[Top 10] League of Legends Best Duelists

League of Legends Best Duelists
You accel at 1v1's.

After playing this game for hours on end you found yourself enjoying League of Legends more and more while at the same time failing your exams at school or college. Trust me, I've been there. After many hours of playtime and learning the game, you found yourself enjoying duelists but you don’t know which one’s to start playing, no worries my dear bronzie friend this list is just for you.

Some champions will require more effort put into them so you can play them at your full potential and some will be easy, like taking candy from a baby or robbing a poor grandma who just got her pension. Most of the champions mentioned in this list are for top lane but some will be for jg and mid lane as well. 

10. Trundle 

Big nose troll.

So let’s kick this list off with a champion that’s relatively easy to play. At number ten we have Trundle “the Troll King”. With Trundle you have two options either to go top or go to the jungle depending on you and your preferred role to play. At the top lane you will be chomping the enemy’s buttocks with your Q “Chomp” until they die while at the jungle you’ll be chomping the buffs and minions so pick your poison. Your Q ability can also be used on turrets and combined with demolish you can push lanes with simple ease. You can use W “Frozen Domain” to catch up to people and stomp on their heads or use your E to block them from escaping or to save yourself when you’re running away with 1% hp while spamming emotes. Your ultimate ability “Subjugate” sucks the life force out of the target enemy champion. 

What makes Trundle a great duelist: 

  • He can trade easily because of his Q “Chomp” and almost every time you win your trade you can go back to annoying the enemy laner and denying him cs/xp.  
  • He can be played in two different roles (top & jungle) 
  • He’s an early game champion and can also carry the match in late game. 
  • You can use your W and E to catch people or run away
  • His E “Pillar of Ice” can also be used to troll your teammates if they are annoying you 
  • His ultimate ability makes survive longer in 1v1 or in a full blown out teamfight. 
  • Great at solo pushing

Here’s a more detailed description of Trundle and his abilities:


Here’s a video of Trundle in the top lane: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays)

9. Yorick

Scary grave digger

At number nine we have Yorick “the Shepherd of Lost Souls”. Yorick is a pretty neat champion coming from the Shadow Isles region of Runterra. When it comes to split pushing especially with the new item “Hull breaker” it’s safe to say he’s one of the best. His passive ability leaves behind graves from minions and champions that he killed. Yorick isn’t a necrophiliac if you were wondering, his graves have a different purpose. His Q is two abilities in one, those are “Last Rites” & “Awakening”. The first Q ability is just an empowered auto-attack that deals extra damage and gives the enemy laner or minions brain damage, because they aren’t brain damaged enough. With his second Q ability can raise little zombie midgets from the graves that were left behind from his passive. If you hit someone with your E, the little zombies will jump on that target and beat them up, this works especially well with your W which is a circular jail. Yorick's ultimate ability summons a female maiden that sucks other people for their life force, it’s safe to say this might be the closest female interaction you might get. 

What makes Yorick a great duelist: 

  • Has an empowered auto-attack that you can bonk people with and raise zombies from the dead . 
  • His W is basically a jail that locks people in it, Yorick and his teammate’s can walk through this. 
  • When he summons the Maiden with his ultimate ability. The target that the Maiden is sucking off Yorick deals bonus magic damage based on the enemy’s maximum health. 
  • He’s amazing at split pushing lanes and easily gets out when he’s getting ganked. 
  • When you hit someone with your E, you will gain bonus movement speed towards the target and the little zombies jump on that target to beat him up. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Yorick and his abilities:


Here’s a video of Yorick in the top lane: (video courtesy of domisumReplay)

8. Illaoi

Tentacle lady 

At number eight we have one of the best tentacle users in the universe, hentai doesn’t even come close to this girl and her name is Illaoi “the Kraken Priestess”. She’s also a top laner. Believe it or not, she doesn’t use these tentacles to pleasure herself while on the rift, maybe she does in her spare time who knows. Illaoi’s passive spawns tentacles randomly on nearby walls and if you manage to hit your Q or your W those tentacles will attack that target and you can pray to your Kraken god that the enemy doesn’t dodge it. Illaoi slams her Q “Tentacle Smash” on the ground and damages everyone who comes in contact with it. Her W is an empowered auto attack and she leaps a small distance and with her E she rips the soul out of the poor enemy laner, and you crush their soul to the point that they rage quit. Her ultimate ability is pretty cool which can allow her to spawn tentacles around her and those tentacles deal a lot of nasty damage making it easier for you to 1v9 the game. 

