[Top 10] LOL Skins That Give You An Advantage

[Top 10] LOL Skins That Give You An Advantage
This is so pay to win...

Are you someone who doesn’t care about cosmetics or how your champion looks in general and all you want to do is focus on winning your match and gaining that sweet sweet LP? Well, if you are one of those people why not bump up your chances of winning by giving yourself an advantage while using a skin.

Yes, believe it or not, some skins in League of Legends can give the player an advantage be it in sound effects or in visual effects but nonetheless they help out in the long run. Today I’ll be listing some of the best skins that give you an advantage in the game and I’ll be explaining how these skins give you an advantage exactly and how you can use them to your own benefit. With that knowledge in mind let’s get on with it!


10. Arcade Sona (10$ or 1350 RP)

See Arcade Sona In Action (Video By SkinSpotlights):

The first skin that we’ll be talking about today is none other than Arcade Sona. The skin itself is a huge throwback to the 90s era of video games where the whole point was to have fun and spend every single quarter you had collected over the weekend on arcade machines. You see, Sona can apply a debuff onto an enemy champion with her passive ability “Power Chord”. 

When using the standard skin detecting that a debuff has been applied can be hard and most of the time your teammates don’t even notice it. But if you switch to the “Arcade Sona” the type of debuff applied will light up next to the enemy and your teammates will jump onto them like a moth to a flame. This comes in really handy during huge team fights where nobody knows what the hell is going on.

How Arcade Sona Gives You An Advantage:

  • During crowded team fights it’s easier to detect when a debuff has been applied onto an enemy. 
  • The skin comes with brand new and clearer visuals that are way easier to detect during gameplay. 
  • The skin has one of the best VFX and sound effects out of any other skin for the champion (excluding DJ Sona). 

How To Get Arcade Sona: 

To get yourself this skin head over to the skin store in the client and purchase it for 1350 RP!


9. High Noon Viktor (10$ or 1350 RP)

See High Noon Viktor In Action (Video By Eternal Hero):

Do you enjoy playing Viktor but every time you use your E “Death Ray” the enemy dodges it? If that has been happening to you lately that might be due to the fact that the ability emits a high orange color when it’s about to explode. It’s basically telling the enemy team “Hey I’m about to do high damage you better move out of the way!”. Well, worry no less because if you purchase yourself the “High Noon Viktor” skin the color of the E “Death Ray” will be gray and that bright orange color is finally gone. 

I didn’t believe this to be true at first but once getting myself the skin and using it I found myself landing the ability more often which resulted in getting a few early kills to snowball the match. That is because the E “Death Ray” doesn’t glow a bright orange color anymore instead it’s gray and when it starts to glow it’s way harder to detect especially if used in the river. This also comes very handy during team fights as most people just won’t be able to detect it as they will be focusing on surviving. 

How High Noon Viktor Gives You An Advantage:

  • Because the E “Death Ray” doesn’t glow a bright orange color anymore you’ll find yourself landing the ability more often onto the enemy. 
  • The E “Death Ray” with the High Noon Viktor skin becomes even harder to detect especially during team fights or in the river. 
  • The skin also comes with smoother auto-attack animations which can make it easier for you to last hit minions. 

How To Get High Noon Viktor: 

To turn into a metal cowboy head over to the in-game store and purchase this skin for yourself for 1350 RP.


8. Elderwood Bard (8$ or 975 RP)

See Elderwood Bard In Action (Video By ENORIA Spotlights):

My frens listen here, your enemies are going to be malding once you start using this skin. You see when you use Bard’s Q “Cosmic Binding” on the normal or standard skin it will look quite large, it will glow a bright yellow color, and most people will dodge it without a problem. But once you equip the “Elderwood” skin the Q’s size is significantly lowered, additionally instead of glowing a bright yellow color it will be purple which doesn’t glow as brightly. 

It still has the same hitbox as with any other skin but the size of the visual is way smaller. Which will result in you hitting and stunning the enemy more frequently which in return gets your ADC and your team more kills. Most people will freak out at the fact  of how they get hit by the ability when they were sure that they dodged it 100%. That’s the beauty of this skin and you can easily get under the nerves of your enemies which will make them even angrier. 

