[Top 10] LoL Most Balanced Champions (2022 Edition)

League of Legends Most Balanced Champions!
Balance is the key to peace.

This list will only consist of champions who are balanced and champions that Riot Games won’t touch for the longest time because they do not need it. Most of these champions on this list will be supports but there will be some mid laners, top laners, and one or two junglers. There’s something in here for everyone.

Keep in mind that these champions can be overpowered when they buy some items and when they’re ahead, like every other champion in the game. This list mainly focuses on champions that aren’t overpowered if they have no kills or no power spike when they hit a certain level such as assassins or mages. Now that I have gotten that out of the way let’s get into the list. 

10. Lee Sin

"I am blind and I'm bald."

Of course, our dear bald and blind monk will be on this list. Lee Sin “The Blind Monk” deserves his place on this list rightfully so. Lee Sin requires a huge IQ and brain capacity to play. He’s not an easy champion to get into and master. It will take you days or maybe even months to get into the champion at an average level.

To add to that list Lee Sin falls off during the late game. All you can do with him in that period is set up a team fight for your team or get into a position to kick the enemy damage dealer as far away as possible. He might have a huge skill ceiling but don’t let that stop you from playing him. As his kit revolves around jumping and dashing around. Lee Sin might be the most mobile champion for the jungle role. 

What makes Lee Sin Most Balanced:

  • Takes a lot of brainpower and a high IQ to master. 
  • Has a huge skill ceiling. It will take you months to get good at him. 
  • He’s the most mobile champion for the jungle role. 
  • Falls off in the late game period. 

9. Ryze

"A step ahead of cataclysm"

Now we have Ryze “The Rogue Mage” who can either be a top-laner or a mid-laner depending on where you prefer to play him. Now Ryze does have a point-and-click CC ability in his kit but he has no mobility besides his ultimate that needs to charge up. Other than that Ryze is pretty much stuck as it is.

The thing that saves Ryze is the fact that he can build HP and get lots of AP in the process. He’s also heavily team-reliant because of his ultimate ability. To use it correctly he needs his team to help him with it. Because Ryze with his ultimate carries people from one point to another. Sometimes it can save their lives or can be used to flank people depending on what you need in that situation. 

What makes Ryze Most Balanced:

  • Heavily team reliant. 
  • Ultimate is used to carry people from point A to point B. 
  • Can build as an AP tank mage but loses some damage in the process. 
  • Has a point-and-click ability in his kit but has no dashes. 

8. Ornn

"I can forge you anything except happiness"

Ah, the special Ram called Ornn “The Fire Below The Mountain”. Ornn is kind of the top-lane champion you wish to have in your team because he can upgrade your mythic items into something more powerful or give you an extra buff on the item.

But sadly Ornn is played that much because he’s a balanced champion unlike some other top-laners and he’s heavily team-dependent. Of course, you can pick Ornn when you don’t have a duo but his full potential won’t be unlocked at that point. Because let’s be honest we are all low elo and hard stuck players here, right?

Ornn specifically summons a ram that goes in two directions, the first time it goes towards Ornn and the second time when Ornn headbutts it towards the enemies and knocks them up in the air allowing his team to clean everything up. 

What makes Ornn Most Balanced:

  • He’s a tank, he doesn’t deal damage, other tanks need to be more like Ornn. 
  • Can upgrade items for his teammates at no extra cost. 
  • Ornn can knock up people with his ultimate ability second cast. 

7. Orianna

"Tick tock the clock goes around"

Now we have a robot that was made in some basement Orianna “The Lady Of Clockwork”. She moves like a ticking time bomb or better yet like a clock. Orianna used to be OP and broken but Riot Games accidentally made her balanced and they left her as is.

When it comes to Orianna she’s a mid-lane champion who can sometimes turn a whole team fight around thanks to her ultimate ability. That ability once used drags people closer towards her ball where she placed it. Oh, I forgot to mention that her whole kit revolves around that ball that she carries around.

The ball is the main thing for Orianna’s kit, every single ability revolves around it and once you get used to it, it will be simple to use but your enemies will also be able to predict what you’ll do next. 

What makes Orianna Most Balanced:

  • Her whole kit revolves around the ball that spins around her. 
  • Her abilities don’t do a lot of damage, I’d say it’s moderate. 
  • Once Orianna uses her ultimate ability the ball turns into a black hole that sucks people closer towards it. 

6. Anivia

"I shall rise again like a phoenix!"

The bird that’s frozen in time and ice Anivia “The Cryophoenix”. This girl can be deadly sometimes when she’s in the right hands and being played by the right people, as every champion that exists. But in the hands of an average player, she’s pretty balanced.

Anivia doesn’t require a lot of brainpower or skill to play but you’ll still need some fingers to hit a few skill shots here and there. She has a great ability that’s useful for cleaning out huge waves in a matter of seconds and can launch huge ice spikes at her target’s foreheads.

If you get caught by the enemy jungler or you get jumped by the enemy assassin don’t worry your passive allows you to turn into an egg and respawn. A little cool easter egg with Anivia is that once you’re in your egg form your name is “Eggnivia”. 

