Top 10 LOL Best Mid Laners That Wreck Hard

league of legends best mid laners

Midlane is the most popular role since the creation of League of Legends.

It is well-known for its aggressive and damage-heavy playstyle and it’s arguably the most impactful role in the game.

Learn which champions you can carry best with from the mid lane!

10. Anivia

What makes Anivia a good midlaner?

  • High DPS (Damage per second)
  • Long auto attack range for a non-ADC champion, which allows her to farm in lane safely in early levels
  • At level 6, she can clear waves effectively and very quickly
  • Her passive (which turns Anivia to an egg and brings her back to life if she was killed) makes it difficult to solo kill her in lane
  • Her W (Crystallize) creates a wall that blocks enemy movement, making it a great ganking tool in lane

Anivia is strong against:

  • Matchups that allow her to utilize her long range abilities and poke from afar, such as: Ryze, Kayle and Zyra

Anivia is weak against:

  • Mobile champions that can easily dodge Anivia’s Q and deny her a lot of her damage and CC, champions such as: Zed, Leblanc, Fizz, Katarina and Kassadin
  • Champions with longer range that her, which are able to harass her in lane and deny her farm, champions such as: Xerath and Azir


9. Zed

What makes Zed a strong midlaner?

  • High mobility 
  • Very high outplay potential and a diverse set of combos
  • Can become untargetable for a brief moment during his ult
  • Easy to last hit minions with passive
  • Extremely strong in 1v1’s which makes him great at split pushing

Zed is strong against:

  • Immobile champions such as: Heimerdinger, Veigar, Cassiopeia and Orianna
  • Skillshot-reliant champions such as: Zoe, Lux and Ahri

Zed is weak against:

  • Tanks and champions with heavy crowd control such as: Sejuani, Malphite and Garen
  • Bruisers that can withstand his burst damage while also applying a massive amount of damage such as: Irelia, Wukong, Pantheon
  • Specific champions that can become invulnerable and dodge Zed’s ultimate, making them naturally counter him in and out of lane, such as: Fizz, Ekko and vladimir


8. Xerath

What makes Xerath strong?

  • Xerath is extremely good at sieging and pushing the lane
  • Long range
  • High burst damage 
  • His ultimate (Rite of the Arcane) is a very long ranged ability, which allows him to use it from the river and finish off low health targets bot and top 
  • His E ability (Shocking Orb) is a hard CC ability that stuns a single target and makes them vulnerable to either ganks or Xerath’s high burst damage combos

Xerath is strong against:

  • Immobile and slow champions that can’t dodge his abilities easily, such as: Heimerdinger, Karthus and Brand
  • Thanks to his very long range abilities, Xerath is able to outrange every midlaner in the game and harass them without punishment, so Xerath has the upper hand against matchups such as: Azir, Orianna, Ryze and Ziggs

Xerath is weak against:

  • Assassins that are extremely mobile and can easily close the gap and dodge his abilities, such as: Katarina, Zed, Ahri, Fizz and Talon


7. Katarina

What makes Katarian good?

  • Very high carry potential
  • Whenever Katarina gets a takedown, all of her basic abilities’ cooldowns reset, which makes her very strong and reliable for cleaning up fights where enemies are low
  • Immense AOE damage, which makes her a real threat in teamfights
  • Katarina is one of the most mobile champions in the game, good utilization of her Shunpo and ability resets allow you to constantly jump around in the teamfight, making it hard for the enemy to pin you down and kill you
  • Katarina doesn’t have a source for her abilities, meaning you can spam your abilities as much as you want without having to worry about managing your mana or energy

Katarina is strong against:

  • Champions that have high sustain and can heal a lot. Katarina’s ultimate “Death Lotus” allows her to damage nearby enemies in an AOE while also applying a heal reduction debuff making her a great counter to champions like: Vladimir, Swain and Aatrox
  • Squishy champions that cannot escape her blinks or deal with her massive burst, such as: Xerath, Lux, Ziggs and Brand

Katarina is weak against:

  • Lane bullies, such as: Renekton, Riven, Pantheon and Wukong can easily abuse and punish Katarina especially in the early game since she is a melee champion and has to walk up to minions to last hit them.
  • Champions that have heavy CC and can easily interrupt her once she ults, such as: Diana, Malzahar, Lissandra and Fiddlesticks


6. Neeko

What makes Neeko good?

  • Neeko can safely farm and waveclear with her Q “Blooming burst” which is a ranged AOE spell that does high damage
  • Her W ability “Shapesplitter” sends a clone in a specific direction and makes Neeko invisible for a brief moment, making it very difficult to gank her in lane
  • Neeko poses a real threat in teamfights thanks to the massive AOE on her ult “Pop Blossom” that stuns and deals high amount of damage
  • Neeko has a long range root that passes through minions. This is extremely powerful and useful for setting up ganks
  • Neeko can disguise as one of her allies to confuse enemies and go for tricky plays around the map

Neeko is strong against:

  • Melee champions in lane that have to walk up to last hit minions, allowing her to safely harass them, such as: 
  • Champions with dashes that she can root and pin down for an easy kill, such as: Rengar, Lee Sin, Rek’Sai

Neeko is weak against:

  • Assassins with high mobility that are able to dodge her root and do massive burst damage to her, such as: Ahri, Zed and Leblanc


5. Malzahar

What makes Malzahar good?

