[Top 10] LOL Best Support Champions (Ranked)

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League of Legends, as we all know, is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena game that requires strategy, synergy, and teamwork. All five players in a team have a specific role that they have to carry out in order to ensure victory for their team. 

Some are called to carry, while some are called to help them carry. Despite their importance in the early game, helping the carry get stronger  and securing objectives, supports are underrated by the majority of players in the game, sometimes belittling their existence. 

But supports impact the game so much more than many people expect. Their presence, lane dominance, poke, roam timings, and warding are some of the most important and difficult things to master. Today, we rank the most impactful supports in ranked right now.


10. Rakan

Rakan montage.

Rakan, the charming Vastayan troublemaker, is the most famous battle-dancer in Lhotian tribal history. He is most adored by humans due to his antics and flair for festivals. One of the most explosive champions in the game, Rakan brings something to make the Rift more festive.

Rakan is a support that was designed to be paired with his partner, Xayah. Rakan can heal allies when he hits his Q (Gleaming Quill) and shield them with his E (Battle Dance). His W (Grand Entrance) is an airborne skill that is paired with his R (The Quickness). This combo grants Rakan the ability to put the enemy in an immobilized state, rendering them useless in fights. Rakan is great for getting short trades in lane, zoning the enemy, and engaging the enemy first. His powerful kit makes him a scary opponent to face and a slippery one to catch.

Rakan Strengths:

  • Rakan can disable multiple enemies with his W (Grand Entrance).
  • His R (The Quickness) charms the enemy and makes them unable to do anything.
  • Rakan can damage the enemy with his Q (Gleaming Quill), which also heals his allies.
  • His E (Battle Dance) can allow him to dash to allies twice to give them a shield.
  • His passive (Fey Feathers) allows him to survive in engagements and lane pokes due to its shield.

Pick Rakan if:

  • You like playing engage supports that require skill and mastery.
  • You want to play an enchanter that has the capability to conquer team fights. 
  • You like being slippery and being able to be safe while engaging on the enemy.


9. Soraka

Soraka montage.

Soraka is an immortal being who gave up her immortality in order to go down and protect the mortals from their own violence. Her healing nature is her core power to help the mortal plane. Even after everything she has seen, she still believes that there is hope for this world.

When we’re talking about healing, Soraka is the person for the job. Her W (Astral Infusion) and R (Wish) heal her allies by a ton of HP. Her Q (Starcall) is her main damage skill that heals her when it hits an enemy champion. Soraka can also silence and root enemies using her E (Equinox). With all her abilities that aid her allies, her passive (Salvation) enables her more by giving her more move speed when going towards low-health allies. Soraka is a great laner that can poke and heal allies, allowing them more room for mistakes.

Soraka Strengths:

Soraka’s main selling point is her healing. Her W (Astral Infusion) sacrifices a portion of her health in order to heal her allies. This comes with a low cooldown. 

  • Her R (Wish) is a global skill that heals all allies.
  • Her Q (Starcall) slows and heals Soraka when it hits.
  • Her passive (Salvation) gives her a significant speed boost when moving toward low-health allies.
  • Her E (Equinox) silences and then roots enemies after a short period of time.

Pick Soraka if: 

  • You love playing enchanters and healing allies.
  • You love playing supports that stay at the back of your carry, giving them buffs and support from behind.
  • You love cosplaying an ambulance.


8. Amumu

Amumu montage.

Being alone is not anything new for Amumu. Doomed with a death touch, his longing for a friend is hindered by his curse. With this sad and lonely soul roaming the world for a friend, his presence in the Rift might just give him one.

Amumu is better suited as a roaming support as opposed to a lane support. His long-ranged Q (Bandage Toss) hooks himself towards enemies and stuns them, making it perfect for ganks. His basic attacks allow more magic damage through his passive (Cursed Touch). His W (Despair) damages enemies around him. He can also protect himself by using his E (Tantrum), which also deals damage to enemies around him. His R (Curse of the Sad Mummy) is certainly one of the strongest in the game since it allows him to stun and damage enemies around him. Amumu is great for engagements and pick-offs, and exceptional at helping the jungler roam and set up ganks.

Amumu Strengths:

  • Amumu can stun enemies with his long-ranged Q (Bandage Toss) and his R (Curse of the Sad Mummy).
  • His W (Despair) damages enemies around him per second.
  • His E (Tantrum) also damages enemies around him once and gives him physical damage resistance.
  • His passive (Cursed Touch) allows him to deal more magic damage.

Pick Amumu if: 

  • You love roaming and ganking other lanes.
  • You love setting up fights for your team and engaging the enemy.
  • You love grappling yourself onto enemies and taking over. 


7. Janna

Janna montage.

Since ancient times, sailors and seafarers have prayed for winds to carry them home safely. Some have spoken of a woman who has appeared in dire times when storms have become too strong. This faithful wind spirit is called “Jan’ahrem”, which means guardian in Shurima. But as time went on, she became known to many as Janna.

