5 Things I Love and Hate About League of Legends

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A fine example of what I love, a subliminal picture you can interpret of what's wrong with League. Image by RumiRamos!

League is Love, League is Life: That's the motto.

Exemplary words to live by. Well, it might not have been your Senior yearbook motto, but it should've been and you know it. This time, we're talking about the 5 things I love and hate about League of Legends.

League of Legends has always been my favorite game to play since Season II, so much so that it feels like it isn't much of a game anymore. It feels like a little world that gamers could connect freely and interact with each other to create a strong connection between each other.

So that they may play a fun game called League of Legends, a game that's played with a team of 5, skills, trust, integrity, wit, and teamwork.

With, of course, the inclusion of toxicity and saltiness that is the by-product of the LoL community with the freedom that they have in the game. See what I mean? You can't have your cake and eat it too. 

There are just a LOT of things that League has going on for itself, may it be good or bad. Without further ado, let's take a look at the positives first, shall we?

Qualities: the Positives and Negatives.

5.) League of Legends is a newbie-friendly game.

"U wot m8? I'm Challenger III. I'mma f*** u up!- Wise words from a Pro. Photo courtesy of EloHell"

What I love about this:

League of Legends is a newbie-friendly game because of the fact that it caters to everyone and they try to bring a broader audience to the MOBA scene, whether they are gamers, hipsters, nerds, or just plain normal people, all for the sake of a good time. It doesn't matter who you are, League is ready to take you in and make you learn its ways so that you can join in the fun.

League also offers a challenge before one may engage in Ranked matches. A newbie must first learn a thing or two by leveling up from 1 to Level 30. This integral part of the game teaches new players the ropes before they can actually meet up gloves with higher ranked opponents.   

Because of this nature, League of Legends boasts 67 million active players from around the world. That's a lot of feeding programs going on worldwide. *winks twice*

What I hate about this:

The game itself may be newbie-friendly, but the players are not. Most of the time, they are salty, negative, and extremely toxic towards anyone who do not meet their expectations. Enter newbies, who have absolutely no idea how the game works yet teammates still expect them to double split-push, freeze lane, and sidestep. There's just too much expectations for new players and more often than not, new players quit as a result of the toxicity.

With that, Smurfs, League professionals who create another low-level account besides their main account, are also rampant these days. This cheap trick causes newbies to lose often because they aren't actually fighting against their own levels.  

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