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Whether you’re a new League player or one who’s spent far too much time on the game, chances are you still have a thing or two you can learn about how to make your playstyle more competitive and more successful. Take a look at some of the best LoL strategy guides on the Internet.

1. New player guide (League of Legends)

Check it out here

What better way to learn about League of Legends than to begin at the official game website? The League of Legends website has a new player guide that gives you the basic details of the game – it’s definitely enough to get you started, and you can work your way up the ladder of experience from there.

The official new player guide also has a section about tutorials and bot games, which are both excellent ways for completely-new players to get a taste for LoL. And finally, this guide also boasts a unique section about custom games, which are great options for you to get better at the game and hone your gaming technique.

2. Another new player guide (Mobafire)

Check it out here

If you just started League of Legends and you feel a little in over your head or you’re already an experienced player who’s looking for a more detailed explanation of some of the in-game mechanics, this guide is also a good place to start.

It covers most, if not all, of the important aspects of League of Legends – from explanations of the environment of Summoner’s Rift to a discussion of the interface and commands, this guide is a comprehensive overview of the game. Go check it out!

3. How to improve your CS in 9 (sort of) easy steps (Reddit)

Check it out here

Having trouble getting those stupid minions to die by your hand? Having trouble getting even the tiniest bit better at farming? Check out this guide, because the OP does a bit of minion math for you and proves to you that your CS could quite possibly alter the flow of the game.

Then the guide goes on to give you a few options for improving your farming skills – yes, there is a lot of grinding and there are long hours of practice involved, but this guide suggests a bunch of different scenarios in which you can practice to simulate real in-game situations. Quite helpful.

4. General information about farming (LoL Wiki)

Check it out here

No, this wiki page isn’t actually a strategy guide.

But what it lacks in strategy, it makes up for with a brief explanation about the laning and farming phases during League matches as well as a very, very helpful farming table. This table shows you, among other things, max creep scores and max gold at half-minute intervals – and it shows you just how powerful farming can be, because the gold difference between a player good at farming and a player who’s not up to par can definitely make or break an entire game.

5. Ward placements (LoL Boards)

Check it out here

Map control is right up there with gold in terms of importance to a team’s success or failure, and map control naturally means having vision and placing your team’s wards in all the right places.

This guide is an excellent way for beginners to start learning the nuances of ward placement – it tells you some basic strategies on where to place your wards, and then also goes on to explain how counter-warding works. If you’re not sure how to expand your team’s map control, then this guide is the perfect place to get your feet wet.

6. Wards and map control (Boosteria)

Check it out here

This ward guide is much more detailed – it provides explanations on how to ward in each lane depending on your role during a battle on the Rift, and also shows you how to place wards depending on whether you’re on the red side or the blue side.

This guide is also extremely helpful because it provides some situational advice: where do you ward if you’re being sieged at your inhibitor, for example? There are some helpful tips and suggestions for those kinds of situations on this guide.

7. Another very extensive warding guide (Leaguecraft)

Check it out here

Yet another warding guide! Why, you ask? Because, once again, map control is one of the central elements to playing a successful game of League of Legends.

I’d recommend that you use this guide in conjunction with the one listed just above this one, because both of them have helpful tips on general warding and also provide you with different ways to ward both in lane and in emergency situations.

8. Every champion strategy guide imaginable (Mobafire)

Check it out here

In an effort to avoid blatant bias, I won’t go into the specifics regarding which champion guides I particularly enjoy (or in other words, the guides for the champions I like playing). But Mobafire is the first place you should go if you’re looking for strategies and build guides for every champion imaginable.

There are guides created by people ranging from Diamond and Platinum players to those constructed by pro guests – there’s an Annie guide, for example, provided by the ever-excellent Cloud9 LemonNation. And you’ll also find that there are guides for practically every lane as well; again using Annie as an example, there are support Annie and mid Annie guides, and if you’re feeling particularly creative, there’s even a jungle Annie guide (I haven’t tried that one out yet myself).

(Remember when I said I would avoid bias? Annie really is fun to play when I’m down for an easy match, though….)

9. Champion strategy and build guides (Cloud9)

Check it out here

The official Cloud9 website boasts a selection of detailed strategy guides crafted by none other than the Cloud9 team members – which basically means that you’re guaranteed to find builds and strategies that are both successful and viable.

One of this website’s few shortcomings, though, is that there are only guides for a certain number of champions. Which makes sense, I suppose, because Cloud9 members have other things to be doing… like competitions and all that good stuff.

There are also plenty of champion guides on other official team websites as well: think Team SoloMid’s website.

10. Champion selection (Mobafire)

Check it out here

I personally really like this guide, because a lot of the time I get this strange urge to play a new champion… and then suddenly realize that I don’t know which champion I want to play. If you’re like me and you don’t know which champion to try, this guide is incredibly helpful.

It details a few ways you can pick your champions depending on your playstyle, and it also explains how to find yourself a role in the season 5 meta. It even lists a few common issues that crop up when players try to choose a champion, and maybe you can diagnose your own problems by reading that section. Go take a look!

The end of the beginning….

And once you’ve made your way through some or all of these guides, there’s probably still plenty for each of us to improve on. That’s the beauty of League of Legends and many other PC games, because there’s always a way for you to get better. Continue your journey by collecting experience: maybe you’ll find yourself getting a head start by checking out more ways to farm like a pro... or maybe you can enjoy some time off instead by reading some threads in the LoL subreddit.

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