[Top 10] Lol Best Support Champions That Are Overpowered

Carry the game from beginning to end! (Image by: MiguelGremory)

League of Legends is a game that will grant you a lot of freedom as to how and where to play with champions, making this game somewhat always entertaining. This list will present 10 champions that are not necessarily considered as support by the game, but can surely act as one. Because of this, the idea of “overpowered” will change, sometimes referring to damage, sometimes to protection, and sometimes to the possibility of starting fights. 

Since the game is in constant change, this list is not a definitive one. Take it as a reference and… well… feel free to try them out! Have fun! 



Rank 1 World Soraka Support vs Lux Patch 12.1

Have you ever wondered what being an ambulance is like? Or annoying the enemy team as much as possible? Then she’s the one for you! 

Her Q (Starcall) is an AoE skill that, if it hits, will heal her. It’s a low cooldown and long-ranged ability, so be sure to annoy the enemies as much as possible. Her W (Astral Infusion) will heal your allies at the cost of your health, but the sacrifice is compensated since it heals A LOT. Her E (Equinox) is a field that instantly silences the adversaries, and after a while whoever is inside gets snared. It does a very good amount of damage, so it’s great to bully and to cancel dangerous abilities. Lastly, her ult (Wish) is probably one of the most hateful skills in the game: it instantly heals everyone on your team, regardless of where they are. But the best part? It heals A LOT, like… really, it’s unreal how much it heals.

And why did I say ambulance? Because her passive (Salvation) allows her to receive bonus movement speed to help herallies, and since you heal so much, well… there you go, ambulance. So, are you ready to save your team mates at the brink of death while making the enemy team mad? 


Rank 1 World Zyra Support vs Thresh Patch 12.3

What do you think about controlling plants? And being very annoying while dealing tons of damage when doing it? Well, she could be the one for you, and not only that, she can literally dominate the lane alone, letting your ADCfarm and poke freely. With her high range and utility skills she can attack and defend like no other champion.

Her passive (Garden of Thorns) allows her to create plants, just like her W (Rampant Growth), and when activated, either by using her Q (Deadly Spines) which is a strong AoE poke that slows enemies, or herE (Grasping Roots) which can snare people, these little plants grow up. If they grow up with herQ, then they become ranged plants, if it was with herE, then melee plants. Think carefully when creating them to your best advantage, as they are an important part of your damage. And her ultimate (Stranglethorns) is a huge area spell that deals MASSIVE instant damage and after a while it knocks everyone up. So not only does she have a lot of utility with snare and slow, she also has one of the biggest bursts in the game. Overall her kit is great for engaging in fights, disengaging and for poking, making her a desirable champion to have in your team.



He’s a melee, tank and ap support that can literally change the flow of the game. His Q (Rocket Grab) is a long range skillshot that grabs and pulls the enemies to his location. His E (Power Fist) is an empowered punch that knocks people up, his W (Overdrive) gives him movement speed and attack speed, but for some design choice slows him down after a while. And his R (Static Field) is a huge shockwave that silences whoever is in range and does a lot of damage, being great to cancel adversaries or to execute.

Now, while not being the best in terms of protecting the ADC, he sure can change the game, and here’s the reason: his grab. This one skill, depending on the moment, can end the game. If you’re losing bot lane, one great hook (preferably under the tower) and you can turn it to your favor. The same goes for late game: one great pick off and you can end the game. But it can also fire backwards: if you bring the strongest enemy to your side, or one that is great for teamfights, like Kennen… well, better be ready to receive some complaints. So, when you play with him you literally have the game in your hands, do you think you’re ready to hold this responsibility?  



MOOO! It’s CC time!

Alistar is a very tanky champion, especially because of his ultimate (Unbreakable Will), which gives him a huge amount of armor, damage reduction and if you’re CC’d, then you’ll instantly be free of it. This skill makes it possible to tower dive lvl. 6, with no worries and no limits. But other than that, his kit is also very interesting. His W (Headbutt) makes him… headbutt, pushing people away. His E (Trample) ignores unit collision, and after charged, will stun the target in your next basic attack, and his Q (Pulverize) will knock up everyone around him. 

    His kit makes him a great champion to start fights, because you can combine W and Q, but it does require practice! And after this comes a stun. Ah! I almost forgot, he also heals with his passive (Triumphant Roar)! To summarize, he’s great at tanking, CCing, disengaging and engaging. 


LEARN HOW TO PLAY BRAUM SUPPORT LIKE A PRO! - MAD Kaiser Plays Braum Support vs Thresh! 

A wall with a mustache, that’s how to describe him in a few words. His Q (Winter’s Bite) throws a skillshot that does a good amount of damage and slows the target, applying his mark. His W (Stand Behind Me) makes him jump to an ally granting both of them resistance. His E (Unbreakable) Makes him use his shield for… protection. Any projectile that comes his way will do MUCH less damage, and the first one gets completely neglected. Lastly with his R (Glacial Fissure) he breaks the floor in a straight line, knocking people up and slowing them down. But the strongest part about his kit is his passive (Concussive Blows): after he hits, either by basic attack or his Q, he applies a mark, and after 4 hits from any source the enemy gets stunned, and the last hit will do a huge damage.

He’s a great tank, great to start fights, to protect, to CC and very charismatic. What’s not to love about him? I’m sure you’ll like him if you give him the chance.



