10 Types of LoL Players You’d Come Across in ELO Hell

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ELO Hell Ranked: Every League player should know these guys before Ranking

Fellow League players, we are gathered here today to read another awesome article by BestEzrealSEA and give our respects to our fallen brothers who have succumbed to forever quit the game because of #4 and 1. However, for those of you who still play; let’s have a little fun with our list. See if you or anyone you know fits in at least one of these categories.

But first, let’s first be clear. ELO Hell is always perceived to be a low-ranked division’s problem. Little do all of you know that ELO Hell exists in every division except Challenger, as every division, even Diamond (aka Ranked Purgatory), is complete hell and must be escaped by going up to Master and Challenger (aka Ranked Heaven). 

Rightly so, Challengers and Masters are always looked upon and feared as Gods most of the time. Fast forward to our list, even Challengers would know all of these players. I would know (if I actually get to Challenger). But that’s not the point at hand, though!

However, let’s be real for a second. We all know that there are different types of LoL players, some are honorable, some are friend-request-worthy, and some are just downright annoying kids who need to see a therapist or at least the end of their fathers’ belt. Yet, we still co-exist with each other in chaotic harmony. Good luck stepping up to Silver with some of these crowds.

So, without further ado, why don’t we take a look at the different types of League players that you may or may not wish you got stuck with on your Provisional games, shall we?

10. The Honorable One

"You haven't fully achieved this type unless you got these badges!"

Ranks Most Associated With: All Ranks

Yes, we’re gonna start on a good note. Deal with it. These are the type of players that you’d really, really wish that would get paired with you on your Series and/or Provisionals. But the sad truth is that there’s just about the same chance to get these players as a chance of a single bacterium surviving those commercial anti-bacterial soaps. 

But don’t worry, 0.01% isn’t that small of a number if you just believe in yourself!

These are the well-mannered and well-skilled players that just make you want to hit that Honor button and maybe even the report button because you just want to relay how great they are to Riot. Don’t worry, they won’t get banned! (Like other people *ehem* number 4 *ehem*)

Not much to say here, the chances of coming across these people these days are very slim. But don’t let that stop you from trying, though!

9. The Stagnant Season Veteran

"The Holy Grails of Season I. Respectable, yet not that intimidating if it's Bronze."

Ranks Most Associated With: Bronze - Diamond

These are the douche players who think they know what they’re doing just because they’ve played League since the early ages of it. They brag about how they’ve played through multiple seasons, yet they still are able to amaze us by not moving a spot from their divisions.

Players like these need to grow up. Being somewhat more experienced in the field doesn’t really make them better than the newer players. You may have been able to see Faker win the Season 3 Championship or have witnessed HotshotGG at his prime but that doesn’t mean jack. It’s an evolving game and your skills have to evolve with it.

 But hey, it’s still a great thought to think about how a player remained so inadequate and incompetent for years straight.  

If you also try to counter their logic (pun definitely intended), you’re gonna have a hard time.

8. The Girl “Gamer”

"I really can't find any pictures to depict Girl Gamers without being hunted down by their fans, so let Team Siren handle this."

Ranks Most Associated With: All Ranks, most notably Silver-Platinum. 

Not being totally sexist, but some gamer girls are just really, really annoying. These are the players that tell you they’re a girl once they’re losing to earn sympathy. If they’re on the opposing team and get totally dominating, they’d say they’re a girl and berate you too. But most of the time they’re just poking fun at hookup trolls who want a piece of that girl gamer cake.

You’ll see these girls everywhere in Ranked. And to be perfectly clear, this does not represent every gamer girl. There are only legit gamers, boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. (These are females who broadcast themselves in chat to be girls so that desperate teenage League boys put them up on a pedestal and worship them).  It’s as if they just couldn’t get enough of the attention.

Some even reach up to Challenger. Perks of having a short-term boyfriend who’s high-ELO, I guess. But we’re not here to judge (on the other hand, we totally are).

7. The eSports Fanatic

"The Mid-lane God that everybody worships. Bow down before Faker-senpai!"

Ranks Most Associated With: Silver – Challenger

For those of you who are Bronze and think that you should be here, reconsider having that SKT tag on your name first. That tag doesn’t count, and there’s no way in heaven you’ll ever be Faker in Bronze, so try moving up a division or go to hell.
These are the players who you’d likely see with a club tag of their supported team on their names. Obviously, there are gonna be some bandwagon members, but let’s filter them out of here as they have no place in LoL other than Bronze division. eSports fanatics are, more often than not, just dreamers who want to get better at playing LoL 

Usually in high ranks, some players tend to imitate their idols’ moves, such as Dopa, Gosu, Bubba Kush, etc. It’s also done in lower ranks, but the skills shown down there are also the main source of the Youtube montage of Wood Division Adventures. 

These are usually also the players who buy every commemorative Seasonal skin by Worlds champions. SKT’s new set of Champion skins are going to be released, so we’ll see a fresh batch of dreamers who feel that they’re Faker when it does.

6. The Couples

"Couple gamers in their natural habitat. Please don't feed the couples."

Ranks Most Associated With: All Ranks

These are the players who just make you want to smash your head onto your keyboard. They aren’t completely toxic, but they are nauseous to every single League player alive because they’re too disgusting for a single, loveless person. 

Couples have developed a habit of creating creative usernames that match, usually a “His” or “Her” prefix on their names that’s both very creative and an eyesore for single people. Couples tend to go Bot-lane together, which could go either of two ways: They either develop synergy and carry, or they both suck and intentionally throw the whole game altogether. 

It’s usually the latter, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a “Her” someday? Win or lose, that’d probably be fun. 

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