[Top 5] LOL Best Ahri Players In The World Right Now

LOL Best Ahri Players
Do you play Ahri? These guys know best

A niche pick for pros, but a definite pick for the masses, Ahri remains one of the most loved champs in League of Legends.

Ahri is a hugely popular champion with the playerbase who play League of Legends, however, only some professional players have her as a staple pick. While some say she works well up to grandmaster levels, but doesn’t perform well thereafter. Others think that because no one picks her at such high levels, her win-rate drops. We aren’t sure of the whole situation, but what we do know: Here are five professional players that pick Ahri and play her well.

5. Ryu

Yoo Sang-wook, known as Ryu, has an unusual history with League of Legends. He was a well established player, having been tied to teams such as KT Rolster Bullets and Phoenix1 before landing at 100 Thieves. Here he played mid before retiring briefly to become the coach. However, after a short break, he came back to play for 100 Thieves once again.

Known to play both Ahri and Ryze, Ryu took first in the Rift Rivals 2017: NA vs EU, while also taking first at the IEM Season VIII - World Championship a few years prior.

Sadly, Ryu seems to have retired, but maybe someday, he will pick up Ahri again and compete.

Major Achievements:

  • IEM Season VIII - World Championship – 1st place ($60,000)
  • Rift Rivals 2017: NA vs EU – 1st place ($20,000)

Watch Ryu Own Here:

MIL (Ryu Ahri) VS GIA (xPepii Twisted Fate) Game 1 Highlights - 2015 EU LCS Exp Tournament

Find his Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/Ryulol

4. Nagne

Kim Sang-moon is a Korean player who played until the name of Nagne. He last played for Beşiktaş e-Sports Club before returning to Korea to fulfil his mandatory military conscription.

However, Nagne is best known for his work with KT Rolster having played in the 2015 World Championships, unfortunately they took the 5th-8th place.

Nagne is known for playing Ahri as one of his signature champions, the other champion being Nidalee.

Major Achievements:

  • LCK Regional Finals 2015 – 1st place
  • 2015 World Championship – 5th-8th place ($75,000)

Watch Nagne Own Here:

KT Nagne - Ahri vs Azir - SKT T1 Eazyhoon, KR LOL SoloQ Highlights

Find his Twitter Here:http://https://twitter.com/Nagneee

3. Chres (Previously Sencux)

The Danish player (who was formerly known as Sencux), Chres is currently the mid laner for AGO Rogue, often seen playing his signature champion, Ahri.

While Chres played under the name Sencux with Splyce and other teams, he had a somewhat successful run. However, it is in some minor tournaments that he and his team have taken gold.

Major Achievements:

  • Northern League of Legends Championship Fall Open 2020 – 1st place ($9,470)
  • Ultraliga Season 5 – 1st place ($10,720)

Watch Chres Own Here:

SPY (Sencux Ahri) VS Roccat (Betsy Leblanc) Highlights - 2016 EU LCS Spring W2D2 

Find his Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/ChresLoL

2. Maple

Huang Yi-Tang, best known as Maple, is a Taiwanese player for PSG Talon. However, Maple is best known for his work on a previous team, Flash Wolves.

With Flash Wolves, Maple had a great run as the mid laner, using Ahri when needed. Having secured first place in LMS Summer 2017 and 18, as well as the LMS Spring 2018 tournament.

Just continue to see the highlights ofMaple playing Ahri.

Major Achievements:

  • LMS Summer 2018 – 1st place ($48,709)
  • LMS Spring 2018 – 1st place ($50,849)
  • LMS Summer 2017 – 1st place ($49,287)

Watch Maple Own Here:

Pain (Kami Twisted Fate) VS FW (Maple Ahri) Highlights - S5 World Championship Group W1D4

Find his Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/PSGTLN_Maple

1. Faker

The one name every League of Legends player is bound to have heard of: Faker. This player puts the Legend in League of Legends. He is widely considered the best player of all time due to being a triple crowned world champion, and much more.

Lee Sang-hyeok, known as T1’s Faker, is a South Korean player with an amazing track record. Having won Worlds in 2013, 2015 and 2016, Faker is a household name amongst Esports fans. He has also won two Mid-Seasonal Invitations in 2016 and 2017. He is known for playing mid champions, including the one in question Ahri.

Follow below to see Faker use Ahri back in 2017.

Major Achievements:

  • LCK Spring 2019 -1st place ($87,655)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2017 – 1st place ($676,000)
  • 2016 World Championship – 1st place ($2,028,000)

Watch Faker Own Here:

SKT (Faker Ahri) VS G2 (Perkz Orianna) Highlights - 2017 MSI Group Stage D5 

Find his Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/faker

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