Best League of Legends Champions for Beginners

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Grrrr….Reverse Annie is one of the most interesting and cutest skins in the game.

At a loss trying out countless champs you feel are much too complicated?

You see, any honest “Leaguer” will tell you that getting started on this game is one of the most difficult trials in their gaming life. It’s a lot to take in. So many questions you ask yourself:

“Why do I die so fast?”

“Why shouldn’t I buy this?”

“Why can’t I go top with this champion?”

“How do they always know where I am? “

“What is CS? CC? Gank? Bait? Ward? OOM? Leash?”

Yes, I know, there are a million more, but for now, I feel giving you a few suggestions on which champions are strong choices for beginners is a good start to mastering the mechanics and overall gameplay. Plus, you won’t feel like a total NOOB. It is indeed a challenge, but don’t worry, after you get going, it is crazy addicting.

 1) Master Yi – The Wuju Bladesman

''The edge of the sharpest blade is no match for the calm of the peaceful mind.'' 
-- Master Yi

Once considered the master of Wuju, Yi let his vengeance take sight from his art by filling his veins with a ravenous appetite for the bloodshed of those who destroyed his village.

Master Yi is unarguably one of the easiest junglers (please research jungle before attempting it) in the game. His simple abilities and amazing attack speed make squashing those squishy ADCs and mages like KSing with Teemo (by the way, KS normally stands for Kill Steal, but many players will argue it is Kill Secure)

Even if Yi does get into trouble, if he survives he can easily get to safety and heal with his Mediate. Not to mention his ultimate ability makes chasing and running a breeze.

If you are not looking for kills alone, and actually want to make plays that beginners sometimes miss, Yi is one of the best split pushers in the game. Unless the enemy team surrenders due to a brutal massacre or AFK, if you do not get any turrets, you cannot win.

2) Nunu – The Yeti Rider

“Willump and I have a whole world to explore. Don't get in our way!'' 
-- Nunu

Yeah, you read that right. Nunu is a little boy riding his Yeti friend, Willump.

Little Nunu would be nothing without his fearsome companion. This sweet, adventurous boy befriended and protected what most would call a beast from his tribe and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Just like Yi, Nunu is a jungler, obviously, considering his fondness of nature and kindness to all living creatures. With an extra smite as an ability, he is a unmistakably strong at clearing the jungle camps. But without ganks, a jungler brings little to the team. No fear, with Nunu’s slows and allied speed boost, you can make any lane glad to have you. As far as slows go, Nunu has two, his ult is a massive slow that has the ability to also do tons of damage to all enemies in the area, making Nunu a great pick for team fights.

3) Nasus – The Curator of the Sands​

''What was fallen will be great again.'' – Nasus

Who doesn’t want to be the Leagueincarnation of Anubis? Full of wisdom, this guardian is a force to be reckoned with.

For those wishing to try your hand at top, Nasus is a consistently strong laner who is one of the few champions that has unlimited scaling ability, meaning, he will not stop growing in power as the game goes on.  Now, want to know how to play Nasus? Q…Q….Q. You win.

Okay, now seriously, Nasus permanently gains damage per enemy he kills with his Siphoning Strike. For a farming Nasus that knows how to last hit, this can be one of the most easily abused abilities in the game. Learn how to CS, and you can learn how to Nasus.

Along with unlimited stacking of Siphoning Strike, Nasus has passive Life Steal (making sustaining your lane easy) as well as a de-buff, and an AOE slow for extra damage, chase, and running when the enemy team comes in for a raid boss (that’s you).

One of the main reasons I say raid boss is that Nasus’ ultimate makes him unexpectedly strong as he grows larger and gains a buff for just about every stat you can imagine.  Enemies will flee or stay right where you want them to, in hopes they can defeat an ulted Nasus.

4) Garen – The Might of Demacia

''The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him.'' - Garen, on front line strategy

Demaaaaaaacia!!! Garen, a loyal, upstanding Demacian always ready for a good battle, stands for everything a good solider should.

If you prefer the warrior type, always in the front lines of battle, Garen is an easy pick for you when going top lane. His great health regeneration gives him an edge in lane. He has a silence (causing the enemy to be unable to cast abilities) which also does considerable damage. Next in line is a shield that is great for blocking attacks, as well as initiating a fight, and eventually tower diving.  Garen’s signature has to be his Judgement, where he spins his sword around in a circle, dealing damage to all enemies who graze his blade.