  • Malzahar is one of the fastest lane pushers thanks to his Voildings 
  • Melts tanks thanks to his extremely high damage per second 
  • His ultimate ability “Nether Grasp” is a channel type ability that suppresses an enemy for 2.5 seconds making them vulnerable to ganks while also dealing high amount of damage
  • Malzahar is great at invading the enemy jungle and camping bushes which allows him to catch enemies off-guard 
  • Malzahar can spawn little Voidlings which act as minions and help secure objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor quickly

Malzahar is strong against:

  • Assassins and highly mobile champions that he can ult and suppress for a long period of time, such as: Zed, Ahri and Akali
  • Champions that rely on channel type abilities that he can easily interrupt with his Q “Call of the Void” that damages and silences enemies, such as: Katarina and Vel’Koz

Malzahar is weak against:

  •  Champions who can remove enemies’ debuffs and crowd control, such as: Gankplank and Morgana


4. Vel’Koz

What makes Vel’Koz good?

  • Long range
  • Very good poke and DPS (damage per second)
  • His passive allows him to deal true damage (a damage type that ignores all resistances) which is amazing at melting tanks
  • Safe lane and quick at wave clearing
  • His ultimate and Q when, combined, deal a massive amount of burst damage to quickly oneshot squishy targets

Vel’Koz is strong against:

  • Mages with lower range than him that he can harass safely in lane, such as: Heimerdinger, Annie and Orianna

Vel’Koz is weak against:

  • Velkoz has a kit consisting of 4 skillshots, making him very weak against champions with dashes and blinks, such as: Zed, Ahri, Katarina and Talon


3. Ahri

What makes Ahri strong?

  • Good waveclear with Q
  • Her E ability “Charm” is a long range CC type ability that charms enemy champions and makes them walk harmlessly towards Ahri, leaving them vulnerable to ganks
  • At level 6, Ahri unlocks her ultimate “Spirit Rush”, which then she becomes a very mobile champion as she gains 3 dashes 
  • Ahri can threaten bot and top lane thanks to her high mobility
  • Her Q ability “Orb of Deception” deals true damage on its way back, so she deals good amount of damage to tanks

Ahri is strong against:

  • Immobile champions that can’t dodge her charm easily, making them an easy kill to Ahri especially if the jungler is near, champions such as: Vel’Koz, Karthus, Xerath, Ziggs and Brand

Ahri is weak against:

  • Assassins and mobile champions that can dodge her skillshots and have high burst damage, such as: Talon, Yasuo and Katarina


2. Lux

What makes Lux good?

  • Lux has long range, high damage abilities in lane that allow her to wave clear and poke safely
  • Her Q “Lucent Singularity” binds 2 enemy targets and roots them, which guarantees that Lux lands her other abilities as well as leaving the enemies vulnerable to ganks
  • Lux can shield herself and an ally at the same time, which makes her strong at 2v2’s in case of a jungler countergank
  • Lux’s ultimate “Final Spark” is a very high burst long range ability, which allows her to finish off low health targets from a long distance
  • Lux is one of the most versatile champions in the game as she has a root, shield, and high burst damage abilities

Lux is strong against:

  • Immobile champions that she can land her root and long range poke on easily, such as: Syndra, Viktor, Brand and Karthus

Lux is weak against:

  • Assassins that are mobile and can dodge her skillshots while also dealing a massive amount of damage, such as: Zed, Talon, Yasuo and Katarina


1. Mordekaiser

What makes Mordekaiser strong?

  • Morderkaiser’s abilities have no source, meaning that he doesn’t have to worry about mana or energy expenditure 
  • Whenever Mordekaiser attacks an enemy 3 times, his passive “Darkness Rise” grants him powerful aura that deals AOE damage and boosts his movement speed 
  • Mordekaiser stores some of the damage he deals to enemies and upon activision he turns the damage stored into a shield that protects him
  • Mordekaiser’s ultimate “Realm of Death” is an extremely powerful ability that allows him to drag one of the enemies into a different dimension and steal a portion of their stats, making him very hard to beat in a 1v1
  • Mordekaiser is a juggernaut who is very hard to 1v1, so you can split push in sidelanes (top and bot) and apply immense pressure on the enemy team

Mordekaiser is strong against:

  • Assassins and mages that have high burst damage which he can easily withstand and then destroy in a 1v1, such as: Talon, Fizz and Diana
  • Mobile champions that can he suppress by dragging them to the shadow realm and limiting their mobility, such as: Yasuo, Leblanc and Akali

Mordekaiser is weak against:

  • Mordekaiser doesn’t have real counters yet, however one way to deal with him is by CC’ing him during the shadow realm until it runs out, so champions like: Malzahar and Lux can buy enough time for your team to help you take him down


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