[Top 15] League of Legends Best Champions To Main

Best champions to main and climb your games!
Best champions to main and dominate your opponents

Well, it seems like you tried out most of the champions that this game has to offer but you’re still unsure on who to main and who to play. No worries this article might help you out on who to put your precious time and effort into. You don’t have to only main a specific champion you’d be called a one-trick then you can main multiple champions at the same time but always have that one champion that’s on top of everyone for you. Enough of me talking about nonsense let’s get into the champions!

15. Aatrox 

At number fifteen we have Aatrox the world ender. When it comes to this champion he’s as badass as it gets. Aatrox is a top laner so if you don’t prefer top lane well he might not be for you. When playing this monster of a champion I can assure you that you’ll be slaying your foes left right and center once you get used to him. Not only that but he has healing like nobody else on the top lane excluding Yone but that’s a story for another time. So make sure that you poke the enemy as much as you can while in the laning phase. Also he has a lot of knock ups and a dash ability that’s on his E. With his W he shoots out a chain out of his sword which slows people and pulls them closer to the middle of the W ability. He’s kind of kinky like that teehee. 

Why Aatrox is Amazing:

  • Lots of sustain during laning phase
  • Has a lot of knock ups 
  • Has a dash ability which can be used to escape or run away
  • His R turns him into an angel of death pretty cool if you ask me. 

14. Brand

At number fourteen we have Brand the fire guy. This guy wants to see the whole world burn. Why? I don’t know I didn’t read his lore that much but i did hear it was interesting so i might give it a shot. When it comes to playing Brand well he’s a support and a good one at that. This guy can “support” so good that he can solo carry the whole game. Brand is even being played at the top level of League of Legends. There are countless challenger players who play him and even some pro’s as well. The only sad thing about Brand is that he doesn’t have a dash ability which sucks in todays standards. But to make up for a lack of mobility he has a lot of damage. 

Why Brand is Amazing: 

  • Deals a massive amount of damage
  • Can solo carry the game if skilled enough 
  • He’s a “support”
  • Fire guy sets everything on fire

13. Camille

At number thirteen we have Camille the thicc legs lady. When it comes to Camille she will lock you up in a cage and make sure that you don’t leave that cage until you’re dead. Camille is a top laner who has a lot of mobility and escape. She can easily catch up to people or easily flee the scene of the crime if need be. Reason, why she’s better and stronger than Aatrox, is because she deals a lot of true damage thanks to her Q ability. The down side to this ability is that you have to wait for it to charge up to use it. Her passive ability can give her a shield depending on who she attacks. If she attacks an AD champion she gains an AD shield if she attacks an AP champion she gains an AP shield. 

Why Camille is Amazing: 

  • Can dish out a lot of true damage so no matter how much armor the enemy has you’ll cut through it like butter
  • Has an AD or AP shield depeniding on who she attacks 
  • Can easily catch up to people or easily run away from people 
  • Sexy thicc legs wat else to say 

12. Graves

At numer twelve we have Graves. Riot stole his god damn cigar and they ain’t giving it back. Why did they steal his cigar? Because smoking is bad kids! God damn snowflakes.. But let’s talk about the champion a bit shall we. Graves is a jungler. Graves as a champion isn’t hard to play but the jungle role alone will get you to start pulling your hair out. The reason why jungle is such a hard lane is because you have to be everywhere at the same time so good luck trying to carry your team. As Graves your main point is to take your shotgun and blast someone point-blank. Graves is really simple to play. You have a dash with your E, a blinding effect with your W, your Q is for damage and your R shoots a big shotgun bullet. Simple and easy!