Janna is an enchanter is a very efficent supportin lane and is adept at protecting her teammates. Her passive (Tailwind) allows her team and herself to move faster. Her Q (Howling Gale) creates a tornado that lifts and damages enemies caught in its path. This is great for engages, coupled with her W (Zephyr), which damages and slows enemies. Her E (Eye of the Storm) shields allies, and her R (Monsoon) pushes enemies away and heals allies. Her kit is geared towards enchanting allies, helping in CC, and making space for her carry.

Janna Strengths:

  • Janna is able to protect her carry by shielding with her E (Eye of the Storm) and pushing enemies away with her R (Monsoon).
  • Her passive (Tailwind) allows her and her team to be more mobile, getting better ground.
  • Her Q (Howling Gale) grows stronger the more it is charged, gaining more CC time.
  • Her W (Zephyr) is great for slowing and poking enemies in lane, as well as chasing them.

Pick Janna if:

  • You like playing enchanters.
  • You love supporting allies with your shields, heals, and move speed bonus.
  • You love running around and throwing tornados.


6. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks montage,

Fiddlesticks is an ageless horror that roams around the corners of mortal society. Some stories say he was summoned by a young mage, some say he raised himself from graves, and some say he was revived by growing fear and paranoia. Whatever these stories may say, one thing remains true: Fiddlesticks is here and is coming for you.

Equipped with ganking and team fighting abilities, is excellent in team fights and securing objectives. His vision control with his passive (A Harmless Scarecrow) is efficient in tricking enemies and giving vision. His Q (Terrify) allows him to get feared, which is a great CC ability. When he wants to silence enemies, he has his E (Reap), and his W (Bountiful Harvest) allows him to heal while damaging enemies around him. His most important skill is his R (Crowstorm). This mows down waves of enemies in an area around him. Fiddlesticks is great for engaging first or after the enemies are clumped together. His high damage and CC allows him to be great for team fights and objective security. 

Fiddlesticks Strengths: 

  • Fiddlesticks CC from his Q (Terrify) and E (Reap) allows his team to engage on the enemy while they’re vulnerable. 
  • His passive (A Harmless Scarecrow) tricks enemies and gives vison for his team.
  • His R (Crowstorm) allows him to reach great distances and engage on the enemy to deal immense damage.
  • His W (Bountiful Harvest) allows him to survive the ordeal by sucking the life force out of the enemy.

Pick Fiddlesticks if: 

  • You love setting up fights for your team.
  • You enjoy the CC and damage that comes along with your kit, which helps in ganking and team fighting.
  • You love scaring people.


5. Taric

Taric montage.

Reeling from a crucial mistake, Taric, one of the most promising heroes of Demacia, was sentenced to endure the Crown of the Stone: a task to climb Mount Targon. Upon succumbing to the exhaustion of climbing the mountain he awoke and found himself at the top. Now reborn as the Aspect of the Protector, Taric continues to accept his calling as the guardian of the world.

Taric excels in protecting his team and making them do more in fights. His laning is empowered by his ability to shield his allies with his W (Bastion), and heal them with his Q (Starlight’s Touch). His E (Dazzle) stuns enemies in a line and his R (Cosmic Radiance) makes his allies invulnerable for a short time. Taric is able to keep his allies alive long enough to deal immense damage to the enemy. This makes him a great enchanter while also being tanky enough to be a strong frontline.

Taric Strengths: 

  • Taric’s passive (Bravado) allows him to deal more damage, reduce spell cooldowns, and attack in quick succession.
  • His Q (Starlight’s Touch) heals and W (Bastion) shields, and allows his ally to cast his skills with him.
  • His E (Dazzle) is great for stunning enemies, even if there are minions in the way.
  • His ultimate ability, R (Cosmic Radiance), negates all the damage that comes in their way, making it great for surviving immense damage.

Pick Taric if:

  • You love playing enchanters and want someone tanky. 
  • You love supporting your carry, buffing them and keeping them safe.
  • You love being an in-your-face support.


4. Xerath

Xerath montage.

Xerath, an old friend of Azir, was once a slave who took it upon himself to bring destruction to Shurima. He betrayed his good friend and became an ascended. With this immense power, he continues to show his wrath and arcane prowess to lay waste to the world.

With his arcane power, Xerath is a great laner and is able to dish out heavy damage in lane. With his long-ranged arcane skills, he is able to deal consistent damage from afar, which is helpful in lane and in team fights. His Q (Arcanopulse) is a long-ranged beam of energy that allows him to damage everyone in a line. His W (Eye of Destruction) can slow enemies and deal AOE damage. His E (Shocking Orb) can stun enemies. His R (Rite of the Arcane) allows him to throw balls of damage from an even longer range. His skillset allows him to harass enemies and gives his carry space and the advantage in gaining CS.

