Top 10 LOL Best Junglers That Wreck Hard

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Jungle is by far the most influential role in League of Legends. Here are some champs to get you controlling

Top 10 LOL Best Junglers That Wreck Hard


#10: Kha’ Zix, The Voidreaver

Kha’Zix is a hunter that evolves by eating his prey. His ability to duel in the jungle as well as his gank power make him a very formidable jungler that is easy to pick up but hard to master. Here are some tips to help you become a formidable Kha’Zix main:


Kha’s first power spike is at his first item, typically his jungle item. In rougher matchups that you predict will go late game, rush a tiamat so you can keep up with the enemy jungler farming. Kha’s one weak spot is his slow clear. Mediate this by getting kills or by invading the enemy jungler.

Kha is excellent at killing members of the backline. Always have a pink ward to put in different places on the map so you can know where you aren’t seen and you can hopefully see the enemy jungler in their pathing. Knowing where the enemy jungler is and what their path is in clearing their jungle is key to becoming a better jungler.

Try and gank the more squishy targets on their team. Kha specializes in killing enemies with low max health, especially if they’re alone.


How to jungle like a pro with Kha’Zix: 


#9: Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne is the combination of the latent fears in all sentient minds. His grip on the jungle is ironclad and his ganking power is incredible thanks to his long-range ultimate. Here are some tips to help get you started:

Nocturne is very powerful early, but don’t get baited into playing over-aggressive. Focus on getting your laners ahead rather than yourself.

While powerful, Nocturne’s ultimate at level 1 has a pitiful range. If you’re going to gank with it, make sure you have a red trinket or a pink ward handy to ensure the enemy doesn’t know you’re coming.

Building Nocturne with full attack damage items may be addicting, but it might not be what your team needs. Make sure you’re dipping into other build paths as your team needs it.


How to jungle like a pro with Nocturne: 


#8: Shyvana, The Half-Dragon

Shyvana has the power of a dragon rune blazing in her heart. Most times, she appears human, but when necessary she can transform into a terrifying dragon. After saving Jarvan IV’s life, she serves in the Demacian army. Here are some tips to help you start melting the enemy:

Shyvana’s most powerful form is her ability power build path. This makes her relatively weaker early, but as soon as she hits level 6 her power really shines. With just her jungle item, Shyvana will be blowing up squishy targets with little to no counterplay thanks to her E. Since your early ganks will be weaker, try not leaving your jungle until absolutely necessary pre-6.

Shyvana’s ultimate is up as often as you make it. Thanks to how her Fury stacks work, all it takes is a quick tour through your jungle and your ult ready for another gank.

Shyvana’s vicious level 6 power spike is enough to maintain control of objectives, even if you’re reasonably behind. Try and set up a dragon or a Rift Herald as you hit 6 so you can swing the game into your team’s favor.


How to jungle like a pro with Shyvana: 


#7: Graves, The Outlaw

Graves is a wanted criminal everywhere he goes. After patching up his partnership with Twisted Fate, he continues to prosper in the dark side of Bilgewater. Graves is a lethal jungler. His mobility mixed with his massive damage makes him a massive threat. Here are some tips to get your gun blazing:


Lethality Graves is by far the most potent build, but be aware that it may not always be the best in the situation you’re in. Always build how you need to in order to secure a victory.

Graves shines everywhere on the map. His smokescreen is an incredible tool for ganking as it not only blinds the enemy, but also slows them. Save this ability exclusively for ganking, as your jungle clear doesn’t need the assistance.

Graves clear in the jungle is amazing. Not only do his auto attacks push back all monsters, but his dash refunds an auto attack. Use this to your advantage and kite around the camps as necessary. After you build Berserker’s Greaves, you will have no problem taking camps with ease and making more time for ganks.


How to jungle like a pro with Graves: 


#6: Vi, The Piltover Enforcer

Vi was once a criminal that roamed the streets of Zaun. After an accident trapped her in a mine, she used her smarts to craft two hextech gauntlets that let her punch her way out. Now, she has joined Caitlyn as an officer of Piltover, keeping the peace and catching criminals. Here are some tips that will help you with her kit:

Vi’s ganks are lethal. Expect to force the use of a summoner spell the first time you visit a lane, as landing Vi’s Q is basically a death sentence. This is her most important ability. If you miss this, you will be in deep water with no paddle. Focus on landing this ability, and everything else will fall into place.

Vi falls off late game. Try and push your early advantages as much as possible, and utilize Vi’s early ganking power to breath some gold into some harder carries.

Vi’s kit is useful in two ways - getting to the enemy backline and peeling your team. Make sure you know which one you should be doing at each fight. Does their team have lots of access to your backline? You should probably defend your ad and ap carries. Does their team comp have a hard time keeping you off them? It might be easier to kill someone in their backline.


