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"When you are successful for as long as TSM has, people are going to love to see us fail and lose.” -Bjergsen

Bjergsen is a household name for LoL players and esports fans all over the world, but before his tremendous success in League of Legends he was just a normal teenager with a passion for games. Here are 32 interesting facts about the legendary midlaner:

1. Bjergsen’s real name is Søren Bjerg.

2. He was born on February 21, 1996 in Denmark, making him 23 years old.

3. PC games were always a big part of his life, and he grew up playing classics like World of Warcraft and Counterstrike.

4. He began his League of Legends journey by reaching Challenger on EUW in 2013.

5. Even for an esports star, Bjergsen’s career began at a very young age: he had to wait for three weeks to play in his first EU LCS season due to Riot’s age restrictions on players.

6. Despite his youth, he was known as an energetic midlaner who could play many different champions.

7. The first professional LoL team he played for was the Danish team Copenhagen Wolves.

8. He made a name for himself early on: playing Syndra, he scored the first pentakill ever in the EU LCS against AAA.

9. As a rapidly rising talent, he knew he would have to change teams in order to realize his full potential, so in November 2013 he moved to Los Angeles to join TSM.

10. He believed that moving to the United States would give him better access to a more competitive environment where he could hone his skills.

11. His move to TSM coincided with Reginald’s retirement from the mid lane position.

12. Living in the United States would take some getting used to, but Bjergsen demonstrated his adaptability. With the help of his team he settled into his new home.

13. Just two months after he moved to TSM, however, he was fined $2,000 for attempting to poach a player from another LCS team.

14. Despite the issues he was having, he managed to lead TSM through a successful season to the finals of the Spring Split.

15. He also scored his first pentakill in the NA LCS; surprisingly, it was  with Karma.

16. Bjergsen’s 2014 season ended in a disappointing way, however, when TSM lost a 3-0 series to Cloud9 in the LCS finals and were systematically dismantled by Samsung White at Worlds.

17. The time between 2014 and 2015 was tough for Bjergsen. TSM was demoralized from the disappointing end to their season, and everyone in the organization wanted to go in a different direction.

18. Bjergsen knew that as the midlaner and strongest member of the team, he would have to step up and be a leader.

19. With this mindset, he began pushing his teammates harder and instilling more discipline into their practice regimen. While this inevitably led to some tension, it would have a big impact on the team going into the 2015 season.

20. Before the start of the season, Bjergsen said in an interview, “I think we will be the best team in NA.”

21. The Bjergsen-led TSM squad began the spring split that year with an 8-2 run, reestablishing their dominance in North America. Everything was looking up for the young and reinvigorated team.

22. They finished the spring split 13-5 and won the NA LCS championship—largely due to Bjergsen’s outstanding midlane performance and diverse champion pool.

23. Bjergsen and TSM wouldn’t be comfortable for long. They had a poor performance at the 2015 MSI tournament, and many fans began to doubt their ability to perform in the next split.

24. It was during this time that tension began to arise between Bjergsen and his long-time friend (and TSM’s jungler) Santorin.

25. Rumors circulated that the two were not getting along as well as they had in the past, and many people pointed to their lack of synergy and obvious skill disparity as part of TSM’s problem.

26. The 2015 Summer Split started well but ended on a sour note when TSM lost to long-time rival CLG in the finals.

27. Things took a turn for the worse at worlds when TSM couldn’t even make it out of the group stage.

28. TSM and Bjergsen had to regroup, and on top of they had to find a replacement for Santorin after he decided to leave the team.

29. TSM decided to completely overhaul the team, and the only player that would remain on the roster for the 2016 season was Bjergsen.

30. Despite Bjergsen’s continued success in the mid lane, the team had a rough Spring split and finished in 6th place.

31. 2017 would be more of the same for Bjergsen and a slightly updated TSM roster. While they performed well against North American competition, they struggled to succeed at Worlds.

32. Bjergsen also scored an impressive third career pentakill playing Orianna during a regular season game against Cloud9.

Bjergsen has had quite a successful career, and it is far from over. No one can predict the future, but his incredible journey to the top of the esports scene has carved out his place in the history of League of Legends.

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