LOL Doublelift: 10 Most Interesting Facts About Him

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A picture of Doublelift trying not to flame his support.

Did You Know These 10 Things About Doublelift?

Doublelift ( Peng Yiliang), or as other people may know him “Carrylift” or “Doubleswift” (-due to his bad habit of stealing kills) is a renowned League of Legends veteran player who has participated in various tournaments alongside different teams throughout his career. He has worked very hard to get to where he is today (playing LOL 10 hours a day), but you’ll notice that it wasn’t always like that. Though you may think you know him well, there are some things about him that you’ll be surprised about:

10) His father kicked him out of the house

Here we have the superstar having breakfast with mommy. Aww.

At the early age of 18 young Peng was kicked out of his parents’ house after he returned from the DreamHack Summer 2011. His parents were not so amused in to hopping on the “Dad, mom, I’m going to be a gamer and live off it now” train. I wonder if they have changed their mind up to this day…

9) Birthday/ Birthplace

Handsome no kappa. 

It was a sunny day of July 19 1993 in Mission Viejo, California the day this League “god” came to our world to enlighten our poor souls. Widely known for his famous phrase: “I’m the greatest. Everyone else is trash”.

8) He started playing as a main Blitzcrank support

Now he says blitzcrank doesn't require skill... I wonder how his past self would've reacted to that statement.

Even though his main role is AD Carry, back in the day he was known for his Blitzcrank playstyle and joined CLG as a substitute support. You could say playing as Blitzcrank would have helped him dodge hooks easier, as you can see from his gameplay, it has not.

7) His nickname in China is “Big Brother”.

The pictures says it all boys.

He is nicknamed after a Chinese movie character from the movie “Love on Delivery” who is called “Big Brother” and who has a tremendous amount of ego. Still little compared to Doublelifts’ if I may say.

6) He was the first NA LCS player to get to 500 and 1,000 regular season kills.

Doublelift being first to achieve 1000 kills!

I mean, how can he not? Just look at him. Truly an “American Sniper”.

5) He is one of the most viewed streamers on twitch.

I've been subscribed to his channel for almost a year now!

This guy doesn’t know when to stop! With 984K subscribers in his channel the legendary gamer is also a part-time entertainer as he feeds on stream and blames his support. Only quality content of course.


Just hanging, having a laugh at the enemy team composition.

Many of you probably already know about his continuous bold claims towards other League players. An example being Faker, whom is “Overestimated” in this man’s words.

3) Before League, he was Houdini

If you look closely you can see Sneaky and Imaqtpie prostrating before "the god"

Before playing League of Legends and other games, Yiliang had a fair interest in card tricks, hence his name “Doublelift”, which comes from a card trick called “double lift”. I wonder if that’s why he disappears so fast during a team fight…

2) He used to be overweight

Puberty struck him well.

As he says himself, “Before entering League I had really bad health habits and was overweight”. Soon after he entered the world of pro-gaming, he started going to the gym and eating healthier. Peng now claims that he feels much better than before and that having a healthier lifestyle helped him get into a routine of self-improvement. 

So guys remember, eat healthy, exercise, and become a pro League player to lose weight!

1) He is lactose intolerant

“Cow hater”. After he took this picture while eating ice cream he went straight to the bathroom. (He was eating ice cream, it just doesn't appear on the picture, sorry guys...)

Even the best have some weaknesses. Despite his favorite dessert being  ice cream as he claims in an interview with Lolesports Peng must always go immediately to the toilet after having a little taste of heaven. He describes it as  “A love-hate relationship”.  You got it boys, if you ever queue in a game against him, just play with the Moo Cow Alistar skin and you should be okay.

Extra Facts about Doublelift:

  • The real reason he started going to the gym was so he could “carry his team” better.
  • Each time Doublelift flames someone he must automatically feed the next game.
  • Every time Imaqtpie dies you can assume it is because Doublelift solo-killed him. 
  • When Doublelift enters a game, Riot servers automatically fill that game as a win for Doublelift’s team.
  • If you meet him, be open to be criticized. 
  • If his support goes to roam mid or top, most of the time Doublelift will get a solo double kill from the enemy bot lane. 

Hey, thanks for getting through the post and have a nice day!!!

If you want to learn more about the legend himself you can follow him on his social media!!!





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