How to jungle like a pro with Vi: 


#5: Hecarim, The Shadow of War

Hecarim is a cursed beast made by the fusion of man and horse. Once a peace loving knight, Hecarim is now a ghost of slaughter and mayhem. After the Blessed Isles became the Shadow Isles, Hecarim leads his battalion of ghost soldiers wherever the Black Mist appears. Here are some tips to get you running over opponents:

Hecarim’s damage scales off how fast he is running. It’s actually viable to build around this gimmick, although it might always be optimal. There are many defensive and offensive items that contribute to this, so find a build path that you are comfortable on.

Hecarim’s ganking power is strong early. Consider hitting level 2 off your first buff and visiting one of your solo laners.

Hecarim’s ultimate can swing the fight if placed well. Hecarim will only go as far as you target, but his ghost riders will always go the max distance. Use this knowledge to either add some burst damage to a gank or get to the target you need to.


How to jungle like a pro with Hecarim: 

#4: Warwick, The Blood Hunter

Warwick is a beast that lives in the underbelly of Zaun. Warwick was experimented on to such an extent that he is part machine. Alchemical substances pump through Warwick’s body, and the only thing that drives him into a rage more than thinking of those who made him what he is is the scent of blood. Here are some tips to help start the blood hunt:

Warwick’s ganks are extremely powerful at all points in the game. Hit level 3 and start ganking your solo laners. Warwick’s Blood Hunt mixed with his fear make running down enemies a breeze.

Warwick shines at low HP thanks to his kit. Try and bait the enemy into you and surprise them with the massive amount of lifesteal your Q and W give you.

Mobility boots are extremely potent on Warwick. This makes both his early ganking and his ult extremely powerful, as the distance his ult goes scales off how fast he is. Use this scaling to your advantage.


How to jungle like a pro with Warwick: 

#3: Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

Kayn is a member of the Order of the Shadow that is living to fulfill his destiny: becoming leader of the organization. He wields the demon weapon Rhaast, which is attempting to corrupt its wielder so that it can destroy all of life on Runeterra. Here are some tips to get you reaping:

Kayn’s most versatile form by far is his Darkin (red) form. The massive lifesteal you gain from this transformation makes Kayn an amazing bruiser. In most situations, you should be going red Kayn. Blue is acceptable when the enemy team has enough squishy targets as well as not much peel, but this opportunity comes rarely. You’re deciding which form you take from champ select, since optimal runes for each form are different, so take a look at what champs they pick and pick your runes accordingly.

Kayn’s ganking power is incredible thanks to his E. Get somewhere where people rarely ward and walk through walls to catch them by surprise.

Red Kayn should always build Black Cleaver, in all matchups. THe armor shred combined with how much cooldown reduction it gives you makes it the perfect item for kayn. After you finish cleaver, your 30% (maybe 40%) cooldown reduction will have you carving up the enemy team.


How to jungle like a pro with Kayn: 

#2: Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear

Fiddlesticks is a demon that feeds on fear. At night, in the dark, if you hear what might sound like wind coming from something that looks like it might be human, it’s already too late. Fiddlesticks has found you. Here are some tips to start harvesting the enemy team’s fear:

Learn how to take your red and raptors at the same time so lanes don’t have to leash you. With drain, you more than make up for the damage you take from two camps at a time, even at level one. Find the sweet spot in between those two camps and you’ll up your clear speed immensely.

Fiddlestick’s rework made it so that all of his abilities fear, not just his Q. If the enemy can’t see you and you hit them with drain, silence, or your ult, they will be feared. Use this to your advantage and really try to stay on top of vision control for spots that you gank from.

Fiddle has a great level 6 gank bot, especially now that the alcoves exist.When you hit 6, if your botlane is in need of assistance you should path down as fast as possible to give them the help they need (all with the push of one button).


How to jungle like a pro with Fiddlesticks: 


#1: Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time

Armed with his powerful invention, the Zero Drive, Ekko protects his friends and allies from the dangers that roam Zaun’s streets. Ekko will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his friends, no matter how many tries it takes. Here are some tips to get you started:


Ekko is a surprisingly mobile champion. Used to its fullest extent, his kit allows him to dance around enemies with the massive speed boost he gets from his passive. Use this mobility to your advantage and do not stand still while you can’t auto attack or use abilities.

Ekko is a very strong jungler with lethal ganks. Your W’s range is deceptively large, but due to its delayed nature it’s very difficult to hit. Master using this ability to gank and your laners will thank you.

Don’t get baited into going too deep, even if you have ult up. Many Ekkos get too used to being able to go deeper than other champs, and end up regretting it when they go too deep. Always be aware of when deep is becoming too deep.


How to jungle like a pro with Ekko: 


These junglers are sure to gain you some elo with the proper teamplay. Good luck on the Rift!

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My favorite jungler is Shaco, though I have tried Kha'zix before, and he's a great champion and all after you get through the process of learning him. It can be hard, as he's got a very high skillcap, but your guide is spot-on for giving him a place on this list as the champion is very powerful when in the right hands.

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