LoL Best Braum Skins (All Braum Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

braum Worst to Best Skins LoL
The door is mightier than the shield...?

The greatest mustache with the warmest heart in all of Runeterra, Braum is a living folk hero protecting the innocent, with a contagious smile and a bare chest despite the freezing cold, the hero deserves to be decorated and loved.

But how do you decorate an actual champion? We’ve decided to rank all of Braum’s skins from the worst to the best!

7. Braum Lionheart

See the skin in action:

The most courageous warrior in all the realms, the powerful warrior Braum Lionheart is clouded among countless folklore and tales of his bravery and strength. The myth and legend himself; for 750 RP you can purchase the skin for brand-new particle effects and an extra touch of fantasy.

6. Crime City Braum

See the skin in action:

The right-hand man of Miss Fortune, the badass mercenary tore off the door to a bank vault and uses it to bash his enemies alongside his gun-swinging poros. For 1350 RP you get brand-new animations and a gorgeous recall.

5. Pool Party Braum

See the skin in action:

The handsome and popular macho-man at the pool party is exactly the kind of person you’d expect to make the biggest splash after belly-flopping right into the deepest edge of the pool. For 1350 RP, Pool party Braum brings you brand-new animations and a wonderful recall.

4. El Tigre Braum

See the skin in action:

For 1350 RP, El Tigre Braum takes the part of Braum’s design that is inspired by Eastern-European Wrestlers and amplifies it, with whole new sound effects, an incredibly flashy recall, and new dialogue.

3. Santa Braum

See the skin in action:

The only depiction of Santa too nice and kind to leave any child disappointed, Santa Braum hesitates in putting any child on the naughty list. The legacy skin can only be purchased when the legacy vaults open, but only costs 1350 RP for brand-new animations, recall, and SFX.

2. Sugar Rush Braum

See the skin in action:

The great defender doesn't know how he got candy stuck in his mustache, but I think we can all relate to that. The macho himbo comes with entirely new and flashy pink and white animations and a new recall just for 1350 RP.

1. Dragonslayer Braum

See the skin in action:

An ancient warrior protecting the innocent with his shield now fights alone after almost all of the Dragonslayers passing away, the return of the dragons was unprecedented. The dark and serious demeanor to dragonslayer Braum comes with brand-new animations, SFX, and a recall just for 975 RP.

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