[Top 15] LOL Best-Looking Champs That Wreck Hard!

Best Looking League of Legends Champions
Some champion designs hit the mark just right.

Ever wonder which champs have the best-looking designs in League?

In League of Legends, champion visuals are a very important part of the game. The design of each champion must be able to draw in players. If a champion is poorly designed, no one will be drawn in and play them, no matter how good their kit may be. 

However, if a champion is well designed, (and we don’t mean just in sexiness or appeal) it can really appeal to a lot more people. So let’s just into it, and check out which champions have the best looking designs.

15. Fiddlesticks

Base Skin Fiddlesticks Splash Art

If you were looking for sexy champions to play, Fiddlesticks is not the one. But is his design one of the best-looking ones in the game of League of Legends? Without a doubt.

The rework that Fiddlesticks received in early 2020 amped up his scare factor, building on his demonic lore. Not sure yet? Listen to the noises he makes.

What makes Fiddlesticks great:

  • Super creepy voice lines that echo his victims.
  • Updated graphics that are clean and crisp.
  • Great skins, of which some older ones were updated, such as his Surprise Party Fiddlesticks skin, which has always been a fan favourite.

See Fiddlesticks own in action:


14. Kindred

Spirit Blossom Kindred Splash Art

Kindred’s lore is one of the best in League, which has fantastic lore (you should check it out!). The pale man (Death) felt inconceivable loneliness that consumed him entirely. Eventually, he split himself in two using an axe to become: Lamb and Wolf. 

Each character that makes up the champion Kindred represents the two types of death one can receive: If one is honourable, Lamb shoots them swiftly and kills them with a quick death. However, if they run from death, Wolf chases them down and gives them a slow and gruesome end.

This is completely depicted in Kindred’s design, making them one of the best-looking champions in the game!

What makes Kindred great:

  • Their aspects of duality between Lamb’s femininity and Wolf’s masculinity, Lamb’s elegance and Wolf’s roughness.
  • There are multiple versions of Kindred in the lore according to the customs and traditions of each nation. Spirit Blossom Kindred is the Ionian version. We would love to see the other nations’ renditions of Kindred, but apparently, that idea was scrapped.
  • Iconic voice lines like “Lamb: Never one… Wolf: Without the other,” and “Wolf: They race from us!... Lamb: Only to find us sooner.”

See Kindred own in action:

Kindred Jungle vs Hecarim - KR Grandmaster Patch 11.9

13. Neeko

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko Skin

A chameleon Vastaya that can shapeshift in any of your team members? Yes, please. Neeko’s unique ability to clone other players is super fun on the rift, with a little bonus extra. If your teammate has a new or cool skin you’ve never seen or played before, you can test it out by cloning them when you’re Neeko.

With pretty skins, colourful abilities and beautiful splash arts, Neeko deserves a place on this list as one of the best-looking champs in the game.

What makes Neeko great:

  • Her voice actress is fantastic, giving Neeko great charm.
  • She has a friendly personality that works well with her voice lines and design.
  • Her transformative abilities are intrinsic to her design.
  • She has cool skins such as Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko or Star Guardian Neeko.

See Neeko own in action:

Faker NEEKO vs YASUO (MID) | Korea Challenger | v9.13

12. Sylas

Base Skin Sylas Splash Art

Possibly one of the best recent champion in terms of moving the lore along (we won’t speak of the Ruination event). Sylas’ design (along with Neeko) was one that changed the game. He was one of the first in a line of champions that gained an ability to clone the enemy in some way. 

Sylas can steal their ult ( While Neeko steals their looks and Viego steals their bodies). But what makes Sylas so cool? He is a sympathetic villain who is doing the wrong things for the… right reasons? Well, as the lore evolves, time will tell.

What makes Sylas great:

  • Unique design and style.
  • Cool back story and lore.
  • The ability to steal other champions abilities and use it on them.

See Sylas own in action:

FAKER IS SO GOOD WITH SYLAS! - T1 Faker Plays Sylas Mid vs Jayce! | KR SoloQ Patch 11.8

11. Pyke

Blood Moon Pyke Splash Art

Pyke is a champion that is mostly seen as a supportive assassin mix on the Rift. With a sleek design, intriguing back story and cool abilities, he’s a popular champion.