Of course, unlike champions we have talked about, Garen has an interactive ult. A giant sword comes down from the heavens and strikes a target enemy. The best part is, it does more damage according to how much health the enemy has. The less, the better. This makes Garen’s ultimate great for finishing for an enemy.

5) Annie – The Dark Child

"Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" – Annie

Don’t be fooled, this “sweet” child can be one of the evilest creations in the game.

Annie can be one of the most feared mid laners to be matched with. With a passive stun after casting four abilities, she can easily fire, fire, fire! Two of her abilities cast fire, one as a ball and another in a cone.  This little girl can also take reduced damage with her Molten Shield.

Annie’s ultimate, her friend, teddy, conjuring, and signature move is Tibbers. She summons this ferocious bear to damage enemies and tank turrets. Loyal Tibbers will also passively do his best to avenge her if she happens to die.

6) Veigar – The Tiny Master of Evil 

“I am evil! Stop laughing!" – Veigar

Where Annie has a dark past, Veigar is the epitome of evil, hence the title.

This little yordle (the small people of League) is on a quest for darkness. Veigar, a dictator in his own means, seeking to find an end to disputes and war. 

Like Nasus, with his passive, Veigar has the ability to gain unlimited stacks. Each time Veigar hits an enemy champion with an ability he gains ability power. The scaling here is absolutely ridiculous.

Now, for those abilities you need to hit champs with; three of Veigar’s abilities, including his ultimate, do straight magic damage.  Afraid you might miss one of these? Well, do not, for Veigar has one of the biggest stuns in the game. He summons a box that will stun any enemy who walks through the edges. What if they get caught inside, not stunned? Would you want to be stuck in a single spot against a mage with unlimited AP scaling? I think not.

7) Ashe – The Frost Archer

"Faster than my arrow? I think not." – Ashe

Master archer from the Freljord, she has fused with her icy bow, a gift from her god, Avarosa.

Ashe yearns for peace, but that doesn’t stop her from being a deadly opponent. She has a passive slow and an attack speed buff, making it easy to outdo your enemy ADC.  She is also one of the only ADCs that has an ability to help keep an eye out for ganks, or maybe check for enemies. Her Hawkshot fires a bow that will give your team vison of the area the arrow passes through.

Ashe’s ult is one of the most recognizable in the game. She fires a giant ice arrow that shoots across the entire map, stopping only when coming in contact with an enemy champion, dealing damage and stunning them in the process. A boss move to finish off an enemy or initiate a fight for your allies.

8) Sivir – The Blade Mistress

"I always take my toll - blood, or gold." – Sivir

Armed with a boomerang and fast feet, she is not to be underestimated

Sivir a cheap, safe ADC, starts off with a passive that gives her movement speed when she attacks. If that isn’t enough, her ultimate ability also grants speed to her allies, as well as her blade. Enemies who duel her beware, for she has a chasing ability like no other.  

Not just that, but look out for her spell shield, for she can block an ability with her Spell Shield, this comes in handy with many enemy bot laners and in team fights. Sivir’s blade bounces off of enemies with her Ricochet, giving here more control over multiple enemies and adding a decent about of poking while farming.

9) Sona – Maven of the Strings 

"A symphony of justice." – Sona

Choosing to battle with beautiful melody, Sona is a support any ADC would be pleased with.

Although a support, Sona’s passive gives her extra damage after casting three spells.  But this isn’t her only damaging feature. Her Q has the potential to add devastating pokes for your ADC and other allies.

As for her other abilities, she is very straightforward in her supportiveness. With both a heal and a speed boost, you can make any teammate’s day.

But this isn’t Sona’s biggest bang. Her ultimate plays a wonderful melody that the enemies are forced to dance to, leaving them completely vulnerable. ADC likey.

10) Soraka – The Starchild

''The cruelty of one will not blind me to the suffering of many.''-- Soraka

With a background full of deceit and betrayal, Soraka finds it in her pure heart to spend her life helping and serving the weak with her kind heart and innate healing abilities.

With the most selfless act, Soraka can steal from her own life force simply to give to an ally. Soraka gains health and speed when she hits an enemy with her Starcall. Another ability that any lane partner or team fight will appreciate is an AOE silence, giving your team the chance to strike without repercussions.

Though, this is nothing compared to her ultimate. With one click Soraka can heal every living Ally champion. Now, who could say no to a global heal?

And this sums up the top ten champions for beginners! You may notice I have added two for each role. This is for you to decide which role you would really like to main. I hope this helped you in your new life in the League, I look forward to having you as a fellow LOLer.

Want more Champions? Or advice? Please let me know in the comments!

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