[Top 5] LOL Best Junglers To One Trick

[Top 5] LOL Best Junglers To One Trick
Welcome to hell aka the jungle.

We're back in the jungle and it's one of the most enjoyable and rewarding roles to play, despite being one of the most difficult to master. Take your time learning the role as it’s the most rewarding one. It will help you climb out of any ELO that you’re stuck in. While you're at it, you could become a one-trick pony as well. Being a one-trick means you excel at one thing while sucking at others. You can only play that champion well.

This can also be a double-edged sword because you're in a tough spot if your champion is banned or picked. But don't worry, these champions have a low pick rate and a low play rate, which makes them ideal for you to one-trick and learn.

Being a one-trick pony also means knowing your champion inside and out, and being able to cast their abilities without even looking at the range. That is what it means to be a one-trick pony, and believe me, it pays off. You'll be better than everyone else in the game, able to carry it and 1v9 in the majority of your games.

5. Viego 

Lord Viego, the ultimate simp, has arrived. He was introduced at a mediocre event, and of course, he had to be dressed entirely in anime. Because resurrecting an undead king has to be sexy, right? It would have been ten times cooler if he had been a monster champion. Nonetheless, if you don't mind his looks, you should one-trick this champion 100%.

You can solo carry games with Viego even if you are a little behind. That's because you can always take over your opponent's dead bodies with his passive "Sovereign's Domination," and once you leave their bodies, you gain some health. The best part is that you become immune to damage for a few seconds while taking over the body. Viego can also CC enemies with his W "Spectral Maw'' and become invisible with his E "Harrowed Path."

His ultimate ability R "Heartbreaker" allows him to escape the possessed body before time runs out and explode in the area you choose. His clear speed is fast, and he can easily gank lanes if the enemy is pushing or overextending. Otherwise, you'll be forced to rely on your team, which is a no-no. Keep in mind that Viego possesses a variety of passive abilities. He's not a difficult champion to play, but he's difficult to master; once you're used to him, all you'll see on your OP.GG is a sea of wins.

Why Viego Is A Great Jungler For One Trick:

  • Doesn’t have a high ban rate or pick rate. 
  • He can solo carry games after you master him and get used to his kit. 
  • Viego dominates the mid to late game which is great for hard-carrying games. 
  • He becomes invulnerable while possessing the body of the opponent. 
  • He has great objective control.

4. Lee Sin

The monk that sees all, especially on the beach. I'll be honest with you all: this champion is the most difficult to master on this list. Most of the people who play him are so bad that they are afraid to even cast his abilities. However, if you know how to play him, you will not only win your games, but you will also drown in honors. You can do many different things with him, but the most impressive one is the reverse InSec.

That's when you sneak up behind your opponent and kick them towards your team. Lee Sin is great at clearing out the jungle and ganking lanes if you know how to hit skill shots. Lee Sin excels  in the early game and sags a little late in the game, but he can still help his team with his abilities and tactics. Except for his ultimate ability, each ability has a secondary cast. You'll never tire of playing him. He's a fast AD jungler.

You can easily flee if anyone decides to invade you. I'll explain his abilities as simply as I can. The Q "Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike" shoots out a sonic wave and if it latches onto someone, you can go towards them, the W "Safeguard/Iron Will" saves your teammates, the E "Tempest/Cripple" breaks their ankles, and the R "Dragon's Rage" kicks them in the face, propelling them backward. The best part about all of these abilities is that you can combine them into lethal combos that look sick to perform.

Why Lee Sin Is A Great Jungler For One Trick:

  • He’s one of the most agile junglers in the game. 
  • He’s a beast in the early game and mid-game but during the late game, he plays more of a supportive role. 
  • Ganking lanes has never been easier and you’re sure to either rack up kills or spoon-feed your teammates. 
  • You’ll never get bored of playing the champion thanks to the many combinations you can perform. 
  • Has a low pick rate and a small win rate making him the perfect pick for you to one trick as you’ll get to play him often. 

3. Rengar

Someone called pest control because there is a rabid cat on the loose. I despise playing against Rengar regardless of the champion I’m on. When he reaches level 6, this guy will buy one item and one-shot you. What's the reason for this? That's because of his passive if it’s fully stacked, he can cast his Q, W, or E again.

