[Top 15] LOL Best Champions For Each Role (Latest Patch)

[Top 15] LOL Best Champions For Each Role (Latest Patch)
Anything is good if you play it well.

So you wish to know what the best champions are for each role? Well, that's precisely what this article is about. There are a lot of different champions in this game and it can overwhelm you when it comes to picking who you want to play.

Let me tell you that you shouldn’t worry about this. As in this article, I’ll list the best champions for each role and rank them by strength. This is for the latest patch of LoL so keep that in mind. Enough chit chat let’s get into the article itself. 

15. Kennen (Top)

“Go with the lighting.”

Kennen is a rat that shoots lightning out of his kunai and he’s a ranged top lane champion. Well, he can bend lighting with his hands but he mainly uses it whenever he’s throwing out his kunai. This little rat is a master of battle and loves being in control of the fight that’s going on.

That’s thanks to his ultimate ability that can stun everyone for a short period. The ultimate range is big as a lane so you don’t have to be careful when using it. If there are 2-3 people around you, you can pop it safely.  The rat also has a dash ability where he electrocutes people when he passes through them.

This can be a great ability when there are a lot of enemies around or minions that are blocking your path. During the laning phase, Kennen can throw out his kunai for some poking damage, and landing three different abilities at a target will activate his passive ability that deals extra damage and stuns them for some time. 

Why Kennen Is Great For Top Lane:

  • Kennen is great at controlling a team fight with his ultimate ability. 
  • During the laning phase, he can easily poke the enemy with his Q. 
  • Hitting an enemy with three different abilities activates his passive which deals bonus damage and stuns them for a short time. 
  • Kennen can turn himself into lighting and pass through minions or champions. This ability is great for escaping from an unfortunate situation. 

14. Rumble (Top)

“I create things just to destroy them later on.”

Here we have another top lane champion that goes by the name Rumble and yes he’s also a rat. Unlike his rat cousin Kennen, Rumble is smarter than him. He loves to build things and later destroy them in an explosion. He’s an inventor.

The mech that Rumble drives is something that he has created with his own two tiny hands. When it comes to his gameplay Rumble can either be a ranged or a melee type. Depending on which abilities you like casting the most. The most fun ability that Rumble has is his flamethrower. It’s so much fun watching people burn.

With his W he gains a shield and his E launches a harpoon that deals damage. His ultimate ability rains down a barrage of rockets that obliterate anyone who gets hit by them. The reason for that is because Rumble is an AP top lane champion who has insane AP scaling. 

Why Rumble Is Great For Top Lane:

  • Rumble scales with ability power. Magic is the key for this little guy. 
  • Your flamethrower is great for pushing lanes or dealing damage up close. 
  • If Rumble can’t get close enough to deal damage he can always launch a harpoon with his E. 
  • Rumble’s ultimate ability can be used as a zoning tool. Blocking the escape path for your enemy. 

13. Elise (Jungle)

“Scared of spiders are we now?”

We are on a roll with creature champions, aren’t we? Too bad Riot Games rarely releases some! This lady right here is Elise the spider queen. She lives on the Shadow Isles. The main priority for Elise is to spread her web all over Runeterra so she can walk safely.

Nah just kidding she wants to eat everyone. When it comes to Elise she’s an AP jungler that can burst someone down but she is also a fighter. Elise has her ultimate ability unlocked at the start so you have 6 abilities to work with. I’ll go over some of her best abilities.

Elise can easily gank lanes in her human form thanks to the cocoon from her E also in her spider form her E becomes a gap closer in which Elise becomes untargetable. To deal an insane amount of damage instantly it’s best to start fights with her Q in spider form. So that’s Elise the spider lady in short. Have fun playing her!

Why Elise Is Great For Jungle:

  • Ganks have never been easier thanks to Elise and her spider abilities. 
  • She can become untargetable for a few long seconds. 
  • Her ultimate ability is unlocked from the start so you have in total 6 different abilities to play around with. 
  • She’s a burst/fighter mage hybrid. 

12. Neeko (Mid)

“Neeko curious?”