Why Graves is Amazing:

  • Easy to learn and get into 
  • You have a dash and blinding effect which is really useful in teamfights
  • Your ultimate ability can be used if someone is trying to run away with low HP 
  • Downside of this champion is that his cigar is missing and it’s not coming back sadge

11. Irelia

At number eleven we have Irelia. God dayum this girl is something else. The mobility that she has and the damage it doesn’t compare to anyone. Not only that but if you buy some items on her and you snowball the game,yeah nobody can even catch up to you anymore. Not only that but if you’re trying to run away from her don’t worry she will catch up to you so just give up. She also has a CC ability which is her E.As Irelia you can go either Top, Jungle and Mid if you so desire. She’s versatile like that. Not only that but Riot also decided to buff her recently so you’ll be in for a ride. 

Why is Irelia amazing: 

  • Has a lot of mobility and damage right out of the bat 
  • If you gain a small lead against your opponent well you’ve already won your lane 
  • Taking conqueror and buying 1 life steal item means the enemy won’t be able to take your HP down below 50% (hopefully)

10. Katarina 

At numer ten we have one of  my favorite mid lane champions Katarina. As a Katarina main Ican safely say this girl can carry a game 1v9. But the reason why she’s at number 10 is because she can get easily counter picked. Any champion that has a CC ability counters Katarina. Sadly that’s the truth of it. As Katarina once you get ahead nothing can stop you… Well almost nothing. Playing this champion you’ll be dashing everywhere on the map and getting kills. She also deals a lot of AP damage. By that i mean she’s an AP assassin that can and will one shot her opponents. 

Why Katarina is Amazing:

  • Has a lot of mobility thanks to her E and passive
  • Can deal a lot of AP damage and one shot her opponents 
  • Only counter pick is CC 

9. Kai’sa 

At number nine we have Kai’sa. Coming straight from the void she dashes into the bottom lane because she’s an ADC and a strong one at that. When playing Kai’sa your main point is to farm, farm and farm until you’ve got 3 items then you’re ready to ruin the enemy team’s day. As Kai’sa you also get the option to get  close and personal thanks to your R ability. Which also gives you a shield to survive longer. Not only can you go AD on her but you can also go AP so if your team is lacking in AP damage you can fill in that role. 

Why Kai’sa is Amazing:

  • Can get  close and personal thanks to her R ability. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty
  • Can go either AP or AD depending what your team needs more
  • Strong ADC champion can potentially 1v9 games

8. Twitch

At number eight we have Twitch my favorite crack addicted rat! Yes this champion right here is one of my favorite champions to play. Well if you go AD on him you won’t have a good time I can guarantee you that but if you go AP boy will you melt through your opponents. Unlike Kai’sa Twitch prefers to stay behind and deal the damage but if you do decide to go up close and personal well you can prepare to get blasted into outer space. As a Twitch main myself I recommend that you go full AP on him do not buy anything that’s AD we don’t do that here. Twitch can also go invisible which is really useful when trying to flank and enemy or simply run away. hen you do decide to go AP your passive deals a lot of damage since it scales a lot with AP. 

Why Twitch is Amazing:

  • Can go invisible either to gank opponents, flank enemies or simply run away
  • Going full AP deals a lot of damage your E becomes a nuke ability
  • Thanks to AP your passive deals a massive amount of true damage per second. 
  • Why are you reading this go play him now!!

7. Mordekaiser 

At number seven we have Mordekaiser. This guy. This guy will mess up your day no matter how strong you are. Not only that but in my opinion this guy has an S tier lore story. When he died he just said “nah I ain’t dying” and made death his puppet. Can’t wait for Riot to turn him anime like they’re doing with everything else in this game :). Who needs cool and badass things anymore right? :). When it comes to playing Mordekaiser he’s one scary big guy. He’s an AP bruiser. His iconic ultimate ability sends you into Brazil where he comes along as well. Once you’re in Brazil with him you can’t escape until you die. That’s pretty much how it is! His Q is a bonk ability, his W once filled up gives you a shield and once you recast it heals you up and with his E he just pulls people closer to him. 

