[Top 15] LOL Best Bottom Laners That Wreck Hard!

best bottom laners

ADC, or "Attack Damage Carry," is a role in League of Legends that focuses on dealing physical damage. A good ADC can easily single-handedly carry a team to victory, so it's important to choose one that will fit your play style and complement your team composition well.

In this article, we'll take a look at the fifteen best ADC's in Season 12- Patch 12.5b


15. Aphelios

There's no denying that Aphelios is a powerhouse ADC when played correctly; however, he can be quite difficult to master. If you're up for the challenge, though, Aphelios can be a very rewarding champion to play. He's able to burst down enemies quickly with his combination of crowd control and damage, making him a formidable foe. In the late game, Aphelios is able to easily one-shot most opponents with his long-range and devastating ults. He is unique in the sense that he can scale equally well with both AD and AP items, making him a versatile champion. He's a great pick for players who are looking to make a big impact in team fights because his ultimate can easily turn the tide of battle.

What makes Aphelios a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Versatile 
  • AoE abilities
  • Has everything in 1 kit

aphelios gameplay


14. Ashe

Ashe is a versatile champion that is able to fill a number of different roles on the battlefield. She has a strong laning phase with devastating auto attacks and constant slows dished out towards the enemies. What's even more amazing about her is despite the damage she brings, she has an immense amount of utility -- so she's useful in every scenario, even if behind. Ashe shines even more during late-game engagements where she has unparalleled potential thanks largely due to her global ultimate ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This makes her an ideal pick for teams that either look for picks or for teams that want to take control of the map and siege down objectives.

What makes Ashe a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Global ultimate “Enchanted Crystal Arrow”
  • A lot of utility
  • Scales really well

ashe gameplay


13. Caitlyn

Caitlin is a long-range ADC that can easily poke enemies from a safe distance and deal a lot of damage. What makes Caitlyn so strong is her ability to continuously output damage even when enemies are out of reach. Her traps also provide her with a lot of map control, making it difficult for enemies to traverse around the battlefield. She's a great champion for players who want to dominate in the early game translating that to the late game. In the late game, Caitlyn becomes a deadly threat due to her long-range and damage making it difficult for enemies to get close to her without being close to death. Her kit makes her a perfect pick for players who want to siege down objectives and take control of the map.

What makes Caitlyn a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Lane bully
  • Safest pick because of big range
  • Beginner friendly

caitlyn guide


12. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a high burst damage ADC that is able to take down enemies with her Q "Double Up" and ultimate ability, Bullet Time. What makes her so deadly is that she can easily dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time, making her a nightmare for enemies trying to survive her barrage of bullets. In the late game, Miss Fortune becomes an even bigger threat as she can easily take down enemies that are out of position or unsuspecting. Her ultimate ability "Bullet Time" can decide fights in the clumped-up late-game team fights, making her a force to be reckoned with.

 What makes Miss Fortune a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Best burst damage
  • Versatile build and runes
  • Easy to pick up

 miss fortune guide


11. Ezreal

Ezreal is a champion that excels in both solo and team play. With good skill shots whittling down the enemies and a global presence with his ultimate ability "Trueshot Barrage". What makes Ezreal so deadly in the late game is his potential to deal a lot of damage consistently, making it difficult for enemies to survive his onslaught. Enemy champions need to tap dance to avoid Ezreal's constant barrage of abilities which seems like it'll never stop. The only way to stop it is to kill Ezreal, and even this is difficult because of his E ability "Arcane Shift".

 What makes Ezreal a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Highly mobile
  • Good scaling
  • Low CD, high DPS

 ezreal gameplay


10. Kai'Sa

Kai'Sa is a highly mobile and lethal ADC that can easily take down enemies in a hurry with her high mobility and damage output. She has good team fight potential as she can easily create openings for her allies and unleash a flurry of spells, picking off anyone that's unfortunate enough to be in her way. What makes Kai'Sa so deadly in the late game is her potential to take down high-value targets very quickly. Her high-mobility ultimate ability "Void Seeker", allows her to easily assassinate enemies that are out of position, making her unlike any traditional ADC.

What makes Kai’sa a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Great scaler
  • Diving/assassin like play style – high burst
  • Good escape

kai'sa gameplay


9. Senna

Senna is a versatile pick, being able to play both roles in the bot lane. She provides a lot of damage while also bringing utility with her constant heals, shields, and camouflage. She almost has it all. In the late game, she becomes one of the strongest ADCs, able to delete enemies from two screens away with her auto attacks and ultimate ability "Dawning Shadow". Her combination of damage, distance, and mobility make her a very hard target to take down.

What makes Senna a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Good utility
  • Great scaling
  • Global ultimate “Dawning Shadows”

 senna guide

8. Jinx

"Volatile explosives are a girl's best friend" -Jinx is a maniac hooked on fast kills and multi-kills shown by her love for explosives. She thrives in fights where she can easily take down enemies in a few shots. What makes Jinx so deadly in the late game is her ultimate ability "Super Mega Death Rocket!". This spell deals an incredible amount of burst damage by having an AoE at its point-of-impact which explodes after a short delay, dealing heavy damage to all enemies in the area. Coupled with her passive "Get Excited!" which increases her attack speed and move speed for a few seconds after scoring a kill or assist, Jinx can easily take down any leftover enemies making her a devastating ADC to play against.

