[Top 10] LoL Best Split Pushers

LoL Best Split Pushers
Split pushers, the lone wolves of League of Legends.

Does your team keep losing every team fight, leaving you frustrated and wondering what you can even do to win games? Give split pushing a try. 

League of Legends is a highly competitive game in which the team with the best composition and strategy often come out on top. While individual skill certainly plays a role, good teamwork can be the difference between a win and a loss, even for highly skilled players. 

Split pushing offers an alternative solution that is simultaneously team-focused and based on individual performance. Your goal is to draw enemies away from a team fight by splitting off from your team. Ideally you will put enough pressure on enemy turrets that you draw some of their players to you and away from the main fight. While any champion could theoretically use this strategy to win a game, some are better at it than others.  

Here are the top 10 best split pushers for season 11. 

10. Yi

Yi Split Push Gameplay. 

Full name Master Yi, Yi is primarily a jungle champion. He almost exclusively builds AD (attack damage) and attack speed, forgoing defense and making him quite the heavy hitter. After 3 basic attacks, he gets a second added attack from his passive, significantly contributing to his potential as a split pusher. This is especially potent when paired with Wuju Style, his e, which empowers his attacks with bonus true damage. In addition, his q increases his clear speed since it targets up to 4 enemy units, helping him zoom through minions and closer to towers. 

Don’t let his split push abilities fool you, however, as Master Yi is also a great team fighting champion. With insane damage output and cooldown reductions on takedown, he also tends to be a vital component in fights. Yet, that ability also makes plowing through multiple enemies by himself extremely easy, so the more they send, the merrier for a fed Yi player. If you’re looking for a split pusher that can draw enemies to you and handle the pressure, Master Yi is a great choice. 

Why Yi is Great for Split Pushing: 

  • High attack damage and attack speed 
  • His passive gives added attacks, which will increase damage
  • His e empowers his attacks with even more damage to help with tower destruction
  • In general, his kit allows him to take on multiple enemies by himself, so if they send more than one to him he can likely take them out
  • His ult provides a speed boost and makes him immune to slows, so, in the instance that he is overpowered and has to retreat, he can do so fairly easily

9. Singed

Singed Split Push Gameplay. 

Singed is the master of poison and he certainly uses it to his advantage for split pushing. His damage comes virtually exclusively through his q, which leaves a trail of the nasty stuff behind him, dealing damage to any who follow in it. This makes clearing minions easy as cake, amassing gold and putting the pressure down on enemy turrets. However, since he is not an attack damage champion, but rather builds ability power (AP) and deals damage primarily through his abilities, his damage to towers will suffer compared to AD champions that have higher attack speed and basic attack damage. 

He also has a couple of crowd control options from both his w and e abilities. His w ability will place a sticky goop of adhesive on the ground, slowing enemies that cross over it, while his e will toss them over his shoulder. If they happen to land in the adhesive, they will be rooted, preventing any movement abilities, including flash. Plus, if that isn’t enough to keep enemies out of his hair, his ultimate provides a slew of boosts, buffing his ability power (damage), providing bonus armor and magic resist, bonus movement speed, and bonus health and mana regeneration. Singed is certainly good at getting out of sticky situations. 

Why Singed is Great for Split Pushing: 

  • His poison trail allows for quick minion clear and thus increased tower pressure
  • The crowd control options available to him means he can clear, put down pressure and damage, and then make it right back out (especially in a 1v1)
  • The boosts/bonuses provided by his ultimate increase the likelihood that he will be able to escape when needed
  • Singed is not a particularly strong champion in team fights compared to a lot of others, so split pushing provides an opportunity for him to contribute in other ways

8. Yorick

Yorick Split Push Gameplay/Guide (*outdated items, be sure to look up an updated build).

Yorick is a top lane champion that specializes in his ability to take down enemy towers and split push, even without being present in the lane. His ultimate ability summons a minion known as The Maiden of the Mist. He can command The Maiden to go down a specific lane, where she will continue attacking minions and towers until defeated, thus effectively summoning a 6th teammate to split push for the team. In addition to this ability, if Yorick decides to split alongside her, he is able to summon a slew of other minions through his passive and q ability. These will also attack the lane minions and towers, though less succssefully than the maiden. 

