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Jhin is back and better than ever!

Attack damage carries, or ADCs, have always had a very present place in League of Legends and the League of Legends community despite Riot’s best intentions to lessen their impact. Some of the more iconic moments from professional League of Legends have been by insanely skilled ADC players such as Sneaky from C9, and the role has remained popular with many streamers such as Tyler1 and IKeepItTaco. While many ADC’s haven’t been in the greatest of spots for a few years now due to their items not being very efficient, preseason has introduced some great items to give the boost ADCs need to return to their glory days. In this article, I’ll be counting down the 10 best ADCs for you to pop off with.

S-Tier: These legendary champions will make it almost too easy to climb the ranked ladder

A-Tier: While not as great as S-Tier, A-Tier characters remain a great choice, and can easily excel in the right hands


Jhin- 98/100 (S-Tier) 


Everyone’s favorite artsy psychopath, Jhin has found a lot of success in the latest patch thanks to lethality items. Currently sitting at a very comfy 52.35% win rate. Jhin has shown a lot of promise as an ADC that can carry games on his own with incredibly high damage

What Makes Jhin S-Tier:

  • Jhin has a ton of damage built into his kit already with his passive, and now that he’s benefiting so much with lethality items his damage output can get insane
  • Part of what makes Jhin so great is how fun he is to play. His combos and general playstyle make him so satisfying to play, and I’m super happy that Jhin is in such a good place and is viable


Miss Fortune- 96/100 (S-Tier)


One of League’s oldest ADC’s, Miss Fortune has reclaimed her place near the top after multiple seasons of struggling to be viable. Currently, at a 52.23% win rate, Miss Fortune has also made use out of building lethality. Her outdated kit puts her a little behind Jhin, but she can still dish out a ton of damage

What Makes Miss Fortune S-Tier:

  • In the right hands, Miss Fortune can be an extremely oppressive laner. Just a couple of well-timed bounces with her Q forces the enemy botlane to either back and lose lane or stay and risk dying
  • While it can be tricky to get the most use out of, Miss Fortune’s ultimate can be extremely high impact if given the proper setup. If you can land the full duration of your ultimate on an enemy team then you should win the fight, no question. This will require help from your team to lock them down and keep you alive but it’s not like your team has ever let you down before, right?


Tristana- 95/100 (S-Tier)


Tristana has been in a pretty great spot for a while now, and that hasn’t changed in preseason. Sitting at a 51.79% win rate Tristana has been able to maintain her role as a character with great mobility, damage, and objective pressure

What Makes Tristana S-Tier:

  • One of the few champions with mobility built into her kit, Tristana can use her jump both defensively to escape danger or offensively to chase down enemies. This normally long cooldown is also reset upon getting a kill, rewarding a more aggressive playstyle
  • Tristana is infamous for being able to completely decimate turrets if left unchecked. It’s punishing to leave lane against a Tristana because in the time it takes you to get back she could have easily taken your entire turret


Swain- 93/100 (S-Tier)


The only AP character to have found long-term success in the botlane, Swain currently sits at a 51.41% win rate. Through the use of an extremely oppressive laning phase and excellent scaling, Swain is an excellent choice if your team needs more magic damage

What Makes Swain S-Tier:

  • Swain’s E can be really punishing, especially when paired with a support like Leona and Alistair who have a lot of CC. Landing just one ability can allow for a massive CC chain that’s hard to get away from
  • Swain has excellent scaling and excellent utility, so even if he has a rough time in laning phase he should easily be able to transition into the mid and late game and be able to help out his team


Ashe- 92/100 (S-Tier)


Ashe has always been a pretty solid pick due to the large amount of utility in her kit, and now that there’s a plentiful amount of fantastic new items she’s gone from good to great and is currently at a 51.26% win rate

What Makes Ashe S-Tier:

