[Top 10] LOL Best Aggressive Support Champions That Are Fun

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There are so many different types of support playstyles.

Play support? But want to be a bit more aggressive in lane? We have the list for you!

There are lots of different types of support players. Some prefer to play healing supports like Sona, Nami and Soraka, while others play crowd control supports like Morgana and Zyra. 

The other type of support lends itself to a more aggressive playstyle, the tanks and bruisers. While any support champ can be played aggressively, these champs below are some of the most fun to play!

10. Zyra

How to climb using Zyra

While Zyra is seen as the queen of crowd control, she can be played to be a lane bully. Her abilities allow for playstyles that range from defensive to aggressive. 

The latter playstyle focuses on her E ability Grasping roots by using it to trap and ensnare enemies, giving your ADC the advantage to go in and get the kill.

Zyra can use her ultimate in several aggressive ways. When being ganked or hunted down in lane, Zyra can ult to knock up her opponents and give her ADC more time to run. 

Alternatively, if Zyra and her ADC are going all in, they can use the knock-up of her ult to gain extra time to attack the enemy.

Zyra is great as an aggressive support because:

  • Her CC allows her to control the lane.
  • She can bully from a safe distance.
  • Her ultimate causes a knock-up, giving the ADC more time to get the kill
  • Her plants become enraged if ulted on, giving Zyra multiple attacks at once.

9. Bard

Rank 1 Bard Gameplay

While Bard does have healing abilities such as his W Caretaker’s Shrine, he can be played pretty aggressively with the rest of his kit.

Bard’s passive Traveler’s Call gives Bard lesser spirits called Meeps that help his auto attacks by dealing extra magic damage. This can be helpful to aggressive playstyles. Bard can Q Cosmic Binding two enemies and then continue to lower their health using his meep assisted basic attacks.

Bard can close the gap using his E Magical Journey to surprise the enemy during a gank or just in lane. He can also ult the tower with his R Tempered Fate while the ADC picks off any low health enemies normally hiding under it.

Bard is a great aggressive support because:

  • He can be a lane bully and also easily roam and be mobile with his E.
  • He can ult from long distances to help other lanes or his own when walking back from the fountain.
  • He can gank his lane using his E.
  • He can stun two enemies with his Q.

8. Brand

Faker plays Brand Support

Brand is an aggressive support because, for many years, Brand was never a support. Brand was always a burst mage mid-laner, but in recent years, he has been played supportively. 

Brand as an aggressive support can be highly rewarding because it can also be highly risky. He is very squishy and if you make a mistake, you’re heavily punished for it.

By utilising his passive Blaze, you can light your targets on fire which deals damage over time. When you’ve stacked it three times, it becomes unstable and detonates after two seconds, dealing area damage.

Brand is a great aggressive support because:

  • He has a great combo of abilities to trigger his passive.
  • He can ult the enemy, which can bounce of himself or the enemy many times causing more damage and stacking his passive.
  • If his target is ablaze, Brand can use his Q Sear to stun for 1.5 seconds.
  • Brand can use his E Conflagration on ablaze targets to spread the effects of the ability.

7. Rakan

#1 Rakan in the world

Rakan is a champion in League of Legends that can be feast or famine depending on how well you know how to play him. While his kit isn’t the most difficult to learn, knowing when to engage and when to disengage is what makes Rakan a little harder to play.

But when played well, an aggressive playstyle on Rakan can be highly enjoyable and for the enemy, their worst nightmare. By using his W Grand Entrance Rakan can knock up enemies and disengage by using his E Battle Dance to fly back to the safety of the ADC while also shielding the ADC. 

But to be truly aggressive with Rakan, you need to utilise his ultimate The Quickness. By running headfirst into an enemy team, you need to be aggressive. Charm each of the enemies and fly back to safety while your team picks off the charmed enemies. Tricky, but fun.

Rakan is a great aggressive support because:

  • Rakan’s passive Fey Feathers gives him a shield every so often.
  • By using a W to close the gap, Q Gleaming Quill to hit the enemy and heal allies, and then a shield from E, Rakan can be protective and aggressive.
  • His R can charm the enemies who are targeting your ADC.
  • He can shield two allies with his E, allowing him to be super mobile and help the team from the middle of the fight.

6. Karma

Perfect Karma Gameplay

Karma is one of the few champions in League of Legends that allows you to have your ultimate from the get-go. This gives Karma a bit of an advantage in the early game as her ultimate Mantra empowers her other abilities. 

If you want to play an aggressive Karma, you should max out her Q Inner Flame first. This is the main ability for aggressively stomping in lane. Couple this with her W Focused Resolve which roots the enemy, if the tether isn’t broken, and you will have a great time in lane.

While Karma isn’t as tanky as other supports, her E Inspire gives both a shield and movement speed and can be used to block attacks, close the gap or run down the lane.

Karma is a great aggressive support because:

  • She is very versatile, being able to adapt to the enemy champions play style.
  • She can empower her abilities from level 1.
  • Her passive Gathering Fire enhances her next ability after every five spells or attacks.
  • Her R gives each of her other abilities an extra ability when empowered.