In the instance that enemies come to stop you, Yorick has two crowd control abilities to help him escape. His e, Mourning Mist, will cause minions to target enemy champions and slow them if successfully hit. If you’re lucky, the minions might even block enemy movement and provide a barrier themselves. Yorick’s w ability will also provide some crowd control by displacing pursuers and/or trapping enemies inside a barrier. All together, Yorick is a prime candidate for split pushing and has been one of the top split push champions for years now. 

Why Yorick is Great for Split Pushing: 

  • His ultimate is the ultimate split pusher, as it basically provides an extra teammate to do the work for you, granted a mindless one
  • If he splits with The Maiden, his other minions will also help push the lane and deal damage to towers
  • He does have potential to take on multiple enemies at a time due to his passive minions and the Maiden who will assist him 
  • Yorick has potential for escape if overrun due to the crowd control provided from his w and e

7. Shen

Split Push and General Top Lane Gameplay/Guide (*outdated items, be sure to look up an updated build).

Shen is one of the better split pushers not because of an inherent ability to or proficiency towards damage dealing, minion clearing, mobility, or crowd control, but rather his ability to enter a team fight at any given moment. Shen’s ultimate is a channel ability that allows him to provide a shield to one ally, followed shortly by him teleporting directly to them. This means that he can be solo in a lane, away from his team, putting pressure on towers, and then just pop right in to say hello. So, if he happens to draw an enemy away from the main fight to defend a tower, he can easily help out his team and turn a 4v4 into a 5v4 for an easy win.

Why Shen is Great for Split Pushing: 

  • Can split off, draw someone to him, and then pop right into team fights to scale them in his team’s favor
  • Will still do a fair amount of damage to turrets through his autos
  • If you take demolish you will be able to do damage to turrets based on maximum health, which he will have a lot of as a tank
  • Most top laners, which Shen is, take teleport. So, he can teleport into fights through his ultimate and then right back out of them after a victory to finish what he started 
  • His q is a dash ability that will provide some extra escape if he gets caught splitting

6. Teemo

Teemo Split Push Gameplay.

Teemo is yet another top lane champion that excels at split pushing. This is due to a variety of factors, the primary one being his ultimate. His ultimate, Noxious Trap, places a toxic mushroom that deals poison damage over time to any enemies in the explosion radius, slows, and provides vision of those hit. This is a particularly useful tool for any split pusher, as it will immediately notify them of enemy arrival, as well as provide extra damage before the fight even begins. 

The toxic mushrooms are complemented by Teemo’s other abilities, particularly his w, which provides speed for a hasty getaway. Once out of danger, Teemo can also hide, undetected, in bushes until enemies leave, after which he can resume his devilish split push. And, in the instance that you choose to fight or can’t escape, his q ability blinds enemies, preventing any damage from auto-attacks for a short time. This can provide an added chance to escape, or give a leg up in a 1v1 fight. 

Why Teemo is Great for Split Pushing:

  • His shrooms provide a lot of coverage in terms of crowd control (slow), damage, and vision; they can also act as a deterrent, since enemies will know they have been spotted and potentially take a large amount of damage 
  • His shrooms can also be used to clear minions, as they deal area of effect damage, increasing pressure
  • The movement speed provided by his w makes for a fast escape, especially if alerted via shrooms
  • The damage provided by the mushrooms prior to a fight being initiated gives him the leg up and combines will with his blind to give advantage in 1v1 trades
  • His passive lets him hide and, if undetected, he can resume split pushing immediately once enemies return to prior positions or move on to another area of the map

5. Fiora

Fiora Split Push Gameplay.

Fiora is yet another AD top laner who tends to prioritize damage. This means that through items she will naturally have high auto-attack damage and attack speed, allowing for the quick demise of towers. This is where the majority of her split push potential comes from, though it is further increased by high deul potential and some added mobility from her skill set. 

