[Top 10] LoL Best Support Champions 2019 (OP Support Champions for Ranked)

LoL Best Support
Do not underestimate the support.

Whenever a game is lost, the “trolling” support is always to blame, even if they have perfect KDA. However, supports can be one of the most influential roles in League of Legends. They can set up teamfights, peel for their carries, endure flame, and provide heals, shields, or other utility for their team. This list is written based on support win rates in Patch 9.11.

10) Fiddlesticks

Winrate: 51.20%

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom, is a sentient, terrifying scarecrow who creeps through the dark, preying on those unfortunate enough to wander in his path. Though he is normally played in the jungle, he is also an effective harassing support with his fear and silence.

Why this champion is good:

  • He can stop engages or interrupt spells from caster or engage supports if he times his silence and fear correctly. This can be really annoying for the enemy team, and he can provide a window of time to punish their mistakes.
  • He has good sustain with his Drain.
  • His Dark Wind ability can also provide good harass when the enemy ADC tries to go in for a minion kill.
  • His ultimate, Crowstorm, can deal large AOE damage in a teamfight. If he positions correctly, he can use his ultimate, then use Zhonya’s Hourglass to stay safe.

Rating: 90/100

9) Nautilus

Winrate: 51.44%

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, is a metal creature determined to make others pay the ocean’s tithe. He is a great engage support, hooking enemies toward him and locking them in place.

Why this champion is good:

  • He can root enemy champions simply by auto attacking them.
  • His hook is fast and difficult to dodge, especially if he catches them by surprise.
  • His ultimate, Depth Charge, is a lock on ability that knocks up his target and stuns them. This is great for making engages onto the backline during teamfights.
  • He can fire his anchor on terrain to pull him towards the terrain he hit, allowing him to move around the map more easily.

Champion Power Rating: 95/100

8) Taric

Winrate: 51.44%

Taric, the Shield of Valoran, wields stunning power as Runeterra’s guardian of life, love, and beauty. He stuns enemies with his incredible physique, locking them in place while his ADC cleans up the fight.

Why this champion is good:

  • He chooses an ally as his partner, allowing his skills (such as his stun and heal) to be used at a greater range.
  • He can heal in an area around him and his partner, allowing him to heal his entire team.
  • His ultimate allows invulnerability for a few seconds, which can be extended to his entire team.
  • He sparkles.

Rating: Fabulous/100

7) Zilean

Winrate: 51.58%

Zilean, the Chronokeeper, is a temporal mage. Detached from the timeline of the mortal plane, he can speed up his friends, slow enemies, and even revive allies.

Why this champion is good:

  • His time bombs are great for harass and dealing AOE damage. If two land on top of each other, they explode, dealing additional damage and providing a large AOE stun. This is very useful in teamfights and providing self peel.
  • He can drastically slow down enemies to isolate them, making them easier targets for his time bombs and his allies.
  • His ultimate is the most useful part of his kit and the main reason why people play Zilean: It revives a target ally. Similar to the Guardian Angel Item in the game, any ally champion with Zilean’s ult on it will revive when killed. He can choose to keep himself alive, or save a friend for the sake of the team.

Rating: 93/100

6) Rakan

Winrate: 51.60%

Rakan, the Charmer, is a mischievous vastayan troublemaker and the greatest battle-dancer in Lhotlan tribal history. Along with his partner Xayah, Rakan dashes around the battlefield, charming all who see him and knocking up all those in his wake.

Why this champion is good :

  • His bread and butter combo, The Quickness into Grand Entrance charms all enemies he runs into long enough for his knockup ability to trigger, chain crowd controlling the enemy and allowing his team to take down their opponents with ease. A well timed combo can turn the teamfight and the game in your favor.
  • He has so, so many dashes in his kit. He can dash to allies, over walls, and more to escape or engage. As one of the most mobile champions in league, he is also one of the most fun to play (in my opinion).
  • His kit includes a heal and a shield. While his heal is not as effective as other healing supports’, it still makes a difference.
  • Rakan is a sexy bird man, and one of my favorites. What else is there to say?