Xerath Strengths: 

  • Xerath’s Q (Arcanopulse) and R (Rite of the Arcane) are long-ranged skills that can heavily damage opponents.
  • His W (Eye of Destruction) deals more damage at the center of the skill and can slow enemies.
  • His E (Shocking Orb) can stun enemies, and the duration is based on the distance traveled by the orb.
  • His passive (Mana Surge) allows him to sustain mana, making him stay in lane longer.

Pick Xerath if: 

  • You love using long-ranged skills to bully opponents and create space for your carry to farm. 
  • You love positioning yourself to deal damage, even as a support.
  • You love magic and think it’s cool.


3. Maokai

Maokai montage.

Maokai was once a peaceful spirit who was angered by the destruction of his home. He survived due to the mystic waters infused in his heartwood. With his newfound purpose, he furiously battles the damned of the Shadow Isles in order to hopefully restore his home to its once glorious beauty.

Maokai is a reliable tank and CC machine. He is able to slow enemies with his Q (Bramble Smash), root them with his W (Twisted Advance) and R (Nature’s Grasp), and slow them with his E (Sapling Toss). Basically, Maokai is great for laning, team fighting, and ganking other lanes with his jungler. His all-around skillset is great for the game, and can elevate your carry to deal more damage with the space created by this giant tree.

Maokai Strengths: 

  • Maokai’s passive (Sap Magic) is great when up against mages and champions with lots of skills to use at low cooldowns. He can use this to heal up and survive.
  • His Q (Bramble Smash) slows enemies and knocks them away. He can push away approaching enemies, keeping his carry safe. 
  • His W (Twisted Advance) can root and chase enemies.
  • His E (Sapling Toss) can slow enemies and give vision in bushes, gaining the upper hand in information. 
  • His R (Nature’s Grasp) is a long-ranged skill that covers a wide range. This can zone out enemies, and secure the CC chain in fights.

Pick Maokai if:

  • You love playing a support who can engage and protect.
  • You love roaming with your jungler to gank your laners and keep them ahead.
  • You love bullying people as a gigantic tree.


2. Shaco

Shaco montage.

This obnoxious and homicidal clown is the terror of the Rift. Some think he is an assassin for hire, a creature outside of Runeterra, or even a demonic manifestation from humanity’s dark times. Either way, he is here and is a terror for anyone who comes near him.

Shaco is not your typical support. He doesn’t have heals, shields, or even reliable damage. What he does have is trickster skills that allow him to outplay enemies and render them useless. Shaco’s Q (Deceive) allows him to become invisible and deal empowered damage to enemies. His W (Jack in the Box) places a hidden Jack-in-the-Box which fears the enemy and damages them. His E (Two-Shiv Poison) heavily damages and slows the enemy. He can further trick the enemy with his R (Hallucinate) which grants him a clone that deals damage and fears enemies when it dies. Shaco is great for dealing unexpected damage and roaming with the jungler to get the lead.

Shaco Strengths:

  • Shaco’s passive (Backstab) deals more damage when attacking from behind.
  • His Q (Deceive) makes him slippery and deals immense damage.
  • His W (Jack in the Box) is perfect for bushes and hindering enemies from escaping. 
  • His E (Two-Shiv Poison) lets him damage and slow enemies from a range.
  • His R (Hallucinate) allows him to let his clone die in order to fear groups of enemies and deal damage.

Pick Shaco if:

  • You like roaming with your jungler.
  • You love hiding and doing damage while being slippery and sneaky.
  • You are a clown.


1. Zyra

Zyra montage.

Zyra came from an ancient and sorcerous catastrophe. A hybrid of humans and plants, she sees humanity as a pest and prey rather than her own. With his dominating nature, Zyra intends to wander the world and indulge in her urges to colonize with her plants. 

Zyra is a dominant lane support that can also gank other lanes with her jungler. She is able to root enemies with her E (Grasping Roots). Her Q (Deadly Spines) can damage enemies in a line, and her R (Stranglethorns) allows her to knock up enemies in a circle. Her passive (Garden by the Thorns) and W (Rampant Growth) allow her to plant seeds around her that boost her abilities. She is great for poking, zoning, harassing and ganking. This gives her carry more farm and her team more objectives.

Zyra Strengths:

  • Zyra’s Q (Deadly Spines) and E (Grasping Roots) spawn a thorn spitter plant when it comes into contact with her seeds.
  • Her R (Stranglethorns) knocks up enemies and also spawns stronger thorn spitter plants when it encounters them.
  • Her seed generation is quick, brought about by her passive (Garden by the Thorns) and W (Rampant Growth).

Pick Zyra if:

  • You love playing a lane dominant champions that can terrorize your enemies’ laning phase.
  • You love setting up for your team, bringing damage and CC to fights.
  • You play Plants VS. Zombies.


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