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Gamers Decide specializes in gaming and movie content - news, opinions, reviews and more. The majority of our content focuses on video games, horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Our writers and editors are passionate gamers and movie enthusiasts, dedicated in bringing you the best content from the world of entertainment. We fancy thinking of ourselves as a bridge that connects our audience to gaming and entertainment news, and we hope to continue doing so into the future. 


Nikola Jovovic

Writer (NJ)

Writer by day, caffeine-fueled gaming aficionado by night, Nikola has been gaming since 1999. His interests include long walks on the beach, going on 14-hour MMO binges and letting his voice be heard on the matters that are important to gamers today. Currently leveling up to 99 in the world of gaming journalism. He claims that the genre of the game isn't important as long as the game itself is good, although he's still partial to exploring fantastic worlds in RPGs, forging empires in Total War and turning his experience into informative and well-rounded articles. 

Dan Walker

Writer (DW)

Dan moved to Frankfurt, Germany, back in 2014 with a degree in German and Mathematics and two big suitcases, but he's originally from Britain. As a writer in Germany, he has a lot to do with educational products, and he has also been an avid fan of video games ever since his 4th birthday when he got his Sega Megadrive with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As he preferred staying at home after school and playing video games non-stop (and, to be honest, that's the same now with work), his passion for video games grew and grew, which led him to add to his abilities as a gaming article writer. His inclusive love of many genres (particularly RPG and simulation) allows him to write about various genres, though he especially enjoys writing about games, from reviews to hints and tips for other players, as he devours such articles himself to help him decide which game he should add to his ever-expanding list.

Skylar Abdeljalil

Writer (SA)

Skylar is an author and creative writer who is just beginning to establish herself in the gaming industry. She has been ghostwriting articles for nearly a year now and published her first fantasy novel back in 2011. Her favorite genres are horror games and puzzle games (or horror puzzle games) and she’s always on the lookout for the hottest new games. She hopes to keep writing about new horror games and gaming tech as the industry progresses.

Eve Black

Senior Editor

Eve's writing roots come from journalism as well as the entertainment industry as an author and screenwriter. She graduated from University of Texas and has spent 6 years in the gaming industry as a writer and editor, specializing in journalism, creative writing, screenwriting and nonfiction writing. Eve's favorite gaming genre is strategy, and she has spent countless hours on games like Sid Meier's Civilization and Prison Architect. She has a passion for almost all things gaming and loves delivering that passion through writing.

Jack Anderson

Managing Editor

Jack's first full time job was as a journalist covering political news for his local newspaper. Not long after, he decided to pursue his passion for gaming and set out to build a career in the gaming industry. Jack is a highly experienced 'jack-of-many-trades' when it comes to pc gaming news. He is recognized for his ability to produce articles that fit journalism standards without compromising quality. Jack has been writing and editing since 2010 and loves his work. He strives to deliver the best content in the world of gaming.