 What makes Jinx a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Great scaler
  • Almost all abilities are AoE
  • Global ultimate “Super Mega Death Rocket!”

 jinx guide


7. Samira

Samira is an ADC that relies on her mechanics and insane damage to take down enemies. Like Kai'sa she's one of the newer champions on this list with abilities unlike the traditional ADC kit. She has abilities like her ultimate "Inferno Trigger" which is an AoE ability similar to Katarinas Death Lotus. She also has abilities to dodge and evade enemies allowing her to get in the thick of things in team fights. She doesn't need to kite like many ADC's, it's better for her to be up close and personal. In the late game, Samira becomes a monster. Able to use her playstyle close to the enemies rather than whittling them down from afar like many of the champions on this list. Although Samira arguably requires different mechanics that ADC's aren't generally used to, she's still one of the best in Season 12.

 What makes Samira a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Lot of AoE abilities
  • Great in team fights
  • High snowball potential

 samira gameplay 


6. Lucian

Lucian is a deadly force to be reckoned with, as he is able to easily shred through enemies with his high damage and mobility. A highly trained Lucian can almost be untouched in the late game if you use Lucian's E "Relentless Pursuit" effectively. Lucian didn't make it higher on the list despite the buffs because many people can’t use his abilities properly without reaching his full potential. But just know that once you master him it'll annoy the enemies how you can easily and constantly kite and doge their abilities. In the late game, Lucian is able to dish out a lot of damage and easily take down enemies with a few shots. He doesn't rely on his abilities to do the work for him and is very mobile making it hard for enemies to catch him and kill him off easily like they would other ADC's making him one of the best in the game right now.

 What makes Lucian a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Very mobile
  • Good in all stages of the game
  • Hard to master – high skill cap and deadly once mastered

lucian guide


5. Draven

Draven is an ego-driven ADC, with one of the best early games. But this comes at a cost... he hasn't got the best late game. But if you want to put the game into your own hands, and dominate the game Draven is the perfect champion for you. If the lane stays equal until the late game, Draven gets outscalled. But that is never the case when Draven's whole kit is designed to gain a lead. Even if he gets the smallest lead his passive "League of Draven" makes it more worth for him, allowing him to snowball further and reach his spikes earlier. If you know when to abuse players in the lane you can reach late game as the strongest champion on the rift. But I only recommend this high-risk, high-reward style champion only once you're comfortable in the ADC role and know your limits.

 What makes Draven a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Lane bully
  • Great snowballing champion
  • Global ultimate
  • High skill cap

draven guide


4. Xayah

Xayah is a strong Marksman that can easily take down enemies with her high damage output and ability to deal critical damage. With her E "Bladecaller" and her ultimate ability "Feather Storm", she can dish surprising amounts of burst damage while avoiding key abilities from enemies. Xayah is also very strong in the late game as she is more forgiving while providing the same amount or even more value to the team than other ADC's. In the late game her crit and abilities allow her to dish out more damage while avoiding more vital abilities turning the tide of a team fight.

 What makes Xayah a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Strong team fighting
  • Good against melees and people that tend to jump on ADC’s
  • High damage and surprising burst damage

xayah guide


3. Jhin

Jhin is a psychopath that kills as an art and uses his gun as a tool to inflict maximum pain on enemies. He is one of the ADC's that hasn't seen any recent changes, so it's safe to say he is cemented as one of the best ADC's in season 12. In the late game, Jhin becomes a terror as his kit scales incredibly well with levels. His passive ability "Whisper" gives him a lot of damage, especially on the 4th bullet. And with his ultimate ability "Curtain Call", allowing him to snipe and delete anyone from a distance. The only thing you need to do on Jhin is hit your abilities and you'll tear up the rift.

 What makes Jhin a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Good burst damage
  • Good laning
  • Can kill from a distance with his W ability and Ultimate

jhin guide


2. Twitch

Twitch is a lethal ADC that can take down enemies with his poison abilities and high DPS. What makes him so deadly in the late game is his ability to deal a lot of damage to multiple targets quickly. Once Twitch pops out of vision and he isn't focused the game is pretty much over. The enemies need to realize they need to wait for Twitch to show himself which is a difficult thing to do. Everyone wants to catch the rat but no one can seem to do so. Even if they do wait no one is able to react in time before it's too late

What makes Twitch a Great Bottom Laner:

  • High DPS paired with AoE damage
  • Versatile runes and build paths
  • Has invisibility

twitch guide


1. Vayne

Vayne the night hunter is the undisputed queen of the late game. The new lethal tempo changes are perfect for Vayne -- not only does she gain attack speed but she gets range too. One of her biggest weaknesses gets resolved this season. In the late game, Vayne can fight just about anyone without relying on support as much as the other champions on this list. If her ultimate Final Hour is used correctly, she can easily take down high-value targets and enemies that dare to step up to her. With the new changes in season 12, Vayne is definitely a champion to look out for in the late game.

 What makes Vayne a Great Bottom Laner:

  • Strong late game
  • Highest DPS in the game
  • Good survivability

vayne gameplay

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