Okay, this is Neeko, a champion that can turn into her teammates at the click of a button. She’s a mid-laner. Great champion for tricking people into something that you’re not. Seems like I summed up my whole life.

When it comes to Neeko she’s a mid-lane champion that is pretty good at eliminating single targets. She can eliminate multiple people at once as well but only with her ultimate ability sadly. But why is she great for single targets? Well, her abilities are designed that way. Her E is a root, her W splits her in two.

That ability is great only when running away from someone. And her Q is the grand slam when you hit someone with your E. The Q pretty much explodes on impact 3 times in a row if you hit a champion. Her ultimate ability works the same as Kennen’s ultimate but hers has the potential to be a nuclear strike. 

Why Neeko Is Great For Mid Lane:

  • Neeko can split herself in two with W. This is great for escaping ganks. 
  • She’s great at eliminating single targets. 
  • Her ultimate can be a nuclear strike during the later stages of the match. 
  • She can root one or two people only but the upside is that the root lasts a while. 

11. Orianna (Mid)

“Am I alive?”

No, you’re not alive silly, you're a robot. You were probably created in a meth lab. Here we have another mid-lane champion by the name of Orianna. She’s a champion that controls the battlefield. All of her abilities revolve around that. So don’t try to be slick. In 1v1 situations you lose 90% of the time.

She is not designed to fight, she's designed to support her teammates with her ball and be a control freak. The most useful ability that Orianna has is the R that pulls people closer to the ball. She can also give people shields with her E, poke people during the laning phase with her Q and give a movement speed boost with her W. That’s all Orianna said and that’s how she works. Also, she’s a clock. 

Why Orianna Is Great For Mid Lane:

  • Orianna can be a great support champion for her teammates. 
  • She controls the battlefield with her R. 
  • Poking has never been easier during the laning phase. 
  • Orianna can give a shield and movement speed to her teammates. 

10. Bard (Support)


For our first support champion, we have Bard the great child yeeter. Tbh Bard is the most relaxing champion you could play in this game plus he’s strong. He has the best roaming potential from the support role.

He can go from one end of the map to the other in a few seconds. And that’s what you should do with him. He can also protect his whole team from imminent death with his R. His ultimate ability works like a Zhonya’s would but in an AoE radius. But as soon as Bard hits level 6 he leaves the lane and never comes back.

You go on a mission to collect as many kids as possible just so you can throw them at someone’s face later. The reason why Bard can travel around the map so quickly is that when picking up his kids it gives him a movement speed bonus and he can place tunnels all over the map that he can go through. Bard can also heal people and stun targets for a long time. 

Why Bard Is Great For Support:

  • Has the best roaming potential from the support role. 
  • Targets that get stunned stay like that for a long time. 
  • Bard can save his whole team from death with his R. 
  • He can travel the map quickly thanks to the tunnels he places. 

9. Xerath (Support)

“I will rule the world!”

Here’s the wannabe ruler of the world Xerath but in the support role. I think that’s the best place for him. As his kit has everything to support the ADC. Xerath has the damage, the CC, and slow plus he can kill people who run away with low HP with his ultimate.

The best ability that Xerath has is his W. Which is easy to hit, it slows people and it allows you to hit your E and Q as well. Your E is the CC and his Q is the ability that deals the most damage. Xerath does have a few mana issues but those can be resolved by buying a mana crystal.

You should also focus on poking the enemy ADC and support and later giving the kills to your ADC so they can carry the match. But if the enemy runs away from your ADC and they can’t catch up you should get the kill by using your ultimate ability. It has a long-range and it’s easy to hit. 

Why Xerath Is Great For Support:

  • His kit has everything that an ADC needs. 
  • Xerath has the best poke out of any support in the game currently. 
  • If an enemy gets out of reach from your ADC, kill them with your ultimate. Running away isn’t an option when you’re playing Xerath. 

8. Draven (ADC)

“Welcome to the league of DRAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!”

For our next champion, we have an ADC named Draven the egotistical maniac. All Draven cares about is glory and being famous, nothing else. Speaking like a true influencer right there. Another ability that Draven has is the power of one-shotting kids with 1 axe.

