LoL: How to Get Blue Essence (The Fastest Way)

Blue Essence
The transition from IP to Blue Essence was a big deal.

Getting Blue Essence: Not Just Luck

A lot of people have complained about the shift to Blue Essence from IP over the years, mostly because they feel like it isn’t fair to F2P players, but getting Blue Essence isn’t just about luck. In this guide, I will cover all of the ways that you can speed up your acquisition of Blue Essence. This guide is going to focus only on the elements that are in your control, to give you the best chance at earning quickly.

Play, Play, Play

The simplest thing that you can do to speed up earning Blue Essence is to play League often. Every time you level (starting at level 5), you will acquire Champion Capsules which can give you, among other things, Champion Shards; disenchant them to get more Blue Essence. Only hang on to the shards of champions that you know that you want, and trash the rest; your Blue Essence count will go up in no time.

Mission: Not-So-Impossible

April Fool's aside, missions are no joke.

Event periods are running fairly constantly in League, and during these times, missions will be offered to you every day; one of the potential prizes for missions is Blue Essence. If you are looking to earn more, be sure to complete these missions every day. In addition, some of the other rewards for missions can lead to more Blue Essence indirectly, such as Hextech crafting materials, so just because a mission doesn’t reward you with Essence doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

The Honor System

Honor: not just an accolade, but the key to earning essence.

This is the meat and potatoes of Blue Essence gathering if you want to do it fast; it is by far the most easily controlled aspect of the process. I will be breaking down the honor system more in the sections below, but basically, you want to earn honor from your team-mates every match. It doesn’t take much effort to make yourself the kind of player that will get recognized each game, and it’s well worth it, not just for the Essence payouts from Honor Capsules, but because it can help you build lasting friendships in-game.

Honor Capsules and Orbs

As part of incentivizing good community practices in League, those who earn a certain amount of honor are rewarded with Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs (the exact reward being dependent upon someone’s overall honor rank). These always either contain Blue Essence directly, or give you materials that can lead indirectly to acquiring more (such as Key or Champion Shards). You want to be earning these rewards as frequently as possible, so read on to find out how to rake in the honor points.

Honoring Your Team-Mates

Don't forget to recognize your fellows for their efforts.

One of the surest ways to make sure that people honor you for your contributions to a good experience is by honoring them for theirs. Over time, you will start to build a reputation as someone who takes notice of the good in others, and they will look for the good in you. This is a subtle thing, but players who honor their team-mates more often tend to get accolades of their own much more often than those that don’t.

Check Your Baggage at The Door

Most people play League for two reasons: to have some fun, and to kick some !@#. To make sure you don’t get penalized on the honor system, make sure that your interactions with your team-mates are focused on either improving the quality of the experience for others (greeting in queue, congratulating your team-mates on good plays), or on strategy to help win the match. QQing, toxic behavior towards the other team, or complaining about whatever stuff is going on in your real life is almost sure to bring people down.

Role Call

It all starts in the Matchmaker. Make sure that you take a quick moment to greet your team-mates, announce your chosen hero and spot (for example, “Garen, top”), and to throw out a good luck/have fun kind of message. People notice little things like this, and making this a consistent part of your pre-match routine will really help your honor ranking, and by extension, your ability to earn Essence quickly.

See Something, Say Something

So, you want to be a shot caller? Keep good communication with your team throughout a match. Notice that the enemy is overextended in your lane? Call for backup and set up a killer gank. Have a ward that lets you see an ally who is about to get jumped from behind? Warn them!

Keep Your Cool

Be like Lissandra; stay chill.

We’ve all been there; you get behind the eightball and get ganked three times running, or some clown with a big mouth won’t stop spouting toxic garbage in All Chat, but keeping a level head will pay all kinds of good dividends. Not only will it help you earn honor (and remember, honor means more Essence!) for being tilt-proof, but sometimes, this kind of attitude can make you a rallying point for other players on your team who may be having a hard time.


If you want to earn Blue Essence as fast as possible, just remember: play daily, don’t neglect your missions, disenchant everything that you don’t want or need for more, and rack up the honor points to get consistent, reliable rewards. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll soon have all the champs you want, decked out in the coolest skins, and mastered fully. Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to check out some of our other great League of Legends guides here on!

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