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Top 10 best champions for ARAM
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Will you stare into the Abyss?

ARAM is a game mode in League of Legends that is different from regular games which take place on Summoner’s Rift. The game mode’s name stands for All Random All Mid. As its name suggests, the players receive random champions and battle it out on a map that contains a single lane, called The Howling Abyss. This unique game mode lends its benefits to some champions over others. If you manage to receive any of the following champions, consider yourself lucky.

10. Maokai

Totemic Maokai

Maokai is a tank from the Shadow Isles. He was a peaceful spirit until the Ruination destroyed the Blessed Isles and twisted him into a force of vengeance. In ARAM, Maokai is the master of bushes, denying the enemy entry while he sustains in the Abyss. Meanwhile his ultimate gives a major advantage during team fights.

     - Maokai’s P: Sap Magic grants him occasional healing. This can allow him to sustain throughout the game since in ARAM returning to the fountain does not heal you.

     - Bushes in ARAM are Maokai’s property. He can toss a sapling into the brush with his E: Sapling Toss. These saplings chase after nearby enemies and explode, dealing a flat amount of magic damage as well as max health damage. This practically forbids the enemy from entering bushes unless they want to take damage.  

     - If the team wants to engage, Maokai can simply activate his R: Nature’s Grasp, which sends out a wave of brambles that roots enemies when hit. This ability is so wide it covers the whole lane, essentially guaranteeing the enemy team is locked down for the fight. This ability can also be used during a retreat as a disengage tool.

9. Veigar

Superb Villain Veigar

Veigar is a mage from Bandle City. The tiny master of evil has spent his life studying dark sorcery, pouring over forbidden texts that most mortals steer clear of, and going beyond the limit of ordinary yordle magic. In ARAM, Veigar is a hunter that ensnares his victims before deleting them with massive damage.

     - Veigar ensnares his victims with his E: Event Horizon. This ability creates an impassible cage which stuns enemies that attempt to pass through. This massive form of CC can effortlessly zone out the enemy team and entrap a target or targets for Veigar and his team to remove. 

     - Veigar is one of the hardest scaling champions in League. His P: Phenomenal Evil Power grants him permanent ability power whenever he strikes an enemy champion with an ability or gets a takedown. Units killed by his Q: Baleful Strike also grant him permanent ability power. As the game goes on, Veigar becomes more and more powerful. 

     - If Veigar wishes to send a specific champion to an early grave, he can do so with his R: Primordial Burst, which is a point-and-click ability that deals massive damage, increasing based on the target’s missing health.

8. Vel'Koz

Battlecast Vel'Koz

Vel’Koz is a mage from the Void. Rumored to have been the first void-spawn to enter Runeterra, he is a cruel and calculating entity that seeks to understand the physical realm and uncover any weaknesses that the Void might be able to take advantage of. In ARAM, Vel’Koz is a poke-machine and a major damage dealer in team fights.

     - Vel’Koz can poke enemies with all his abilities, especially at long range with his Q: Plasma Fission, which can reach to extra lengths and come from unexpected angles. It also slows for extra CC.

     - He also has good wave clear if he uses his AoE abilities, namely his W: Void Rift and E: Tectonic      - Disruption. This lets him either push the wave and get his team to the enemy turret or defend an allied turret.

     - Enemy teams might as well surrender if they line up during a team fight. Using his R: Life Form Disintegration Ray, Vel'Koz can deal major damage to the entire enemy team. 

     - Furthermore, Life Form Disintegration Ray deals true damage against enemies that have been researched by his P: Organic Deconstruction, allowing him to melt through any tanks the enemy team might have employed.

7. Sivir

Sivir Classic

Sivir is a marksman from Shurima. She is a bounty hunter and mercenary who will fight for the highest bidder. Using her legendary crossblade, she has won many battles for her exuberant benefactors. However, there is a hidden destiny that surrounds her. In ARAM, Sivir wields her crossblade to cut down her enemies and lead her allies to victory.

     - Sivir has great poke with her Q: Boomerang blade and W: Ricochet. Both of these abilities also provide fantastic wave clear. 

     - Sivir is very strong in team fights while Ricochet is active. Activating this ability will naturally deal a portion of her physical damage to every member of the enemy team within range. 

     - Another strength Sivir has in regards to team fighting is her R: On the Hunt. This ability grants movement speed to surrounding allies, allowing them to chase down fleeing enemies or to retreat from the fight themselves.

6. Teemo

Little Devil Teemo

Teemo is a marksman from Bandle City. He is part of the Bandle Scouts and explores the outside world with gusto. Enthusiastic and cheerful, he always does what is right with his unwavering morality and loyalty to the Bandle Scout’s Code. In ARAM, Teemo is an obnoxious trap layer who poisons enemies that come unprepared.

     - Teemo lays down mushrooms with his R: Noxious Trap. These mushrooms explode and deal poison damage to nearby enemies. They can be quite annoying unless someone on the enemy team pays the Teemo tax and buys Oracle’s Elixir.

