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Ever wonder how Huni became such a dominant player for Fnatic and Immortals?

Huni’s exciting toplane playstyle and hilarious antics have earned him a large and dedicated fanbase, and his professional career as a League of Legends player is an amazing story that needs to be told. Here are 32 interesting facts about everyone’s favorite toplaner, Huni:

1. Huni’s name is taken from his real name, Heo Seung-Hoon.

2. Before rising to fame, Huni was on the practice team for Samsung.

3. Despite being a part of the organization, he never played any games for Samsung. However, his time there allowed him to hone his skills against top-level Korean talent.

4. Huni kicked off his career by getting picked up by the EU LCS powerhouse Fnatic in 2015.

5. The transition to a Western organization was difficult for Huni, as at the time he spoke very little English.

6. He knew he would have to stay dedicated to improving his skills and learning a new language, and his perseverance led to almost immediate success.

7. Huni and Fnatic had a fantastic Spring Split that year, going 13-5.

8. His dominant play, as well as the unexpected nature of the team’s success, won him the Rookie of the Split Award in the EU LCS.

9. The team went on to win the spring tournament, defeating UoL.

10. Huni’s fame skyrocketed after his play at MSI that year. His unusual picks won the crowd over, and he and Fnatic went into the Summer Split with the wind at their back.

11. That summer Huni and Fnatic made history. They were undefeated in the regular season with 18 wins and not a single loss.

12. This was the first time that a team had gone undefeated in the history of the LCS.

13. Having risen from relative obscurity over less than a year, Huni was now one of the most popular League of Legends pros.

14. Fnatic would go on to make it to the semifinals of Worlds 2015 before getting knocked out by KOO Tigers.

15. Despite his great run with Fnatic, Huni decided to switch over to the new superteam being assembled in NA, Immortals.

16. With him came Reignover, Fnatic’s jungler. The duo would be an important part of Immortals’ aggressive strategy.

17. Huni and Reignover had developed a close friendship on Fnatic as they were the only two Korean players on the team.

18. They took the reins on the new team and led them to success in the beginning of the split.

19. At this point, Huni had accrued 32 consecutive LCS wins between Fnatic and Immortals.

20. Unfortunately, nothing good can last forever, and Huni’s streak was broken by CLG in week 7 of the Spring Split.

21. Immortals wrapped up their split with just one loss on their record, but they faltered in the playoffs and took 3rd place.

22. They were the second-ranked team at the end of the Summer Split, and much of their success was due to Huni beginning to adapt his champion pool to the new meta.

23. Once again, however, Immortals underperformed in the playoffs, and they and Huni ended the split in 3rd place.

24. Immortals did not qualify for worlds in 2016, much to Huni’s disappointment.

25. Huni knew there was only one way to progress as a player: he would have to move back to Korea.

26. With seemingly perfect timing, the legendary Korean franchise SKT T1 extended an offer for Huni to move back home and play for them.

27. It was an easy decision, and although Huni was sad to leave his new friends and teammates, he knew that his career was more important and took the offer.

28. Upon returning home to Korea, Huni was energized and took his gameplay to the next level.

29. Huni and SKT went 16-2 during the regular season and picked up the LCK title.

30. Things got rough during the Summer Split, and Huni’s declining play caused him to be subbed out for a large number of games.

31. Huni was subbed back in for worlds, and SKT made it to the finals before losing to Samsung Galaxy.

32. He had enjoyed his run in Korea, but he realized that playing in the U.S. was a better experience. Huni moved back to NA to join Echo Fox as their starting toplaner.

Huni had one of the most memorable win streaks in the history of League of Legends, but he is not done playing. His return to NA has excited his massive fanbase there, and the future looks bright for the 20-year-old Korean star.

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