How Elderwood Bard Gives You An Advantage:

  • The Q “Cosmic Binding” doesn’t glow a bright yellow color and the visual of the ability is smaller, which results in you hitting your stun more often.
  • Most of the time the enemy will think they dodged the ability safely but in reality they will still get hit by it because the hitbox size is still the same.
  • The skin also comes with smoother sound effects and animations which just make it a more enjoyable experience to play Bard. 

How To Get Elderwood Bard: 

To hit your Q’s way easier head over to the in-game shop for skins and purchase it for 975 RP.


7. Project Ashe (15$ or 1820 RP)

See Project Ashe In Action (Video By lexaztotalz):

Is your team blaming you for not being able to hit a single R “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” because of the sheer size of it? Well, Riot Games has found a solution for you and it will only cost you 15$. You see when you use the “Project Ashe” skin the R “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” will have a significantly smaller visual size of the projectile but the hitbox will remain the same. There have been countless times when I thought that the R “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” would simply miss or that I have dodged it successfully only to find myself being hit by it and respawning in my base. 

That happened so many times to me that I can’t even count it anymore. Along with that insane advantage that you’ll have, the skin also comes with brand new and smooth auto-attack animations that will definitely make it easier for you to farm. When it comes to the standard skin the animations are quite old and it might throw you off a bit while playing so change up the whole champion with this skin!

How Project Ashe Gives You An Advantage:

  • The overall skin completely changes the champion with updated visuals, animations, and sound effects that make it more enjoyable playing the champion. 
  • The visual size of her ultimate ability “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” has been significantly lowered. 
  • You’ll find yourself hitting your ultimate ability more often onto the enemy which will result in you getting an easy kill. 

How To Get Project Ashe:

To get yourself this good looking skin head over to your in-game skin store and purchase the skin for 1820 RP or 15$. 


6. Infernal Diana (10$ or 1350 RP)

See Infernal Diana In Action (Video By Heresy):

This skin might not be the best looking one but for sure it gives one hell of an advantage due to the way it looks. You see the main source of damage comes from the passive ability “Moonsilver Blade” that activates on every third auto-attack dealing AoE damage, but once it activates Diana starts glowing a bright white light that’s telling to everyone “Hey I’m ready to one-shot you.” 

To completely evade that problem just do yourself a favor and purchase “Infernal Diana” so the enemy has a really hard time telling when your passive ability “Moonsilver Blade” is up. The reason for that is because the whole damn skin is orange and when she gets her passive ready it just glows a brighter orange that’s harder to detect.

How Infernal Diana Gives You An Advantage:

  • Most people will have a hard time detecting that Diana’s passive ability “Moonsilver Blade” is up. 
  • The skin provides the player with an element of surprise and a huge potential to one-shot people. 
  • The infernal skin even though it doesn’t look that good it feels really well to use due to the smoother animations. 

How To Get Infernal Diana:

To gain an advantage playing Diana just head over to your in-game skin store and purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$. 


5. Arclight Vel’Koz (10$ or 1350 RP)

See Arclight Vel’Koz In Action (Video By Azzzap LoL):

Do you want to have an easier time playing Vel’Koz and smashing your opponents into the ground? If your answer is yes then please give yourself a huge advantage by owning this skin as with this skin you can easily combo your Q “Plasma Fission” and W “Void Rift” without the enemy even knowing you fired two abilities at once until they get hit by them. 

You see with the standard skin every ability has a distinct purple color which is easy to detect while with the Arclight they are just golden and they all look the same. Additionally the size of the abilities is even smaller so it’s even harder to dodge them successfully. 

How Arclight Vel’Koz Gives You An Advantage:

  • The enemies will have a much harder time detecting you casting Q “Plasma Fission” and W “Void Rift” at the same time. 
  • It’s going to be harder to dodge the abilities due to their smaller particles and the golden color pallet. 
  • It will be much easier to poke and kill your opponents during the laning phase. 

How To Get Arclight Vel’Koz:

To obtain this golden skin head over to the skin shop in League of Legends and purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$. 


4. Arclight Varus (10$ or 1350 RP)

See Arclight Varus In Action (Video By Vapora Dark):

This skin has the same gist as the previous one as they are both from the Arclight skin line. When you’re playing Varus and using the standard skin and you used his ultimate R “Chain Of Corruption” everyone can tell from a mile away and because of that it’s easily dodged by everyone. 

So to counter that just do yourself a favor and use “Arclight Varus” where it’s almost impossible to notice when the ultimate ability is used especially during crowded team fights. The amount of times you’ll be hitting your ultimate ability will increase exponentially and you’ll win most of your fights as a result of that. 