What makes Anivia Most Balanced:

  • Doesn’t require a lot of skill or brainpower to use. 
  • Can clear out huge waves in a matter of seconds. 
  • Annivia can stun opponents if they get too close for comfort. 
  • Annivia after dying respawns as an egg and her name then is Eggnivia. 

5. Annie

"Haha go Tibbers!"

Here we have the wonder child who burned her whole house and forest down Annie “The Dark Child”. Wherever Annie went, misfortune was close behind her. Annie murdered her parents and her sibling due to her being bullied by them.

The one who saved Annie and took care of her is Tibers, her teddy bear that she carries around anywhere she goes. That bear will tear a new hole in your body no questions asked. But don’t mistake that for Annie being completely weak she can eviscerate you into thin air with her abilities but what makes her balanced is the fact that she’s squishy and has no mobility.

The only defense Annie has against people who get too close is a CC but she can only use it after she casts her abilities 4 times in a row. In short, every 5th ability is a CC. 

What makes Annie Most Balanced: 

  • Can only CC people every 5th ability. 
  • Has no mobility in her kit and she’s squishy. 
  • Tibers can knock you out like Muhammad Ali. 

4. Zilean

"I knew you'd do that. I know your every move."

Zilean “The Cronobreaker” is the epitome of a boomer in League of Legends. He’s old like time itself. Zilean was in the first champion batch to be released for League of Legends. At one point he was being played mid-lane which made him broken but after a few nerfs and balance changes he’s in a pretty good spot.

With his passive, he can level up people when they’re close to the next level. Zilean can also CC people if he manages to hit them two times with his Q, which requires skill, keep in mind. With his ultimate, he can revive people from the dead but if the enemies don’t kill the target Zilean ult his ultimate is wasted. 

What makes Zilean Most Balanced:

  • Can refresh his abilities to cast them again. 
  • His ultimate is a guardian angel. 
  • Hitting his Q two times in a row takes skill and effort, not everyone can do it. 
  • Boomer of LoL.

3. Shen

"A demonstration of superior judgment."

The ninja of top lane Shen “The Eye Of Twilight”. Even though he’s a ninja and he’s sneaky he’s a tank. Does Shen deal damage? Yes, he does if you build him that way if you don’t he will not deal damage. His auto-attacks will mainly be mosquito bites and nothing else.

And unlike other champions on this list that are immobile Shen does have a dash in his kit. Well, it’s a dash and a taunt in one package together. He taunts people by going through them and for some reason the enemies get triggered that they must attack him no matter what.

Shen also holds your life in his hands as he can choose to either save you or let you die with his ultimate ability. So you better be nice to people who play Shen if you aren’t they will let you die and laugh at your face. 

What makes Shen Most Balanced: 

  • Has a dash/taunt ability in his kit. 
  • Shen can save his teammate’s life from across the map with his ultimate ability. 
  • He’s a tank champion who doesn’t deal much damage unless you build him that way. 
  • Ninja style. 

2. Sejuani

"Trust nothing but your strengths."

Now we have a rider of the north and a beautiful jungler called Sejuani “Fury Of The North”. She’s a tank jungler that can freeze you with her abilities. The way she can freeze people is in two ways. The first one where she slowly auto-attacks you and freezes you and the second one where she chucks a huge piece of ice at your head.

Sejuani also uses the huge hog that she’s riding to maneuver over the jungle walls aka she can dash with him. Sejuani was never the type to deal a massive amount of damage; she's more of crowd control and tank-type girl. Sejuani is also destined to fight Volibear 1 on 1. Her destiny is written somewhere on a piece of ice or something. I don't know her lore. 

What makes Sejuani Most Balanced: 

  • Sejuani isn’t a damage dealer, she specializes in crowd control and being the main tank of the team. 
  • Has a dash ability in her kit that allows her to maneuver the jungle easier. 
  • Sejuani can CC people two ways, the first one is slow and painful while the other way is quick and even more painful. 
  • Her destiny is to fight Volibear in a 1v1 match in Call of Duty. 

1. Braum

"Today we might fight together, tomorrow who knows!"

This right here is the most wholesome champion in the whole game and his name is Braum “The Heart of Freljord”. I could never hate this character no matter what, even if he is beating me to death with his huge door.

And if you hate him please get your life in check if something isn’t right with you. Braum will always throw himself first into danger rather than putting your life at risk. And his abilities show that. He can also block all incoming damage from the front and protect his ADC at all cost, nobody loses a life when Braum has something to say about it.

When Braum uses his ultimate ability he splits the earth in half and knocks all people who are caught in the blast. I will always prefer having a Braum on my team than a Leona or a Nautilus mainly because he’s so sweet and wholesome. 

What makes Braum Most Balanced: 

  • Block all incoming damage that’s coming from the front. 
  • Throws himself first into danger to protect his teammates. 
  • Can knock up a whole team with his ultimate ability if the player can land it correctly. 
  • The most wholesome champion in League of Legends. 

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