Rating: 96/100

5) Soraka

Winrate: 51.65%

Soraka, the Starchild, is a celestial being descended from the heavens. She is the best healer on Summoner’s Rift, racing to those in need.

Why this champion is good:

  • As the best healer on Summoner’s Rift, Soraka can heal all allies at once with Wish.
  • Her heal, Astral Infusion, is on a very low cooldown. This can be used to heal allies in quick succession.
  • She gets increased movement speed towards allies with low health with her passive, Salvation.
  • Her Q, Starcall, can be used to heal herself.
  • Her E, Equinox, is an excellent zoning ability. It is a silence, which can be used to interrupt channels and prevent enemy engages.

Rating: 95/100

4) Lux

Winrate: 52.16%

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a mage with the ability to bend light to her will. As a support, she can slow and snare enemies, as well as shield multiple allies at a time.

Why this champion is good:

  • She is excellent at harassing enemies with her E, Lucent Singularity, and auto attack combo. Once she pops her skill, she marks all enemies hit. Hitting the enemy with an attack procs the mark, dealing bonus damage to the enemy.
  • She can deal a surprising amount of damage when she uses her ultimate, Final Spark. This can be used to snipe kills or objectives, or even blow up the enemy carries.
  • Her shield can be used on multiple members of a team, which is very useful in crucial teamfight situations.
  • She is very powerful in the meta currently.

Rating: 97/100

3) Nami

Winrate: 52.85%

Nami, the Tidecaller, is an aquatic vastaya with the strength of the oceans. A very solid mage support, Nami can provide auto attack buffs, heals, and crowd control for the team.

Why this champion is good:

  • Her W, Ebb and Flow, bounces from ally to enemy, or enemy to ally, healing friends and hurting flow. This is good for trading and good for changing the tide of the teamfight.
  • Her bubble, Aqua Prison, stuns and lifts enemies hit into the air. Side note, this can trigger Yasuo’s ultimate. This is useful as it can provide engages, disengages, and peel.
  • Her E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, buffs an ally’s auto attacks, allowing them to slow and do extra damage.
  • All of her abilities give a movement speed bonus to allies they are cast on.
  • Her ultimate, Tidal Wave, knocks up all enemies hit and can create an opening for her team to attack.
  • She is never a bad support to pick. Her kit is solid, and she can always make a difference, no matter how much damage she does.

Rating: 98/100

2) Sona

Winrate: 53.19%

Sona, Maven of the Strings, is a mute player of the instrument called etwahl, using sound vibrations to slice through her enemies. She is an easy-to-play, well-rounded support with a varied kit, dealing damage, healing, and providing a large AOE stun with her ult.

Why this champion is good:

  • Easy lock-on damaging spell that focuses champions, along with an auto attack buff that lets her deal even more damage. Good harass, especially against low elo players.
  • Multitarget heal and shield, along with an auto attack buff that causes damage reduction in enemies. Good for shutting down enemy carries.
  • Multitarget movement speed boost, which is helpful in getting to and away from teamfights. The auto attack buff allows her to slow an enemy.
  • Her ult is a powerful AOE stun that can initiate team fights or be used as peel for allies.

Rating: 95/100

1) Janna

Winrate: 52.85%

Janna, the Storm’s Fury, is a mystical wind elemental that protects the poor of Runeterra. As a support, she protects herself and her team very well if used correctly, spamming shields, tornadoes, and the occasional healing monsoon.

Why this champion is good:

  • She has an amazing shield that also grants her shielded target with bonus attack damage. This skill can also be used on turrets.
  • Her tornado, Howling Gale, is amazing for defense. Any assassin that tries to jump on you can be knocked up with a quick tornado, allowing your teammates to retaliate or get away to safety.
  • Her W, Zephyr, can help lock down fleeing enemy champions by slowing them. Its passive also grants her bonus movement speed.
  • Her ultimate, Monsoon, is the ultimate disengage for your team. If they are caught in an unfavorable fight, you can push away all enemies around you and heal your wounded teammates for a few seconds. If used correctly, this skill can even save the game from being lost.

Rating: 98/100


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