How Arclight Varus Gives You An Advantage: 

  • It’s way easier to land your ultimate ability “Chain Of Corruption” due to the smaller particle. 
  • Because the color pallet of the ability is golden it’ll be very hard to detect during team fights. 
  • It’s way easier to surprise the enemy team due to the color pallet of the skin. 

How To Get Arclight Varus:

To get yourself this skin just head over to the skin shop in League of Legends and purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$. 


3. iBlitzcrank (10$ or 1350 RP)

See iBlitzcrank In Action (Video By Kirov):

Have you been having issues with landing your Q “Rocket Grab” on enemies or do they just expect you to hook them so they easily dodge it. Well, say no more to that with the iBlitzcrank skin which has a way smaller visual look of the Q “Rocket Grab”. 

With this skin I guarantee you that you’ll be able to surprise your enemies without an issue and you’ll be able to successfully land your hooks without a single problem. The skin also has smoother animations when auto-attacking or walking, and way better sound effects which just make this skin even better to use. 

How iBlitzcrank Gives You An Advantage:

  • The visual look of the Q “Rocket Grab” is way smaller than with the standard skin which makes it easier to land and hook enemies. 
  • The animations on the skin are overall much better than with the standard skin and it makes it more enjoyable to use. 
  • The skin is actually banned in pro-play due to the advantage it gives to the player. 

How To Get iBlitzcrank:

To obtain this magnificent skin head over to the skin shop in the client and purchase it for 1350 RP.


2. Dark Waters Vladimir

See Dark Waters Vladimir In Action (Video By TwigerLoL):

All of you blood sucking vampire enjoyers are going to love this skin if you aren’t using it already. And if you aren’t using it already what are you doing? You see when using the “Dark Waters” skin Vladimir’s ultimate ability “Hemoplague” is almost impossible to detect especially when used in the river. Additionally the “Dark Waters” skin also comes with smoother auto-attack animations and a model that feels smaller when compared to the standard skin. 

Also, it’s almost impossible to detect when the ability has been applied to a target as the effect that shows it is a really dark cyan color that’s hard to detect so most of the time enemies will die without even knowing they were hit by the ability. All of these effects in the standard skin are a bright red color that clearly show if someone has been hit by the ability. 

How Dark Waters Vladimir Gives You An Advantage:

  • The ultimate ability “Hemoplague” is nearly impossible to detect when used in river or in crowded team fights. 
  • The effect that shows that “Hemoplague” has been applied is really hard to detect and will catch your enemies by surprise most of the time. 
  • With the “Dark Waters” skin the model feels smaller and the auto-attacks animations feel better when compared to the standard skin.

How To Get Dark Waters Vladimir:

To get yourself one of these head over to the skin store and purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$.


1. Elementalist Lux (25$ or 3250 RP)

See Elementalist Lux In Action (Video By Skin Spotlights):

Elementalist Lux or the best damn skin in the game or the scared child of Riot Games. This skin is classified as an ultimate which just means that it changes everything about the champion. From the voice actress to the smallest animations possible. Additionally you have to be Jeff Bezos to buy the skin because let’s be real a casual player ain’t dropping 25 dollars onto this. 

But thankfully it can be obtained through a chest for free if you maxed out your luck skill tree on your birthday. Because the skin changes everything about the champion it might even give you the feeling of playing someone new and the same goes for the enemy who might feel they are playing against a new champion which can throw them off. 

The skin also allows the player to change forms which there are 10 off but the most broken one has to be the “Water Form”.  When using the “Water Form” it made it really hard to detect the particle effects of her abilities. But don’t get it twisted as the whole skin gives the player a huge advantage no matter what form is being used. 

How Elementalist Lux Gives You An Advantage:

  • The skin changes the champion completely which can give the enemy a feeling of playing against a brand new champion. 
  • The skin has new and different animations for casting her abilities which throws off enemies who are used to playing against the standard Lux skin. 
  • Elementalist Lux comes with 10 different forms that each have a unique color pallet and visual effect. 
  • When using the “Water Form” it makes it really hard to detect the particle effects of her abilities. 

How To Get Elementalist Lux:

First make sure to take a loan out of the bank and then head over to the in-game shop store and purchase it for 25$ or 3250 RP.


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