[Top 5] LOL Best Aggressive Supports

LOL Best Aggressive Supports
“Support the strong, give courage to the timid, remind the indifferent, and warn the opposed.”

So you want to know who are the most agressive support champions that can kill in league of legends huh? Then you're in the right place.

I know what you’re thinking; “support is just a boring, no-skill champion that needs to beprotected and assist allies right?” Wrong!

Think of supports like your team’s living life-line. An unbreakable spirit that can lead the fight to victory against all odds. And if its action you want, the champs in this list will be sure to leave you screaming at the edge of your seat. Aggressive-supports in particular, are like the overprotective moms of a team.

They are responsible for engaging, disrupting and assisting their teammates as well as providing vision. Aggressive-Supports will usually go above and beyond the call of duty to set up kills for their ADC even if it means sacrificing their lives in the process.

So, without further ado here are the top 5 most aggressive Supports:

5. Leona
The Radiant Dawn

"Don't stare directly at me for too long."

Seeing a woman in full body armor is quite rare in most games and fantasies, But I think we can all agree that Leona wears it well. She’s strong, beautiful, and bright(literaly), This warrior templar of the sun will literally stun you with her hotness.

Leona is a tanky-support that uses her ability to engage and immobilize specific targets that can cause great harm to the team. She usually goes all in or nothing in a fight and has the defensive to survive while her teammates massacre the enemy.

What Makes Leona a Deadly Aggressive Support?

  • She has a great early-game with low cooldown stuns and engage, perfect for immobilizing and a reverting momentum.
  • She also rocks at team fights. Being able to stun the entire enemy team makes her a deadly foe that can change the flow of the game.
  • Building AP to synergize with her abilities can boost the team’s offensive power. Her ‘W’ and ‘R’ can deal a decent amount of AOE magic damage.

How to Kill with Leona

4. Rakan
The Charmer

"You see this cape? Ha! I say goddamn I'm sexy!"

He can heal broken hearts, and shield helpless damsels, he can lift you off your feet and still charm your lady. Rakan is desired by many women throughout Runeterra, but sadly his heart is already taken. And trust in when I say, you do not want to get mixed up with his misses.

Rakan is an all-rounder support which abilities make him ideal as a counter pick against many bot-lane champions, his ability to deal CC while protecting his allies makes him an irreplaceable asset to the team.

What Makes Rakan Deadly Aggressive Support?

  • Rakan is a multi-purpose support that can heal, shield, CC and dance. What else could you possibly need?
  • Even without his girlfriend, Rakan works well with most ADCs and is especially great in team fights.
  • Rakan has one of the best engage in the game. His ultimate gains a burst of MS that can damage and charm the entire enemy team. No one can escape his love.

How to Kill with Rakan

3. Thresh
The Chain Warden

"Screaming won't do you any good, but it's music to my ears."

Far tales of a sadistic, unholy spirit that came from the shallow pits of the shadow isle. A being whose only solace lies in the torture and torment of his captured souls, as they suffer a horrible fate worse than death.

Thresh is one of the best Aggressive-Support champions in the game. He utilizes his tankyness and unique hook to stun, engage and disarray enemies. His ability to set up kills and poke enemies makes him ideal for laning, capturing and assisting ganks.

What Makes Thresh a Deadly Aggressive Support?

  • Landing his low cooldown ‘Q’ makes escapes nearly impossible.
  • His passive empowered basic attack deals decent damage that most squishy champions try to avoid. He can use it to intimate and scare champions from farming.
  • His ‘W’ not only displaces enemies but can also be used to push back minions waves for the ADC to harvest.

How to Kill with Thresh

2. Nautilus
The Titan of The Depths

"Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down."

Nautilus is the colossal titan of the depths. His name is known throughout Bilgewater as the one who sinks those who forgot to pay the Bilgewater tithe. His massive anchor is said to blast holes straight through the ships of foolish sailors as he pulls them down to join the depths.

Nautilus is a tanky-support than has one of the best AOE CCs in the game. He is also one of the highest damaging tanks that utilize his engage and shield to absorb massive amounts of damage while dishing out a decent amount of AOE damage as well.

What Makes Nautilus a Deadly Aggressive Support?

  • His ‘Q’ is one of the fastest hooks in the game that can be used both to engage and retreat.
  • A good Nautilus can hold his own in most 1 v 1 fights and will usually win them. He is also a good team player as his CC allows him to set up kills.
  • Nautilus does well throughout the early, mid and late-game. He is also great at laning and can play in the top and jungle.

How to Kill with Nautilus

The Bloodharbor Ripper

"You're not on my list yet, keep it that way... Oh, wait, I wrote it on the back."

Swallowed once by his pathetic pass and again by treacherous jaws, Pyke seeks vengeance and retribution against those who have wronged him and the corrupted men that use others for their gain. Whenever Pyke goes on the hunt, streets of red are sure to follow.

Pyke is by far the most Aggressive-Support in the entire game. This is because his build consists of high damage items and lethality to inflict Physical-Damage to enemies. His ability to use stealth to get close and CC enemies make him an excellent Assassin-Support.

What Makes Pyke a Deadly Aggressive Support?

  • Nothing is worse than high damage support that can CC and execute you at low health. He not only disrupts the enemy from farming but also intimidates them when he disappears.
  • His passive allows him to share the kill gold with the ADC making him a great lanning champion that can overpower the enemy bot-lane.
  • Pyke has a great early, mid, and late-game. He also does well in team fights, setting up kills, Ganking, and can even 1 v 5.

How to Kill with Pyke


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