What makes Illaoi a great duelist: 

  • It’s hard to trade against Illaoi, you’re in a constant losing battle if you’re against her, especially if she rips your soul out with her E. 
  • If there are 3 tentacles around Illaoi be ready to be sent back to spawn and to write in all chat “faster recall” 
  • With her ultimate ability and if she’s fed she can easily 1v5 in a team fight, given that the player playing Illaoi has at least 3 brain cells working.
  • Has an empowered auto-attack that’s also a small leap, can be used to dodge some skill shots. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Illaoi and her abilities:


Here’s a video of Illaoi in the top lane: (video courtesy of domisumReplay: Illaoi)

7. Xin Zhao

Spear man with a ponytail

At number seven we have Xin Zhao “the Seneschal of Demacia”, a champion that’s a great duelist and can go to mid, top or jungle whatever you prefer. His Q “Three Talon Strike” empowers his spear for 5 seconds and on the third auto attack Xin Zhao shows his spear up the enemy champion’s rear end that it comes out of the mouth, in short words he knocks them up for a short duration. You can use his W forlong-ranged pokes and with his E you can dash to other enemy champions to close the gap, so you can shove that spear up their buttocks. With his ultimate ability, Xin Zhao swipes with his spear around him knocking everyone out of his circle who isn’t challenged. By “challenged” I don’t mean in a medical way but the Xin Zhao way. The last target that Xin Zhao auto attacks will be challenged and isn’t knocked out by his R “Crescent Guard”. If you find yourself out of the circle that Xin Zhao created, be ready to scratch his back and deal mosquito bites for damage with your auto attacks. 

What makes Xin Zhao a great duelist: 

  • He can be played in three different roles so no need to say “Mid or Feed” if you’re going to play him 
  • You can use your ultimate ability to either save your team or ruin the whole team fight since i’m pretty sure someone will ping you because you knocked them out of your teammates skill shots causing them to miss.
  • You can easily knock up people with your Q
  • You can use your W to poke them and use your E to dash into them closing the distance gap. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Xin Zhao and his abilities: 


Here’s a video of Xin Zhao in the jungle: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays)


Man gets more angrier and stronger.

At number six we have Tryndamere “the Barbarian King”. This is one of the easiest duelists you will find in this article and the reason for that is because he becomes unkillable for a short duration when you use his ultimate ability and the fact that he gains bonus critical chance depending on how much he stacked his passive ability. It’s also worth noting that his Q gives him bonus AD damage per 1% missing health and you can use his Q to heal yourself up depending on how much you stacked his passive. His W just slows the enemy when their back is turned and with his E he spins around dealing damage that comes in contact with it. Each time he crits the cooldown for his E goes down for 1 second. That’s it for this champion he’s really simple and really annoying to play against because once he hits level 6 he will dive you under the turret and just use his E to escape and fly away. Also, one fact about this champion is that you shouldn’t worry why his right hand is stronger than his left arm...it’s because he has a hot wife called Ashe. 

What makes Tryndamere a great duelist: 

  • Has a lot of AD and bonus critical chance the more he auto attacks the stronger and angrier he gets
  • With his E he can catch up to people or he can run away
  • If he survives till level 6 he becomes an unkillable creature
  • It’s hard to trade against him, he will just critical strike you for no reason and leave you wondering why you’re still playing this game
  • His W is good for slowing people down who are running away
  • Ashe is his wife, and she’s hot ;) 

Here’s a more detailed description of Tryndamere and his abilities: 


Here’s a video of Tryndamere in the top lane: (video courtesy of domisumReplay: Tryndamere) 


5. Master Yi

Wuju style mf's

At number five we have the great Master Yi “the Wuju Bladesman”. Ah yes one of my favorite junglers. You have seen the memes where Master Yi players just press Q and get a penta kill and it’s partially true but sometimes you have to press R and W from time to time, I know I know Master Yi mains that might be hard for you but it’s for the greater good of the team fight. Master Yi is mainly a jungler duelist but from time to time you can go top, but make sure you’re playing against someone who doesn’t have any hard CC abilities, that’s his main counter pick. With his Q you can dodge abilities and auto attacks. His passive allows him to auto attack two times instantly every fourth auto attack. His W is used for healing and with his ultimate you gain bonus movement speed and he’s immune to any type of slows but can still be CC’d. Sadly long gone are the days of AP Master Yi or Crit Yi now we are just left with the normal on-hit Master Yi :(. 

What makes Master Yi a great duelist: 

  • He can dodge abilities and auto attacks with his Q. 
  • Can solo carry a lot of games and possibly carry you out of low elo. 
  • Really good when combined with people who can CC
  • Has a free healing tool from his W
  • His ultimate ability makes him immune to any type of slowing effect and it’s great for chasing people down or escaping from them. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Master Yi and his abilities: 


Here’s a video of Master Yi in the jungle: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays) 

4. Jax 

3 sausage looking fingers 

At number four we have Jax “the Grandmaster at Arms”, a top lane champion, he can go jungle but it’s not as good as top lane. Look, even after 5-6 years of playing this game I don’t know what’s with this guy, he has three sausage looking fingers and he uses a lamp as a weapon of choice… but he’s a pretty strong champion. With Jax you got it all: an empowered auto attack with his W, a long jump with his Q and most importantly his E. When he starts spinning his staff around like he’s doing the helicopter with his peepee that’s a sign to run away and hide. While in this stage of spinning his staff he will dodge all physical attacks but not abilities and he can cancel his staff rotation anytime he wishes and CC you for a short duration. His ultimate has a passive and an active. With the passive he stacks his auto attacks and every third auto attack deals bonus magic damage and with his active he gains bonus armor and magic resistance. 