It’s time to see the world burn! 

His passive (Blaze) activates when he hits a skill on an enemy, and the effect is quite simple: it burns. It does very nice damage per second, and if he hits 3 skills, it will explode, dealing more damage and burning those around the target. With his W (Pillar of Flame) he does MASSIVE damage by casting a fire pillar from the floor. With his Q (Sear) he throws a fire blast, and if the enemy is burning with passive he will stun him. His E (Conflagration) is a targeted skill that burns the target and those around. It does a nice damage, but the main purpose is to inflict the passive, making it easier and almost instantaneous to stun the adversaries. And his ultimate (Pyroclasm) is a ball of fire that bounces 5 times dealing HUGE damage to whoever it hits. Now, with this kit it is not a surprise he can dominate the lane. He’s great at starting a fight, kite back, teamfights and cool design. But I have to admit, he’s not great at protecting, even to protect himself is kind of difficult if you miss his Q. In other words, pick him up to destroy and dominate the lane, prioritizing a fast win. Other than this, what’s not to like? 



Into the depths you shall bring your enemies, and through pressure and CCs you will achieve victory! 

His Q (Dredge Line) makes him shoot his anchor, grabbing and pulling the enemy to you, while you also go to him. In other words, you two meet in the middle. His W (Titan’s Wrath) is a big shield that allows every basic attack to damage in area. His E (Riptide) makes him stomp the floor and causes a big area around him to slow enemies. Lastly, his ultimate (Depth Charge) is a targeted knock up, and knocks everything in its path until it hits the target. Yup, it’s as powerful as it reads. 

So not only does he have all these CCs, his passive (Staggering Blow) makes it that his first basic attack will snare the enemy. Which means you have a grab, an area knock up, snare and slow. And to make it even more unbelievable: he’s really, really tanky. So the pressure he puts in the lane just by standing still.the protection and engage he offers is immense. He sure is one of the greatest! 


LEARN HOW TO PLAY KARMA SUPPORT LIKE A PRO! - T1 Keria Plays Karma SUPPORT vs Thresh! | Season 2022

She’s a high mobility, mage-burst, annoying and protective support. If this interests you, then keep reading, I’m sure the enemy team will not enjoy. With her Q (Inner Flame) she throws a skillshot that once it hits it does huge AoE damage, great for clearing waves or pokes in general. Oh! It also slows. Her W (Focused Resolve) connects her to the enemy, and after a while it snares them, and her E (Inspire) is a shield that speeds you up, but it can also be used on an ally. Now, I know, it doesn’t look extraordinary, but it’s because I didn’t mention her ultimate (Mantra). It basically empowers her next ability. Her Q will deal A LOT more damage, and once it hits, not only it slows but after a while it explodes again, doing even more damage. Lastly, her W will restore her health and her E will shield and speed everyone up in a huge area. 

    Great at poking and pressuring the enemy team, as well as protecting and ganking and overall a great character for teamfight, she’s certainly a support that could interest you!


LEARN HOW TO PLAY JANNA SUPPORT LIKE A PRO! - Korean Challenger Plays Janna SUPPORT vs Galio!

Storms, tornados, lightning and rain. You can do all of that and more! 

    With her Q (Howling Gale) she creates a tornado that shoots in one direction knocking everything up. The longer it charges the further it goes, but you can also recast it to release it as soonas needed. Her E (Eye of the Storm) is a very strong shield that grants the receiver more damage, and it CAN be used in towers! Her W (Zephir) is a targeted skill that when it hits it slows down the enemy and does decent damage, especially in the early game. And her ultimate (Monsoon) is a huge area that pushes enemies out and heals allies inside. 

She’s amaster at disengaging and can certainly help to chase enemies, thanks to her passive (Tailwind) which greatly increases her and her allies movement speed. Thus, in a way, she could be considered as one of the greatest champions for protection, and one very annoying at that. The enemy team will certainly suffer, and your ADC, depending on which one it is, will be very thankful. 



And last but not least, Leona, a tank support. With her Q (Shield of Daybreak) her next attack stuns the target! With her E (Zenith Blade) her sword expands and she teleports to the last enemy it hits, while she’s traveling the target will be immobilized. Her W (Eclipse) temporarily gives her armor and magic resistance, and after some seconds she explodes, doing damage around her. And the best and most satisfying part: her ultimate (Solar Flare), which is a strike from the sky that has two effects: in the small round center area it stuns, in the big round outside area it slows. Imagine it as a big merciless sunray that even if you miss it can be considered as a success. She’s one hell of a support, one of the best at protecting and engaging. Hell, she has 3 STUNS! And, OH! Her passive (Sunlight)! Every time one of her skills hits an enemy, champions or minions, they get marked, this mark explodes when an ally hits, dealing extra damage, which is great for team fights and especially 2v2.

So what do you think? Are you ready to try any of them? My intention was to present champions for every kind of player possible, so some are high risk high reward, some extremely aggressive and some defensive. I hope I could help you decide a champion to play with and maybe in the process bring some more excitement for you. I know how boring it might be once you don’t really feel like playing with the same champion over and over again, so yeah… I hope it will be as enjoyable for you as it was for me to make this list (and to play with them, of course!). Till next time!  




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