The mobility advantage comes primarily from her q ability, which acts as a dash. This dash serves two purposes in the interest of split pushing; the first is to escape from a sticky situation by repeatedly dashing away (it has a short cooldown), and the second is to activate her true damage passive, increasing damage output and her likelihood of winning duels. Her w makes her immune to crowd control, if aimed correctly, and diverts that crowd control back to her enemies, further increasing duel potential. Of course, the strongest part of her kit is her ultimate, which places multiple true damage “vital spots” from her passive on the marked enemy and, upon each one being activated or her enemy being defeated, a large circle around them that heals her. This increases both her duel potential and ability to take on multiple opponents. 

She can thus choose to run or fight, and her fighting is particularly vicious. It is likely that the enemy team will have to send multiple members to fight a Fiora. This will then create an uneven team fight for the remainder of your team and theirs, allowing the rest of your team to put more pressure on other areas of the map. 

Why Fiora is Great for Split Pushing:

  • Increased mobility from her q allows for escape and enhances her ability to dance around one or more opponents 
  • A high damage output equals heavy turret damage, only increased by her e, which increases the attack speed of her next two autos, resets her next basic attack and has a relatively low cooldown 
  • Her ability to successfully duel other champions means that the enemy team will likely have to send more than one person to deal with her, reducing pressure on other areas of the map and creating an opening for your team 
  • Her ultimate’s heal ability and true damage markers increase her chance of successfully fighting more than one enemy; if they send two, she can quickly eliminate the easiest target, heal, and then take out the other

4. Tryndamere

Tryndamere Split Push Gameplay/Guide.

You can see how split pushing is dominated primarily by top laners, as Tryndamere is yet another top lane champion. He is one of the oldest split pushers in the game and has continued to be relevant season after season, taking out towers like they are nothing. Tryndamere builds AD, like many on this list. But for him, this is amplified by his q, which adds flat damage for insanely hard hits on both champions and towers. 

His q also gives increased damage based on his missing health, so if enemies happen to get him low, he just gets more damage. The active on his q also heals based on fury, which combines with a lifesteal item and the increased damage on low health, making Tryndamere virtually unkillable late game. Thus, trading with him is very difficult and it will often require more than one player to stop his assault on your towers or base. 

To add to that, Tryndamere’s other abilities further improve his fight or flight capabilities. His w ability will reduce enemy attack damage and slow them if their back is turned, allowing him to safely retreat or pursue with vigor. It applies to all nearby enemies as well, so he can trade with multiple people at a time. His ultimate makes him unkillable for 5 seconds, further adding to his ability to run away safely or continue fighting one or more enemies. On top of all of this, he also has a spin ability (his e) that acts as a dash and will even go through certain walls, increasing his mobility.

Why Tryndamere is Great for Split Pushing:

  • High damage output leads to easy minion clear and damage output towards both champions and towers
  • He can easily take 1v1s in the mid-late game, especially if he has a lot of gold, so you can create a lot of pressure by drawing more than one player to you 
  • Can typically trade with more than one person, especially against lower health champions such as mids or adcs; if he gets on them, its over
  • Good mobility to escape from trouble if things get too out of hand 
  • Just an overall amazing split pusher, stunted only by his lack of cc

3. Nasus

Nasus Split Push Gameplay. 

Yet another top lane champion who has been a top player in terms of split pushing for many, many seasons, is Nasus. His ability to split push effectively stems primarily from two parts of his kit. Nasus’ q continually stacks damage as the game continues, as each time he executes a minion with it he gains additional damage for it. Due to this mechanic, Nasus needs to farm to get stronger, and the best way to do that is by split pushing, since doing so gives you the best access to minions. On top of that, Nasus is able to use his q ability on towers for insane turret takedowns. 

While most of the time you will want to execute minions with your q, eventually you can slow down and just focus on helping your team or taking out some towers. Nasus’ e is an AOE damaging ability and will help him quickly clear through minions to get that juicy q damage down on towers. 

He also excels at both deuling and taking on multiple enemies at once. His wither ability (w) slows the enemy’s movement, allowing him to chase down enemies or avoid heavy pursuit. In addition, his ultimate gives bonus health, armor, and magic resist, increasing his survivability by quite a bit. Overall, Nasus is just great at holding his own once you get past the early game, a perfect trait to look for in a split push champion. His only flaw is the general lack of mobility or AOE crowd control that his kit offers. 

