[Top 10] League of Legends New Champions That Are OP (Latest Patch)

League of Legends New Champions
They just came out recently, dw they're broken af nobody can nerf them not even Riot themsevles!

So you want to play some new champions but you’re not sure where to start or who to play but at the same time, you don’t want to play someone who’s underpowered well worry not this article is for you. Here you’ll only find the best of the best, the most OP champions in the game that also just came out recently. Don’t worry learning these champions won’t take you long. Just a few games here and there, a few reports maybe a ban somewhere here and there who knows anything can happen. But anyway enough of me blabbering about pointless things let’s get into the champions!

10. Aphelios 

Why Aphelios is OP: 

  • Can not be nerfed at all riot tried but didn’t succeed 
  • Has a lot of different abilities so you won’t get bored quickly
  • OP af can not be stopped once he gets rolling. 
  • Can 1v9 easily 

9.  Lillia 

What makes Lillia OP:

  • Has a lot of movement speed being able to run in circles around your enemy
  • Can put people to sleep great in a team fight
  • Can send horny people to horny jail 

8. Rell 

What makes Rell OP:

  • She’s really tanky
  • She’s a good support to have around 
  • Has a metal horse that she rides around 

7. Seraphine 

What makes Seraphine OP:

  • Has everything that you need in the bot lane 
  • Moderate learning curve 
  • Can be really useful in team fights if played correctly
  • Has a nice voice to listen too 

6. Samira 

What makes Samira OP:

  • Easy to carry a game without wasting a sweat 
  • Really fun to play her while feeling like a bad ass 
  • Katarina 2.0 but better in every single way 
  • Mommy material 

5. Akshan

What makes Akshan OP: 

  • Can revive your whole team from death 
  • Has one of the most fun abilities in the game
  • Can go invisible and sneak up to enemies and surprise them
  • You feel like a real assassin. 

4. Sett

What makes Sett OP: 

  • His W deals true damage in the center and can one-shot an ADC in the blink of an eye
  • He’s tanky and deals damage what else could you ask for
  • Can turn a losing team fight into a winning one with a simple supplex

3. Yone

What makes Yone OP:

  • Can heal a massive amount of health in a short period of time. 
  • Knocks people up thanks to his ultimate ability 
  • Can either carry games or solo lose the whole match 

2. Gwen 

What makes Gwen OP:

  • She’s an AP top laner that is tanky, deals damage and has a lot of healing
  • Can solo carry most of the games without needing any help from the team
  • Her empowered auto attacks deal a lot of damage 
  • Has a small dash that can be used as a gap closer 

1. Viego

What makes Viego OP:

  • Can possess bodies of defeated enemies and turn the whole teamfight around
  • Has a medium to high learning curve 
  • Has two passive effects 
  • Has the highest potential to 1v9 matches but you’ll be sweating a lot by the end of the match 

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