  • Ashe has a lot of utility in her kit, with a built-in slow on her passive and an ultimate that can potentially have the longest stun in the game. Even if she doesn’t do too hot in laning phase, she can still be useful to the team later on
  • Ashe is one of the best kiting champions in the game, the slow she has on each of her auto attacks is fantastic for both dueling and for running down enemies


Ezreal- 90/100  (S-Tier)


Unlike most ADC’s, Ezreal has been in a pretty great spot for a while now and is currently resting at a 50.38% win rate. This is due to him being able to build items most ADC’s don’t benefit from, meaning he avoids the issue of inefficient items that other ADC’s are forced to build

What Makes Ezreal S-Tier:

  • Ezreal has one of the best mobility abilities in the game, with essentially a free Flash on his E. This is an enormous help at all stages of the game and can be used well with any strategy, be it offensive or defensive
  • Ezreal is quite a skill expressive champion, with much of his damage coming from his abilities rather than his auto-attacks. This also means that hitting your skillshots will deal a ton of damage, usually more than the enemy ADC’s attacks


Samira- 88/100 (S-Tier)


Samira has been an absolute terror ever since she was released a couple of months back. While a recent slew of nerfs have knocked her down to a win rate slightly below 50%, she remains frustrating to face and impossible to deal with when fed

What Makes Samira S-Tier:

  • As typical of any champion designed in 2020, Samira’s kit really embodies the 200 collective years of experience possessed by Riot. A CC-extender, a dash, a wind wall, and a mobile Katerina ultimate. It’s going to take a lot more nerfs to counteract just how good her abilities are on their own
  • It’s so easy for Samira to just completely snowball out of control. Just one or two kills in the laning phase pretty much guarantee you’ll be facing an absolute monster later on


Kai’Sa- 87/100 (A-Tier)


Kai’Sa has fallen slightly out of favor recently, currently at a winrate a bit below 50%, but that doesn’t mean she can’t reach the same hyper-carry potential she became infamous for on her release

What Makes Kai’Sa A-Tier:

  • Kai’Sa has a very versatile build path, being able to build both AP and AD items. This makes her similar to Ezreal in that she doesn’t suffer as harshly from inefficient ADC items and she can change her build path depending on what her team needs
  • Kai’Sa is a hyper scaler, designed to get better and better as the game goes on. Recently, games have been ending at a shorter and shorter time which means that if Kai’Sa even gets to that stage the game is already over. But in those circumstances where a game does go long enough, Kai’Sa is almost guaranteed to take over teamfights and close out the game


Kalista- 85/100 (A-Tier)


Kalista has been in a very bad spot for the longest time due to her being nerfed into oblivion because of how overbearing she was in pro-play. And while a 49.66% win rate isn't amazing, it is a sign that Riot is finally allowing her to be viable again

What Makes Kalista A-Tier:

  • Kalista is a very skill-expressive champion, her passive makes her very difficult to pilot but once you have enough experience with her then you can take full advantage out of the large amount of mobility her passive can give
  • Kalista also has a plentiful amount of utility, her W is fantastic for scouting out any hidden junglers or wards that could complicate things. On top of that, she’s great at objective taking because her E can essentially be a second Smite with all the damage it can deal at once


Vayne- 83/100 (A-Tier):


The classic and iconic hyper-carry champion, Vayne has had a slight fall from grace compared to how strong she was in previous seasons. She may have a 49.61% win rate but she can still be the same hard carry she was before

What Makes Vayne A-Tier:

  • Similar to Kai’Sa, Vayne is also a champion that only gets better the more the game goes on. While this does mean she suffers from the same problem of not being able to get to the level she needs to be at before the game ends, it also means that stalling the game out long enough greatly increases the chance of winning
  • Vayne is a champion that gets better the more you play her and get experience with her, there's a reason why Vayne has the most success with mechanically skilled players. Regardless of how poorly she is in the meta, a good enough player can always do well with her


ADC’s are a staple of League of Legends, despite the fall from grace many of them have experience in recent years. However, with Season 11 preseason and some promising buffs for multiple classic ADC items, we could see many of these classic ADC’s return to form


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