Why Nasus is Great for Split Pushing:

  • The q stack damage makes him one of, if not the heaviest hitter in the game, allowing him to quickly take out enemy turrets 
  • His passive gives him extra life steal, which increases the survivability offered by his ultimate
  • You can build tank without losing damage, making Nasus rather difficult to kill in addition to the threat he poses from his q damage
  • His ability to duel makes him another champion that requires more than one player to stop, drawing pressure 
  • There is a good chance he can take on more than one enemy, depending on their crowd control and mobility; but even if he can’t kill them, it can take 3 or more enemies to actually take down a Nasus if he is in top shape

2. Camille

Camille Split Push Gameplay/Guide (*outdated items, be sure to look up an updated build). 

Camille is one of the most mobile top laners in the game and has a high damage output, making her a prime choice for split pushing. Camille thrives on her mobility, all of which comes from her e ability, which gives her two dashes; the first grapples to a wall or nearby terrain and the second sends her in the targeted direction. Through this, she can easily duck from a situation at much greater speed and with much more distance than the majority of champs, easily outrunning any pursuers. Thus, she provides low-risk, high-reward pressure and turret damage. 

This mobility from her e ability also combos very well with the rest of her kit, especially her w, which slows enemies and heals her. She can cast her w, slowing enemies and giving herself a health boost, and then immediately use her e to get even further away. 

Her abilities are also geared heavily towards dueling. Her passive will grant a shield based on the damage type of the enemy she hits. Additionally, her ultimate will single out an enemy and force them to fight with her in a confined space, all while momentarily knocking away anyone else nearby. With her dash, she can easily leap in, target the person with the lowest health, eliminate them, and then leap back out. Plus, her q ability grants extra damage, aiding in her ability to quickly execute both enemies and turrets before getting the heck out of dodge. 

Why Camille is Great for Split Pushing:

  • High mobility allows her to get in and get out very quickly, reducing the risk associated with being alone in a team game
  • Duel potential makes her a major threat to those who stop her, meaning more than one person typically has to try
  • Even if more than one enemy comes, you will easily be able to assassinate the weakest link and then escape as if nothing ever happened
  • Her q ability’s extra damage also applies to towers, increasing the damage that she deals to them

1. Jax

Jax Split Push Gameplay and General Guide.

Jax is the king of split pushing, and for good reason. He has all the benefits of other champions on this list with very few of the drawbacks. In truth, his kit is great for both team fights and split pushing, allowing you to choose what suits your playstyle and the need of the moment, highlighting the strength of Jax as a well-rounded champion. With that in mind, you will definitely want to give his split push a try, as it is extremely efficient. 

All of Jax’s kit contributes to his insane potential as a split pusher. His passive gives increased attack speed based on his basic attacks, letting him shred through minions, players, and turrets alike. His ultimate ability also gives stacks based on his basic attacks, which, after he reaches 2 stacks, will be consumed, dealing extra magic damage to whatever he attacks. 

Jax excels In terms of both deuling and escaping. His ultimate’s active provides defensive bonuses to both magic resist and armor, enhancing survivability. He also comes equipped with an AOE stun which begins as a defense stance that blocks basic attack damage and reduces all other damage sources from champions. On top of these defensive measures, and offensive depending on how you view the stun, he has a dash ability that allows him to leap to a targeted unit, including allies or allied minions. His dash increases his mobility and allows for a quick escape, or hot pursuit, if that’s more your style. 

Why Jax is Great for Split Pushing:

  • The mobility from his dash allows him to quickly eliminate an enemy or provides a quick escape
  • He has great defensive capabilities through his abilities, allowing you to gear his build primarily towards damage without sacrificing too much of his defense 
  • The stacks provided through his passive and ultimate’s passive allow him to shred right through enemy turrets
  • The crowd control from his e ability can act both offensively and defensively; he can stun enemies, then leap out with his q, easily win a duel after stunning his opponent, or even take on multiple enemies at a time since it stuns more than one person (just take out the weakest link first)
  • After split pushing and taking down a tower and/or an enemy champion, he can choose to either quickly regroup with his team to help secure objectives or win fights, or keep wailing away on their turrets/base

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