Most supports get the short end of the stick but everybody else can take up to 2-3 axes max. That’s also his Q ability. His W gives him a movement speed buff and it gets reset every time Draven catches an axe and his E shoves people to the side and slows them. His ultimate ability is global so make sure to try and hit something across the map. Draven is a basic champion that’s easy to get into but hard to master. 

Why Draven Is Great For ADC:

  • Draven can eliminate someone with 1 auto-attack. 
  • He can spam his W ability as long as he keeps catching axes. 
  • The more axes you catch the more gold you’ll get from your passive. 
  • His ultimate ability is global. Have fun hitting trick shots. 

7. Nidalee (Jungle)

“Welcome to my jungle.”

Up next we have someone that’s like Elise but she turns into a tiger. This is Nidalee, a jungle champion. Nidalee is not some basic jungling champion oh no. You see Nidalee can kill someone from very far away and if she hits her ability that is.

Her Q deals more damage the more it travels. At max range, it's pretty damn deadly. Nidalee, like Elise, has 6 different abilities at her disposal. She can transform from level 1. Her tiger form is stronger than her human form so make sure to use that when you’re ganking.

Her human form is great to initiate a gank but during the fighting period, the tiger does the job of killing. Also in her human form, Nidalee can heal people and herself with E and place traps with W. Her tiger form deals damage in an AoE radius. 

Why Nidalee Is Great For Jungle:

  • The human form is best used to initiate a gank. 
  • Tiger form is best used during fights. 
  • Her abilities in tiger form deal damage in an AoE radius which is great for clearing out jungle camps. 
  • Nidalee can heal people while in her human form and place traps as well. 
  • Has a small dash in her tiger form. 

6. Bel’Veth (Jungle)

“I am the void!”

For our next champion, we have the lady that is the queen of the void and that’s Bel’Veth. She’s also a new champion that was recently released. She belongs in the jungle and she’s pretty insane at her job. While ganks aren’t her strong suit but dealing a lot of true damage is.

She can also reduce incoming damage by 70% and dash in every direction with her Q. Your best bet while playing Bel’Veth is farming up for items and later leaving the jungle to kill everyone that stands in your path.

Also, her ultimate ability allows her to bloom like a rose but I’m not quite sure what that does. She can also summon little voidlings that push a lane but they die quickly sadly. But they are a great distraction when farming in the jungle. 

Why Bel’Veth Is Great For Jungle:

  • Bel’Veth can easily farm her whole jungle without losing a lot of HP. 
  • Ganks are a bit hard to pull off so try to use your Q to your advantage. 
  • She can knock people up into the air with her W. 
  • Her E reduces incoming damage by 70% and she gains a lot of attack speed. 
  • She’s the highest true damage dealer currently in the game. 

5. Yone (Mid)

“I wear this mask on my face so I forget who I was.”

Up next we have Yone the forgotten boy. He is a mid-lane champion but can also be played in the top lane. What’s so great about Yone is that his kit has inbuilt healing. So every time you attack something you get some HP back. I consider him to be the life-steal king.

Yone also scales well with crit and attack speed items. When it comes to dealing damage Yone is your guy. He can leave his fleshy body to enter the spirit world to deal damage. Once he returns to his flesh he deals extra damage to the target he attacked.

Yone gains a shield with his W and he can knock people into the air with his Q and R. You should only use his ultimate ability if there are teammates around to go in with you. Otherwise, you won’t get the full potential of this ability. 

Why Yone Is Great For Mid Lane:

  • Yone has built-in life-steal in his kit and scales well with crit and attack speed items. 
  • He can leave his body to enter the spirit world to deal damage to a target. This ability can be used while in the safety of your tower. 
  • Yone gains a shield when he uses his W. 
  • His R is great for engaging in battles and if your teammates connect with you it’s even better. 

4. Lucian (ADC)

“Everybody dies, some people just need help.”

This is the ultimate bully in the bot lane. I don’t like playing against this champion at all so I always ban him. Lucian works well with the PTA rune because his passive ability allows him to shoot twice in the same auto-attack.