This blood moon splash art really highlights Pyke’s best-looking design as the murderous captain back from the grave to kill his assailants.

What makes Pyke great:

  • The sound effects of his ultimate are fantastic (and terrifying if you’re the low health enemy).
  • Cool effects on his abilities.
  • Great voice lines that work perfectly with his visuals.

See Pyke own in action:


10. Vel’Koz

Base Skin Vel’Koz Splash Art 

Vel’Koz’s design is one of the best looking in the game because he is exactly what we want to see from a Void monster. While there are other void champions that are human and overtly sexy (ahem, Kai’sa), Vel’Koz represents the monster we want to see in League.

With tentacles and destruction rays, Vel’Koz comes with it all. He’s a Sci-Fi dream.

What makes Vel’Koz great:

  • Interesting non-human design.
  • Cool kit filled with terrifying power and destruction.
  • Voice lines that highlight his lore as he researches any creature he encounters.

See Vel’Koz own in action:


9. Volibear

Rune Guard Volibear Splash Art

Once upon a time, Volibear would not have made this list, not in a heartbeat. But since May 2020, Volibear’s rework made him so much cooler. With fresh splash arts, more lore and a more fitting visual update for the Freljord ancient power that is Volibear. 

Riot took note of Volibear mains’ wishes and keep the style of the old volibear but updated it in a really nice way.

This splash art of Rune Guard Volibear is so stunning, as it highlights the size of Volibear and his affinity for lightning and the storm.

What makes Volibear great:

  • Updated splash art.
  • Reworked abilities and a visual update that highlights his prowess.
  • His design focuses on his lore as he is the brother of Ornn and Anivia as Frljordian gods. 

See Volibear own in action:


8. Leona

Solar Eclipse Leona Splash Art 

Leona is a Solari soldier that works as one of the best-looking champion designs in the game. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything celestial as you’ll see. 

Leona is a tanky support with the heat of the sun at her fingertips. Her recent lore sports her as an LGBT champion that is part of the Solari religion.

What makes Leona great:

  • She has a range of great skins with stunning splash arts such as the Solar Eclipse (and the variant Lunar Eclipse) skins.
  • Her abilities have beautiful colours and effects depending on the skin.
  • Leona shares a story with the next champion on the list to celebrate pride.

See Leona own in action:

(HIGH ELO) The RANK 1 LEONA shows you how to POP OFF as LEONA IN SEASON 11!

7. Diana

Lunar Goddess Diana Splash Art

Of course, the opposite to Leona, Diana is a Lunari who is chosen by the moon. She is contradictory to Leona in many ways: Leona is tanky but slow while Diana is nimble and squishier. Leona is a chosen of the sun, while Diana is of the moon. 

Her skins are beautiful. I already mentioned before that I’m a sucker for anything celestial. Their duality is creative and impressive. I would love to see more skins with a shared theme between the two, especially since they are lovers.

What makes Diana great:

  • Fun to play champion.
  • Beautiful splash arts such as Lunar Goddess and many more.
  • A rework to her kit in recent years with a new ultimate.
  • Some really bad joke lines like, “A man, a woman and a yordle walk into the sun. They die! Because it burns them alive?”

See Diana own in action:


6. Kayle

Transcended Kayle Splash Art

Much like Diana and Leona, Kayle is another champion that features a celestial duality.

Kayle is the aspect of righteous judgement, featured in all its golden winged glory. For a long time, Kayle was considered the good sister, while Morgana was seen as the evil one. But recent lore turned this on its head with their rework.

What makes Kayle so great:

  • Kayle is recently reworked and evolves as she reaches later levels.
  • Her skins have been updated, showing some beautiful artwork like in the Transcended Kayle splash art.
  • She has some joint skins with Morgana, her sister, and the other half of the duality.
  • Her ultimate is one of the best looking designs in the game as it is in character, and plays upon her duality with Morgana.

