[Top 10] LOL Best Fighters for Wild Rift That Are OP!

LOL Best Fighters for Wild Rift
Riot Games has released a mobile version for League of Legends, a remarkable feat that has proven to be successful overseas.

10. Xin Zhao

A very easy-to-use jungler, Xin Zhao is a go-to for new players in the jungle for his relatively fast wave clear and simple ganking potential. New users of Riot Games’ mobile version of LoL will find his ease of use alluring as he doesn’t require you to aim at all except for his Wind Becomes Lightning ability (or his W). Every other ability is either a point-and click ability or one where you just have to proc the skill.

Why Xin Zhao is Great for Wild Rift

  • Decently fast clear
  • Very straightforward ganks with little mechanics required
  • Ease of use for new as well as experienced players

9. Jax

Able to be played as a top laner and jungler, Jax is a fan-favorite among the LoL community for his all-around ability kit. The best part about him is his ultimate which gives him a heavy boost in defenses to continue harassing and killing enemies. A notoriously strong pick in most metas, Jax is a reliable pick in Wild Rift.

Why Jax is Great for Wild Rift

  • Lots of kill potential and powerful abilities at all stages of the game
  • His Counter Strike ability allows him to dodge all incoming particles
  • Very simple to use abilities

8. Garen

Like the previous two champions, Garen is very simple to use in this new mobile app. In the current meta, Garen remains one of the strongest top laners and his consistency makes him a powerful pick in most compositions that require a lead in the top lane. Match him up with a hybrid build of damage and tankiness and he’s good to go.

Why Garen is Great for Wild Rift

  • Powerful champion, especially in the early to mid-stages of the game, but can be strong in the late game as well if he gets enough resources
  • Strong defenses with his W ability and execution-type ability with his ultimate
  • Straightforward and easy to use in Wild Rift

7. Fiora

A bit more complex to use in the phone version of League, but still an OP pick, Fiora is a great champion to use in Wild Rift once you get used to navigating and aiming with her abilities. She requires some form of mechanics and practice to pop off, but it’s entirely worth it.

Why Fiora is Great for Wild Rift

  • Consistent damage provided you land your abilities
  • Ability to counter any crowd-control with her Riposte ability
  • Great duelist who excels in 1v1 situations

6. Camille

Camille is considered one of the best fighters in Wild Rift right now and with good reason. She provides an ample amount of crowd-control as well as a cage with her ultimate to ensure enemies can’t escape. Her Hookshot ability is the hardest to use as it requires a double cast and aim.

Why Camille is Great for Wild Rift

  • True damage with her Precision Protocol ability (Q)
  • Great escape with her Hookshot and acts dually as a powerful engage
  • Her passive provides her with a significant shield whenever she auto-attacks an enemy (cooldown-based)

5. Wukong

Probably one of the most fun champions to play, Wukong’s a terrific pick for the top lane and the jungle. His clone ability gives him more room to play creatively and as a result, the champion has a higher skill cap. Mastery over this champion will ensure that your team has a reliable top laner/jungler to add to the team.

Why Wukong is Great for Wild Rift

  • Powerful ultimate that knocks up any enemies within its range (pairs well with Yasuo)
  • Armor-shredding ability
  • Nice engage with his Nimbus Strike and a nifty escape/deception ability with Warrior Trickster

4. Olaf

With this champion, landing your Undertow skillshot is crucial so good aim and ability to play under pressure are crucial. That said, he’s great at assassinating the backline using his Ragnarok ultimate, which makes him immune to crowd-control for a short time. He also does true damage and that helps him out a lot in terms of raw damage while going with a bruiser build.

Why Olaf is Great for Wild Rift

  • Ability to harass and chase down enemies with ease
  • Significant attack speed buff which increases the lower health you have
  • True damage and ultimate gives you access to run at the enemy team’s backline

3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to use in League and that remains the same in Wild Rift. However, like all the other champions with high skill caps, mastery over this champion will make you a terror on the rift. Landing your Sonic Wave is necessary to deal the most damage possible. His ward hop ability has been changed to a dash, making him a bit easier to use for the phone, so you should still be able to kick enemies back to your teammates with smooth mechanics.

Why Lee Sin is Great for Wild Rift

  • Great early game damage, one of the best champions for the early game
  • Ability to dash out of trouble as well as to hard-engage enemies
  • Tremendous potential to win teamfights with a well-placed ultimate kick

2. Gragas

In terms of difficulty, Gragas requires an intermediate skill level to aim his abilities well. He provides a lot of crowd-control as well as a terrific ultimate that does significant damage and displaces enemies who are near its center. His Body Slam ability coupled with his ultimate acts as a great way to assassinate an enemy or find a pick before a teamfight.

Why Gragas is Great for Wild Rift

  • Strong engage tools as well as damage
  • Can heal off of his abilities
  • His ultimate allows you to make cheeky plays

1. Darius

One of the most consistent and reliable top laners, Darius remains by and far the best fighter in Wild Rift. His ability to deal damage to multiple enemies as well as heal off that damage makes him a worthy contender for one of the best team fighters. The longer you stay in a fight with Darius, the more likely you will lose, as his damage scales off of how many auto-attacks he’s gotten off on you and his Crippling Strike and Apprehend help him keep enemies from escaping and within his range.

Why Darius is Great for Wild Rift

  • Very straightforward and easy to use
  • Crazy damage potential with his passive, ultimate, and Decimate abilities
  • Once you’re caught by a Darius, you’ll need some serious mobility ability to get away from him

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