And since you need 3 auto-attacks on a target to activate PTA, you can see why it’s considered deadly. Lucian also packs a punch when it comes to poking. At the start, he can easily spam his Q to poke people but later he can also use his E to dash toward them and auto-attacking them twice.

If you combine his abilities correctly Lucian can successfully auto-attack 6 times, which is faster than anyone in the whole game. His ultimate ability is great for shooting people who are far away or simply clearing out a whole wave of minions. 

Why Lucian Is Great For ADC:

  • Lucian is the best poke champion in the ADC role thanks to his passive ability and the PTA rune. 
  • He has a dash that gets lowered each time he auto-attacks someone. 
  • His Q is a laser ability that goes through anything and it has a huge range. 
  • Lucian’s R is great for clearing out huge waves or killing someone who isn’t in the auto-attack range. 

3. Pantheon (Top)

“I do not fear the gods, they fear me!”

This is the greatest champion of all time and its Pantheon. He’s a top lane champion that can also be played as a mid laner or support. But his main role now is in the top lane so that’s what I’m going to talk about. Same as Lucian, Pantheon can activate PTA by simply jumping on someone with his empowered W.

It takes less work and it’s much easier to do. Pantheon can also stab people with his spear and block all incoming damage with his E. Unfortunately if anyone gets behind Pantheon they can deal damage to him. Pantheon is also great at roaming thanks to his ultimate ability and the ability itself has a long cast range. So feel free to leave your lane once in a while to help out your team. 

Why Pantheon Is Great For Top Lane:

  • Pantheon can block all incoming damage from the front with his E. 
  • He can activate PTA with his empowered W. 
  • Pantheon’s Q is a great tool for executing people below 20% HP. 
  • He can help out his team thanks to his R ability. 

2. Katarina (Mid)

“Keep on running so I can stab you in the back!”

The second to last champion we have Katarina the mid-lane AP assassin. If I ever want to have fun in League of Legends I simply pick Katarina. Yes, I am a Katarina enjoyer so what? I’m proud of it. When it comes to the gameplay she’s simple to get into but hard to master.

If you misplay once you’re pretty much dead meat. Each time she gets a kill all of her abilities except her ultimate get reset so she can spam them again. Also each time she steps on a dagger her E gets reset. With Q she throws a dagger, with W she places a dagger on the ground, and with her ultimate ability, she spins in a circle.

Now that you know the fundamentals of Katarina enjoy making cool combos with her. I highly suggest that you take your time during the laning phase and carefully plan out your moves. Also, try to roam as much as you can as it will only help you and your team. But please don’t die while roaming. 

Why Katarina Is Great For Mid Lane:

  • Katarina does not possess a mana bar so feel free to spam her abilities. 
  • Be very careful when you want to go into battle as one misplay can result in you dying. She’s a very squishy champion. 
  • During the laning phase make sure to spam your Q on the enemy as much as you can. That way it’ll be easier for your jungler to gank you. 
  • Her abilities get reset if she gets a kill and her E gets reset each time she steps on a dagger. 

1. Jax (Top)

“Imagine if I had a real weapon.”

For our number one champion, we have Jax the creature with three fingers. When it comes to Jax he can dodge all auto-attack abilities thanks to his E and with his ultimate ability, he gains extra armor and magic resistance. Jax can also jump a huge distance and thanks to his W his auto-attacks deal extra damage.

Now that you know what his abilities do, let’s see how you would use them during the laning phase. His Q can be used to close the distance between you and the enemy or use it as an escape tool. His W is great for farming and his E is great when engaging in a fight. His E can also stun targets by the end of its duration. His R is great in any situation as it grants him bonus magic and armor resistance. Oh and also he’s played in the top lane. 

Why Jax Is Great For Top Lane:

  • He’s the best duelist in the game and the best split pusher as well. 
  • Has a gap closer in his kit, and can be useful when escaping bad situations or if you need to kick someone’s ass. 
  • Jax’s E allows him to dodge all incoming auto-attacks and stun the target by the end of its duration. 
  • His W empowers his auto-attacks. 

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