[Top 5] LOL Best Solo Carry Jungler (Current Meta)

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What is a Solo Carry Jungler?

It’s junglers that rely less on their teammates to win games. They carry the game on their own through aggression and early kills. It's been proven countless times that every champion is playable to the highest rank. Champion mastery is far more important than what is in the meta. But the meta can drastically change, burning some champions and elevating others.


5. Sylas

Sylas of Dregbone comes from a poor family in the Demacian region. At a young age, his family noticed his talent for magic and convinced him to enrol as one of the Kingdom’s mages. Sylas had an affinity for sensing magic. When meeting a young girl with magic powers, he accidentally touches her. The girl's magic flowed into his body which caused incontrollable bursts. These bursts caused the death of three people. Sylas knew he would be seen as a cold-blooded murderer so he became a fugitive. He was eventually caught by the Demacian law enforcement and sentenced to life imprisonment.

What makes Sylas a great solo carry jungler?

Great ganks off hitting level 3

The great thing about a ganking jungler is the number of options that you have, This lead to your pathing and ganking choices being unpredictable for the enemy team. Sometimes the fear of being ganked has a greater effect than the gank itself. Sylas is no exception to this. His E ability, Absond/Abduct is a great ganking tool that acts as a gap closer and a CC ability. So the game plan for every game should be to hit level 3 asap and find either a lane to gank or a potential invade.

Snowballs ridiculously

Sylas is one of those champions who takes a small lead and runs over everyone in his path. The funny thing is that it is so easy to get a lead on him. He is good early, mid and late game. Ganking an overextending enemy is a guaranteed kill but one must not forget about his level six spike. Sylas’s ultimate is arguable the most fun ultimate in the game. That’s because he can periodically steal any of the opposing teams ultimate for himself. There is nothing more satisfying than killing someone with their own ultimate.

Great skirmisher

Sylas excels in river fights, 1v1s and 2v2s because of his W and E ability. His W, Kingslayer latches onto an enemy, deals damage to them and heals Sylas as well. This ability is great for sustained fights. It allows him to heal a ton of health in grim scenarios. His E is great for setting up kills for himself or his teammates. The outplay potential his kit brings is what makes him a great solo carry jungler.

Sylas Gameplay


4. Shaco

Shaco is best described as champion that is sneaky and devious. He is a demon jester that lives off teasing and confusing his enemies on the battleground. He is infamous for his sly playstyle and sneaking behind opponents. His illusions and deceptive tricks make his enemies question reality itself. Shaco will leave his opponents scratching their heads and laughing in bewilderment with his cheeky personality and love for chaos.

What makes Shaco a great solo carry jungler?

His overall kit

Shaco’s kit allows him to make plays that are impossible to do on other champions. Playing against Shaco is mental warfare because you never know where he is going to pop out from. Shaco is the epitome of a ‘cheese gank’. He thrives off of infuriating opponents. His Q grants invisibility so it is easy to sneak up on enemies. His W places a trap box which CC’s enemies caught it in. This guarantees a kill on an over-extended enemy

Great Ganks

This is due to what Summoner Spells he chooses. Since Shaco has a dash on his Q ability, he does not need flash and can therefore opt for a more aggressive Somonner Spell. The more aggressive choice is Ignite which sets the target on fire for a few seconds. Shaco’s level three red side clear is unmatched. This makes is ganks unexpected because most junglers cannot clear that fast to get a gank off. The best gank is the most unexpected one.

Teamfights around objectives

Shaco’s ultimate makes a clone of himself that he can control. Once the clone dies or times out then it will explode into three trap boxes, dealing huge damage and CC’ing enemies caught. His clone can bait enemies and therefore allows Shaco to gap close and on-shot low-health enemies. His W boxes offer great zone control around objectives. Enemies cannot walk in because they fear getting caught in traps and potentially one-shot.

Shaco Gameplay


3. Udyr

In every sense of the term, League of Legends' animal spirit Udyr is a wild card. This shape-shifting hero personifies the unbridled strength and wild spirit of nature. Udyr can access the powers of numerous animals, like the tiger, turtle, bear, and phoenix, thanks to his skills. Udyr always keeps his opponents on their toes, whether he is sauntering in turtle form or pouncing on them with tiger-like ferocity.

What makes Udyr a great solo carry jungler?

Strong Dueling

In the early game, Udyr is unmatched in 1v1. He can duel anyone which makes him strong in ganks and invades on the enemy jungler’s camps

Objective Control

His objective control is nothing to scoff at either. Due to his movement speed and fast jungle clear, he can take neutral objectives easily. Udyr’s innate sustain is a factor to consider. Unlike most junglers he won’t get as low when farming camps or taking objectives due to the healing on his W ability.

Udyr Gameplay


2. Kindred

The character Kindred is a pair of lamb and wolf creatures that explore the battlefield together. This enigmatic couple represents the precarious balance between life and death. Kindred have the power to kill adversaries and direct the course of battles. Kindred is constantly looking for their next murder, whether they are rushing across the plains or stalking their prey. These two, despite appearing cute and cuddly, are far more lethal than they appear. They may give you a congenial pat on the back one second, and then immediately dispatch you to the afterlife. Therefore, take precautions because you never know what sort of mischief Kindred will get into when they're out hunting.

What makes Kindred a great solo carry jungler?

Infinite Scaling

The more marks she claims, the stronger she becomes. Her passive, Mark of the Kindred, grants her bonus damage and attack range based on how many marks she can get. This allows her to snowball games if she gets too many marks too fast. It is to the point where she can attack you but you can never attack her.

Best Ultimate in the game

Her ultimate is Lamb’s Respite can save her team from dying. The usage of her ult depends on how strong or weak she is. Many do not know that her ultimate can prevent neutral objectives from dying. This causes the enemy jungler to smite at the wrong time thus guaranteeing Kindred to win a smite battle.

Kindred Gameplay


1. Evelynn

The demonic seductress Evelynn is a master of trickery and seduction. This seductive warrior strikes from the shadows after leading her opponents into a false sense of security with her charm and guile. Due to her talents, Evelynn can move rapidly and become invisible, making her the ultimate predator. Don't be fooled by Evelynn's appearance, though; she is more than just a gorgeous face. She isn't afraid to utilize her razor-sharp wit and razor-sharp nails. Therefore, if you're out late at night and get a chill, Evelynn could be waiting in the shadows, poised to strike. But don't worry, she only wants to be loved and perhaps get a brief bite.

What makes Evelynn a great solo carry jungler?

Last Caress grants invisibility

Not being able to be seen is an overpowered ability in a game revolving around fog of war. The pressure Evelynn brings to the map just by being alive is insane. In solo queue teams are not coordinated. Evelynn thrives off this because she can make picks in side lanes before the enemy team groups up for objectives. People always get caught out in solo queue so it's a given that Evelynn will get fed.

Item spikes

Evelynn gets really strong after two items. If she gets her core items then she is unstoppable. The only counterplay is buying control wards but a team can only buy a limited amount. Buying control wards also delays the enemy’s item spikes due to the wards costing a fair amount of gold. If Evelynn or should I say when Evelynn is head, she can one-shot people without or ult or charm. This allows her to play super aggressively because she will always have her ult which is a ‘get out of jail free’ card. It executes enemies and makes her untargetable.

Evelyn gameplay


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