[Top 10] LoL Best Dr. Mundo Players

LoL best Dr. Mundo players, best Dr. Mundo plays, best Dr. Mundo players
The best Dr. Mundo ownage plays by the best players in the world.

Mundo goes where and does as he pleases. Under towers, into enemy teams, top lane, jungle. All places are his to spread damage and pain.


Mundo’s insane tanking ability and naturally high damage make him a destructive addition to any team no matter the meta. Check out these prime examples of Mundo’s fury to see how you too can carry games with the Rift’s craziest “doctor”.


10. THAT’S MY DRAGON by Olidropi

Watch: https://youtu.be/0Uzv1ztr4Zg?t=79

Mundo pentakill at dragon

At the start of a prolonged team fight, Olidropi uses Mundo’s Masochism and Burning Agony to secure a dragon and kill the enemy team’s ad carry in mere moments. From there, he enters tank and body-block mode; soaking enemy damage to try to save his allies. Despite the loss of two teammates, Olidropi solidified a pentakill with well placed Infected Cleavers and his continuous AOE damage.


9. Nitro-Fueled Steamroller by Froiplox

Watch: https://youtu.be/P8_hETTAsqw?t=321

Mundo quadra kill

A fast Mundo is scary. A very fast Mundo with full hp and you in his sights is scarier. With pinpoint accuracy on his Infected Cleaver skillshots, Froiplox sets a b-line for slaughter while running down the opposing team’s champions. His Burning Agony’s decrease to disability times allowed Dr.Mundo to steamroll straight through enemies and lock down a quadra kill despite having a modest score at the beginning of the fight.


8. All Eyes on Mundo by Sexy performance

Watch: https://youtu.be/ZGpUZc56xi8?t=551

Dr. Mundo teamfight tank 

The beginning of this teamfight did not look promising for Sexy Performance’s team. At least until he teleported into the middle of the enemy team and did one of the things Dr.Mundo does best: put his body in front of enemies and defend his allies while laying down massive AOE damage. Knowing that his friend Katarina would be the key to victory, Sexy Performance shoves Mundo directly on top of Garen, Yummi, and Riven to soak their damage and draw their attention so Katarina could hop around and deal damage carefully to land an ace. Sexy Performance’s teamfight positioning coupled with his kill proficiency made him an easy lock for #8 out of our best Mundo players.


7. Out of the Jungle, into your Tower by Strikerthebest

Watch: https://youtu.be/SBlBf2QgGow?t=676

Jungle Mundo tower dive

Mundo jungle you say? Never heard of it. Until you hear about Strikerthebest. Making a name for himself by bringing our favorite top lane berzerker into the jungle at a high level. Strikerthebest shows us here just how powerful a gank from the Dr. can be. With a strong slow from his Infected Cleaver, damage over time from red buff, and a super-strong Sadism ultimate, Mundo can tower dive early and get out of danger in the nick of time.


6. Not a Morning Person by hi its travie

Watch: https://youtu.be/x2k4tcJmLuw?t=

Morning time Mundo

Dr. Mundo is tired in the morning. He is awake all night causing mayhem so he does not like to be bothered too early. But if he is, especially if his lane opponent brings someone else along to annoy him, Mundo might just kill them both without a second thought. With a careful balance of position, health and damage, hi its travie makes quick work of both the opposing Jax and Taliyah. Defying the idea that Dr. Mundo doesn’t come alive until late game, hi its travie proved highly worthy of the 6th slot in our ranking.


5. Mundo in the Ballroom by Post nut clarity

Watch: https://youtu.be/M3tR_TIc4Bs?t=338

Waltzing Mundo

Most people don’t think that fancy footwork is in Dr. Mundo’s wheelhouse. He’s pretty top-heavy and frequently skips leg day at the gym. However,  Post nut clarity shows us that nothing can stop a heart born to dance. After soaking much of Tryndamere and Graves’s damage, Post nut clarity waltzes around the turret to stay out of Tryndamere’s auto attack range and absorbing Grave’s last round of ammunition until just the right moment. When Tryndamere’s ultimate nears its end, he hurls a cleaver to secure the kill and turns his sights to Graves. Again with fancy footwork and the tower on his side, Mundo can smash Graves down and walk away with a double kill.


4. Dr. Mundo, King of the Ashes by eBoy Carry

Watch: https://youtu.be/IWWQY-M56FI?t=160

Mundo the Avenger

“They gave their lives for a good cause” utters Dr. Mundo, standing atop the carcasses of the team he just demolished, considering the fate of his teammates. “I tried my best”, he grumbles to himself. And it was true. Amid a bloody team fight in the river, eBoy Carry used his AOE damage and strong defense to zone out the enemy Graves and Ezreal to save his team, but to no avail. Emboldened by their sacrifice, eBoy Carry set himself forth to avenge them. Soaking the damage being laid upon him, Mundo delivers justice to those who murdered his comrades, all of them; ultimately leaving the battle with almost as much health as he started with.


3. Invulnerable by A Twist of Fate

Watch: https://youtu.be/M3tR_TIc4Bs?t=142

Full Frontal Assault

Teemo in toe, A Twist of Fate makes a full-frontal assault on the opposing team’s base. While tanking the damage of 3 enemies, he pushes further into their base and ultimately into their nexus turrets. Undeterred, He uses his Sadism ultimate to press onward and deliver a crucial 3 kills for the team. A Twist of Fate’s strong macro decision making and micro awareness and foresight made him an easy pick for third on our Mundo mastery countdown. 


2. Mundo the Juggler by Apockalipse

Watch: https://youtu.be/x2k4tcJmLuw?t=449

Tower dive evasion

Already at low hp, Apockalipse uses a similar dance technique to Post nut clarity (#5), but with higher stakes. Maneuvering around the turret while his ultimate heals him, Apockalipse throws cleavers at Braum to do all the damage he can while still avoiding Riven. After multiple turret shots, Braum is forced to retreat and try to provide moral support from afar. However,  Apockalipse lands a long-range cleaver and kills him. After a fruitless stun on Mundo, Riven attempts to retreat as well..to no avail. The ability to properly maneuver and convert a high-risk 2v1 into a double kill is what landed Apockalipse our #2.


1. We Actually 1v4ed There! By Shark

Watch: https://youtu.be/M5JVla94g4E?t=909

Mundo 1v4

Shark is functionally in a 1v4 for almost a full minute. That’s like an hour in League of Legends time. With a strong early lead and Dr. Mundo’s characteristic durability, Shark can chase down multiple enemies while receiving heavy fire from all directions. Even though a few cleavers didn’t make their way home, Shark positioned himself well and damage his enemies thoroughly enough that none of them could fully engage more than once without dying. Through a long fight, Shark found himself forcing 2 enemies to return to base, picking up a double kill, and staying in lane to continue pushing. It’s moments like this one that display the true power of Dr. Mundo and why Shark landed the #1 Dr. Mundo spot.


Dr. Mundo is a monster, and that’s a compliment. He’s big, he’s bad, and he can carry games. These players above have each found one of the keys to unlocking the power within the Madman of Zaun. Hopefully, you can take the wisdom of these players and start 1v5ing your way up the ranks!


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