See Kayle own in action:

REKKLES DESTROYING WITH KAYLE TOP! - G2 Rekkles Plays Kayle TOP vs Irelia! | Season 11

5. Morgana

Dawnbringer Morgana Splash Art

The other half of Kayle’s celestial duality, Morgana is the darker themed sister with bound wings. Previously deemed the fallen angel or evil sister, Morgana has since undergone a rework with her sister, including updated lore.

This lore places Kayle as the righteous judgement. Everything is black and white when it comes to judgement. Whereas for Morgana, she believes in redemption and reformation for those who commit crimes.

Her design mirrors Kayle’s yet it is just as unique. Her wings are bound, meaning they are always lower and downward facing unlike Kayle’s. Only during her ultimate, do we see Morgana’s unbound wings in full glory.

What makes Morgana great:

  • She has a number of beautiful skins with updated splash arts, including Coven Morgana and the upcoming Dawnbringer Morgana.
  • Fitting voice lines that echo her lore.
  • Various ability colours and art designs when using different skins.

See Morgana own in action:

THE NUMBER ONE MORGANA PLAYER IS INSANE! - Challenger Morgana - League of Legends 

4. Jinx

Star Guardian Jinx Splash Art

Jinx’s release trailer was possibly one of the best trailers for a champion release that League has ever done. Some may argue Seraphine’s hype could rival Jinx, but upon release, Jinx was and still is loved (unlike Seraphine).

With her chaotic evil meets mental illness personality, Jinx is a tornado of destruction both in Runeterra and on the Rift. She’s such a star that Riot is releasing Arcane, a Netflix series about her.

What makes Jinx great:

  • Fun personality and attractive design to her character.
  • She’s easy to play with a great pay off if you take risks and win.
  • Her skins continue to get better, including her Star Guardian Jinx skin.

See Jinx own in action:

Teddy is the Best Carry in the World?! - When Teddy Picks Jinx ADC! | SKT T1 Replays

3. Evelynn

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Splash Art

Evelynn is one of those champions that has her own fan pages, fandoms and self-identifying simps (of all genders). We won’t judge you on your Evelynn crush, don’t worry.

Evelynn’s popularity continued to grow after her rework, and even more so at the release of her K/DA skins. It is in the concept video for K/DA’s Villain that we see Evelynn in all her glory: 

What makes Evelynn great:

  • She’s a succubus demon with sex appeal.
  • She has the ability to go invisible when she is in her demonic form.
  • Her lore shows her true villainous power which is really cool as other champions such as Vayne are out to get her.

See Evelynn own in action:

SKT T1 Blossom - EVELYNN vs GRAGAS (JUNGLE) ~ KDA 22/1/3, Legendary ~ Korea Challenger ~ Patch 8.16

2. Ahri

Coven Ahri Splash Art

Speaking of sex appeal, Ahri is one of the champions that most players adore. Her sleek aesthetics and foxy personality gives Ahri the edge against the plethora of female characters in League of Legends that follow the same design template.

Ahri however has a great backstory in her lore, which you should definitely check out.

What makes Ahri great:

  • Beautiful splash arts such as the recent Coven Ahri.
  • Fantastic lore that explores the depth of her character that we don’t see on the rift.
  • Fun gameplay with nice effects on her abilities, and cool recalls on her skins.

See Ahri own in action:

THE NUMBER ONE AHRI IS SO GOOD!! - Grandmaster Mid - League of Legends

1. Jhin

Dark Cosmic Jhin Splash Art

Of course, number one on our list is arguably the most well-rounded, best-looking design in the game of League of Legends. Jhin.

Jhin has a fantastic kit, visual effects that work well to highlight his skin (think of the beauty in his ultimate when you equip Dark Cosmic Jhin), and a psychopathic murderer artist personality. What’s not to love?

What makes Jhin great:

  • A theme to his character that is unique and cool.
  • Stunning visuals through his splash arts and his visual effects.
  • A lore that backs up his personality and design.
  • His design based around the number 4. Spell out Jhin on the keyboard and it’ll make a four shape.

See Jhin own in action:


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