[Top 10] LOL Most Fun Junglers That Are Great

[Top 10] LOL Most Fun Junglers That Are Great
A mighty lion sleeps in the jungle.

So you want to start winning your games and having the match under your control. You’ll need to know the jungle inside and outside which I suppose you do since you’re already here. Today, I’ll list the most fun champions to play in the jungle.

Everyone needs to relax from time to time, so sometimes playing a fun jungler isn’t so bad. Don’t worry you’ll still be able to carry your match with these champions if you were worried about that part. You won’t lose any of your LP, I hope.

These champions will range from AP to tanks, there will be something for everyone to choose from. So let’s not waste any more time and get into the list!

10. Amumu

“Depressed mummy.”

Let’s start this list off with Amumu the Sad Mummy. All this guy wants is a hug and nothing else. He wants to be loved and wants to give love back but he has a terrible curse set upon him. Anything that comes close to him dies no matter what. Someone was playing tricks on him when they placed that curse on poor Amumu.

When it comes to his abilities Amumu can hook onto someone two times in a row with his Q, with his W he starts crying and deals AoE damage, with his E he slaps people with his bandages and last but not least he can CC everyone in a huge AoE radius with his R. And I do mean in a huge radius, like huge as the lane. That’s Amumu for y'all. He’s a fun jungler to play and it’s easy to gank lanes with him. You can’t mess up with him. 

What’s Great About Amumu:

  • Lanes are easily gankable. 
  • Does AoE damage with his W.
  • AoE CC thanks to his R.
  • Great team fighting champion.

9. Elise

“I know what lurks in the shadows!”

Here we have Elise the Spider Queen. This girl loves using her spiders to kill people. That’s what you’ll be doing mostly and transforming into a huge spider of course. You’ll be able to transform from spider and human form from level 1. Elise has a total of 6 abilities that she can use and each ability has its use in a certain situation.

During the human form, Elise can summon spiders and shoot out a cocoon with her E to root people. While in spider form she can leap from place to place and she’s untargetable during that period. During spider form, you have small spiders around you that attack anything you attack. You can’t control them sadly but they’re there for that bit of extra damage. 

What’s Great About Elise:

  • Has the ability to turn into a spider or a human at the press of one button.
  • Has 6 abilities in total.
  • Each ability has its use in certain situations.
  • Ganking with Elise is even easier than with Amumu. 

8. Gragas

“Have a drink, it’s on me!”

At a first glance, this might seem like your regular fat guy who loves to drink. But at a second glance, this is a fat guy who loves to drink. Every single ability revolves around this guy drinking and smacking people with his beer barrel.

The beer is infinite so he doesn’t care how much he spills. Gragas can throw his barrel at the ground which explodes after a few seconds and that’s his Q, when you press his W he starts drinking like a maniac and his next auto-attack is empowered, he can dash forwards with his E knocking up anyone that gets hit by it. With his ultimate Gragas can shove anyone to the side because of the beer.

The ultimate can be a great tool to push the enemy into your teammates or under your turret. Even though his primary role is jungle he can also be seen in the top, mid, or even as a support. Talk about being diverse. 

What’s Great About Gragas:

  • This ginger can push the enemy into unwanted situations. 
  • Has a dash ability that can go over walls and knock anyone up that gets hit by it. 
  • His W empowers his next auto-attack while also giving him damage resistances. 

7. Graves

“Anyone got a cigar please?”

His cigar went missing ages ago and it still can’t be found. Damn you Riot Games. They removed the cigar so kids wouldn’t start smoking. What kind of logic is that? Graves is a ranged jungler that specializes in demolishing people with two shots.

Graves also knockbacks minions with his shots, great for kiting and farming in the jungle. His Q shoots out buckshot that explodes, his W is a smoke grenade that blinds people when they step in it, his E is a simple dash that gives him armor, and his ultimate ability is an execute.

The ultimate ability shoots out huge buckshot that executes anyone with low HP. Great for killing people who are far away from you. You’ll never get bored of the shotgun noises I swear.

What’s Great About Graves:

  • If Graves dashes he gains armor. 
  • He can knock back minions with his shotgun. 
  • His ultimate ability executes people if they’re low HP. 
  • Great at kiting the jungle camps. 

6. Evelynn

“They taste better when they’re scared.”

Evelynn is a lust demon that transforms into anyone they desire. That’s how she survives. She has to kill and suck their life force so she can stay alive. Something that every succubus has to do. Very original. When it comes to playing Evelynn you’ll mostly want to be praying on your enemy. Creeping up on them and striking when the time is right.

You’ll be constantly invisible when you hit level 6 so stalking your prey shouldn’t be an issue. When it comes to farming in the jungle you’ll mostly be spamming your Q and E key to kill the minions. Your Q launches spikes and it resets every 0.5 seconds and with E Evelynn launches herself through her targets dealing damage.

With W Evelynn can charm people for a short amount of time lowering their magic resistance so they’re easier to kill. Her ultimate is the most satisfying one to use especially because of the sound effects and because it’s an execution. Who doesn’t love that? 

