an extremely agile character.

This character is constantly banned from ranked games due to his true growth power throughout the game.

Yone's skills are extremely complete and very powerful.

Like Yasuo, only more difficult to play, mechanically, Yone enters as one of the most banned characters.

Why do we say that Yone is the most banned?

  • Due to his true power to start a fight and then escape from it with his copy.
  • Because he is a murderous and very powerful character, managing to overwhelm his enemies very easily.
  • Because this character has good growth in the game.


4. Hecarim

Ban Hecarim 2021


About Hecarim:

Here in the Top 4 on the Jungle route, Hecarim.

Hecarim is a very powerful character.

This champion stands out among many other characters who play in the jungle because he has a very high map rotation speed and an excellent gank.

Hecarim arrives here in the top 4 as one of the most banned champions due to his efficiency in the game.

Why do we say that Hecarim is the most banned?

  • Because this champion manages to perform a very fast rotation, compared to other characters.
  • Because this champion is extremely powerful in a team fight.
  • Because this champion can cause enemies to be forced to play under the tower.


3. Morgana

Ban Morgana 2021


About Morgana:

Here in the Top 3, Morgana.

Morgana is among the 3 most banned champions because she is a true group control champion.

Morgana presents an extremely complete skill kit, making her enemies hate her.

Morgana presents a good development of routes and manages to leave its allies very protected due to her "black shield".

Morgana enters the Top 3 of the most banned champions here for being very efficient, complete, and easy to play.

Why do we say that Morgana is the most banned?

  • Due to its powerful skill kit prioritizing its "Black Shield", which protects its allies against all types of enemy skills.
  • Because she is a very easy character to play, but very complete and safe.
  • Because during the middle/end of the game it plays an excellent role for all allied routes.



2. Darius

Ban Darius 2021


About Darius:

Here in our Top 2 with a lot of mastery and power, Darius.

Darius is an extremely complete champion as he presents everything a champion would like to have.

Despite being a fighter, Darius has a growth equal to that of a true assassin, as his skill kit is very complete and powerful.

Darius is constantly banned from ranked games and mainly from professional games due to his exponential growth compared to many other top laners.

Darius is considered a "snowball" champion since if he has a good start to the game, he will hardly be able to be stopped.

Why do we say that Darius is the most banned?

  • Due to its high mobility, even more, when played with Flash and Ghost.
  • Due to its high durability in team fighting and 1x1.
  • Due to its incredibly powerful growth throughout the game without failing at any time.
  • Because it has a skill kit and very complete items.


1. Zed

Ban Zed 2021


About Zed:

Zed assumes our first position as one of the most banned champions in the classified games.

Zed is an extremely powerful and accurate killer with his blades.

This champion has an extremely high winning rate, due to this, he is the most banned champion in the selection of "picks and bans".

Zed is a professional in the art of murder.

Zed's skill kit and increased strength throughout the game are sensational.

Because he is a very feared champion, even at low levels, this champion takes position 1 with great respect.

As the champion says "The blade that is not seen is the deadliest."

Why do we say that Zed is the most banned?

  • Because this champion has a powerful combo of skills and basic attack.
  • Because this champion can easily blow up any enemy with his shadows.
  • Because this champion can win an entire game alone.
  • Because this champion has a very big imbalance when compared to other champions.


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