What makes Jax a great duelist

  • Really good at 1v1’s at the top lane
  • Has an empowered auto attack which bonks people on the head dealing massive amounts of damage
  • Can go either full AD or AP or go hybrid if you wish (hybrid build is the best option)
  • He can go top or jungle depending what you wish to play or what you got autofilled for. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Jax and his abilities:


Here’s a video of Jax in the top lane: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays) 


3. Yone 

Wind shitter 

At number three we have Yone “the Unforgotten”, a mid or top lane champion. He comes from the wind shitter family having Yasuo as his brother. Having a Yone in your team means he will either go 0-20 or 20-0 but don’t let that stop you from playing Yone. He’s a really strong champion. He might be very similar to Yasuo but in my opinion he’s more fun to play. Hitting your Q on a minion or a champion two times in a row deals damage but the third time you will dash in their direction and knock them up. With his W he cleans the floor with his sword and if it hits an enemy champion he gains a shield. With his E he leaves his physical form and goes into the spiritual form gaining a bit of movement speed. All of the damage that he dealt while in spirit form stacks on the target and once he dashes back to his original position where he left his physical form that damage is dealt to the target. Nothing special about his ultimate ability, he just dashes in one direction and knocks everyone up who stands in his way. 

What makes Yone a great duelist: 

  • He can go in two different roles without an issue. 
  • He’s really a good combo with Yasuo.  
  • Yone heals like a mad man even if you bought anti heal that won’t save you from his healing. 
  • Really good in team fights since he can knock people up with his Q or R 
  • You can do a lot of cool combos with this guy

Here’s a more detailed description of Yone and his abilities: 


Here’s a video of Yone in the mid lane: (video courtesy of domisumReplay: Yone)


2. Riven 

Look at her broken sword hehe. Broken ass poor ass can't have a full sword smh

At number two we have Riven “the Exile”. One of my favorite top laners to play. Before we continue about Riven, she’s really hard to play and master so expect to go 0-20 in your first 15 matches. For me she has to be one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends and combined with her skin “Dawnbringer Riven ''. I could play this champion for days and wouldn’t get bored at all. To describe everything what this champion does it would take me 2 full pages… she’s complex alright so I'll try my best to explain her to you. She dashes a lot and has a lot of CC. Her CC abilities are her W and her third Q that you use. You can dash with all of her 3 Q’s or just use E. With her R ability she fixes her broken blade and then she can cast her R again to shoot out a wave of energy that deals damage. And everytime you cast 1 ability she gains 1 stack maximum of 3 stacks and for her next 3 auto attacks she deals bonus AD damage. Not to mention the sick combos that you can do with her, so be prepared to start smashing your keyboard keys. 

What makes Riven a great duelist: 

  • She’s really fun to play but hard to master 
  • Has a lot of mobility 
  • Once you get used to playing her you can solo carry games 
  • You’ll have a few broken fingers 
  • Deals a nice amount of damage if you’re going the correct build. 
  • You can keep an enemy champion constantly CC’d if you time it right with your abilities and you have enough ability haste.
  • Has one of the best skins in the game called “Dawnbringer Riven”.

Here’s a more detailed description of Riven and her abilities:


Here’s a video of Riven in the top lane: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays)


1. Fiora 

French lady

At number one we have Fiora “the Grand Duelist”. I mean her name says it all. She’s one of the best duelists you could play in League of Legends and what’s even better she’s French so you can hear that sexy accent. Her Q “Lunge” lunges at an enemy opponent and if you hit a vital point that’s on them from your passive it lowers the cooldown by 50%. Her W “Riposte” has to be one of the most broken abilities in League of Legends. The reason for that is because you can parry anything you wish. Someone is auto attacking you, you parry them, someone is trying to CC you, you parry them, someone just exists boom you just parried their existence and not to mention if you parry an ability and they’re in your W range they get CC’d. Fiora is really fun to play, not as fun as Riven but still fun in my opinion. Her E “Bladework” you guessed it, it’s an empowered auto attack. When you use her R “Grand Challenge” it surrounds the target with 4 vital points and once all those vital points are popped the ground starts healing Fiora. To pop the vital points you just have to hit them once. One thing I forgot to mention is that Fiora has one of the hottest skins in the game called “Headmistress Fiora” . Step on me mommy. 

What makes Fiora a great duelist: 

  • She can poke the enemy champion with her Q and win trades because of her E.
  • She can parry everything in the game with her W and if you parry their CC and they find themselves in your range for your W they get CC’d. 
  • Has a hot french accent.
  • She’s the queen of 1v1 duels.
  • Doesn’t have a high learning curve.
  • Has one of the hottest skins in the game “Headmistress Fiora”.  

Here’s a more detailed description of Fiora and her abilities:


Here’s a video of Fiora in the top lane: (video courtesy of Challenger Replays) 


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