Of course, the ability will be stronger than it is when you normally cast it. But what exactly does stacking his passive ability imply? That means you'll use any of his abilities four times in a row, with the fifth being empowered. His Q "Savagery" is an empowered auto-attack, his W "Battle Roar" restores his HP and, when empowered, removes any CC, his E "Bola Strike" throws a net, and his R "Thrill Of The Hunt" makes him invisible and allows him to jump on an enemy as if he were jumping from a bush.

When playing Rengar, you can one-shot the ADC or support no matter what time of the match it is or how far behind you are. People who one-trick this champion have insane reactions and their fingers move faster than light. Rengar's best feature is that he lacks a mana bar, so you won't have to worry about managing your mana only your HP. 

Why Rengar Is A Great Jungler For One Trick:

  • High damage at any point of the match. Even if you’re behind a poor ADC is going to lose his sanity because of you. 
  • High mobility. 
  • Easy to get into but hard to master. Once you master him it pays off in LP. 
  • You’re able to recast one of his abilities after you stack his passive fully. 
  • Rengar can easily adapt to the match and buy a lot of various items. You don’t have to go full assassin build with him. 

2. Kayn

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a schizophrenic who communicates with his weapon? Because that’s what Kayn is. He's the game's edgiest champion, and you can cut yourself on that edge. He has a unique passive that allows him to transform into a bruiser or an assassin depending on who he attacks the most. He turns red when he attacks melee champions and blue when he attacks ranged champions.

The red form is tanky with a lot of life-steal, while the blue form is an assassin with a lot of damage. During the match, you will  know if you'll need more damage or more people on the frontline. Once you've decided on your form, you'll need to adapt to different items because the blue and red forms aren't built in the same way.

While farming the jungle, your Q "Reaping Slash" will deal AoE AD damage, your W "Blade's Reach" will either knock people up in the air or slow them down depending on the form, your E "Shadow Step" will allow you to walk through walls, and your R "Umbral Trespass" will allow you to get inside of your target and then cut them from the inside. I'm sure you can see his potential and why you should one-trick this champion. He can function in any situation and adapt to his team. He's also excellent at carrying games in the late game. 

Why Kayn Is A Great Jungler For One Trick:

  • You have two different forms that are both great in different situations. No form is better than the other one. 
  • The red form allows Kayn to be on the frontline and tank damage while the blue form is great for one-shotting people and taking out the back line. 
  • Kayn becomes invulnerable when using his ultimate ability. Great for diving opponents under the turret. 
  • His E and Q are great for clearing out the jungle in seconds. Because every second matters in the jungle. 
  • Ganking is also simple with this champion allowing you to help out your team and carry the game. 

1. Zac

Zac would be the ideal champion for you to one-trick. Riot Games used condoms and beans to create his sound effects. Remember this the next time you play him. In terms of gameplay, he is the king of ganks. It's not only easy to gank with Zac, but it's also extremely difficult to escape his grasp once he's locked onto a target.

Zac uses his Q "Stretching Strikes" to stretch out his arms and make two targets kiss. Knocking them up in the air and briefly stunning them. He explodes in an area dealing magical damage with W "Unstable Matter," and shoots himself towards the target with E "Elastic Slingshot." This is his strongest ability because you can gank from afar where no one expects you to appear. Finally, his R "Let's Bounce!" lets him bounce four times in any direction you choose.

Any enemies caught in the bounce are thrown into the air. Zac is an AP damage dealing tank. If he is killed while ganking, he can reassemble his cells and continue where he left off. Just make sure that you have someone protecting you in this vulnerable state. You'll be as slippery as the slime he leaves behind if you decide to one-trick him. 

Why Zac Is A Great Jungler For One Trick: 

  • He’s easy to learn and easy to play. You’ll get a hold of him in a matter of days. 
  • Zac is a tank jungler that deals AP damage. 
  • His passive allows him to die one time and resurrect himself without a punishment. 
  • Has a lot of CC in his kit. The Q, E, and R are all CC abilities. Great during team fights. 
  • Once you use your W to explode in an area you can collect your blobs to regain your lost health. 

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