[Top 10] League of Legends Best ARAM Champs

lol best ARAM champs
“If you aren’t winning, try a bigger sword. Usually works” -Shopkeeper Gregor

As the wise shopkeeper Gregor once said; “if you aren’t winning, try a bigger sword.” Well, in our case; if you just so happen to be up against one of these heartless bullies in ARAM, we just might run poor Gregor out of business.
But, on the other hand. If for some reason you were lucky enough to get one of these God-forsaken brutes at the re-roll. Well, let’s just hope the enemy team doesn’t uninstall after the game. 

10. Nunu & Willump
The Boy and his Yeti

Class: Tank Main                                                                                     Damage Type: Melee-Mage

I know what you’re thinking, “How can an overgrown monkey possibly rule on the abyss?” Well, you won’t be saying that when you're running away from a 6ft snowball.
Nunu and Willump are one of the most fun to play champs in ARAM, his self-healing and dexterity allow him to last longer in-game than most champs, but his weakness to crowd control earned him 10th place on the list. 

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Willump’s ‘Q’ is basically a cheat in ARAM, who needs to heal when you can infinitely regenerate your health by chomping on minions. 
  • His self-healing isn’t his only ace though. Just stick a snowball on an enemy and let his ultimate level the playing field.
  • ith ARAM being such a narrow map, Willump’s ‘W’ can be a huge factor to decide the outcome of the game. He can disrupt enemies from farming and even steer straight pass them to target their inhibitor and Nexus.

9. Varus
The Arrow of Retribution

Class: Marksman
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Physical

If you’re lucky enough to get this guy, you can finally nail that 360º no scope headshot of your dreams. Ha-ha, I’m just playing with you. But seriously though, Varus is no joke in ARAM.

Being one of the few AP scaling Marksmen in the game, Varus makes quick work against tanks and can snipe low health champions while staying at a safe distance. However, being more of a viable late game champ in a 20-30 min game, he sadly got the 9th spot on the list.

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Varus’s passive allows him to deal percent health damage, which is very important against does late-game Giants.
  • No one his safe from his ‘Q’, if you’re low on HP; duck and hope he’s out of mana.
  • His ultimate is literally able to snare victories in team fights, it is especially viable against pesky purple grasshoppers that loves to close the distance.

8. Nidalee
The Bestial Huntress

Class: Assassin
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Magic

This is one puddy cat you don’t want to take home. She may look like a gorgeous temptress at first glance, but this feisty feline has claws, a mean personality, and a big-ass spear to boot. If her looks don’t kill you her wild alter ego will.
Nidalee is a shapeshifting Assassin that relies heavily on her mobility and swiftness, her ability to deal damage from a safe distance while engaging troublesome targets make her ideal for executing does hard carry champs in mid-game.

Why does she rule the Abyss?

  • Like Varus, her ‘Q’ creates fear on the battlefield, the only difference is that her’s got a little more kick-in-it.
  • Nidalee’s ‘E’ allows her to heal herself and her allies, which can be crucial in ARAM.
  • Being one of the few assassins that can actually do good in ARAM, she excels in attack and retreat tactics. Keeping herself alive while reducing the enemy’s numbers.

7. Gnar
The Missing Link

Class: Fighter
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Physical

“What’s worse than a champion that can change from an adorable puppy into a hideous Chupacabra?” And no, I’m not talking about does potbelly gremlins from the movie, I’m talking about this big, gorgeous son-of-a-gun right here. But don’t worry, he won’t wreck your house, he throws boulders and then he might throw your house.
Gnar is a shapeshifting Ranged-Fighter whose passive allows him to transform into a melee Brawler. His ability to engage and CC enemies create opportunities for the damage dealers to clean up after his mess. 

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • While in ranged form farming can be a breeze, and if the enemy team starts getting a little handsy; his ‘Q’ can give them something nice to touch.
  • Like Varus, his passive allows him to deal percent heath damage. However, Gnar can scale his passive with (100%) AP. Imagine this little guy wearing a Rabadon’s Deathcap, cute right?
  • Gnar’s transformation not only buffs his HP but if also utilizes his items to its fullest. And if that doesn’t work you can always switch your build from a Melee Fighter to a Marksman.

6. Karthus
The Deathsinger

Class: Mage                                                                                           Main Damage Type: Ranged-Magic

Legends told of an angelic voice that even the best of singers could only dream of having. It was a voice of peace and harmony, that can calm even the most savage of beasts. And that voice definitely does not belong to this guy. As his voice permanently calms the savage beasts and erases all pain and misery This is one rock concert you don’t want to be in.