     - In a team fight, Teemo can come in handy by blinding an enemy marksman with his Q: Blinding Dart. This causes every auto-attack the target makes to miss, dealing zero damage, and effectively taking them out of the fight for the next few seconds.

     - Teemo can become invisible thanks to his P: Guerrilla Warfare. This invisibility lasts until he moves unless he is in a bush. This means that he can easily sneak past an unsuspecting team, giving him a great affinity for backdooring.

5. Lux

Steel Legion Lux

Lux is a mage from Demacia, a kingdom that shuns all forms of magic. She has kept her magic powers secret, lest she be discovered and her family shamed. Nonetheless, she continues to wield her powers in service to the crown that would scorn her. In ARAM, Lux uses her long-range spells to poke the enemy team while protecting her own team from harm.

     - Lux can efficiently harass the enemy team with her E: Lucent Singularity. It has a long-range and wide area for effective poke and/or zoning.

     - Her W: Prismatic Barrier can shield her entire team with the right positioning, making her an effective protector during team fights.

     - The long range of her R: Final Spark means that she can pick off a retreating enemy, or get involved in the fight sooner if she is returning from the fountain.

4. Ashe


Ashe is a marksman from the Freljord. She is the warmother of the Avarosan tribe and wields a bow made of True Ice. Ashe hopes to unify the Freljord one day, and lead all of her people under one banner. In ARAM, Ashe pokes out the enemy while slowing them to deal big damage. Meanwhile, she can keep an eye on the enemy so they cannot readily hide in bushes.

     - Ashe can harass the enemy team by throwing out her W: Volley. Its long range and wide area make for effective poke. The ability also slows all enemies hit, giving allies an easier time of landing their skill shots.

     - There are no wards in ARAM. But Ashe can easily look into bushes with her E: Hawkshot. This can give her team an advantage, as they will know if the enemy team is waiting for them, or if someone is trying to sneak around and backdoor.

     - Ashe can be involved with a team fight even if she’s back on base. The global range of her R: Enchanted Crystal Arrow means she can shoot it off from anywhere. And the narrow map of the Howling Abyss means she will have an increased chance of landing a hit.

3. Jhin

High Noon Jhin

Jhin is a marksman from Ionia. He is a criminal psychopath who treats his murders like works of art. He is employed by corrupted officials of the Ionian council to do their bidding; performing assassinations and sowing terror across the land. In ARAM, Jhin has a captive audience whom he can poke before closing the curtain on their lives.

     - Jhin’s W: Deadly Flourish has a very long range and can poke enemies from afar. If they have been hit by an ally recently, Jhin can root them in place, allowing his lovely assistants to deal follow-up damage.

     - Jhin can lay traps with his E: Captive Audience, which can be used to ward bushes. They do not grant much vision, but they will reveal Champions that cross over them.

     - Furthermore, Captive Audience also has a passive, Beauty in Death, which causes enemies Jhin has taken down to bloom and explode, dealing damage to enemies in the area. This can be useful during a team fight when enemies are nicely grouped.

     - Jhin’s R: Curtain Call has an immense range, allowing him to pick off retreating enemies or to join in the fight sooner if he’s returning from the fountain.

2 Jinx

Crime City Jinx

Jinx is a marksman from Zaun. She hates boredom and thrives on chaos. She terrorizes the citizens of Piltover by wreaking havoc wherever she goes with her arsenal of deadly and less-than-subtle weapons. In ARAM, Jinx can wreak havoc on the enemy by using her weapons to deal major damage in team fights and destroy structures.

     - Jinx can deal significant poke to the enemy team with her W: Zap! Zapper will slow the enemy as well as take a chunk out of their health bar (especially if building lethality).

     - During a team fight, JInx becomes deadly once she can proc her P: Get Excited! This gives her massively increased movement and attack speed, allowing her to shred through enemy champions as well as structures.

     - The global range of her R: Super Mega Death Rocket! means she can pick off escaping enemies or become involved in the fight all the way from the fountain. And if her rocket gets a kill, then Get Excited will let her easily chase down the retreating enemy or arrive at the battle even sooner.

1. Miss Fortune

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a marksman from Bilgewater. When she was still a child, she watched as Gangplank murdered her family. She grew up to become a captain herself, and eventually enacted her revenge by blowing up the reaver king’s ship while he was still aboard. In ARAM, Miss Fortune brings, well, misfortune, to the enemy team, drowning them in a torrent of bullets.  

     - Miss Fortune deals bonus damage against new targets with her  P: Love Tap. This can work on turrets as well, making her an apt turret shredder if there are enemy minions around. (Or two towers next to each other, if you ever come across that.)

     - Miss Fortune also has decent poke, especially through her E: Make it Rain. The wide area and slow effect give it a high damage output on groups of enemies. (Since it scales with AP, along with her other damaging abilities, building her AP is a good way to really lay on the hurt.)

     - The bread and butter of Miss Fortune in ARAM is her R: Bullet Time. This is a high damaging ability in a wide AoE. Getting a good Bullet Time off in a team fight can all but guarantee her team comes out on top.

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