What’s Great About Evelynn:

  • Evelynn can constantly be invisible once she hits level 6. 
  • Her W charms people and lowers their magic resistances.
  • Evelynn can spam her Q every 0.5 seconds. 
  • Her E goes through multiple targets. 
  • Evelynn can target multiple people with her R.

5. Hecarim

“Behold the might of the Shadow Isles.”

Once upon a time, Hecarim used to be a normal human being, then thanks to the blue magic of the Shadow Isles he turned into half human and half horse. Talk about being a stallion if you catch my drift. Hecarim revolves around speed. The faster he is, the more damage he’ll deal.

Plus who doesn’t love running around the rift at the speed of sound stampeding over poor innocent supports? I sure do. You’ll want to be spamming your Q ability whenever someone is near you. His W sucks the life force of the enemy so Hecarim can heal himself, with his E he starts galloping, and at a 100% speed, he deals the most amount of damage.

His ultimate summons the undead horse army that fears anyone who gets hit by it. The fear lasts for quite some time. It’s great whenever you need to escape someone or if you need to scare multiple people at the same time. 

What’s Great About Hecarim:

  • Speed is key. 
  • Running someone over with your max charge E will never stop being satisfying. 
  • Hecarim’s ultimate ability can fear multiple people at the same time.
  • The ultimate ability can also be used as an escape tool. 

4. Qiyana

“Empress of the jungle.” 

Our first AD assassin on the list. If you’re wondering who the first assassin was, that was Evelynn. But Evelynn is AP and Qiyana is AD. Plus Qiyana is more fun to play than Evelynn. I mean who wants to be constantly invisible? Right? Exactly. Now Qiyana only works if you’re able to combo with her correctly. Which is Q>W>Q>E>R plus throw some auto-attacks in there and anyone that you’re up against will be facing the death penalty. Qiyana’s abilities are as follows.

She shoots out a wave of energy with her Q, with W she can replenish that energy and it resets the cooldown on her Q, she’s able to dash with her E and she can send a shockwave of sound around any hard surface. Like a wall. If the sound touches anyone they get stunned for a short period and their health bars are respectfully removed from the game. That’s all there is about the empress of the jungle. Now all you have to do is combo her correctly and that’s it. 

What’s Great About Qiyana:

  • Doing combos with Qiyana will never get boring. 
  • She can reset her Q each time she uses her W. 
  • Qiyana can stun and remove the whole enemy team if they get hit by her R. 

3. Rek’Sai

“The only real mommy of League.”

Up next on our list is the hottest character in the game. That’s Rek'Sai, the mommy of the void. For some odd reason, Rek’Sai loves acting like a mole and digging holes around the rift. I mean the number of holes that there will be by the end of the game is way too much. But it is what it is.

She gets so angry that she starts spinning in place and killing everyone around her. That type of anger. That’s also her Q ability. Her W is the famous burrow, with E she can munch on people and with her ultimate ability she launches herself at the enemy, mouth wide open and claws ready to rip your face off. She’s more of a fighting-type jungler.

You won’t get a lot out of her if you just keep farming so try to help out your team whenever you can and if the ground starts moving you better start running away. 

What’s Great About Rek’Sai:

  • You can make a lot of holes in the ground. 
  • Her Q deals AoE damage. 
  • With E she can eat the whole jungle camp. 
  • She’s able to knock up people into the air if they’re right above her. 
  • Her ultimate has a long cast range.

2. Talon

“Let’s finish this quickly!”

For our next AD assassin that’s surely more fun than Qiyana, we have Talon the hidden blade or something. What’s so special about Talon is that he can make people bleed if he hits them with 2 different abilities and an auto-attack and the fact that he can jump over any obstacle in the game. Ganking lanes has never been easier.

Talon makes it seem so simple and easy. With his, Q Talon jumps a short distance stabbing people in the back. His W can target multiple people, slowing them down and with his E he jumps over anything as I said.

When you use his ultimate ability he turns invisible and summons swords around people. The next person that Talon attacks those swords will go into that target, probably killing them. 

What’s Great About Talon:

  • He’s able to jump over any wall or obstacle in the game with his E. 
  • His E takes no mana. 
  • Talon can make people bleed if he attacks them with 2 different abilities and an auto-attack.
  • His ultimate ability turns him invisible for a short time.

1. Lee Sin

“Practice makes perfect.”

And for the most fun jungler to play right now in season 12 is Lee Sin the blind monk. This guy might be blind but he has better damn eyesight than most League players. Like if you push a lane how do you not see a gank coming? And why do you blame your team for your faults?

Lee Sin is easy to get into but hard to master. Your Q shoots out a sonic wave and you can cast it again to kick someone in the face. With your W you can jump to wards or to people to shield them. Lee Sin’s E cripples people and makes them paraplegic for a short period. You pretty much break their ankles and with your ultimate ability, you kick them in the face far away from you.

Now that all seems easy but try doing combos or anything that matters with Lee Sin, it is impossible let me tell you. Ganking lanes is easy, sure but what will you do once you’re in front of your enemy? 

What’s Great About Lee Sin:

  • He’s the most mobile jungler in the game. 
  • Easy to play but hard to master. 
  • Combos for days. 
  • You can shield your teammates with your W. 
  • Shooting out your Q and using that Q to jump towards them will never get old. 

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