Karthus is a spectral Mage that abilities allow him to spam the heck out of his enemies. And if that does work, press ‘R’.

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Karthus’s ‘Q’ is his main damaging ability, he uses it to farm and prevents the enemy team from farming.
  • Since ARAM is a fast-paced game, he can afford to run it down mid and deal as much damage as possible. He’ll be sure to take 3 or 4 kills with him.
  • His ‘E’ not only does ‘AOE’ damage but can also be empowered by his items. If the enemy team is low on HP, all they can do is accept their faiths. There is no escaping his ultimate.

5. Malphite
The Shard of The Monolith

Class: Tank                                                                                                 Main Damage Type: Magic

“Hey guys, I think Zeus forgot one.” This massive Titan is the very definition of Impenetrable. Don’t let his size full you, this rock can fly like a butterfly and sting like a 10-ton bee.

Malphite is an AP scaling melee tank that uses empowerment abilities to increase his stats and weaken his enemies, making him more durable to damage.

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Malphite’s passive shield scales with HP, so the more health you stack the more powerful his defenses.
  • There is one sure way for Malphite to dominate ARAM. Forget all you know about tanking Malphite and build full AP, his ultimate can literally one shot the whole enemy team.
  • His ‘E’ is basically a mini-Exhaust, which can come in handy against does steroid users. 

4. Sona
The Maven of The Strings

Class: Support                                                                                        Main Damage Type: Ranged-Mage

She may be silent but she’s very deadly. Her music will either leave you head over heels in love or graveling at her feet. All you’ll be hearing is silence when she’s done with you.

Sona is Healing type Ranged-Support that excels in AOE healing, shielding, MS boost, and empowerment. She may very well be the most important champ in ARAM. 

Why does she rule the Abyss?

  • Sona’s ‘Q’ is her main offensive ability. It not only harasses the enemy, but it also empowers her ally’s next attack.
  • She is a walking fountain of youth. As long as she’s alive, so will her allies.
  • Her ultimate is a powerful asset for team fights, so powerful in fact that it leaves her enemies dancing in pain.

3. Teemo 
The Swift Scout

Class: Marksman
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Mage

He may look cute and innocent at first glance but who knows what his hiding under that lifeless sinister smile. But let’s be honest, who can say no to everyone’s favorite little devil.

Teemo is by far the most annoying champ in ARAM to play up against. He is also well known as a master tactician, as he is very fluent in both offense and defense tactics.

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Teemo can change his playstyle from Mage to Marksman or even tank. As long as his on your team, he can adapt and build to counter the enemy.  
  • His passive allows him to become invisible when still. He can use this ability to ambush his enemies or wait for them to pass him then target their inhibitor and nexus.
  • With ARAM being such a narrow map, he’s ‘R’ can literally stack a minefield. With 50 shrooms surrounding your home base, not even a poro can enter unscathed.

2. Veigar
The Tiny Master of Evil

Class: Mage
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Magic

“Do you remember the phrase; great things come in small packages?” If not, Veigar will make sure you do. This tiny master of evil makes quick work of his foes while he develops his next ingenious diabolical plan.

Veigar is one of the most powerful Mages in the entire game. Even one of his abilities has the potential the deplete your entire health. This is one little guy you don’t want to underestimate.

Why does he rule the Abyss?

  • Veigar’s ‘E’ is an AOE ability that can stun the entire enemy team. It creates opportunities for his teammates to regroup or engage. 
  • With ARAM being so narrow, his ‘E’ almost reaches to the edges of the lane. Making it easier for enemies to get caught, and once they’re caught its game over.
  • His passive allows him to permanently increase his AP by landing his abilities. At mid-game, the enemy team will be too scared to even get close to him. He can even three-shot towers.

1. Lux
The lady of Luminosity

Class: Mage
Main Damage Type: Ranged-Magic

She may seem like a privileged lady from a noble household at first,(and she is by the way) but trust me when I say; she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and you don’t want to be standing at the opposite side of her wand when she’s in a bad mood. 

Lux is by far, the best ARAM champion in the game. Her ability to deal powerful attacks at a long-range while protecting her allies earned her the right to be called the goddess of the Abyss. Her presence will either leave you dazzled or blind.

Why does she rule the Abyss?

  • For a mage, lux has Support potential. Her ‘W’ allows her to shield herself and her allies while her ‘Q’ and ‘E’ CC the enemy.
  • Her ultimate deals a ton of damage with a low cooldown. Once she gets her stun, she is sure to get a kill every 40 seconds.
  • She has one of the longest ability range in the game, especially her ultimate. She can keep the enemy team on the defensive while her teammates push the lane.


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