Why Mordekaiser is Amazing:

  • Easy to learn and get into
  • Badass lore S tier
  • Can solo carry most of his games 
  • Can send people to Brazil 

6. Gwen

At number six we have Gwen. When it comes to playing this new champion well she’s pretty easy if i say so myself. Gwen won’t be hard to get into but it will be hard to stop playing her! Everything this champion does is satisfying from the auto attacks to using abilities. Not only are her abilities fun to use but they’re pretty simple as well! With her Q Gwen slices in a cone shape in front of her, her W covers her in a mist and everything outside of the mist can not hurt her, her E is a dash ability and her R ability fires needles in a direction that you’re looking! See it’s not hard at all now get out there and play her!

Why Gwen is Amazing:

  • New champion pretty much broken as per usual 
  • Everything you do with this champion is satisfying 
  • Can carry you out of low elo most likely

5. Ahri 

At number five we have Ahri the majestic fox. She’s a nine tailed fox. She will suck your blood out because she felt like it then proceed to carry the game so she can win. Ahri is a midlaner. When it comes to Ahri she has it all. Damage check. Mobility check. CC check. Healing herself with her ball check. The main issue with Ahri is that she’s squishy. If you don’t escape in time you’ll be dead and sent back to your base so try not to get caught with her. 

Why Ahri is Amazing

  • Can deal damage and heal herself
  • Has high mobility along with a CC ability
  • Can zoom across the whole map not giving a damn 
  • Fox lady 

4. Riven

At number four we have Riven. Ah yes Riven. Honestly one of my favorite champions to play but I’m still bad with her sadge :<. So frens this champion is probably the hardest one to play on this list and she requires the most amount of skill and time put into her. She has a lot of dashes, an AoE CC ability and most importantly she fires an energy blast in front with her ultimate ability.. Now when you combine all of this into one single champion you get something pretty damn fun but the problem is trying to hit all of these things and timing them correctly. Most people stay away from Riven because she’s hard to play or hard to get into but don’t let that steer you away from her. She’s a fun and strong champion. 

Why Riven is Amazing: 

  • Has an AoE CC ability
  • Has a lot of dashes 
  • Pretty strong early, mid and late game downside being that she’s hard to play
  • Has a lot of fun combos you can do with her so you won’t get bored that easily

3. Yone 

At number three we have Yone the windshitter samurai. Now if you read my past articles you’ve seen I’ve been calling him a windshitter well that’s simply because he poops out wind out of no where and kills you. When it comes to Yone he can be played on Top or Mid depends which one you like more. I’d recommend that you take him midlane where he belongs. As Yone you’ll be able to heal every bit of damage that you’ve taken. Yone doesn’t care about your feelings at all he will crush them and step on them. His ultimate is pretty useful in teamfights as it knocks up everyone that’s in front of him. 

Why Yone is Amazing:

  • Pretty good ultimate ability for team fights
  • Can heal himself up a lot for what ever reason 
  • Has a cool dash ability that’s really unique to the game 

2. Akali

At number two we have Akali. The ultimate sexy ninja assassin. With this girl you’ll be dashing everywhere and getting kills everywhere. While playing Akali you’re ungankable thanks to your W and your dashes from your E and R ability. Not only can you dash everywhere but you also don’t have a mana pool you have something called stamina that recharges with time so only thing you have to worry about is your health. When it comes to playing Akali she has a steep learning curve. Not only that but Riot is constantly trying to nerf her but no matter how many nerfs she gets she will be strong and OP. Akali kinda reminds me of 50 cent because he got shot like 50 times and still survived which is the same as Akali because she got nerfed like 50 times and it’s still broken. When it comes to Akali she’s pretty strong and can pretty much solo carry any game you give to her so if you wish you can invest your time into her.

Why Akali is Amazing:

  • A lot of dashes
  • Ungankable on your lane
  • Can catch up to champions easily
  • Really fun ultimate ability which is an execute

1. Lux

Why Lux is Amazing:

  • Has a lot of potential to one shot people
  • Can affect the game and turn a losing battle into a winning one 
  • She’s very versatile when it comes to picking lanes as she can go APC, support or mid 

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