League of Legends: How To Bind Two Keys

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For players wishing to bind two keys to a certain hotkey in League of Legends, it is only possible to do so with the Shift, Ctrl, Alt + another key. This feature is commonly used for self-casting spells such as shields and heals, or quick/smart casting.

However, 3rd party software can be used to remap either Shift, Ctrl, or Alt keys to another key such as “Caps Lock” or “Function” keys, by using programs such as SharpKeys and Mouse Manager, but the use of such programs will not be covered in this guide.


Step 1: Open the settings and click on “Hotkeys.”

Step 2: Click on the cell of the hotkey you want to change.

Step 3: Use Shift, Ctrl, or Alt + another key to bind the key.

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