5. Alistar

How to win using Alistar

Alistar is a tanky support that supports the aggressive playstyle. Excuse the pun. 

With an ability such as W Headbutt, Alistar is made to charge into the fight with the ability to knock back one target, which could be the enemy support so the ADC is left alone. Great news for your ADC when it quickly becomes a 2 vs 1. 

Alistar’s E Trample allows him to stack against an enemy champion if he causes damage. When at full stacks, Alistar deals additional magic damage and stuns them.

If you want to play aggressively, his R Unbreakable Will will help a lot. When Alistar ults, he removes all crowd control effects on himself while reducing both magic damage and physical damage for the duration of his ult. Impressive.

Alistar is a great aggressive support because:

  • He can engage the enemy ADC while knocking back the enemy support.
  • He can heal everyone around him with his passive.
  • He can stun enemies with his E.
  • He can survive team fights with his ultimate.

4. Nautilus 

T1 Faker Nautilus

Like many others on this list, Nautilus is usually played as a tanky support. His kit is fitted with abilities that allow him to engage the enemy and be sustainable in a team fight.

Nautilus can engage by using his Q Dredge Line which brings his enemy and him closer together. By closing the gap, Nautilus can be the focus of the fight while his ADC scores some kills. When he is the focus, he can use W Titan’s Wrath to shield himself from a portion of the damage and be sustainable in the fight.

When Nautilus is shielded, his basic attacks apply a damage over time effect to all enemies around his opponent (whoever he is focusing on).

Nautilus is a great aggressive support because:

  • He can survive team fights easier than other champions.
  • He can use his ult in collaboration with lots of ADCs like Miss Fortune, as they have great synergies. 
  • He can tank the fight for the ADC.
  • He can use his Q to engage, disengage and also close the gap.

3. Leona

Rank 1 Leona

With stuns, shields, gap closers and slows, Leona is a fantastic choice for support. If you want to play aggressively, she’s right up there as one of the best.

Leona is a great fight instigator. She uses her E Zenith Blade to latch on to the enemy and travel to their destination. It can be great when used with her ult Solar Flare to slow or stun enemies around Leona and let your ADC pick up a bunch of kills.

When in the middle of a battle, Leona can use her Q Shield of Daybreak to stun the target. When the fight is long, this ability comes in handy. That moment of reprieve from attacks can change the tide of a battle, and make you win.

Leona is a great aggressive support because:

  • She is usually played as a tank, enabling her to survive team fights.
  • She can lead the attack with her E, stunning any heavy hitters with her Q.
  • While she lacks healing abilities, Leona’s kit has almost everything else you need.
  • She thrives as an aggressive support, as she isn’t punished for mistakes as hard as others, like Brand.

2. Thresh

Rank 1 Thresh

Thresh is often claimed by players to be the perfect support. He can be played in a multitude of ways, from being defensive focusing on his W Dark Passage to whisk the ADC to safety, or aggressively chaining your enemy with your Q Death Sentence.

To play Thresh aggressively, you need to use each of his abilities in a certain manner. Use his Q Death Sentence to close the gap to the enemy. It can be used in conjunction with his W Dark Passage. Normally this ability is used to help the ADC get out of danger. However, if Thresh uses his Q, and the ADC clicks on his W, the ADC is brought directly into the fight with Thresh. It can surprise an enemy that not only Thresh is so close, but the ADC too.

Use his E Flay and his R The Box to slow the escaping enemies. If your Q is up again, use it to start the shenanigans all over again. It’s highly enjoyable and rewarding when you land that Q.

Thresh is a great aggressive support because:

  • He is usually tanky.
  • He can close the gap and support the ADC with the shield that’s part of his W Dark Passage.
  • He can disengage using his E or his ultimate. 
  • If your Jungler is ganking, Thresh can throw his lantern and quickly have a 3 vs 2 fight.

1. Pyke

#1 Pyke Best Game Ever

Pyke without a doubt is the number one aggressive support champion. Riot decided to mix an assassin with a support and see what they got. The answer was Pyke. Pyke’s abilities are completely aggressive.  

In a sense, every ability of Pyke’s is a gap closer. His Q Bone Skewer brings the enemy closer to you (if you hit it), while his W Ghostwater Dive gives him insane movement speed, and his E Phantom Undertow can be used to either close the gap or to get out after an attack. It also stuns any enemies left in his path. 

His ultimate Death from Below allows Pyke to blink and execute the low health enemy, while giving anyone who assists some gold. 

While Pyke has little typical support abilities, his passive Gift of the Drowned Ones allows Pyke to regen when out of enemy line of sight. Therefore he can get in, get the kill, get out and regenerate. Talk about OP.

Pyke is a great aggressive support because:

  • His passive allows him to regenerate.
  • His Q allows him to bring the enemy closer.
  • His W gives him a lot of movement speed that decays.
  • His E and R can be used together to close the gap and secure the kill.

That wraps up our list! Do you agree with the number one spot? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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